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An Open Letter To USCCB And EWTN Concerning The Next "Dream Act" (vanity) (Catholic Caucus)
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Posted on 09/18/2011 12:26:47 PM PDT by Heart-Rest

Our family is not going to send in any more donations, or give any more money into the Sunday Parish Church collection basket, until both the USCCB and EWTN stop trying to promote 'democrat party' efforts to reward illegal behaviors and support unlawful activities, such as the so-called "dream act", or the new un-legislated amnesty for illegal aliens by this democrat president. (Instead, for now, we will give all our donations and offerings and almsgiving to specific worthy pro-life and other charitable causes, such as "Priests for Life" and "St. Vincent Depaul", and we will use social networking media and other tools to try to encourage others to consider doing the same, until you stop supporting this pro-death, anti-Catholic, democrat party.)

At one time, we were registered democrats (a long time ago), but the democrat party of today is not the same party as that of FDR or JFK, as some at the USCCB still seem to think. It is much more like the Nazi Party of Adolph Hitler. It supports heinous, murderous policies which have been responsible for the death of more innocent people (50,000,000+ abortions and counting, as well as killings by euthanasia, "mercy-killing" of people with physical, mental, psychological, or emotional disabilities, death panels, assisted suicides, etc.) than the entire Nazi Party combined caused during their murderous reign. Yet you support these pro-death Nazi-like democrats in various insidious policies such as the "dream act" and this new amnesty-by-decree effort by this woefully misguided president (the most pro-death and anti-Catholic president ever in the USA). Today's pro-death Nazi-like democrat party should not be backed by ANYONE for ANYTHING. Backing these pro-death Nazi-like democrats for any policy is like saying, "well the Nazis weren't all bad -- they did fix their roads, and made their trains run on time, and so forth, so we can back them on those kinds of things". No, you should not back either the Nazis or today's evil and wicked pro-death Nazi-like democrats on ANYTHING, otherwise, it ends up helping them in all of their rotten goals, whether you want it to or not. Our Lord said He is The Way, The Truth, and The LIFE. By being so pro-death/anti-life, today's democrat party is then by definition, anti-God.

It is my understanding that all U.S. Priests have been urged by the USCCB to say a homily in support of a new version of the so-called "dream act" this month (September, 2011). Did you ever call for all the U.S. Priests to say a homily against the evil scourge of abortion? (Why not?) Did you ever call for all the U.S. Priests to say a homily defending Marriage as Almighty God designed it -- between one man and one woman? (Why not?)

Sadly, I recently heard the fallacious reasoning of the good Archbishop Timothy Dolan on EWTN in support of rewarding illegal immigration behaviors, where, among other things, he said that we must remember that all of the land -- Mexico, the USA, etc. -- really belongs to God. With all due respect, Archbishop Dolan, that is the most ridiculously specious and asinine reasoning I've ever heard in defense of illegal behaviors (which are, in fact, indefensible). By that same reasoning, do not all the bags of money that you control in New York City belong to God also, Archbishop Dolan? And do not the limousines that you ride in, and the Cathedrals and Basilicas and Churches and Rectories in America belong to God as well, Archbishop Dolan? Would it be okay for me to ignore the human laws in the USA which govern private property, and come into NYC and relieve you of all those bags of money which belong to God, and those limousines which belong to God, and those Church buildings which belong to God, etc., Archbishop Dolan? (If those activities also would be okay with you, Archbishop Dolan, let me know, and perhaps I'll be there tomorrow, and you will have no more money, or limos, or anything. If those activities are not okay with you, one might truly say then that you are sounding very much like a hypocritical phony baloney, who only appeals to God's ultimate ownership of everything when it suits your peculiar purposes.)

Legal immigration, the RIGHT WAY to immigrate to the United States, may be difficult, but that is what the Church should espouse as the approved path to US citizenship. The USCCB should urge potential new US citizens to follow the beautiful example of our Blessed Mother Mary. When the civil authorities in her day came up with a difficult "traveling census", she chose to obey the civil authorities, even though it proved to be a most difficult and challenging hardship for her to go to Bethlehem in her 9th month of pregnancy. (Our Blessed Lord knew about that in advance as well, and obviously approved His Mother's choice to comply with the legal requirements of her time, difficult as they were for Mary and for Jesus and Joseph.)

By the USCCB's foolish attempts to reward illegal, unlawful behavior, the USCCB organization actually aligns itself against the teachings of Our Lord (see, for example, Matthew 22:21 - "render to Caesar...", and John 10:1 - "he who does not enter by the door is a thief"), the Catechism of the Catholic Church (e.g., paragraph 2241 - "immigrants are required to obey the laws of the country that receives them"), the teaching from our Holy Father that says countries have a legitimate right to defend their borders -- "States have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person. Immigrants, moreover, have the duty to integrate into the host Country, respecting its laws and its national identity" -- (reference -- ""), and in many other areas. Until the USCCB stops going against our Holy Mother Church, our Holy Father, the example of Our Blessed Mother Mary, and the teachings of our Blessed Lord, we can no longer in good conscience support the USCCB financially, and we can no longer in good conscience provide monetary donational support to organizations like EWTN which provide a communications platform to give support to the USCCB's nefarious efforts to undermine the legitimate and just laws of the United States of America.

The USCCB's bafflingly shortsighted and foolish stance on the illegal immigration issue would also do irreparable harm to the USA in at least the following ways:

-- The so-called "dream-act-type" bill the USCCB supports would make a very difficult job market even worse for Americans, and would make burdensome taxes on American citizens even higher and more overwhelming during these very difficult economic times, when many are already finding it extremely difficult to make ends meet here. This would force the already overburdened law-abiding American taxpayers to have to bear the additional costs of rewarding illegal immigrants who chose to ignore our laws in direct opposition to the Pope, our Church, and Our Lord. (Your support for the previous "dream act" (Harry Reid's) helped Harry Reid get reelected even though he is a strongly pro-death Nazi-like democrat who diametrically opposes so many clear Catholic moral teachings.)

-- These unwise amnesty bills and decrees encourage general disrespect for the rule of law and encourage future scofflaw behavior and rampant lawbreaking, going against justice, the Church, our Country, and Our Blessed Lord. The "dream acts" would provide strong incentives for endless future illegal immigration to the USA as well, and various other kinds of immoral dishonest behaviors.

-- These bills would be completely unfair and unjust to those immigrants who have played by the rules and who came into this country legally.

-- These bills would add a horrendous amount of extra debt to our already huge national and state deficits and debt, immorally dumping these additional expenses on our children and grandchildren.

-- These bills would unfairly provide various forms of tuition discounts for these illegal immigrants, paid for by us American taxpayers. These discounts will not be available to poor children or grandchildren who are actual legal citizens in America, only to the criminal infiltrators and followers of them who are in our country illegally. And one part of the unwise legislation would provide for an endless stream of illegal alien family members to be brought in for illegal American citizenship as well, creating a kind of endless nightmarishly huge burden on American citizens, which our children and their children will be forced to pay for, and it would prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants who claim they are covered by this dream-bill, whether they are or not.

-- The evil and malicious Mexican drug cartel already has installed a substantial and frightening presence via illegal immigration in almost 200 cities in the U.S. They are now much more ready and able to attack our American young people and other Americans through their evil illegal drug activies, increasing the availability of these illegal drugs, leading to greatly increased drug abuse and addiction among American youth, as well as greatly increasing horrible murderous violence right here within our own borders, which has already begun. This malevolent presence was undoubtedly enabled and aided and abetted by the lax enforcement of border security and integrity, and the turning of a blind eye toward these lawbreakers for so long now by the pro-death Nazi-like democrat party. The so-called "dream act" would further enable this kind of evil infiltration of our country, and provide cover for them, allowing them to attack our young American citizens with their illegal and satanic and extremely dangerous and violent and murderous activity.

-- Anti-American terrorists with evil intent have already begun to cross the porous Mexican-American border into the USA, taking advantage of the weakness of our border security measures and the misguided and shortsighted support for illegal aliens, to begin to easily infiltrate this country and make plans for future heinous terrorist attacks on the USA which they have entered and currently reside in illegally.

The political party divide in the USA today is no longer defined just by relatively minor political party ideological distinctions like conservatism vs. liberalism, as in the past. The divide is now defined by the starkly complete opposites of pro-life vs. pro-death, good vs. evil, love vs. hate, God vs. Satan. For a person or group to back the pro-death Nazi-like democrat party of today is to unmistakably reveal the truth as to where that person or that group really stands morally and ethically, and that is certainly not a good place. You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

We would also urge you to take a closer look at the "Manhattan Declaration" and some other related issues. Why do so few of the USCCB Bishops support this beautiful interfaith effort to protect the innocents (the "least of these, Christ's brothers and sisters")? Why do so few USCCB Bishops counsel prominent so-called "Catholics" who publicly oppose various essential Church teachings to stop taking Communion and pretending as though they were really in genuine Communion with the Body of Christ? And why do so few USCCB Bishops speak up loudly and clearly about the horrendous attacks on the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony when it is diabolically attacked by democrat Governor Cuomo of New York, or democrat Mayor Bloomburg of New York City, or democrat President Obama, or democrat vice-president Biden, or so many other democrats, in support of so-called "homosexual marriage"? And why don't more of the USCCB Bishops speak up boldly, strongly, and definitively on the unbelievable wrongness of the immoral pushing of open homosexuality into our U.S. Military by that same democrat President Obama and all those other disgraceful perverted democrats? You USCCB folks need to do some serious and deep soul searching. Your silence on these genuine moral issues is deafening, while you have demonstrated that you have no problem speaking up loudly in defense of illegal immigration behaviors that go against Holy Mother Church and the teachings of God. By your speaking up in defense of the foolish policies of these pro-death Nazi-like democrats who are trying now to reward these illegal immigration behaviors (against the teachings of Holy Mother Church), it makes you sound very reminiscent of Archbishop Weakland's vociferous and hideous attacks on various Church teachings, prior to his being caught with his pants down (so-to-speak), and being booted out of his Holy Office in complete disgrace. It really makes one wonder...

There have been many examples in Church history of certain rather dim-bulbed Bishops in the Catholic Church making monumentally stupid decisions, starting with Judas Iscariot, on down to Archbishop Weakland's opposition to various Church teachings, the opposition of the Canadian Bishops' organization to the Pope's teachings on birth control, the USCCB Bishops' opposition to Mother Angelica and her cable network EWTN and their attempts to thwart it and take it over, the USCCB's recent disgraceful support of the horrible pro-death "ACORN" organization, and now the USCCB's stupid decision to try to reward illegal behavior. Until you correct that newest stupid USCCB position, and issue a comprehensive apology for such ignominious opposition to the USA, the Pope, the Church, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Holy Scriptures, and God, we will NOT support you financially, either in our Church collection basket, or in any other forms of monetary donation. Until you correct your erroneous ways and stop supporting the pro-death, Nazi-like demon-crap party completely, our donations and offerings and almsgiving will be directed toward other worthy pro-life and charitable organizations where there is no support like the support you demonstrate for that wicked pro-death/anti-Catholic demon-crap party.

We should also (of course) love all our brothers and sisters who HAVE already broken our laws and have come here as illegal immigrants. The first way we should demonstrate that love, is to teach them plainly and simply that immigrants to the USA or any other country HAVE TO OBEY that country's just laws -- period. That is the truly charitable way to treat our law-breaking brothers and sisters. Now, our Lord did tell us to visit those brothers and sisters imprisoned for breaking various laws, but He did NOT tell us to then turn around and open the prison doors and let the criminals out, so that some of them might be enabled to commit various kinds of crimes again. He told us to love them, and visit them in prison, not to reward their illegal behaviors. Our USCCB Bishops should learn to listen to our Lord, the valid teachings of our Church, and common sense.

Please correct this addle-headed nonsense immediately, and repudiate all these misguided US Bishops in the USCCB, many of whom are beginning to appear to be as bad as the rebellious anti-Church Canadian Bishops of some years back, or as bad as the large group of Irish Bishops that the Pope recently "fired" for their own malfeasance and anti-Church stances within their Holy Office (in the sorry footsteps of Judas Iscariot). Until you do correct this unbelievably unwise stance, you totally forfeit our financial support, and that support will be diverted to much more worthy organizations which are totally external to the USCCB and their supporters.

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Back during the debate for the last "Harry Reid dream act", Archbishop Gomez of L.A. urged in at least two homilies he gave on EWTN that we all call Congress and urge them to pass the "dream act". More recently, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York City (current president of the USCCB) appeared on EWTN pushing many of those same goals for illegal immigrants. This posting is a modest attempt to respond to those misguided efforts. The thought is that the focus on $$$ will serve better to "get their attention" at the USCCB and at EWTN, and will enable them to finally notice the word "illegal", and absorb that word's moral ramifications. Perhaps you might choose to contact the USCCB about your donations and these issues as well. (I apologize in advance for the lengthy read here. I hope you understand.)

In a related issue, you might also want to check out and (warning, the second one very graphic).

1 posted on 09/18/2011 12:26:55 PM PDT by Heart-Rest
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To: Heart-Rest

Welcome to FR. What program did you see Archbishop Dolan on and could you provide a link.

Question off topic, but not really, what type of homily did you get today re: readings?

I’m checking around.

2 posted on 09/18/2011 12:32:56 PM PDT by AliVeritas (Purloined from the PeoplesCube:
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To: Heart-Rest

Welcome to FR.Good rant.

3 posted on 09/18/2011 12:35:00 PM PDT by ArrogantBustard (Western Civilization is Aborting, Buggering, and Contracepting itself out of existence.)
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To: Heart-Rest


4 posted on 09/18/2011 12:38:27 PM PDT by Tax-chick (I welcome our new reptilian overlords. They are so quiet!)
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To: Heart-Rest

Is your parish specifically giving to pro-illegal activities? If not, you may want to consider giving in the “Utility Bill” envelope at your parish.

Running a parish is not free. You go to mass and the priest needs to eat. However, at least in our diocese, none of the money collected specifically for utilities or flowers are taxed by the diocese. Perhaps that would be the better way to go.

And do know that EWTN is not run by the Vatican or USCCB. They are a separate organization with an imprimatur. They get NO money from your parish unless you give it.

5 posted on 09/18/2011 12:46:08 PM PDT by netmilsmom (Happiness is a choice)
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To: Tax-chick

Why *shrug?*

6 posted on 09/18/2011 12:58:34 PM PDT by buccaneer81 (ECOMCON)
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To: Heart-Rest

As a monthly donor to EWTN, I agree & will be writing my own letter regarding this.

The site is fabulous. I was arguing with some lost soul on Facebook about the graphic photos earlier this week. Wish I would’ve had that website then. People just don’t get it.

7 posted on 09/18/2011 1:03:01 PM PDT by surroundedbyblue (Live the message of Fatima - pray & do penance!)
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To: Heart-Rest

Excellent letter!

8 posted on 09/18/2011 1:03:01 PM PDT by left that other site (Psalm 122:6)
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To: Heart-Rest

I’d like to add this: why was vice president Joe Biden, an ardent supporter of abortion & recently spoke in favor of China’s one-child policy, permitted to receive Holy Communion at Sambi’s memorial Mass earlier this week??

I know it’s not an appropriate question, but I still would love an answer.

9 posted on 09/18/2011 1:08:57 PM PDT by surroundedbyblue (Live the message of Fatima - pray & do penance!)
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To: Heart-Rest

I stopped going to the Catholic Church because of their stance on illegal immigration.

10 posted on 09/18/2011 1:42:46 PM PDT by Drayah
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To: Heart-Rest

I stopped going to the Catholic Church because of their stance on illegal immigration.

11 posted on 09/18/2011 1:43:27 PM PDT by Drayah
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To: Heart-Rest

The National Catholic War Conference/National Catholic Welfare Conference/United States Catholic Conference-National Conference of Catholic Bishops/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was founded for the purpose of SUPPORTING WOODROW WILSON’S WAR and the DRAFT—in defiance of Pope Benedict XV, who had condemned the draft.

The whole enterprise was founded for the very purpose of defying the Pope and supporting the Democrat Party—the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and abortion.

The USCCB continues to support the Abortion Party every way it possibly can, even to the point of funding numerous pro-abortion organizations through the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

The most diabolical, insidious, and powerful anti-Catholic organization in the United States today is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

12 posted on 09/18/2011 1:47:35 PM PDT by Arthur McGowan (In Edward Kennedy's America, federal funding of brothels is a right, not a privilege.)
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To: Drayah

But remember, when you are a baptized Catholic, you are always a Catholic. Sit down with a priest and get your questions answered.

I do not support illegal immigration, but that does NOT affect my faith at all.

Just remember that any social program with the Catholic Church has to begin and end with Jesus Christ.

Now — a question — Did Jesus ever heal foreigners? Talk about foreigners?

Quiz time over.....yes to both questions.

13 posted on 09/18/2011 1:49:48 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Heart-Rest
welcome to FR. I appreciate you putting this rant as a Catholic Caucus thread.

I would suggest you don't stop at not putting in money for the parish, but also get on the parish board and become a pain in the neck to these guys.

Remind them that the Pope himself has said that social justice <> socialism and that Catholicism is against any forms of such grandiose government interference in societal planning

Secondly, if the bishops want to talk about immigration as private citizens, why not, they have the right. If they want to talk about us giving medical and basic help to even illegals, that is Christian.

We can have pity on a poor worker and give him food, but giving him a job in this country or shielding him from the law is wrong.

14 posted on 09/18/2011 1:51:02 PM PDT by Cronos (
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To: Drayah
I'm sorry, but that is an incorrect thing to do. How can we leave the church due to some stupid political choices made by clergymen?

Firstly, the Church is about spiritual matters and if one agrees with Church doctrine on that, leaving for political matters is wrong

secondly, as this is a purely political issue, the bishops are hence talking as individuals, not on behalf of the Church. We are in our rights to argue against them. In fact you would be better off staying and arguing against them

15 posted on 09/18/2011 1:53:10 PM PDT by Cronos (
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To: surroundedbyblue

Biden was permitted to receive Communion at Sambi’s Mass because Donald Wuerl is too cowardly to deny him Communion.

This, despite the fact that it is a MORTAL SIN for a priest or bishop to give Communion to a person who is living publicly in a situation of grave sin. Since Biden is a supporter of legal abortion, it is a MORTAL SIN for any minister of Communion to give him Communion.

In other words, Wuerl is such a coward that he would rather commit multiple MORTAL SINS than displease a politician.


16 posted on 09/18/2011 1:53:40 PM PDT by Arthur McGowan (In Edward Kennedy's America, federal funding of brothels is a right, not a privilege.)
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To: Heart-Rest

We, too, have stopped giving support to the USCCB and the annual Catholic Campaign. We have reduce our weekly donation to virtually nothing and provide no “one-off” sizable donations to the our Parish as we did until fairly recently.

17 posted on 09/18/2011 2:18:26 PM PDT by Vesparado
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To: AliVeritas
Thanks. I don't have a link (it may be on EWTN.COM, but I could not find it fast), but Archbishop Dolan (who I like a lot) was on a recent "Sunday Night Prime" with Father Groeschel, and also on a recent "The World Over" with Raymond Arroyo, and his illegal immigration comments were on one of those shows.

Our homily this week was not about immigration, but how God's love rewards everyone who turns to Him, no matter how early or late in their journey. I believe the week they are pushing for for a new "dream act" homily is next week, September 25.

18 posted on 09/18/2011 2:29:58 PM PDT by Heart-Rest
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To: netmilsmom
That's a good point. We should probably put our envelope in and indicate it is just for our Parish use, rather than forwarding some portion to the various USCCB Bishops' funds.

We have mailed regular donations in to EWTN in the past, and we do support most of what we've seen there over the years, but when they started to have guests on backing the "dream act" and B.O.'s illegal immigrant amnesty decree, it really bothered us.

19 posted on 09/18/2011 2:32:34 PM PDT by Heart-Rest
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To: left that other site; ArrogantBustard


20 posted on 09/18/2011 2:32:39 PM PDT by Heart-Rest
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