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Joel Saw Locusts...Joel 1 ^ | 08-21-11 | Bill Randles

Posted on 08/20/2011 8:52:00 PM PDT by pastorbillrandles

The word of the LORD that came to Joel the son of Pethuel. Hear this, ye old men, and give ear, all ye inhabitants of the land. Hath this been in your days, or even in the days of your fathers? Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation. That which the palmerworm hath left hath the locust eaten; and that which the locust hath left hath the cankerworm eaten; and that which the cankerworm hath left hath the caterpiller eaten.(Joel 1:1-4)

The prophet Joel saw an actual locust invasion, and in it, the Word of the Lord came to him.

It is hard for most of us to imagine the horror of an actual locust invasion. For one thing most of us have never experienced it. Furthermore we don’t live in an arid, agrarian world of season to season, hand to mouth, crop to crop dependence.

There have been locust invasions in modern times, in North Africa, and in Australia. Witnesses have seen clouds of locusts darken the sky, covering hundreds of square miles, numbering in the hundreds of millions, devastating every living plant in their path. Locusts are voracious, eating many times their weight each day.

As our text points out, locusts do their devastating work in successive waves. I think the King James version comes short in it’s interpretation of these stages of locust infestation. The Hebrew words are much more descriptive here.

First comes the ”palmerworm” (Hebrew, gazahn -”cutter off”),which descends in the terrifying cloud, ravenously cutting down stems and leaves, to eat everything they can.

Before the first wave exits, the locust females drill millions of holes in the ground to lay their eggs, which hatch anywhere from 7 to 60 days later, and out which emerge millions of “locusts” ( the Hebrew word Yelek means “Multipliers” or Swarmers”). These swarmers ravenously consume anything the first swarm of adults leaves behind.

Eventually the swarms develop into “canker worms”, (Hebrew, arbeh “Lickers”) which gnaw and lick ,utterly consuming anything green which attempts to re-emerge, leaving utter desolation.

The final stage in the KJV is called “Caterpillars”, (Hebrew chasil, the “strippers”), for they remove any bark from plants of any stalks left over as they develop wings, in this last stage. At that stage they lift off, leaving utter devastation, misery and pestilence.

Joel saw in the locust invasion the Word of the Lord for Judah. Because of their faithlessness to the covenant of God, and their refusal to listen to the preaching of Isaiah, Habakkuk, and Jeremiah, they would be subject to the Babylonian invasion.

Like Locusts, the Babylonians came in successive waves, confiscating more with each invasion. In the first wave they removed Judah’s king and installed his brother. They also took the finest young people, noble and intelligent and healthy youth, the cream of Judah’s crop, including Daniel,and his three friends.(Babylon always wants our youth).

During Jehoiakim’s reign, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon invaded the land, and Jehoiakim became his vassal for three years. ( 2 kings 24:1)

In the second wave the Babylonians removed the best soldiers, (the Kings guard) artisans, priests (including the prophet Ezekiel), establishing a colony of displaced Jews on the Cheddar river.He also took the King and his family, replacing him with a more pliable uncle.

At that time the officers of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon advanced on Jerusalem and laid siege to it,11 and Nebuchadnezzar himself came up to the city while his officers were besieging it. 12 Jehoiachin king of Judah, his mother, his attendants, his nobles and his officials all surrendered to him.

15 Nebuchadnezzar took Jehoiachin captive to Babylon. He also took from Jerusalem to Babylon the king’s mother, his wives, his officials and the prominent people of the land. 16 The king of Babylon also deported to Babylon the entire force of seven thousand fighting men, strong and fit for war, and a thousand skilled workers and artisans. 17 He made Mattaniah, Jehoiachin’s uncle, king in his place and changed his name to Zedekiah.(2 Kings 24:12-17)

In the third wave, after the insistence on Judah of resisting Babylon in spite of Jeremiah’s warnings to submit, Babylon came in force, besieged the city and killed thousands of people. Then they removed all but the most destitute of the Jewish people, taking them on the four hundred mile forced march to Babylon, just as Jeremiah, Joel, Habakkuk, and Isaiah had predicted.

Babylon also captured, Zedekiah, the final King of Judah (the Son of David) and his family as they sought to escape the siege. Nebuchadnezzar brought the King and his sons before him and slew the sons before the King’s eyes, then blinded the King, so that the last sight he would have would be the extinguishing of his own line.

He was taken to the king of Babylon at Riblah, where sentence was pronounced on him. 7 They killed the sons of Zedekiah before his eyes. Then they put out his eyes, bound him with bronze shackles and took him to Babylon.( 2 kings 25:6-7)

Finally the Babylonians destroyed the temple of God, burning what could be burnt, plundering holy utensils, hauling off the glorious majestic sea, killing, capturing and dishonoring holy priests, and crushing the nation into the dirt!

The Babylonians broke up the bronze pillars, the movable stands and the bronze Sea that were at the temple of the LORD and they carried the bronze to Babylon. 14 They also took away the pots, shovels, wick trimmers, dishes and all the bronze articles used in the temple service. 15 The commander of the imperial guard took away the censers and sprinkling bowls—all that were made of pure gold or silver.

16 The bronze from the two pillars, the Sea and the movable stands, which Solomon had made for the temple of the LORD, was more than could be weighed. 17 Each pillar was eighteen cubits[e] high. The bronze capital on top of one pillar was three cubits[f] high and was decorated with a network and pomegranates of bronze all around. The other pillar, with its network, was similar.

18 The commander of the guard took as prisoners Seraiah the chief priest, Zephaniah the priest next in rank and the three doorkeepers. 19 Of those still in the city, he took the officer in charge of the fighting men, and five royal advisers. He also took the secretary who was chief officer in charge of conscripting the people of the land and sixty of the conscripts who were found in the city. 20 Nebuzaradan the commander took them all and brought them to the king of Babylon at Riblah. 21 There at Riblah, in the land of Hamath, the king had them executed.

So Judah went into captivity, away from her land.( 2 Kings 25:13-21)

The locusts had taken everything there was to take, just as Joel had seen they would in his day. And all was according to the just judgment of God.

We know that this is how God judged Israel, but could this be what He has allowed to happen to the formerly Judeo Christian West? Are we being systematically stripped of all of our former glory, denuded, debased, humiliated as a consequence of our departure from Him?

How else can we explain the removal of the Christian presence in our public square? How else do we explain the stripping away of the public trappings such as the Ten commandments, prayer in school, and the multitude of other public testimonies to all that one made this nation great?

O that God would turn our hearts towards Him again, as a nation, in lowly repentance and grant us another chance to be a light for Him.

TOPICS: Charismatic Christian; Moral Issues; Theology; Worship
KEYWORDS: god; jesus; judgment; locusts

1 posted on 08/20/2011 8:52:03 PM PDT by pastorbillrandles
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To: pastorbillrandles can see a direct correlation of the decline of the nation when they took prayer out of school in ‘62. Frankly, I think the nation has been delivered to what it wants—stupidity, tyranny, vile culture, imprudent process (look at the leaders) and ignorance.

2 posted on 08/20/2011 9:18:33 PM PDT by WKUHilltopper (And yet...we continue to tolerate this crap...)
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To: pastorbillrandles
Joel was not talking about an invasion of literal locusts. He was prophesying as to what will come about as demonstrated on Pentecost (word means count fifty) Acts 2. And brought forward by John in Revelation when he John was taken in Spirit to the Lord's day. Revelation 9:3 And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth; and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.....

And Revelation 9:7 And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were as the faces of men.

Back to Joel 2:11 And the LORD shall utter His voice before *HIS* army: for His camp is very great: for He is strong that executeth His word: for the *day* of the LORD is great and very terrible; and who can abide it?

As Christ said before one WORD of the so called NEW was ever put to animal skins or parchment paper Mark 13:23 But the ye heed: behold, I have foretold you *ALL* things.

The tribulation is NOT of Amos 8:11 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD GOD, that *I* will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of *hearing* the words of the LORD:

Now is it not just a weeee bit curious how the new worlders have used the ‘green’ environment to reinvent their order. They have nearly stripped US clean bare using their deception of flesh made global warming...

Any Christian worth his/her salt should NEVER buy into these godless leftist claims that flesh beings are going to stop the ‘natural’ course of what the Heavenly Father set in motion eons ago. We all know what algore was never taught in divinity classes as is recorded in Genesis 8:21 And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in His heart, “I will not again curse the ground anymore for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done.

22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall NOT cease.”

Anybody with an ounce of common sense can tell a literate Christian from one who buys into the deception of these ‘we can do it better’ liberals of all variations of isms.

3 posted on 08/20/2011 9:18:39 PM PDT by Just mythoughts (Luke 17:32 Remember Lot's wife.)
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To: pastorbillrandles

Just in case anyone thinks Obama isn’t the antichrist, grasshoppers (locusts) are running at about 50x or so of their normal population this year. Usually one must walk a few steps in a meadow to surprise one, now each step causes ten or more to hop out of the way.

4 posted on 08/20/2011 9:28:23 PM PDT by coloradan (The US has become a banana republic, except without the bananas - or the republic.)
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To: pastorbillrandles

Great...just came home tonight and there are two locust sitting at my back door!

5 posted on 08/20/2011 9:45:15 PM PDT by jackieh
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To: pastorbillrandles

The RAT party would qualify as Locusts.

6 posted on 08/20/2011 9:58:51 PM PDT by wjcsux ("In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell)
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To: Just mythoughts

Across the dunes of Egypt,
When the Pharaohs built their tombs,
I would raid the grains of the working slaves,
And guaranteed their doom

I am the locust,
By many names I’m known,
The noon shadow, and the desert snow,
A soldier with no home
Many years your fathers feared me,
And you children speak my tale,
Of a soulless, ageless army,
From the smoking sands of hell

Your priests have shown us,
That no curse could kill or lame,
It takes some far and Godly hand,
To lay this locust slain

From the sands just east of Eden,
Across the dry forgotten plains,
From the capitols of idols,
Where the lanterns burn their flames,
Before the Lighthouse of the leaders,
Before their shanty rooms of sin,
I cast my shadow on their faces,
And crawl beside their kin

I halt their savage armies,
I shake their fearless walk,
I raise their fervent prayers,
I turn them into salt,
Even into the jungles,
I take every reed and leaf,
And leave the lowly savage,
Only me to eat

How will you feed your children?
When my numbers coarse your land?
If all the grains you have are in -
the palm of your hand?
Teeth of the wind,
I’ve killed many a man and beast,
Enough to feed a nation,
Their starvation is my feast

I am the locust,
And I’ve come to eat your grain,
Gold will have no value,
Friends will have no name,
No King, no Queen, the locust,
No temple for my dead,
No East, No West, the locust,
No bed to rest my head

Now you may try to kill me,
And you may clip my wings,
But there are 99 eggs I lay,
For everyone of me,
And if it were a hundred,
On that day the sun is lost,
The very ground you walk,
Will be a bowl of dust

7 posted on 08/20/2011 10:08:05 PM PDT by Brian_Baldwin
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To: WKUHilltopper

thanks Hilltopper, I would agree that it is much more complex and goes back further than 1962.

8 posted on 08/21/2011 5:48:27 AM PDT by pastorbillrandles
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