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To: Hayride
"Please, someone give me the best 5 examples we see in nature today of something from one species that’s in the middle of turning into another. I’m not greedy, the top 5 will do."

The best possible examples I can think of:

Flying squirrels are in process of becoming bats or something like bats.

Tapirs are in transition to becoming elephants.

Okapis are in process of becoming giraffes, or striped deer.

Walruses are becoming whales.

Walruses are becoming short-legged fat wild pigs.

Fundamental Principle: These examples are arrived at by deductive reasoning. As we all know from our high school biology teachers, anything can become anything, given a little more time. We know this because there is something rather than nothing.

So there.

78 posted on 05/15/2012 7:31:02 AM PDT by cookcounty ("We're all born idiots, and we only get over that condition as we get less young." -J Goldberg)
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To: cookcounty

Um Ok you are asserting that DNA re-writes itself ~ never been observed. Mutations are copy errors that will eventually kill off the organism. Bacteria has approx 500 million A/C/T/G pairs that mimic computer codes [actually vice-versa] upto approx 3 billion coded pairs for humans and then peaking at approx 50 billion coded pairs for Paris Japonis. Macro-evolution has never been observed!!!

Or consider Dr. Walt Brown Ph.D. per

15. Codes, Programs, and Information

In our experience, codes are produced only by intelligence, not by natural processes or chance. A code is a set of rules for converting information from one useful form or language to another. Examples include Morse code and Braille. Code makers must simultaneously understand at least two ways of representing information and then establish the rules for converting from one to the other and back again. It is hard to imagine how natural processes and long periods of time could produce one language. Having two languages form by natural processes and be able to automatically convert one to the other is unbelievable.

The genetic material that controls the physical processes of life is coded information. Also coded are very complex and completely different functions: the transmission, translation, correction, and duplication systems, without which the genetic material would be useless, and life would cease. It seems obvious that the genetic code and the accompanying transmission, translation, correction, and duplication systems were produced simultaneously in each living organism by an extremely high intelligence.

Likewise, no natural process has ever been observed to produce a program. A program is a planned sequence of steps to accomplish some goal. Computer programs are common examples. Because programs require foresight, they are not produced by chance or natural processes. The information stored in the genetic material of all life is a complex program. Therefore, it appears that an unfathomable intelligence created these genetic programs.

Life contains matter, energy, and information. All isolated systems, including living organisms, have specific, but perishable, amounts of information. No isolated system has ever been shown to increase its information content significantly. Nor do natural processes add information; they destroy it. Only outside intelligence can significantly increase the information content of an otherwise isolated system. All scientific observations are consistent with this generalization, which has three corollaries:

Macroevolution cannot occur.
Outside intelligence was involved in the creation of the universe and all forms of life.
Life could not result from a “big bang.”

84 posted on 05/15/2012 7:56:57 AM PDT by BrandtMichaels
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