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Interview...Up From Down, A True Story of Recovery from Addiction with Letter from Malachi Martin
Bond Action, Inc. ^ | November 7, 2011 | abigail2

Posted on 11/06/2011 7:50:54 PM PST by abigail2

Jesse Lee Peterson has an inspiring interview with a man who overcame a deep drug addiction. He says of the book...

"Up From Down offers real hope for those seeking to overcome the hell we are born into, live out, and harbor inside. I love this book. You will too."
Jesse Lee Peterson
Radio Talk Show Host

The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show

Streamed live online from 6-9 a.m. PST / 9-12 a.m. EST.

TOPICS: Moral Issues; Religion & Culture; Theology
KEYWORDS: addiction; malachimartin; talkradio
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Also planned for Monday... Hour 1: Susan Straight, UC Riverside Prof.; award-winning novelist - TOPIC: Are illegal aliens who have had children in the US a reason to stop deportations?

Hour 2: Ted Adamson, author of new book, "Up from Down" - TOPIC: Overcoming addiction, finding a deeper meaning in life

Hour 3: PREACHERS IN THE PULPIT - TOPIC: Dr. Juanita Bynum's tumultuous relationship with Bishop Thomas Weeks III

1 posted on 11/06/2011 7:50:56 PM PST by abigail2
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To: AbeKrieger; 2harddrive; 2ndDivisionVet; aces; Admin Moderator; AgThorn; AJKauf; AliVeritas; ...

Ted received this letter regarding possession and drug use from Malachi Martin. He thinks it is time we addressed this issue in regards to drug addiction. Call in 888 775-3773

Up From Down website

2 posted on 11/06/2011 7:58:21 PM PST by abigail2
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To: abigail2

While a mind altering substance addiction needn’t always lead to frank demonic possession, it’s quite possible. The practice referred to in the New Testament as “sorcery” in English is “pharmakia” in the original Greek, which is usage of mind altering substances for an intended purpose of connecting with the world of ungodly spirits.

Other bad habits, e.g. sexual perversions, can also invite the devil, and to belabor the obvious, the devil can be very, very mean and will try to sell his victims on the idea of becoming mean like him.

Catholic churches don’t always take this as seriously today as they did in past centuries. Like Martin points out, some bishops may not want to cooperate with the spiritual warfare part of the mission of the Christian church.

Incidentally, many serious evangelical ministries have (re)discovered biblically based ways of dealing with such situations.

3 posted on 11/06/2011 10:54:21 PM PST by HiTech RedNeck (ya don't tug on Superman's cape/ya don't spit into the wind--and ya don't speak well of Mitt to Jim!)
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To: HiTech RedNeck

Is this the same Malachi Martin who wrote “The Final Conclave” ?

4 posted on 11/07/2011 1:06:52 AM PST by knarf (I say things that are true ... I have no proof ... but they're true)
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To: HiTech RedNeck; geologist; Tax-chick; DoughtyOne; PGalt
Hi, good morning. Yes, it seems to me all you have to do is deal with drug addicts and you can see the demon in most cases. It is just hard to admit what you're seeing, since these days people do not believe in evil.

I hear that many churches are rediscovering this too. Doesn't it say in the bible that in the last days the devil will be loosed on the earth and his demons. It certainly does look like they are not even trying to hide these days.

5 posted on 11/07/2011 7:09:06 AM PST by abigail2
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To: knarf

Yes, he was on Art Bells show several times.

6 posted on 11/07/2011 7:09:50 AM PST by abigail2
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To: jogger; stephenjohnbanker; smokingfrog; dalebert; freekitty
Guest started taking drugs by sniffing glue. Wanted to have acceptance of his friends. Did marijuana, amphetamines, barbituates, lsd and drank alot, ending up with heroine. Went to county jail, prison, mental hospitals. He was in prison for 13 months once. When he came out he went right back on drugs, because he hadn't suffered enough. He finally "hit bottom"....suffered enough and he finally wanted answers.

He went through AA and NA but the programs have deteriorated and they don't really understand the causes. He says they are wrong calling it a disease. He could not accept that. Its a spiritual condition says author. JEsse says if they are implying its a disease there is nothing you can do for it. He has not drank or used drugs in 35 years, he does not have to go to the programs...he says that is an addiction in itself, having to go to the meetings. Only way he could get over it, he had to get out of those programs and found the key to the root of addiction, a spiritual awakening. He had to get down to the hatred he had which is the reason he needed to take drugs to begin with...Up From Down at Amazon, Barnes and Noble...or website... Up From

Oh, he didn't mention the letter or possession. It would have been nice to hear more. I think Ted didn't get going about the cause of addiction and answers until the end. Maybe he thought he was going to be on longer. Well, you are going to have to read the book. HE did say that since it wasnt a disease, once you get rid of the cause of addiction, you can drink in moderation without getting addicted. Intereseting.

7 posted on 11/07/2011 7:41:17 AM PST by abigail2
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To: null and void; 2ndDivisionVet; BlackFemaleConservative; Bob J; Tax-chick; blackie
Jesses is going to talk about the new claim that Cain sexually harrassed her. With Gloria Allred. Howard Stern even says the media is doing a job on Cain.

Jesse is tellling a story about a rabbi who went into a store every morning and takes an apple and walks out. Then a salesperson who saw it every morning would tell people who said the rabbi was a good person, that he was a thief and not a good person. When the rabbi heard he went to the sales person and chatised him, saying he had an agreement with the store owner and now the salesperson ruined his reputation. The clerk said I'm sorry...what can I do to rebuild your reputation. The rabbi said take a down pillow and open it and throw the feathers up in the air, and then collect them all and put them back in the pillow....that is how hard it is to clean up your reputation.

I love that story. It really makes you think doesn't it?

8 posted on 11/07/2011 8:07:56 AM PST by abigail2
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To: abigail2

Yes, abigail1, I really didn’t know how long I was going to be on but I am greatful for the time given.

Programs like AA and NA NEVER talk about possession at all. The few times I have heard it mentioned it is usually along the lines of “In the dark ages people used to think alcoholics were possessed”. It is a rare AA or NA that realizes that possession by a demon is at the root of alcholic or drug addicts difficulty in quitting.

In other words, these programs don’t even know what they are dealing with. Malachai was exactly right when he said it is abuse of drugs that opens a doorway into the soul for evil to enter..

This shouldnt be a surprise to Christians. After all, doesn’t scripture say that:

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Ted Adamson

9 posted on 11/07/2011 8:26:15 AM PST by TedAdamson
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To: geologist; smokingfrog; ALOHA RONNIE; AnnaZ; AuntB
Jesse is Christianity is a "changing of the heart". I you think you are a christian and you have the same anger, same anger in your family and then you are not a real christian. So he is dedicated the last hour on Mondays give you examples of wrong preaching...Juanita Byenum is todays example of a person who calls herself christian but isn't...She came out of TJ Jakes church.

Her husband pushed and choked her, and he of course has to be sorry, and he is pleading guilty to aggrevated assault...and they didn't tell you what the woman did to the man. Oh, this is too painful to relate, Jesse is going to play clip of her husband telling his father how he found a wife sent to him by God.

10 posted on 11/07/2011 8:28:00 AM PST by abigail2
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To: TedAdamson; knarf; HiTech RedNeck

Thanks Ted, In your book you tell how you got the demon. Can all people see when they first got their demons? Do you have to see when you got it to get rid of it. How did you deal with it?

11 posted on 11/07/2011 8:34:41 AM PST by abigail2
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To: HiTech RedNeck

I would think that over time, ALL substance abuse eventually causes possession to occur. Since there are MILLIONS of people who have seriously abused alcohol or drugs you can see what we are up against.

And just because they stop drinking and drugging doesnt mean the demons have left them.

12 posted on 11/07/2011 8:54:40 AM PST by TedAdamson
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To: TedAdamson

WHat is to become of us, with so many possessed people. I think what you say is true. When you watch people, eventually the dark side emerges from the nicest people. It’s scary.

13 posted on 11/07/2011 9:03:30 AM PST by abigail2
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To: knarf

Yes. Malachi wrote “The Final Conclave” and a host of other books. My favorite is “Hostage to the Devil” published in 1976.
Anyone interested in the subject of possession should start with that book. M.Scott Pecks book “People of the Lie” should also be on the bookshelf.

Mine too for that matter. “Up From Down” Ted Adamson

14 posted on 11/07/2011 9:03:45 AM PST by TedAdamson
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To: TedAdamson

Peck was an Episcopal Minister/Priest. His book makes a very clear case for evil in people, and he gives four excellent composite examples from a field of cases/clients he dealt with as a practicing Psychiatrist/Psychologist (I can’t remember which hewas).

15 posted on 11/07/2011 9:07:33 AM PST by MHGinTN (Some, believing they can't be deceived, it's nigh impossible to convince them when they're deceived.)
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To: abigail2

I can’t really speak to what all people see, only what I saw. God will show you what you need to see, and if you need to see when you first got it, you will.

Malachi calls “when you got it” by another name. He calls it the “Point of entry”.

As far as dealing with it, you deal with it by observing it without resenting it. It is the Light from God that exorcizes these things, although there are some gifted exorcist around with authority over these things, but not many.

You really dont have to do anything but observe. Let Go and Let God.

The meditation exercise that Rev. Peterson teaches can be helpful,

16 posted on 11/07/2011 9:34:35 AM PST by TedAdamson
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To: abigail2

That is why patience is so important. We deal with the evil we encounter in people by not hating or judging them. THAT protects us. That is why Jesus taught us to “JUDGE NOT LEAST YE BE JUDGED”.

That is also love for the possessed person.When we don’t judge them, it gives them a chance to see themselves. A “Love your enemy” sort of thing.

An acquaintance of mine says there are only two kinds of people :

“Those that are lost, and those that used to be lost”.

We owe to the lost to love them by not hating them. God was patience with us, we need to be patient with them.

17 posted on 11/07/2011 9:34:39 AM PST by TedAdamson
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I believe he was a Psychiatrist. Yes, for those who are blind to the existence of evil, Scott Peck’s book would be a good place to start.

18 posted on 11/07/2011 9:34:47 AM PST by TedAdamson
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To: abigail2; TedAdamson
So you're looking to sell your book on your own personal recovery. Nice. Please try to do it without denigrating a program which does work for many.

This book is available for free, and it has helped many thousands of people. It does not hold that addiction is a disease, but rather a spiritual malady.

Addiction is a life and death matter to me. IMHO, your effort to save souls (and sell books) endangers lives. Have a nice day.

19 posted on 11/07/2011 10:12:36 AM PST by Jack of all Trades (Hold your face to the light, even though for the moment you do not see.)
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To: TedAdamson

Wow Ted, good replies. Covers everything I think.

20 posted on 11/07/2011 10:14:06 AM PST by abigail2
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