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The Division Card...(Race in America) ^ | 08-25-12 | Bill Randles

Posted on 08/25/2012 8:18:45 PM PDT by pastorbillrandles

These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.(Proverbs 6:16-19)

I have a friend, he is a christian, and a really decent person in every respect except one. He constantly makes insulting and unfair references to race. For example every Columbus day one can expect a comment like, “maybe we should break into someone’s house, give them a disease and put them on a reservation’ to celebrate Columbus day”.

This is his summation of America’s beginnings. What a shame there is a country like America, right?

Or whenever we approach our Thanksgiving holiday he will cite something similar about the Puritans, inferring that America has always been a bastion of unfairness, oppression and theft.

His latest offering is a reproduction of an appalling 18th century woodcut of the bottom layer of an old slave ship, showing that every square inch of those ships was used to “store” the unfortunate slaves for the three-month cross- Atlantic journey, in utter misery. Underneath is the caption “I don’t recall Southern states complaining about immigration when it occurred this way!”. Clever.

Although there are many whites and blacks alike who have been conditioned to marvel at the profundity of such statements as the above, the briefest reflection will show that it is an emotional argument and a logical fallacy. It is in effect a grievous lie.The fallacy is to equate American tax payers concerned about the massive theft and crime wave that is illegal immigration, with Southern slave holders of 200 years ago!

So much of what passes as debate these days plays the same vicious trick. Am I a hypocrite if I live in Alabama, and object to paying the steep price for illegal immigration? Am I a hypocrite because 200 years ago slaves were imported into my state ?

Really ?

This is called the race card ,the Ace up the sleeve of the immoral and vicious, ready to castigate whole populations as benefitting from evil, but you are exempt because of the color of your skin. They do it because they can, and it gives thm a cheap moral sense of superiority.

What my friend is doing, is exploiting a serious wound that runs through American society. He is constantly agitating this wound, trying to take the moral higher ground by constantly reminding America of the sins of her past, and of course giving no credit whatsoever for the Civil War, and the overwhelming attempt since the early 1960′s by so-called “white America” to redress these sins.

He is not alone, of course. I hope my friend considers the company he is taking his stand with; race hucksters such as Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, the steady cavalcade of corrupt hacks such as Sheila Jackson Lee, the congressional Black Caucus, the corrupt Maxine Waters, the late Ted Kennedy…I could go on and on… Reverend Wright, Malcolm X, the murderous Louis Farrakhan … these are just some of the appalling, hateful, hypocritical “leaders” who have made an actual living, in some cases a fortune from agitating the very issues that my friend seems to be so exercised over.

They all have a personal interest in the continuance of racial hate. Should there be any hope whatsoever of racial reconciliation, this constituency would resist it with all of the considerable malice that they could muster. In a sense they are all “community organizers”, that is left wing agitators.

Ironically these racial hucksters have little or nothing to say about the true racism, as expressed in abortion and the destruction of the “black family”. Abortion is racism, plain and simple it was championed by the Eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who sought to wipe out the “human weeds”,ie blacks and eastern European immigrants.

I don’t think my friend is like that…yet. He is a christian and I am constantly praying for him to come out of the intellectual and emotional trap that Satan has set for him. After all, I have no doubt he came by his considerable prejudice and resentment, somewhat honestly. The academy is full of such bile. I know for a fact that my friend has read the hateful writings of one academic Derrick Bell, who has applied a “Critical Race Theory” prism with which to view all of American society.

CRT recognizes that racism is engrained [sic] in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. This is the analytical lens that CRT uses in examining existing power structures. CRT identifies that these power structures are based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.[3]

Wikipedia: Critical Race Theory

Bell’s thesis that White privilege and White supremacy underly America on the institutional level, regardless of whether or not individuals are still racist. This critique effectively serves to put all whites on the defensive.

It matters not that long ago in this country, slavery was abolished, nor the fact that no sane American would even so much as argue for it. Nor does it make any difference that to be considered racist would be anathema to the majority of modern white Americans, and that a case could be made that the utterly inept Obama was elected party because so many in “White America”(I hate that divisive term!) were so eager to shed the false racial guilt heaped upon them for five decades.

Guess what? We are all still guilty of racism, because of “structural and institutional racism”, according to the many students of academics like Bell.

The problem is deeply spiritual, it goes deeper than the political, and the racial.(After all, there really is only one race, the Human race, made in the Image of God)!

THis is a spiritual problem in that Satan is called the “accuser”, the word “Devil” means “Slanderer”, Dia(Split), Bolos(Thrower), Satan himself is the “split thrower” who accuses and maligns in order to divide people. He keeps people in hate by lies, distortions of truth and half-truths.

On the other hand, the race hucksters take advantage of the national departure from God. A christian can look honestly at history, see the flaws and the fall of all men, black red, white, and yet He can take into account the sovereignty of God. Joseph was realistic that his brothers abused him in the past, but he was able to be healed of bitterness by seeing God’s good hand in it all, telling his brothers, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good”.

When people exploit historic sins such as slavery, their problem is not with men, or “races” but with God, the God of history, who even used slavery for his own purposes.”The wrath of men shall praise him”.

Because America has fallen away mostly from the faith of Jesus Christ, she has become vulnerable to the use and abuse of false guilt, for which there will be no forgiveness or reconciliation. When a man knows God, he can confess his sins, and apply the work of Calvary to his soul, and can be forgiven and reconciled.

But too many of us are under the oppression of a secular and even atheistic political religion. Therefore America’s “original sin” will ever be trotted out as a “Race card” and used to seize power over and inflict damage to the souls of a people who still have the remnants of a christian conscience, but who have no relationship to the redeemer. Therefore there can only be unending politicisation, no forgiveness and definitely no reconciliation.

All of this in spite of the fact that at no time in our nation’s history was there ever a majority in favor of slavery, and even in the South, only a minority ever owned slaves. Slavery has always been odious, but like other stubborn evils such as abortion, difficult to eradicate politically. But it has been gone for 150 years! Jim Crow has been gone for 60 years, and billions in transfer payments, and a sea change in attitudes about bigotry have occurred in America since then.

Demographics are changing, though, in many places there is no longer a white majority. Those who take the place of white America will not be a susceptible to “white guilt” as the majority of 1950′s-2000′s America.

Those who wield this race card lose their souls in the process, there is no end to it. Bitterness and hatred are the legacy of Bell, the Reverends Sharpton, Jackson and Wright. They keep their constituencies focussed on hate also, and the feeling of resentment and deprivation, as they live in the most prosperous and equal opportunity driven society the world has ever seen. Fortunately many have begun to put down the Kool Aid, and have started thinking for themselves in spite of the best efforts of the race baiters.

I wonder if many African-Americans realize the utterly racist attitudes many of them have absorbed.

Finally, the Christian Church, the true body of Christ will never be given the credit for being truly race neutral, “One man in Christ”, for that doesn’t fit the desired narrative of those who benefit by racial hucksterism. But the only valid benefit worth seeking is the favor of the Holy and Sovereign God, who created this nation in history for His own purposes, and the benefit of true forgiveness and reconciliation, which Jesus bought with His own blood.

It is one thing for Godless atheists, communists, Muslims and other haters of America to seek to divide and agitate the racial wound of this nation, but wouldn’t it be a form of Christ denial for a christian to participate in it?

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1 posted on 08/25/2012 8:18:55 PM PDT by pastorbillrandles
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To: pastorbillrandles

“He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless ... savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

~ Declaration of Independence.

2 posted on 08/25/2012 8:58:58 PM PDT by Old Sarge (We are now officially over the precipice, we just havent struck the ground yet)
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To: Old Sarge

And the Democrat party was and always will be the party of enslavement to the blacks. They just use the NBP as their terrorist branch now instead of the KKK.

3 posted on 08/26/2012 3:00:48 AM PDT by MikeSteelBe (Austrian Hitler was, as the Halfrican Hitler does.)
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