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1 posted on 12/18/2012 8:10:27 PM PST by Salvation
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2 posted on 12/18/2012 8:14:01 PM PST by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation
  English: Douay-Rheims Latin: Vulgata Clementina Greek NT: Byzantine/Majority Text (2000)
  Luke 1
5 There was in the days of Herod, the king of Judea, a certain priest named Zachary, of the course of Abia; and his wife was of the daughters of Aaron, and her name Elizabeth. Fuit in diebus Herodis, regis Judææ, sacerdos quidam nomine Zacharias de vice Abia, et uxor illius de filiabus Aaron, et nomen ejus Elisabeth. εγενετο εν ταις ημεραις ηρωδου του βασιλεως της ιουδαιας ιερευς τις ονοματι ζαχαριας εξ εφημεριας αβια και η γυνη αυτου εκ των θυγατερων ααρων και το ονομα αυτης ελισαβετ
6 And they were both just before God, walking in all the commandments and justifications of the Lord without blame. Erant autem justi ambo ante Deum, incedentes in omnibus mandatis et justificationibus Domini sine querela. ησαν δε δικαιοι αμφοτεροι ενωπιον του θεου πορευομενοι εν πασαις ταις εντολαις και δικαιωμασιν του κυριου αμεμπτοι
7 And they had no son, for that Elizabeth was barren, and they both were well advanced in years. Et non erat illis filius, eo quod esset Elisabeth sterilis, et ambo processissent in diebus suis. και ουκ ην αυτοις τεκνον καθοτι η ελισαβετ ην στειρα και αμφοτεροι προβεβηκοτες εν ταις ημεραις αυτων ησαν
8 And it came to pass, when he executed the priestly function in the order of his course before God, Factum est autem, cum sacerdotio fungeretur in ordine vicis suæ ante Deum, εγενετο δε εν τω ιερατευειν αυτον εν τη ταξει της εφημεριας αυτου εναντι του θεου
9 According to the custom of the priestly office, it was his lot to offer incense, going into the temple of the Lord. secundum consuetudinem sacerdotii, sorte exiit ut incensum poneret, ingressus in templum Domini : κατα το εθος της ιερατειας ελαχεν του θυμιασαι εισελθων εις τον ναον του κυριου
10 And all the multitude of the people was praying without, at the hour of incense. et omnis multitudo populi erat orans foris hora incensi. και παν το πληθος ην του λαου προσευχομενον εξω τη ωρα του θυμιαματος
11 And there appeared to him an angel of the Lord, standing on the right side of the alter of incense. Apparuit autem illi angelus Domini, stans a dextris altaris incensi. ωφθη δε αυτω αγγελος κυριου εστως εκ δεξιων του θυσιαστηριου του θυμιαματος
12 And Zachary seeing him, was troubled, and fear fell upon him. Et Zacharias turbatus est videns, et timor irruit super eum. και εταραχθη ζαχαριας ιδων και φοβος επεπεσεν επ αυτον
13 But the angel said to him: Fear not, Zachary, for thy prayer is heard; and thy wife Elizabeth shall bear thee a son, and thou shalt call his name John: Ait autem ad illum angelus : Ne timeas, Zacharia, quoniam exaudita est deprecatio tua : et uxor tua Elisabeth pariet tibi filium, et vocabis nomen ejus Joannem : ειπεν δε προς αυτον ο αγγελος μη φοβου ζαχαρια διοτι εισηκουσθη η δεησις σου και η γυνη σου ελισαβετ γεννησει υιον σοι και καλεσεις το ονομα αυτου ιωαννην
14 And thou shalt have joy and gladness, and many shall rejoice in his nativity. et erit gaudium tibi, et exsultatio, et multi in nativitate ejus gaudebunt : και εσται χαρα σοι και αγαλλιασις και πολλοι επι τη γεννησει αυτου χαρησονται
15 For he shall be great before the Lord; and shall drink no wine nor strong drink: and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb. erit enim magnus coram Domino : et vinum et siceram non bibet, et Spiritu Sancto replebitur adhuc ex utero matris suæ : εσται γαρ μεγας ενωπιον [του] κυριου και οινον και σικερα ου μη πιη και πνευματος αγιου πλησθησεται ετι εκ κοιλιας μητρος αυτου
16 And he shall convert many of the children of Israel to the Lord their God. et multos filiorum Israël convertet ad Dominum Deum ipsorum : και πολλους των υιων ισραηλ επιστρεψει επι κυριον τον θεον αυτων
17 And he shall go before him in the spirit and power of Elias; that he may turn the hearts of the fathers unto the children, and the incredulous to the wisdom of the just, to prepare unto the Lord a perfect people. et ipse præcedet ante illum in spiritu et virtute Eliæ : ut convertat corda patrum in filios, et incredulos ad prudentiam justorum, parare Domino plebem perfectam. και αυτος προελευσεται ενωπιον αυτου εν πνευματι και δυναμει ηλιου επιστρεψαι καρδιας πατερων επι τεκνα και απειθεις εν φρονησει δικαιων ετοιμασαι κυριω λαον κατεσκευασμενον
18 And Zachary said to the angel: Whereby shall I know this? for I am an old man, and my wife is advanced in years. Et dixit Zacharias ad angelum : Unde hoc sciam ? ego enim sum senex, et uxor mea processit in diebus suis. και ειπεν ζαχαριας προς τον αγγελον κατα τι γνωσομαι τουτο εγω γαρ ειμι πρεσβυτης και η γυνη μου προβεβηκυια εν ταις ημεραις αυτης
19 And the angel answering, said to him: I am Gabriel, who stand before God: and am sent to speak to thee, and to bring thee these good tidings. Et respondens angelus dixit ei : Ego sum Gabriel, qui asto ante Deum : et missus sum loqui ad te, et hæc tibi evangelizare. και αποκριθεις ο αγγελος ειπεν αυτω εγω ειμι γαβριηλ ο παρεστηκως ενωπιον του θεου και απεσταλην λαλησαι προς σε και ευαγγελισασθαι σοι ταυτα
20 And behold, thou shalt be dumb, and shalt not be able to speak until the day wherein these things shall come to pass, because thou hast not believed my words, which shall be fulfilled in their time. Et ecce eris tacens, et non poteris loqui usque in diem quo hæc fiant, pro eo quod non credidisti verbis meis, quæ implebuntur in tempore suo. και ιδου εση σιωπων και μη δυναμενος λαλησαι αχρι ης ημερας γενηται ταυτα ανθ ων ουκ επιστευσας τοις λογοις μου οιτινες πληρωθησονται εις τον καιρον αυτων
21 And the people were waiting for Zachary; and they wondered that he tarried so long in the temple. Et erat plebs exspectans Zachariam : et mirabantur quod tardaret ipse in templo. και ην ο λαος προσδοκων τον ζαχαριαν και εθαυμαζον εν τω χρονιζειν αυτον εν τω ναω
22 And when he came out, he could not speak to them: and they understood that he had seen a vision in the temple. And he made signs to them, and remained dumb. Egressus autem non poterat loqui ad illos, et cognoverunt quod visionem vidisset in templo. Et ipse erat innuens illis, et permansit mutus. εξελθων δε ουκ ηδυνατο λαλησαι αυτοις και επεγνωσαν οτι οπτασιαν εωρακεν εν τω ναω και αυτος ην διανευων αυτοις και διεμενεν κωφος
23 And it came to pass, after the days of his office were accomplished, he departed to his own house. Et factum est, ut impleti sunt dies officii ejus, abiit in domum suam : και εγενετο ως επλησθησαν αι ημεραι της λειτουργιας αυτου απηλθεν εις τον οικον αυτου
24 And after those days, Elizabeth his wife conceived, and hid herself five months, saying: post hos autem dies concepit Elisabeth uxor ejus, et occultabat se mensibus quinque, dicens : μετα δε ταυτας τας ημερας συνελαβεν ελισαβετ η γυνη αυτου και περιεκρυβεν εαυτην μηνας πεντε λεγουσα
25 Thus hath the Lord dealt with me in the days wherein he hath had regard to take away my reproach among men. Quia sic fecit mihi Dominus in diebus, quibus respexit auferre opprobrium meum inter homines. οτι ουτως μοι πεποιηκεν ο κυριος εν ημεραις αις επειδεν αφελειν το ονειδος μου εν ανθρωποις

34 posted on 12/19/2012 6:28:50 PM PST by annalex (fear them not)
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