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Oh, we are in deep, deep trouble ^ | 03/16/2013 | Ann Barnhardt

Posted on 03/16/2013 7:33:00 PM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum

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To: jimbobfoster

What does the Bible have to do with it? Ann’s the Official Pontificator of Phariseeville. Ain’t that authoritative ‘nuff for you? Get with the program. Genuflect to Ann. No, prostrate yourself before her. Bow and scrape and grovel for

Delphic Oracle
the Messiah-ess and the Popess all rolled into one.

Don’t you dare disagree with her.

61 posted on 03/16/2013 8:53:40 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: chicken head

Fundamentally, together with councils, he resolves disputes, especially the ones that threaten to divide the Church. Since even a council can be divided and split, there has to be a buck-stops-here office or else abysmal fragmentation.

The abysmal fragmentation is what happened to those Christians who abandoned a clear authority structure and responsibility. Maybe Jesus didn’t really mean it when he insisted on unity (John ch. 17) but if you want unity, you have to have a way to resolve good faith disputes over how to interpret Scripture. If you don’t like that approach, each preacher gets to interpret Scripture for himself and we end up with 10,000 different “churches.”

Sorta like marriage: either you find a way to resolve disputes or you split up.

‘cuz the one thing you can count on is that disputes will arise. And every single one of the disputants will insist that his position is The Biblical One. So “the Bible as the authority” won’t cut it. Those who took that line now are divided into 10,000 different denominations (some say 30,000 but 10,000 is more accurate).

62 posted on 03/16/2013 8:58:32 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: terycarl

Actually he’s not CEO. Each bishop in his diocese has responsibility for governing, if you want to call that being “CEO.””

The pope is NOT a superbishop. He’s the Bishop of Rome and because he’s bishop of Rome he has the added-on role as successor of Peter of resolving disputes as I explained in a previous comment. But he does not and cannot “run” the whole Church around the world. That would be utterly impossible. The individual bishops together with him at their head, collegially govern.

First among equals, not superbishop.

63 posted on 03/16/2013 9:01:33 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: yldstrk
A demon for a pope?! Are you series?

This is hugh I tell you! Hugh!

64 posted on 03/16/2013 9:04:02 PM PDT by Wyrd bi ful ard (Gone Galt, 11/07/12)
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To: Venturer
I genuflect in Church when I have something to hold onto so I can get back up, but left on my own with Arthritis I cannot get back up.<

Same here, but for me it works on only one side. If I can't push myself back up with my right hand, I can't do it at all.

Also, in my case it's kidney failure, not arthritis. At a glance I appear relatively young and healthy. Someone like this skank would look at me and say, "He can genuflect. Why doesn't he?"

I am only 70. The Pope is 6 years older than me.

I am 49.

I think this author needs to rethink her blast.

Definitely. She would not like to be judged by the measure she is using.

65 posted on 03/16/2013 9:06:05 PM PDT by Steve0113 (I miss having a president who loves this country.)
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To: terycarl

In addition to resolving disputes (that’s his unique role as bishop of Rome as far as governing is concerned), which is a governing role, he has a teaching role and a sanctifying role. But all bishops have all three roles (and all priests by extension and delegation from their bishop have all three roles). All bishops govern in their diocese (and, when a council is called, govern the universal Church), all teach in their diocese authoritatively, all sanctify (bring the sacraments to the people). They all delegate various aspects to priests, even deacons. And every father and mother also have governing, teaching, sanctifying roles.

All of these roles go on with varying degrees of autonomy in their spheres. The pope does them at the highest level but not as big Boss, rather as the one out in front leading all the others who do these same things in varied ways.

He does have authority to appoint bishops but only since the breakdown of the church into Protestant national churches—in England or parts of Germany there were no local authorities who were still Catholic who could appoint bishops as had been done for centuries, so it was centralized in the Pope’s office, for the sake of holding the Church together against the centrifugal pressure of nationalism and Protestantism (same thing, more or less).

66 posted on 03/16/2013 9:07:15 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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Comment #67 Removed by Moderator

To: E. Pluribus Unum

We’re in deep, deep doo-doo?
(She gots a mouse in her pocketses?)

68 posted on 03/16/2013 9:09:01 PM PDT by tumblindice (America's founding fathers: All armed conservatives.)
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To: muawiyah
or ~ my own favorite ~ he's actually a Protestant ~

If you see Joel Osteen subbing for him one Sunday, you'll know. :)

69 posted on 03/16/2013 9:09:29 PM PDT by Mr. Jeeves (CTRL-GALT-DELETE)
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To: Houghton M.
Sorta like marriage: either you find a way to resolve disputes or you split up.

Or like the whole Anglican/Catholic dispute where you just agree to live in different rooms and both of you drink a lot. :)

70 posted on 03/16/2013 9:09:51 PM PDT by mnehring
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

What a coinkydink.

Obama, too, does weird bow-things...

71 posted on 03/16/2013 9:10:39 PM PDT by Hardraade ( (Vendetta))
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To: E. Pluribus Unum


Lighten up Francis....

72 posted on 03/16/2013 9:10:56 PM PDT by Mr. K (There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and democrat talking points.)
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To: St_Thomas_Aquinas

It struck me as odd the other night when our neighboring priest who was celebrating mass with our priest walked to the lectern and told us that if we criticize a priest we will bring a curse upon ourselves!!! To put it mildly I was shocked and told my husband that I wondered what St. Catherine would say about that.

Admonishing sinners is a spiritual work of mercy and if a priest is sinning then he needs to be admonished.

73 posted on 03/16/2013 9:11:16 PM PDT by tiki
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To: uncommonsense

Where in the Bible does it say that anyone should venerate “Our Lady” in order to respect her son

It says so exactly in Luke 1 (Mary says “all generations will call her blessed” and in Luke 11:27-28 where Jesus tells the woman in the crowd that his mother, being the one who more than anyone else, hears the word of God and keeps it, should be honored as a way of honoring him.

Somehow I have a feeling that you will say, “but that’s a wrong interpretation of those passages.

Yep. You have a different interpretation. Fancy that. We disagree on interpretation of what the Bible says.

Like I wrote earlier, disputes over interpretation of the Bible . . . .

74 posted on 03/16/2013 9:11:21 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: tiki

Yes but rash judgment and calumny are sins. Criticism must be based on accuracy, honesty, fairness, genuine listening to what the person we are criticizing said or did.

I’ll take your Catherine of Siena and raise by a St. Francis. Read what he said about respect for priests.

There’s a place for both. Knowing which is needed when is called wisdom, prudence, discernment. Pope St. Gregory I wrote a book about it. You might want to read it before you do your critiquing. It’s called The Pastoral Rule.

75 posted on 03/16/2013 9:14:28 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: Houghton M.

Excellent post. I don’t think many people realize the dangers of the three Cs.


76 posted on 03/16/2013 9:21:18 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: jimbobfoster

Actually, the Bible guys tended to go more for prostration, falling totally flat on their faces before Almighty God. Since they thought that was normal, you guys who think a little baby step like genuflection is foreign to the Bible probably should start practicing prostration in your worship services.

As I recall, in the tiny Fundamentalist Church I grew up in, we knelt to pray during Wednesday night prayer meetings and on other occasions. Too bad we weren’t following the Bible but were adding human sinful traditions. If only we had prayed while prostrate. Then, like you, we’d have been true Bible Believers.

Since I’m sure you, being a real Bible follower, prostrate yourself every ten minutes in Church, could you give me some tips on how you get the grime out of your Sunday go-to-meetn’ clothes? Oh, I forgot, that’s not in the Bible either. But then neither does it say in the Bible that we should wear flip-flops and shorts and sit in theater-seats like the Willow Creek super-evangelist Christians do.

I’ll just stick with a few genuflections, I guess.

77 posted on 03/16/2013 9:22:34 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

I suppose if your faith is legalistic, violations are bound to occur.

78 posted on 03/16/2013 9:24:47 PM PDT by LachlanMinnesota
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To: jimbobfoster

Just curious. How do you do your prostrations, being Biblical and all, in those theater seats??

Did they have theater seats on Mars Hill or in that Church Ephesus (was it Ephesus) where the guy fell out of the window listening to St. Paul?

And where in the Bible does it say anything about projecting ditties onto screens with computers so everyone can sing along with the Praise Band?

79 posted on 03/16/2013 9:26:31 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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To: LachlanMinnesota

Good point. If your faith is lawless, there won’t be any violations. Wow. You just solved the whole problem of sin. No laws, no sins.

Gosh, how have we missed this for millennia? Was it hiding in plain sight?

80 posted on 03/16/2013 9:28:29 PM PDT by Houghton M.
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