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Obviously this piece will not be everybody's cup of tea. But it might be useful to some.


1 posted on 05/29/2013 3:16:41 PM PDT by betty boop
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To: Alamo-Girl; marron; TXnMA; MHGinTN; YHAOS; xzins; metmom; hosepipe; thouworm; spirited irish; ...

I won't even begin to "characterize" this piece.... :^)

Though I was glad to write it!

God bless!

2 posted on 05/29/2013 3:23:37 PM PDT by betty boop (We are led to believe a lie when we see with, and not through the eye. — William Blake)
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To: betty boop

Sorokin: “Consciousness is an electron-proton aggregation.”

Spirited: Sorokin’s proposition is an instance of metaphysical nihilism, that is, all that exists is perhaps a void or abyss (or chaos, primordial matter, prakriti matter) and energies that act on it. Reality is unreality and as ‘self’ does not exist, nor do you.

4 posted on 05/29/2013 4:15:31 PM PDT by spirited irish
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To: betty boop

5 posted on 05/29/2013 4:27:57 PM PDT by Oratam
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To: betty boop
Setting aside the presuppositionalism which is found on the side of those who agree with the author and disagree with Sorkin, it seems this is the age old conflict of worldviews of the metaphysical materialists, both ancient and modern and those of modern intelligent design.

On a physical plane, materialists argue that what we see is deceiving, or if we could look below the surface, below the appearances, we would discover the ultimate, completely material source of the visible world. On the temporal plane, materialists argue that while it may seem that such beautifully contrived things as we see every day in nature could not have been brought about by unintelligent matter shuffling through random possibilities, that is because we cannot see the infinite stretches of time wshich brought it all about. Chance cannot do what intelligence can in a short amount of time, but given an infinte length of time, anything is possible (materialist presuppositionalism-not provable by any scientific method). As tangentially mentioned these were the musings of the ascetic Demicritis, Epicurus, and later propagated in modernity by Lucretious, Galileo, Newton, Hobbs,Locke, and many others (many unwitting, some wittingly), and of course we move up through time to Dawkins, Simpson, Gould, and many others propagating their faith of materialism today. It has always been a war of worldviews. Epicureanism is the root of Darwinsm, but Darwinism was the flower, or better the vine which growing from the root, entangles nearly every aspect of our contemporary lives. The argument is that ancient materialist Epicurus/Demicritis/Lucretius provided an approach to nature-a paradigm. The goal of Epicurus was to exclude the Devine from the Universe through the atomistic theory. Having exluded the Divine it was the end to being liberated from the immortal soul, and in the afterlife, to propagate living for this life. It is a Godless, soulless universe of Epicurus and Sorkin.

7 posted on 05/29/2013 5:11:49 PM PDT by Texas Songwriter (')
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To: betty boop; marron; spirited irish; Texas Songwriter; Cvengr; Kevmo
Thank you oh so very much for this illuminating essay, dearest sister in Christ!

Something seems very clear to me now, but perhaps I am misunderstanding.

If I understand this correctly, the Greek philosophers were describing a cascade as follows:

Logos > nous > pysche > mind (reason) > animal (physical man)

Or perhaps it was Logos > nous > psyche and also Logos > nous > mind?

If it is former, then there was an extremely close parallel to Scripture. Namely, while the great Greek philosophers were developing that cascade, elsewhere on the planet, Israelis were learning from Scripture this cascade:

Creator > neshama (breath of God) > ruach (choosing) > nephesh (animal soul) > physical

And after Christ's ascension, Christians would learn, and see in the full Scripture, this new cascade:

Logos/Creator> Ruach Elohim (Holy Spirit indwelling)+neshama > ruach > nephesh > physical

Most all of the metaphysical materialists would truncate the whole thing to physical as the only reality and mind/pysche/soul/spirit considered an "epiphenomenon."

Lurkers: an epiphenomenon is a secondary phenomenon that cannot cause anything to happen.

9 posted on 05/29/2013 8:53:16 PM PDT by Alamo-Girl
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To: betty boop; Alamo-Girl; Whosoever

What an adventure human life is.. a definite “testing”..

The human body tests ability to be distracted, subtle tests of human inter-action, and compassion..

The human mind tests lazyness, and honesty, and search for truth..

The human spirit tests identity.. who we think we are, versus who we really are..
It even allows for “masks” to perform Masquerades..

We are always trying to get “there” when we mostly do not know where “there” is..
We suspect it is “here”, or “there”, or “somewhere” but are not completely sure..

A real “testing” human life is.. a testing of the human spirit..
What you’re made of.... will prove itself.. absolutely..

After a human life you have thoroughly proven what you’re made of..
I wonder if all this testing is not to prepare “us” for some future tasks..

Maybe a “quantifying” event for a “qualifying” human life is..
To show whether strengths are honed and “gifts” are polished..

If SO, what a wonderful future set of tasks must be in store..
To go to all this trouble to provide tested and proven resources(personnel) to handle them..

Could be this planet is the Universal University..
the Academy of Universal Hard Knocks.. and Eternal Treasures..

10 posted on 05/30/2013 12:43:23 AM PDT by hosepipe (This propaganda has been edited to include some fully orbed hyperbole..)
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