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Mid-East Update - January 20th, 2013 (Dispensational Caucus)
YouTube ^ | January 20, 2013 | Uploaded by alohabibleprophecy

Posted on 01/20/2013 6:25:13 PM PST by GiovannaNicoletta

Mid-East Update - January 20th, 2013

Pastor JD does an in-depth study of the prophecy in Psalm 83, and why it may now be on the cusp of being fulfilled.

TOPICS: Current Events; General Discusssion

1 posted on 01/20/2013 6:25:16 PM PST by GiovannaNicoletta
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To: HushTX; righttackle44; patriot preacher; FrdmLvr; caww; bareford101; fishtank; Shelayne; ...


2 posted on 01/20/2013 6:27:35 PM PST by GiovannaNicoletta (In the last days, mockers will come with their mocking... (2 Peter 3:3))
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To: GiovannaNicoletta
may now be on the cusp of being fulfilled

I hope so! But I fear it will get much worse first.

3 posted on 01/20/2013 7:02:42 PM PST by DYngbld (I have read the back of the Book and we WIN!!!!)
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To: GiovannaNicoletta

Maranatha !

4 posted on 01/21/2013 9:13:37 AM PST by Lera (Proverbs 29:2)
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To: DYngbld; Lera
may now be on the cusp of being fulfilled...

Psalm 83 points at the anti-christ. See:

Muammur Kaddafi was the third king uprooted from the Middle East, the other two were Hosni Mubarak and Saddam Hussein.

Daniel 7
8 “While I was thinking about the horns, there before me was another horn, a little one, which came up among them; and three of the first horns were uprooted before it. This horn had eyes like the eyes of a human being and a mouth that spoke boastfully...

23 “He gave me this explanation: ‘The fourth beast is a fourth kingdom that will appear on earth. It will be different from all the other kingdoms and will devour the whole earth, trampling it down and crushing it. 24 The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones; he will subdue three kings. 25 He will speak against the Most High and oppress his holy people and try to change the set times and the laws. The holy people will be delivered into his hands for a time, times and half a time.

Ten horns, see: Psalm 83

Google: Amman Jordan seven mountains

5 posted on 01/21/2013 10:32:33 AM PST by Jeremiah Jr (EL CHaY)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

6 posted on 01/21/2013 11:38:36 AM PST by johngrace (I am a 1 John 4! Christian- declared at every Sunday Mass , Divine Mercy and Rosary prayers!)
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To: Jeremiah Jr
Mic_5:5 And this man shall be the peace, when the Assyrian shall come into our land: and when he shall tread in our palaces, then shall we raise against him seven shepherds, and eight principal men.

Mic_5:6 And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances thereof: thus shall he deliver us from the Assyrian, when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders.

Isa_30:31 For through the voice of the LORD shall the Assyrian be beaten down, which smote with a rod.

Isa_14:25 That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.

Isa_23:13 Behold the land of the Chaldeans; this people was not, till the Assyrian founded it for them that dwell in the wilderness: they set up the towers thereof, they raised up the palaces thereof; and he brought it to ruin.

Antichrist will be a replay of Nimrod /Antiochus IV Epiphanes/ Pharaoh who knew not Joseph - all were Assyrians.

Google Mecca it is also surrounded by seven hills .

All false religion came out of Babylon .I will not be surprised at all to see the United Nations move itself into Babylon to try to bring stability to the middle east and control of the oil after the Psalm 83 war.
They want to get out of New York anyway. For some reason someone is also spending an awful lot of money building a huge phone network just outside of Babylon too right now , not Baghdad but right beside Babylon.

Remember that it is a duo - a political leader and a religious leader .

I agree with you tho that those three kings were taken out of the way to build this thing up.
7 posted on 01/22/2013 8:54:59 AM PST by Lera (Proverbs 29:2)
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To: Lera
Daniel 11
37 He shall give no heed to the gods of his fathers, [Chemosh, Molech] or to the one beloved by women; [Ashtoreth] he shall not give heed to any other god, for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 He shall honor the god of fortresses instead of these; [Allah] a god whom his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and costly gifts.

39 He shall deal with the strongest fortresses by the help of a foreign god; [Allah] those who acknowledge him he shall magnify with honor. He shall make them rulers over many and shall divide the land for a price.

2 Kings 23
13 The king also desecrated the high places that were east of Jerusalem on the south of the Hill of Corruption--the ones Solomon king of Israel had built for Ashtoreth the vile goddess of the Sidonians, for Chemosh the vile god of Moab, and for Molech the detestable god of the people of Ammon.

And there's lot's more...

8 posted on 01/23/2013 4:38:16 PM PST by Jeremiah Jr (EL CHaY)
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To: Jeremiah Jr
Yes lots more
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Enemies are always the same .
They are now all islamic.
The "Beast" is islam.

9 posted on 01/26/2013 5:21:40 PM PST by Lera (Proverbs 29:2)
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To: Lera
Revelation 13
1 And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.
2 The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.

10 horns, See: Psalm 83

“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.”

5 With one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you— 6 the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites, of Moab and the Hagrites, 7 Gebal, Ammon and Amalek, Philistia, with the people of Tyre. 8 Even Assyria has joined them to lend strength to the descendants of Lot. Selah

1. Edom
2. Ishmaelites
3. Moab
4. Hagrites
5. Gebal
6. Ammon
7. Amalek
8. Philistia
9. Tyre
10. Even Assyria has joined them...

10 posted on 01/27/2013 8:39:54 PM PST by Jeremiah Jr (EL CHaY)
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