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Mormons tried to defend huxley-ian England against Christian Russia...
A. C McClurg & Co. ^ | 1917 | Victor Rousseau Emanuel

Posted on 10/15/2011 11:15:33 AM PDT by fishtank

In 1917, an amazing novel was written by author Victor Rousseau Emanuel, a full 32 years before a somewhat similar novel was written by George Orwell, the famously titled "1984".

Like "1984", Emanuel's book dealt with a future utopian/dystopian society, but his book "Messiah of the Cylinder" (MOTC) did not shy away from overt religious or spiritual issues.

Both of these books were set in a future-to-be England, and this reviewer found MOTC's future England to be a curious mixture of 1984's England and that of another future England, the one of Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World".

There are two principle worldviews competing for the hearts of the novel's characters: secular/religious humanism versus biblical/cultural Christianity.

Other supporting world movements were also mentioned in the novel, as well.

I include the brief excerpts here. The novel will have to be read by any interested person to gain the context of the story.


. . . . . . . . . . .


--- PAGE 93 --- ""Russia," he continued, "crushed her revolution, too, as she had crushed earlier anarchistic outbreaks. But though she has discovered the glow paint, she has not the Ray. The Federation is consequently at war with her, for her antiquated ideals make her a menace to civilization. Besides, we need her wheat- fields. We have an army of ten thousand men, two from each of the five Provinces, and have cooped up the young Tsar, Alexander, with his army of a million men, in Tula. His surrender is expected daily." "

. . .

--- PAGE 260 ---

"She gathered her strength with a last effort of will. *The plan was of long standing. Events hastened it. Mehemet knew it. Britain was to have a God again, Mehemet's God, and the American Mormons were to unite with us, for their faith is nearly the same. The people would have a god, and this would unite all nations against the Christian Russians. They are in Stockholm. The American battleplanes are on their way to help us against them. When Sanson was dead the guards were to join the air- scouts. Now you must go. Save your Elizabeth. Kill Sanson. I can say no more. Escape — " "

(Context: England had been taken over by an agressive Darwinian-atheistic-communistic regime. Russia still had a Czarist Christian Russian government. Oh, by the way, the novel is set in the year 2017, albeit written in 1917!!!)

. . . . .

---PAGE 298 --- "The Guard cheered frantically. I heard the cry "America!" If this was the Mormon fleet, come to aid Lemb- ken, there was no doubt with which side it would join. Perhaps the Guard knew already that Sanson had outwitted Lembken and outbid him for its support."

(Context: America had been taken over by a Mormon-theocratical government. Remember, this is set in the year 2017.)

. . . . .

--- PAGE 311 ---

"Three months have passed. It is Easter Day, and we have only begun to struggle with the difficulties before us.

But we are working with a faith that will over- come all obstacles. All the world is at work, for the same impulse was felt simultaneously in every land. The Mormon airplanes never arrived, because, practically at the same hour, America rose in revolt against her masters. And the Sanson regime has been swept away forever. "

(Context: This is the epilogue near the end of the book.)

. . .

--- PAGE 313 ---

"I call to mind the second huge public gathering on the day after the Revolution, when the dread of massacre had proved unfounded. The populace had been taught to believe that the Russians were blood- thirsty savages, instead of which we discovered child-like enthusiasts. It was a shock to most of us to discover that they considered themselves Cru- saders, upon a mission to restore Christ to the world. I recall vividly the great red crosses on the breasts of their white uniforms, the icon banners that are still flapping everywhere; then the people's wonder and terror at the horses ; lastly the young Tsar's en- trance into the capital, to attend the reconsecration of the Temple, and the amazing influence of king- ship upon a crowd that had never known reverence or loyalty, except through fear.

Then the universal joy at the release of all the inmates of the defectives and moron shops, the tears and shouts that accompanied the restoration to their families, of those who had been believed lost for- ever; husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends and friends. No one was afraid to be glad. It was as if a dark cloud had rolled away and disclosed the sun.

And the astonishment and enthusiasm as the people listened to the teachings of Christianity. After three months there are still crowds at all the street corners, hearing the doctrines and the story of Christ from priests and missionaries. "

. . .

That's enough commentary and excerpting from me for now.

. . .

The book is available for free digital download from

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KEYWORDS: christian; england; fiction; lds; mormon; russia

1 posted on 10/15/2011 11:15:43 AM PDT by fishtank
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To: Colofornian; Elsie; FastCoyote; svcw; Zakeet; SkyPilot; rightazrain; Tennessee Nana; ...


2 posted on 10/15/2011 1:12:28 PM PDT by greyfoxx39 (Mittbots on FR swarm just like the nasty crazy, hairy ants.)
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To: fishtank
America had been taken over by a Mormon-theocratical government. Remember, this is set in the year 2017.

I'm going to call Alien Space Bats on this one. As in it would take the intervention of omnipotent Alien Space Bats to make this ever come to pass...

Romney's problem (and I'm sure he is the cause of most of the anti-Mormon postings here) is not that he follows LDS church teachings, it is that on social issues (Gay marriage, abortion) he does not follow them ENOUGH.

Whatever you want to say about the LDS Church's unusual theology and bizarre beliefs about pre-Columbian America, they generally are conservative on social issues. Romney is not, he threw it over the side to win an office in the most Liberal state in the Union.

Other than that, I can't figure out what relevance a 90+ year old novel would have to generate a posting on FR in 2011.

3 posted on 10/15/2011 1:23:59 PM PDT by GreenLanternCorps ("Barack Obama" is Swahili for "Jimmy Carter".)
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To: GreenLanternCorps

I’m not saying the novel is prophetic, it’s just VERY ironic how much history has changed in one direction and then swung back to the other direction.

I will make a rather bold prediction though: I think the LDS will become much less politically and morally “conservative” in the future.

I think you’ll see maybe these swing shifts:
(1) official support for polygamy
(2) a move toward collectivism
(3) continued softening on abortion
(4) a reversal on homosexual marriage.

There are signs of this already plus the fact that there are no nationally known conservative LDS politicians.

My tagline explains very well why this is so.

4 posted on 10/15/2011 7:28:23 PM PDT by fishtank (The denial of original sin is the root of liberalism.)
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To: fishtank

Having lived in Utah, which is culturally the most conservative state in the Union, I’m going to say NO to all four.

1. Polygamy is dead among Mormons. Bringing it back would require both a “Roe vs. Wade” on marriage which prohibited any government restrictions on who would marry, and widespread acceptance by Mormon women. The former is possible, the latter unlikely.

2. Aside from certain church owned businesses, Utah’s Mormons are getting more conservative economically, and they dumped a moderate GOP senator for a conservative last election.

3. I don’t see that happening.

4. Not in a million years.

5 posted on 10/16/2011 6:04:12 AM PDT by GreenLanternCorps ("Barack Obama" is Swahili for "Jimmy Carter".)
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To: fishtank

The book sounds neat.

Reid lost big time to the nonLDS pub in the LDS bastion/county in nevada.

On the other hand, Romney won in a landslide over more conservative pubs with LDS voters last election cycle.

There’s nothing stopping LDS from practicing polygamy in most states, as in most places there isn’t the will to enforce cohabitation laws. All they would need to say is “we don’t recognize your lousy state definition of marriage” like Catholics have with divorce. Most of the time when anything is done about polygamists it is for tertiary things like fraud concerning benefits or sex crimes. So why do they still excommunicate polygamists when they could pretty much have their polygamy anytime they want it in most places?


6 posted on 10/16/2011 6:59:09 AM PDT by Ransomed
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