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To: ansel12; BlueDragon
And where is the citation for that? You make the claim, do as you would have another do perhaps?

Why I am using the exact same citations that I asked ansell2 for. You can read them in all those posts upthread. Oh that's right he never did supply them.

Who knows why you would post such nonsense. I very politely asked you to supply references for your claims. I requested in post #54 You have thrown out a lot of numbers, I am not saying they are wrong, but I want to see your source.

I was mainly interested in the Protestant numbers but you got all P!$$Y in posts 58 and 61.

In education and research people want to see references and citations. In criminal cases juries want to see evidence. I am simply asking for your sources. In my experience there are only two reasons why people refuse to supply documentation: 1) No such documentation exists.

2) The documentation doesn't say exactly what they claim it does.

The ball is in your court.

74 posted on 03/20/2013 3:41:14 PM PDT by verga (A nation divided by Zero!)
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To: verga

You gave the impression that your first quote in that post was from me, it wasn’t, you were quoting another poster.

What number that I posted are you finding fault with? I keep asking you for a specific but you won’t give one.

76 posted on 03/20/2013 4:00:14 PM PDT by ansel12 (" I would not be in the United States Senate if it wasn’t for Sarah Palin " Cruz said.)
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To: verga

Why would pro lifers fight to pretend that Catholics are not the back bone of the religious left voters? Does anyone care that the pro-abortion democrats can count on the Catholic vote in almost every election and that the left is counting on it to deliver up America and to once and for all defeat Christian America, that Texas is next on the plate for the Catholic vote to take out, which means the end of pro-life chances in presidential politics?

Since collectively the Protestant vote is pro-life and republican, and has only voted democrat 3 times, twice in the 1930s and once in the 1960s, we know that the Protestant vote vote collectively is still voting for life and conservatism, regardless of how individual denominations vote.

The largest Christian denomination is Catholic and they vote majority pro-abortion, the second largest is Southern baptist and they vote 80% or more pro-life, when all Protestants of all stripes, black, Episcopalian and everything are collectively counted after EVERY election, it still totals up to collectively going republican.

Since we are importing Catholic voters by the millions we know that life and marriage and conservatism is doomed in America, do Catholic Hispanics become more conservative and pro-life when they become Protestants? of course, but that won’t happen frequently enough to save us.

Do you care about defeating abortion and homosexuality and liberalism in politics, do you think that it helps or hurts for conservatives to learn how Catholics vote as they weigh immigration and efforts to reach out and win support for conservatism?

Why would anyone want to conceal such a thing anyway, not only conceal, but pretend the total opposite, continue spreading a permanent myth. That is an anti-life agenda.

77 posted on 03/20/2013 4:17:29 PM PDT by ansel12 (" I would not be in the United States Senate if it wasn’t for Sarah Palin " Cruz said.)
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To: verga
Oh that's right he never did supply them.

In several dozen other threads (at least) he most assuredly has. Doing so in threads where such evidences weren't exactly germane to the rest of the conversation, at times. Using the statistics like a bludgeon even...I guess you missed all of that.

Yes we know that Protestants vote overwhelmingly for democrats thank you.

Again, do you have a source for that? There is persistence in demanding citation from the other, but unwillingness to carry a similar burden yourself for the above quoted claim. I see too, that none others are coming to the rescue in regards to that narrow claim. I suggest it is because it can't be done, other than under specious conditions, at best.

Yet there is some pretense towards yet another (who has generally been making sense) that they themselves be childish. Such examples and argumentative behavior is # 27,347 on the list of reasons I find no special charism of "righteousness" within the ranks of the RCC, as compared to other Christian associations [generally].

It's like sleeping in a garage, makes no one into a car... but nevermind my own personal level of underwhelmed-ness concerning such matters, here's a link from a source perhaps friendly to you;

Here's where much that can be found concerning polling data sorted by religious affiliation (for better or worse) can I believe, be traced back to;

From the above table, it can be seen that twice, Obama carried the so-called "Catholic vote", if there is any such thing...
Which makes me a bit wrong upthread, from going by memory, I mistakenly thought Romney had gotten 54% of the RC vote. I was wrong. It looks more like 50%. Perhaps my memory was affected by some of the denialists spin miesters around here?

When the numbers (in other polling data) separate out those whom attend church frequently, there is a resulting voting pattern breaking towards conservatives (or their approximation/stand-ins, like Romney).

But LOOK at the chart. What do you see for the "born again, Evangelical" vote? Nearly 80%

Even full coverage "protestant" numbers, show that weird " Yes we know that Protestants vote overwhelmingly for democrats thank you." to be quite wrong, though you were previously somewhat correct concerning Hispanic Catholics going over to Democrats in much greater numbers.

I am sorry protestants far too many Catholics around here are just too intellectually dishonest to deal with. I am going to do something more productive such as bang my head against the wall. Feel free to have the last word

81 posted on 03/20/2013 10:01:59 PM PDT by BlueDragon (If you want vision open your eyes and see you can carry the light with you wherever you go)
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