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Oprah's Jesus Comments Reignite Faith Debate
CBN ^ | May 27, 2011 | Unknown

Posted on 05/27/2011 7:24:12 AM PDT by Bed_Zeppelin

During the final episode of her namesake show, Oprah Winfrey credited God for her success and said His grace is something everyone can have "if you let it in."

While Winfrey's lengthy remarks about her beliefs during Wednesday's curtain call of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" drew applause from the audience, many Christians remained skeptical.

"People often ask me what is the secret to the success of this show -- how have we lasted 25 years. I non-jokingly say, 'My team and Jesus,'" Winfrey said. "Because nothing but the hand of God has made this possible for me."

Christians have criticized Oprah for emphasizing spirituality over religion, and using the term "God" when many of her teachings don't align with Christianity.

In the past, Oprah has said she believes there is more than one way to God, which contradicts the Christian foundation. Wednesday, she spoke directly to those who've been critical.

"For all of you who get riled up when I mention God, and want to know which God am I talking about -- I'm talking about the same one you're talking about," Oprah said.

"I'm talking about the Alpha and Omega. The omniscient, the omnipresent, the ultimate consciousness, the source, the force, the all of everything there is, the one and only G-O-D. That's the one I'm talking about," she continued.

In 2009, CBN News spoke with author Josh McDowell, about his then-new book, O God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah's Spirituality.

He explained that, although Oprah uses words that sound like they are based in Christianity, her real message is radically different from and even dangerous to the Christian faith.

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Video at the link.
1 posted on 05/27/2011 7:24:17 AM PDT by Bed_Zeppelin
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To: All

I honestly don’t understand God’s machinations, some times. How one peson (oprah) can get it so wrong, so consistantly simpy boggles the mind.

And to think millions of mush brained women (and men) listen to what she says.

2 posted on 05/27/2011 7:28:09 AM PDT by Turbo Pig ( close with and destroy the enemy...)
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

She did bless gay marriages and the other kind!

3 posted on 05/27/2011 7:35:30 AM PDT by Dr. Ursus
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Oh, happy days now that her show has ended. Of course, she’ll be like Clinton refusing to leave the spotlight.

4 posted on 05/27/2011 7:36:03 AM PDT by bgill (Kenyan Parliament - how could a man born in Kenya who is not even a native American become the POTUS)
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

So she and Stedman finally tying the knot?

5 posted on 05/27/2011 7:36:58 AM PDT by Larry Lucido
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To: Turbo Pig

We have Oprah to thank for almost single-handedly getting Barack Hussein Obama elected. - She has spent the past 25 yrs. pushing the New Age religion and jumping at any “new” spiritual idea that came down the pike, so her final commentary on the Lord seemed too little, too late, skirting over Christ and torturedly politically correct. Women of America, you’ve been had.

6 posted on 05/27/2011 7:38:03 AM PDT by Twinkie (We still don't know anything about Obama, and won't.)
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To: bgill

Now that she’s “retired”, she has more time to stick her face up obama’s ass and spread the gospel of the Won.

7 posted on 05/27/2011 7:38:36 AM PDT by max americana (.)
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To: max americana

Perfect timing for that.

8 posted on 05/27/2011 7:41:29 AM PDT by bgill (Kenyan Parliament - how could a man born in Kenya who is not even a native American become the POTUS)
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

New Age Prophets On Oprah
By Nathan Jones

The New Age Movement, this Westernized form of Eastern Mysticism, is a system of belief that tells you to look inside of yourself and to yourself for enlightenment and wisdom and power. Exactly just who is telling us this false teaching is true? You’d be surprised!

I went to Eric Barger, the founder and director of Take a Stand! Ministries, to find out who is the loudest voice in the New Age Movement today. Eric is an authority on the cults, the New Age, and rock music today. From his past as a former drug addict and rock n’ roll musician who was deeply involved in the New Age movement, Eric has emerged since he gave his life to Jesus Christ to become one of today’s greatest defenders of Christianity in America.

It has been said that the largest church in the world is preaching New Age philosophy, and the pastor of that church is Oprah Winfrey. What is meant by that?

She is the most influential New Ager out there, and by far the most famous New Ager.

Ten to twelve years ago I began to make off-the-cuff statement in my seminars that Oprah was a New Ager, and I took a lot of heat for it. Phone calls, letters, and then later on when e-mail became popular were telling me, “No, Oprah is a Baptist.” People defender her; these are Christians defending her. And I am going, “Nope, what Oprah is teaching is New Age and eventually we will all know.” And, now, we do know. She has come “out of the closet” this year about her New Age beliefs.

I want to preface anything we say now that this is not about “good person versus bad person.” This is about “truth versus error” and that is what apologetics is. It’s the study of what truth is against what error is. And it’s not that we hate anybody, we are praying. I pray for Oprah Winfrey nearly every day that she would be saved and think about the impact that she could have for the one true God.

I remember when I first put together a new DVD that’s has the information about Oprah on it. It has video clips of her including the one where she talks about why she abandoned orthodox Christianity. I said to my wife, “How can you say anything bad about her, look what she does for people.” But, on her show she is arguing with two audience members, saying that there couldn’t possibly be just one way, but there are millions of ways [to get to Heaven]. Those were her exact words!

This is a headline from US Today — “Cultural Agenda Is Set By Oprah Not Religious Leaders.” And, it is true. For example, look at these statistics from a US Religious Landmark/Landscape Survey poll of 35,000 Americans that was taken by the Pew Forum of Religion and Public Life. 70% of the people on the poll said that many religions can lead to eternal life, and only 24% of the people said their religion was the only way.

Who are some of the New Age gurus Oprah is using?

Eckhart Tolle and his book A New Earth. She made him an instant millionaire. He was a well known New Age author before, but he is not the only one she has had on her show.

She promoted and really brought out to the public the book The Secret three years or so ago. And, all you would have to do is go to the websites of the authors of The Secret to see what this was. It was a mix of the Kabala and Gnosticism and Rosicrucianism and she helped to promote that idea.

She has also had on her XM satellite radio channel a lady named Esther Hicks who is a transchanellor who channels several entities who all call themselves “Abraham.” They are different than her. Now, this must be confusing at Thanksgiving dinner!

This lady has also been on Oprah and has probably done more to promote the old New Age philosophy of A Course in Miracles then anybody else. She has brought Mary Ann Williamson to her website and to her TV set, and now Mary Ann Williamson is doing a devotional every day during 2008 on Oprah’s XM radio network that came right out of The Course in Miracles.

Mary Ann Ramson has written a book about the New Age. She is Unity minister, by the way, which is not a Christian denomination. It’s a cult my mother was involved with for 25 years before she got saved and tragically passed away. So, I know all about Unity and that Oprah is promoting this.

But, doesn’t Oprah claim to be a Christian and a Baptist?

She doesn’t claim that at all anymore. She is bringing out the heaviest hitters in the New Age Movement.

I remember she made the comment that her crises of faith came when she went to church one Sunday and heard the minister say that, “God, the true God of the Universe, is a jealous God.” She responded, “God is jealous of me?” And, I comment to people, “I guarantee that God is not jealous of Oprah.” But, she has this opinion that God is jealous of her. She said that she opened her mind.

In a clip from their web teaching (they did 10 Monday nights in a row), Oprah turns to Eckhart Tolle. Now Tolle is a German mystic who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, who changed his name to Eckhart. He was born Ulrich Tolle because he wanted to be connected forever with a 14th Century occult mystic named Meister Eckhart. I mean, that’s how deep this guy is. He is into all kinds of mysticism. The first thing when you ask him his influences he replies — A Course in Miracles. That is a common theme throughout all these New Age leaders and authors today. But, here Oprah turns to him and says to him, “So, if your god is a believing experience, it really is not God because God is a feeling experience and not a believing experience.”

9 posted on 05/27/2011 7:43:29 AM PDT by Linda Frances
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To: Bed_Zeppelin
She's not in any way a Christian. If she were, she'd be against abortion 100% and pro-family. She wouldn't be endorsing a baby-killing and family destroying sponsor like that illegal alien in our White House.

It was very easy to see her hatred of men on almost every show she had. Add to that her homosexuality that she kept denying.

She's a loud mouth racist hypocrite, and I'm glad she's not on TV anymore. All she was was a "black" lady with a white accent that the American woman glommed on to.

She wasn't even a cafeteria Christian . . . she just made it up as she went along.

10 posted on 05/27/2011 7:44:31 AM PDT by laweeks
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To: Turbo Pig
Does this sound like a born again christian to you?...."MY team and Jesus"! Shouldn't it be "Jesus and my team"?! Seems her TEAM has more power to bless than Jesus does! You would think she'd be less prideful and more humble. Oprah really thinks she is a god of some sort here in America. BUT, the Lord says, "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God". Her and the JOKER are two peas in a pod....CINO...vomits from the pit of hell!!
11 posted on 05/27/2011 7:45:52 AM PDT by RoseofTexas
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Oprah seems to be seeking “the spirit” and may be finding some..
What those “spirits” are is debatable..

The difference between Baptist, Mormon, Roman Catholic, other orthodox, pentocostal, and non-denominational denominations.. and Oprahs is part of the spiritual drama..

Everybody but the Atheists are seeking some “spirit” and may be finding some of them.. The Atheists are finding the non-spirit may be very successful at it.. You know spiritually..

Some Gods (out there) have names some of them do not, only attributes..
No doubt about it.. theres a boatload of Gods out there to choose from..

You got a God your seeking.. if only that God is “YOURSELF”..

12 posted on 05/27/2011 7:53:34 AM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole...)
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To: Linda Frances

Linda, thanks for sharing that article, “New Age Prophets On Oprah”! What an eye-opener.

I got into New Age crapola in my younger days until Jesus reached out to me and invited me back home.

13 posted on 05/27/2011 7:54:47 AM PDT by rochester_veteran (
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Oprah is a New Ager, NOT a Christian!!!!

14 posted on 05/27/2011 7:56:33 AM PDT by Honorary Serb (Kosovo is Serbia! Free Srpska! Abolish ICTY!)
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Too bad her religion is more new age, than Christ centered.

She’s one of those people who don’t believe the Bible is the Word of God and she can make it up as she goes along.

15 posted on 05/27/2011 7:56:47 AM PDT by SoConPubbie
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Oprah learned everything she knows about Christianity from Rev Wright.

16 posted on 05/27/2011 8:04:01 AM PDT by skeeter
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To: Dr. Ursus

She did bless gay marriages and the other kind!———

So you can name something pervert as marriage, but can’t actually call marriage marriage, but call it ‘the other kind’.


17 posted on 05/27/2011 8:08:07 AM PDT by Freddd (NoPA ngineers.)
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To: max americana

Now that she’s “retired”, she has more time to stick her face up obama’s ass and spread the gospel of the Won.———

And just in time for his next campaign of verbal abuse, name calling and accusations against the citizens of this Country.

18 posted on 05/27/2011 8:09:29 AM PDT by Freddd (NoPA ngineers.)
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To: Bed_Zeppelin

Oprah pushes cheap grace and that adulterated form of diluted Christianity, that so-called “spiritual” liberals and other people in the media and Hollywood subscribe to.

In essence, they have no idea what the sacrifice of Christ and the way of the cross means to the believer and equate it to every other “road that leads to Rome”.

Liberals do this in order to reconcile their pompous lifestyle to their fragmented belief system and by doing so they exclude themselves from understanding the importance of the element of self-denial in the true discipleship of Christ.

I heard an analysis yesterday that helps me put these type of statements in perspective...

Liberals tend to think you deserve it, while conservatives tend believe you have to earn it, with the exception of God’s Grace of course, which is a free gift of God of course and one has no merit in it... This, I find, is a misnomer for Liberals and they have a contentious time grappling with it, because it thwarts their ability to boast.

19 posted on 05/27/2011 8:09:47 AM PDT by hope_dies_last
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To: skeeter

IMHO she is a new age heathen at best and a follower of Wright at worst.

20 posted on 05/27/2011 8:10:36 AM PDT by Rider on the Rain
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