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Cultural Implosion: Do We Need Another Great Awakening?
Doug ^ | 6/11/2012 | Doug Beaumont

Posted on 06/11/2012 9:27:44 PM PDT by OneVike

Author Joel Rosenberg is promoting his book by lamenting recent news of cannibalism, mommy porn, and gay marriage. He says that what we need is another Great Awakening. While he only mentions the first two, Rosenberg describes these movements as,

“massive, widespread, game-changing eras of spiritual revival in which millions of people became deeply devout and passionately evangelistic followers of Jesus Christ. In 1770, for example, there were fewer than two dozen Methodist churches in America. By 1860, there were nearly 20,000. In roughly the same time frame, the number of Baptists went from under 200,000 to more than one million” (Source)

This all sounds very fine, but consider some of the combined effects of the Great Awakenings. The first Great Awakening has been described this way:

“Revivalism taught people that they could be bold when confronting religious authority, and that when churches weren’t living up to the believers’ expectations, the people could break off and form new ones” (Source)

So the fundemental aspect of the First Great Awakening was anti-authoritarianism. Note that this is very different from reform of authority – it is the throwing off of authority. Importantly, this anti-authoritarianism was not qualified by an emphasis on critical thinking:

“In the late colonial period, most pastors read their sermons, which were theologically dense and advanced a particular theological argument or interpretation. Leaders of the Awakening such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield had little interest in merely engaging parishioners’ minds; they wanted far more to an emotional response from their audience” (Source)

Trading mistaken intellectual ideas for emotion-driven commitments is of questionable value. The Second Great Awakening followed the same pattern as it “moved beyond the educated elite of New England to those that

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Apologetics; Current Events; Religion & Culture; Theology
KEYWORDS: antiauthoritarianism; awakening; conservatism; revivals
I am of the opinion that the only thing that will save this country will be another awakening. As much as we try to put conservatives in power to reverse, or at least stop the madness, unfortunately we continually end up with compassionate conservatives instead.

Thus we may be able to slow things down for a spell, but the election of Clinton and now Obama proves that as long as we allow the left to educate/indoctrinate the leaders of tomorrow we will eventually lose more ground then we ever gained.

So to answer Doug's question, I would say yes, we need another spiritual awakening in America.

1 posted on 06/11/2012 9:27:59 PM PDT by OneVike
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To: OneVike

Gonna be pretty hard to get so many people to accept a belief system.

2 posted on 06/11/2012 9:48:33 PM PDT by wastedyears ("God? I didn't know he was signed onto the system.")
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To: wastedyears

What you think of as a simple belief system, is the way, the truth and the life. Christ Jesus is the only way for man to be set free from the pain of what we continually discuss as being the problem in America at FR.

3 posted on 06/11/2012 10:13:09 PM PDT by OneVike (I'm just a Christian waiting to go home)
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To: wastedyears

Your tagline...that’s from Ender’s Game isn’t it?

4 posted on 06/11/2012 10:38:36 PM PDT by Bobalu (It is not obama we are fighting, it is the media.)
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To: OneVike

Protestants are hearing it called “the awakening” in their
messages from Heaven. Catholics know it as the “Great
Warning.” It’s no man-made revival. This is the Second
Pentecost and this time, it’s worldwide. To prepare, pray every day from this day forward and very important, examine your life and from the heart confess your serious (mortal) sins to God. Catholics have to do more, they must go to Confession. You will not feel the pain of seeing ‘CONFESSED’ sins in your life review. Read Revelation 6: 15-17.

The Warning of God´s Mercy

The Warning is a great act of God´s Mercy, on such a big scale that nothing compares to it in all mankind´s history, bar The Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. However, its nature has nothing to do with the noiseless, lonely, humiliating, brutal and loving death of the Lamb of God; but it´s more like an universal smack, a sort of pulling down the world out of its motorbike, the same way Saint Paul was unhorsed, in order to make see the whole world at the same time the blurred figures we have had mocked about previously.

Which information do we have? Here it is:

It will be seen in the sky all over the world and immediately transmitted to the inside of our souls.

It will be an astronomic phenomenon, similar to a bang of stars with a lot of light and noise, but it won´t fall over us.

It will be like fire, but it won´t burn our bodies, though it will be felt physically and internally.

It will last a very short time, but its effects on the world will be huge.

We should not be afraid of death if we are not quaking with fear or, in some special cases, due to God´s Mercy.

Everyone will see in a short period of time how their souls are before the light of God, and will know that He exists, and that He has been present at every single sin of theirs.

It will be like a trial in miniature.

God hopes that, through this act of His Mercy, we amend our lives, and turn away from the wrong path.

Those who already know and love God, will be closer to Him.

Many will be converted, but still many will keep on denying God, denying the One Who is, in an act of supreme hypocrisy.

5 posted on 06/11/2012 11:00:39 PM PDT by stpio
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To: stpio

Hey Stpio
Can you give me a link to this please if there is one,


6 posted on 06/11/2012 11:15:22 PM PDT by melsec (Once a Jolly Swagman camped by a Billabong....)
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To: melsec


There are many sites and prophecies about the Great
Warning. Search Garabandal - the Great Warning.

Here’s a blog with the Great Warning described and you
will see to the side, daily messages from Heaven.
Catholic mostly and one Protestant seer, Glynda Lomax.

7 posted on 06/11/2012 11:40:39 PM PDT by stpio
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To: melsec


Thanks for your question. I knew for a long time
Revelation 6:15-18 is the Great Warning and we know from
seers, approved seers, we will see the cross in the sky.

I checked a visionary from Brazil, Light of Mary, she posts
another verse from Scripture and a few descriptions, not
all of them shared on her page, of the Great Warning.




(Matthew 24:30)




Giorgio Bongiovanni (Message 30-07-2007)



José Luís Manzano García (Message 06-29-1988)


Message from our Blessed Mother Mary to Marcos Tadeu, Brazil of 02/21/2010

“I ask you, therefore, to listen to My Voice! Do what I tell you before the time of the Divine Mercy ends for you. The period of time for the conversion of the world is much shorter now than ever before. Soon the WARNING will come and it will be like a small personal judgment”.

Message from Our Lady to Pedro Regis, Brazil 12/08/2009

“The day will come that men will attain great graces. A great miracle of God will transform the hardened hearts. Each one will see their errors and will receive the grace of repentance. This will be the great opportunity that our Lord will give His children who have separated from Him”.

Message from Our Lady to Pedro Regis, Brazil 07/14/2009

“God will do a great miracle as a favor to men. Humanity will have the great opportunity to return to Our Lord. When the great sign comes, all eyes will see it. Men will have the opportunity to repent. It will be a grand miracle and many will be converted”…

Message from Blessed Mother Mary to Amparo Cuevas Spain year 1983

“A Warning will be given to you and your soul shall reveal like in a mirror what you have been during your whole existence”.

St. Michael to José Luis M. García Spain on 11/19/1989

“There is something that will occur in the world; something that will make many people see the truth and some will say that it is in the nature of things.”

“Something is coming to the world, something very grand. It is not the end of the world; it is the beginning of the conversion of many souls”.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Christina Gallagher Ireland on 07/05/2002

“The great light of God will soon descend upon the world, there will be great weeping and many will flee, trying to hide its shame before God”.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Christina Gallagher Ireland year 1988

“A sign will come for which all of humanity will experience the external knowledge that God exists, and they will know that it comes from God; everyone will see themselves as they really are”.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Felisa Sistiaga Monte Umbe, Spain 1941

“I will give a Warning, I will perform a miracle, everyone will see it, but humanity, except for a very few, will continue to doubt. I have appeared in many places in the earth, but few believe”.

The Blessed Virgin Mary to Felisa Sistiaga Monte Umbe, Spain 08/15/1969

“Before the chastisement God will send a Warning, and for no one to have any doubt there will be a Miracle”.

8 posted on 06/12/2012 12:00:58 AM PDT by stpio
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To: OneVike
"Awakening such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield had little interest in merely engaging parishioners’ minds; they wanted far more to an emotional response from their audience”

What nonsense. Anyone who would write such drivel knows nothing about Whitefield or Edwards and clearly has never read any of their sermons. Jonathan Edwards not engaging the mind? Bwhahahahahaha.

9 posted on 06/12/2012 1:06:10 AM PDT by circlecity
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To: OneVike

Just believe!

10 posted on 06/12/2012 2:36:36 AM PDT by Biggirl ("Jesus talked to us as individuals"-Jim Vicevich/Thanks JimV!)
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To: OneVike

Umm, this author must not be a Christian, because every major point he tried to dismiss was a false analogy.

The Great Awakenings brought people alive to God and woke them up. As to there being a more emotional response instead of a quiet one, where did he get that?

Revivals always bring a heart felt response, not one where people just sit and contemplate, but one where people get up and act. Action requires thought and movement. people feel and do.

as for the rejection of authority, claiming it was almost anarchistic...HUH?
The idea of returning to the Bible as the rule of a Church instead of sectarian dogma is one of the strengths of the Christian faith, not being locked in to false religious practices that time and manly interests will introduce over time. rejecting the burning of witches sounds like a bad thing to the autrhor because it involved rejecting the heirarchy which called for it!

Sounds to me like this author needs to actually read more. I wish I didnt have to go to work, but the original premise as to what this nation needs: REVIVAL AND A TURNING BACK TO GOD; yeah, that is exactly what we need, and for the author to take a sideways skewed approach to that point shows he is unable to understand why revival is needed...and at his spiritual peril.

11 posted on 06/12/2012 3:11:33 AM PDT by RaceBannon (I wont vote for a gay marriage marxist gun grabber, or vote for Obama, either)
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To: stpio

Thank-you very much for your enthusiastic response - I shall look it up in due course.


12 posted on 06/12/2012 3:19:32 AM PDT by melsec (Once a Jolly Swagman camped by a Billabong....)
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To: OneVike

I think the USA is too far gone for an awakening without first a great judgment. Such a judgment might awaken a “remnant.”

13 posted on 06/12/2012 7:56:21 AM PDT by nonsporting
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To: melsec

You are welcome.

God doesn’t give exact dates but maybe the Great Warning (the
awakening) will happen in 2013? 13 is a special number. If it’s sooner, everyone get ready now!!`~

14 posted on 06/12/2012 12:16:50 PM PDT by stpio
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To: Bobalu
Your tagline...that’s from Ender’s Game isn’t it?

Yes it is :)

15 posted on 06/12/2012 12:27:38 PM PDT by wastedyears ("God? I didn't know he was signed onto the system.")
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To: OneVike

So, considering I was baptized and confirmed a Catholic at age 13, but have since stopped identifying as a Christian and Catholic, yet still believe in Judeo-Christian values; if I don’t accept Christianity as my life and Jesus Christ as my savior, I’m doomed to an eternity in the fires of hell?

16 posted on 06/12/2012 12:30:38 PM PDT by wastedyears ("God? I didn't know he was signed onto the system.")
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To: OneVike

no, the last “Great Awakening” gave us Jehovah’s witnesses, Christian Scientists and Mormons. Let’s have a back to the Apostolic church (Orthodox, Catholic, Oriental, Assyrian) instead.

17 posted on 06/12/2012 2:33:50 PM PDT by Cronos (**Marriage is about commitment, cohabitation is about convenience.**)
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To: wastedyears
If I don't... Jesus Christ as my savior,

yes, you are doomed. I hate to call judgement on anything between you and God, but that's what God says. Note that you may yet change back to God and accept Him, then you will not be doomed. But otherwise, I'm sorry. You aren't doomed until you take your last breath...

18 posted on 06/12/2012 2:37:06 PM PDT by Cronos (**Marriage is about commitment, cohabitation is about convenience.**)
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To: wastedyears

Paul said:” If there be no resurrection of the dead, then let us eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die”. Why cling to Judeo Christian values if you don’t believe in the spiritual engine that produced them...mainly the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in response to the love that God has for the world?

Perhaps it’s not you that clings, but rather Christ who is clinging to you that you would not be so truly lost in rudderless despair! Seek a quiet place for a time, by yourself and ask these questions into the darkness from...if you are truly and humbly seeking an answer, the answer will present itself.

Yet, the short answer to your question, is yes you are eternally separated from God if you reject Jesus Christ as Saviour as the apostles have preached. You have already discovered that Catholic rituals by themselves gave you no assurance of salvation as you were not as yet acqainted with their intended object...which is to say the person of Jesus Christ! Now I am not blasting Catholicism or any other “isms” of the Christian faith, just pointing out that active rituals don’t of themselves give life.

19 posted on 06/12/2012 2:46:19 PM PDT by mdmathis6 (Kiss the Son!)
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To: Cronos; mdmathis6

So then I’ll start having sex with anything that moves; I’ll start drinking daily, cursing my grandmother, tell people that all of metal music is extremely satanic and that if you listen to it you’re automatically rejecting any and every good thing in life. I’ll go out and set fire to homes, I’ll steal candy from babies, I’ll flip the elderly my middle fingers, and I’ll start punching my parents, all because the two of you say I’m damned to hell because I don’t believe in your deity.

My grandmother was a strongly devout Catholic when she was alive. But if she was alive, she’d give you a verbal lashing that you’d both remember for the rest of your lives.

Who are either of you to tell me I’m doomed because I don’t believe as the two of you do? I suffer more internal turmoil at age 26 than the two of you will probably understand for as long as you live. My parents put me through hell when I was younger, I can’t find a job, people stare at me, there’s a history of alcoholism on both sides of my family, and I have no idea how I’m going to make it to 30, nevermind 80. To top it all off, my endocrine system is screwed up with a condition that few “experts” understand, let alone friends and family that forget I haven’t slept well for the last 13 years.

To be honest, worrying about eternal damnation is the last thing I’m worried about. I’m more worried about how I’m going to live my life successfully. That doesn’t mean I’m going to drop my morals because you two tell me that I’ll be subject to fire.

Maybe I should just kill myself and end up in purgatory to escape what you two tell me is going to happen to me. Maybe you ought to speculate about people’s lives before you personally pass judgement on them. Not you, a deacon I’ve known for a long time, my favorite local priest, any cardinal, bishop or even Pope Benedict XVI himself can tell me that I’m doomed to hell because I don’t accept Jesus Christ.

I judge people for the wrong things they’ve done. I don’t judge people for the things they believe in. Somebody believes in satan? That’s fine. Don’t try to sacrifice me. Somebody believes the Earth is really flat? That’s fine, but there’s a mountain of evidence against it. Somebody doesn’t believe in God? It’s understandable when God cannot be sensed with any of the 5 senses.

I do believe in a higher power. I’m trying to figure out what it is. It may be the God that you believe in, or may be my own craziness.

Then let’s look at it logically. There’s all these monotheistic religions that say their God is the one true God. Well, which one should I believe? Hinduism? Buddhism? Judaism?

I could go to the retired priest in my parish and ask him if I’m doomed because I seem to have lost my way. Wanna know what he’ll say? Odds are, a simple “no.”

20 posted on 06/12/2012 3:06:20 PM PDT by wastedyears ("God? I didn't know he was signed onto the system.")
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To: wastedyears

You asked the question, we gave you the answers. You asked the question..”Who are we to say..thus and thus?” Why we are nobody in particular...just voices in the desert crying “Prepare ye the way of the Lord, Make HIS way straight!” You want to listen and give heed...fine, if you don’t well that is your choice. It is good you want to live a moral life, at least I don’t have to fear you robbing my house. Yet, with no God that you feel particularly accountable to, you have no logical reason to live a Godly life other than fear of the law enforcement officials and of censoring attitudes by your friends, family and neighbors.

You asked Christians about the way of salvation and of the consequences of rejecting Christ, we told you. But first ask yourself...are you living a moral life of your own accord, or is there a force you are only dimly aware of attempting to console you thru all of your troubles, trying to use your troubles to bring you to himself? It’s only a question you can answer yourself. Many folks in our nation have decided there is no Christ and no moral force to keep them in check, thus we have the evils that are befalling our nation. For them, there is no resurrection of the dead and thus they have given themselves over to any evil imaginable; our nation has reached a tipping point where the numbers of such people threaten our nation’s existence.

Yet something is keeping you in check; it’s not just your “choice” in the matter. You need to become an ally of that “something” that is keeping you from falling headlong into total lawlessness... because that “something” may be the Holy Spirit and it varies how long he strives with a person. Psalms 2 says to “kiss the Son, lest a man perish before He has even begun to get a little angry”.

We are all sinners...that is the hard cold fact of the matter and Hell is our deserved destination...there is no sugar coating it. Even the best of men, even Christians may occaisionally think thoughts that would cause angels to lose their light should they think them; not to mention the evil deeds that men do. We are evil to the core, salvageable only by the grace of God!

21 posted on 06/12/2012 4:28:59 PM PDT by mdmathis6 (Kiss the Son!)
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To: wastedyears; All

“(”God? I didn’t know he was signed onto the system.”) “

God as the “logos” undergirds and provides the operating system of the universe and of men’s souls; Satan tried to hack creation and rewrite the operating system with a SIN virus. The cross and resurrection were the antivirus scan and cleaner of the system and of men’s souls as well. Soon the “good data files known as Christians.dll” will be preserved and the system wiped, rewritten and rebooted!

From the “Computer Nerd’s guide to Christianity... binary volumes 0 and 1.( a pseudo book but I would like to see it written)

22 posted on 06/12/2012 4:57:51 PM PDT by mdmathis6 (Kiss the Son!)
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To: mdmathis6

It’s from ‘Ender’s Game’, a sci-fi novel.

23 posted on 06/12/2012 5:06:32 PM PDT by wastedyears ("God? I didn't know he was signed onto the system.")
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