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The Zimmerman Trial And Authentic Reconciliation 2
The Redding Record-Searchlight ^ | August 3, 2013 | Jim Wilson

Posted on 08/03/2013 6:31:43 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet

The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy - an unnecessary tragedy. That the trial brought forward the reality that his death was caused by his own violent actions does not make it any less tragic - and unnecessary. To make matters infinitely worse, his death has escalated the polarization of our nation along racial and ideological lines. Some are using what they perceive as injustice to excuse their own commitment to injustice and general lawlessness - including high ranking officials in the federal government. Yet Christians and others committed to peace and a healthy culture have an opportunity to stand for the template God gives for society in the face of hysteria and violence.

Attorney General Eric Holder has promised the NAACP to investigate whether or not George Zimmerman violated Trayvon Martin's civil rights. (Of course it would be necessary to demonstrate racial bias in Zimmerman to try him on federal charges and even the prosecution in the case found no such evidence.) Holder has declared his certainty of Zimmerman's bigotry. The problem here is that only Zimmerman's rights have been violated in the way Holder imagines - as a matter of fact.

Zimmerman - not Martin - is the man who was assaulted and threatened with death while walking on a public street. He is the man who was prosecuted for second degree murder and had the additional charge of manslaughter illegally added during summary arguments - a violation of his sixth amendment rights. He is the victim of a prosecution team that held back evidence and introduced perjured testimony against him, and of an NBC News effort to compromise his defense by editing the tape of his 911 call to make him sound racist; he is suing NBC for this and he ought to sue prosecutors. One might ask why Eric Holder is not investigating and arresting New Black Panther leaders like Micah Muhammad for conspiracy and making the terrorist threats anyone can see on You Tube. Muhammad calls Zimmerman a wicked white beast and a dirty Jew while placing a $10,000.00 bounty on his head days before Holder addresses the NAACP.

Authentic reconciliation begins with a commitment to deal with the realities of a situation. It does not end there, but it must begin there. Reality begins with facts but includes much more - if justice is truly the goal. President Obama should be commended - I have often criticized him for fanning flames, but not this time - for expressing just such a commitment. In a recent surprise appearance the president accepted the jury verdict as final and appeared to rule out any further federal investigation of Zimmerman. At the same time he expressed the reality that many black men - and Native Americans and other minorities - have experiential and historical reasons for believing they cannot get fair play. He said he could have been Trayvon Martin thirty-five years ago; this is not inflammatory rhetoric, but simply harsh reality. I have many black and native friends who share how their children begged for different skin so they would not feel judged and persecuted. They have been boxed and labeled and refused services I can take for granted. They have also had my back in multiple nations and I am proud to have theirs. So how would Jesus re-frame the present conversation?

First He would say truth is objective, not subjective. He calls on His disciples to let their yes mean yes and their no mean no. He reminds them that the moral law is not finished but enabled by His death and resurrection; that includes the parts about not bearing false witness against neighbors or attacking them in the street. People who do these things, whether prosecutors, activists, or criminals should and usually do receive consequences. So much for persecuting George Zimmerman for defending himself, making him out to be some sort of symbol of historic oppression of minorities.

But Jesus likewise makes it crystal clear that the model for neighbor is the Good Samaritan who bound the wounds and paid for the care given his natural enemy when he found that enemy helpless and bleeding in the road. That means I can no more get away with writing off a Trayvon Martin - or an angry demonstrator - because they "have it coming" - than they can legitimately attack me for insisting the Zimmerman case be decided and resolved on its own merits and demerits. It means the time is here for Christians - and any Americans who believe the American dream is for every American - to be the Good Samaritan rather than just admiring him. It is time for honesty across the board. That's what repentance looks like.

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1 posted on 08/03/2013 6:31:43 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
"To make matters infinitely worse, his death has escalated the polarization of our nation along racial and ideological lines."

The escalation has been from the side of leftist traitors and other anti-American racist hatemongers and supported by fifth-column media oxygen thieves.

2 posted on 08/03/2013 6:44:39 PM PDT by Carl Vehse
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
St. Tray shoulda called 911 on the creepy ass-cracker.

What kinda Holder's peeps don't rely totally on the gov't?

3 posted on 08/03/2013 6:45:37 PM PDT by Paladin2
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The infamous WWJD question. I saw Al Gore ask that question on TV once. I held my breath, waiting for lightning to strike.

4 posted on 08/03/2013 6:46:21 PM PDT by Mark17 (Yesterday I couldn't spell it. Today I are one, a creepy a$$ cracker)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Trayvon™ 's loss of life was indeed unfortunate, but preventable.
There was no racial profiling, stand your ground, or police misconduct !
The shoooting was based on perp behavior , and perp mis-behavior and assault, and "sucker-punch to brake the nose",
and 'make him bleed' and choke on his own blood !!
while preventing the victim from defending himself from deadly force (MMA Style) .
Complete justification of self defense as found by the jury !!

Trayvon™ 's Law , proposed by the NAACP , legalizes ambush style beatdowns while doing surviellance for your next burglary.

Endorsed by the (NAACP): National Acceptance for Advancemnt of Crime Perpatrators

5 posted on 08/03/2013 6:46:57 PM PDT by Tilted Irish Kilt (“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” - Ronald Reagan)
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To: Carl Vehse
"To make matters infinitely worse, his death has escalated the polarization of our nation along racial and ideological lines."

Of course his death did no such thing. Just as the death of 10,000 murdered blacks since then haven't done any such thing.

The polarizing has ALL come from the leftwing groups and people seeking to make political points and money out of it.

6 posted on 08/03/2013 6:50:39 PM PDT by GeronL
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy - an unnecessary tragedy.

Any article that spouts this nonsense will be ultimately invalid. Trayvon Martin was a punk who attacked and tried to kill George Zimmerman. He was not an asset but a deficit to society. His death was neither a tragedy nor unnecessary but rather an inevitability set in motion by his own choices.

Now the article mentions quite a few truths. But its use of The Good Samaritan story is incorrect. The article calls for America to be the Good Samaritan to its black citizens.

Now the Good Samaritan provided aid and comfort to one who was in distress from being attached and beaten. Well America fought a Civil War to end slavery of black Americans. And then it went through a Civil Rights upheaval to enforce the results. Those were America's "Good Samaritan" acts regarding its black citizens.

American now owes none of its citizens anything other than their rights as recognized in the Constitution. For those Americans who identify themselves part of a "black community", as they can by the right of free association, it is up to them to live up to the responsibilities of citizenship.

The article does not advocate living up to responsibilities. Rather, it exhorts those who are fulfilling their responsibilities to ignore the destructive behavior of those who reject responsibilities. This is not the moral sense of The Good Samaritan. This is moral nonsense.

7 posted on 08/03/2013 7:06:14 PM PDT by DakotaGator (Weep for the lost Republic! And keep your powder dry!!)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The man aided by the good Samaritan had been mugged. He wasn’t the mugger, and one can only speculate on what the good Samaritan might have done to muggers had they come after him. He might have wished he had used some funds to buy a sword. Life is precious, too precious to be lost to animalistic savages who prey on innocent victims.

If young blacks wish to abandon human decency, the decorum of civilization, and terrorize people who have never harmed them, they deserve the deaths they bring onto themselves. Terrorism is a nasty, ignorant business. I will be a good Samaritan to their victims when I can.

8 posted on 08/03/2013 7:21:11 PM PDT by pallis
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

I’m getting ticked off at this constant repetition by the media that anybody working security cannot leave their vehicle and determine what their purpose is being in a secured (gated)private area. George Zimmmerman was doing his job. I blame much of this on talk radio.

Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: investigate travelgate 2

Too many on both sides are playing with the truth of the Zimmerman trial.. The regime and the media set the premise for the trial narrative and their presentations ignoring the setting where the incident took place..An area having a “Neighborhood Watch”. If some of those so called conservative talk show hosts had interviewed guests who run such watches they would have exposed the regime and the media for the frauds they are. Particularly a “gated” neighborhood watch.When you enter one of these and start wandering around no matter if you are white, blue, red, green, or black. You can be asked your purpose for being there. You are on private property. And yes those on patrol can and do leave their vehicle and follow on foot if they lose sight of the person they’re observing..That’s the Watch Captain’s who is really a security guard’s job. .

It’s the second time the President of the United States has interjected himself into a confrontation between those in authority on legal grounds reasonably questioned and released someone involved in a curious activity in a patrolled area. Could this attitude be based from the idealized communist concept that there is no such thing as “private” property because the state (collective) owns the land ? .

In both cases those representing “authority” were reported as “white” . In the second case the person working security was attacked after questioning an activity while on private rights of way and allowing the person to continue on their way. Who then doubled back and attacked the “neighborhood watch” worker beating him severly on the ground and the attacker was subsequently killed in a struggle over the Neighborhood Watchman’s legal pistol.

In the second case both were dark skined.

Since the Zimmernan not guilty verdict has been rendered, the facts of this case are still being shamefully being concealed by the media to the extent they are advancing and are complicit in permitting a putrid injstice to be committed of the worst order,organized and instituted by our governent.While denied. It began as a miscalculation when a surname of a Jewish origin shot up and lighted the heavens like a star shell in the darkest of nights. It would have been difused if the media used pictures of both side by side because they look like cousins. And the area where this occured of paycheck to paycheck struggling homeowners of all races trying to protect themselves had been reported and not some ritzy all white enclave.they portrayed.

Worse yet the media is still pilling it on with ABC editing a a black jury members (remember when they were all white)t remarks to make it sound like she accused Zimmerman of murder .There are hundreds more but these from “mainline” media.

The result as we have seen is that another marxist axiom (division) has been implemented which has resulted with gangs of black youths murdering happless whites who happen into areas usually where a black population is the majority. Those media outlets who by their delberate misuse of the instrument of the 1st amendment are just as complicit in those deaths as the regime is.

Instead the party that hypenated itself from God at their 2012 convention into demo-coms, and believe that all groups should be hyphenated , Afro-American, Hispanic-American, etc..Decided Zimmerman to be the egg that is to be broken,. sacrificed, so that we have an omlet..

Just like Stalin did to the Ukrainian land owners known as Kulacks whom he executed, (and used that egg example) in a soclal engineering plan to organize collectives during a Russian drought..Because as we have learned there seems to be the intention to use a collective data base to create collectives.where a utopia of uniforimity of conformity exists. As was done in Detroit, and Oakland California.only this time a poor whitey or blacky won’t be able to move,.

Just as with the energy plan where the cost of fuel used for energy and transportation and that includes raising the price of transporting gas and oil by rail, that favors a key contributer while the regime has been recently ridiculing the impact the completion of a pipeline, has skyrocketed those costs. Placing many on fixed or limited incomes dependent on government handouts. Resulting from this regimes socialist policies which go blameless.

Now they call for the sacrifice of Zimmerman who must die for another communist plan.. We all move together in centers designed and approved by comrades running the collective who (just like Obamacare aren’t in it) won’t ever live there.

Do not confuse todays politicians and their ahearants in the press and academia as followers of “Liberalism”. . These are die hard God denying I’m right you’re wrong socialists incapable of independent thinking running todays media.. Devising political campaigns of lies and manipulated inflamatory languange disguised as “news or reliable information” designed to destroy any opponent or group to what is edict-ed by their leader. You must wind up goose-stepping in unison protecting the collective otherwise we will through the use of the government we control step on you and squash you like some insect..

What should the Rebuttal and counter charge be ?

Why is this being done ? To cover up Bengahzi, Fast and furious, IRS, Wind and Solar panel gate, NSA spying on US, Over-riding the constittution? Those are blamed on others .But not who accompaines Obama on his many trips around the world at taxpayer expence ? Were they the heavy hitters or their friends holding the president’s hand ? Never looked into either by the House and certainly not even speculated about or reported on by the media.

Seems like that could be considered pay back at US taxpayer expence. Isn’t that an impeachable offense ? Now if somebody even suggests impeachment. What better way to discourage any investigation into malfeasance and corruption by organizing the base for riots in the streets ? That’s why there is no serious investigations being conducted into any of these affairs by Bohner just grandstanding.

9 posted on 08/03/2013 7:22:08 PM PDT by mosesdapoet (Serious contribution pause.Please continue onto meaningless venting no one reads.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

re: “In a recent surprise appearance the president accepted the jury verdict as final and appeared to rule out any further federal investigation of Zimmerman.”

Yes, Obama said this, but if he is truly genuine about what he says he should order Holder and the Justice Dept to stand down on their plan and bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Why doesn’t he just order it like he does everything else.

10 posted on 08/03/2013 7:24:05 PM PDT by rusty schucklefurd
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To: pallis
Where does it say that the Good Samaritan wasn't armed? A man traveling along a trail frequented by bandits and having funds on his person unarmed? I seriously doubt it.
11 posted on 08/03/2013 7:26:09 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I aim to raise a million plus for Gov. Palin. What'll you do?.)
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To: rusty schucklefurd
Yes, Obama said this, but if he is truly genuine about what he says he should order Holder and the Justice Dept to stand down on their plan and bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman. Why doesn’t he just order it like he does everything else.

Obama should remind Holder that he is the Attorney General of ALL the United States and not just for blacks ("my" people, per Holder). Obama certainly seems to have no quandaries about using his "executive" powers in almost all other areas, so why not call off the dogs on Zimmerman?

12 posted on 08/03/2013 8:15:56 PM PDT by boatbums (God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

“The death of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy - an unnecessary tragedy.”

There was no need to read past the first sentence since I reject that premise.

13 posted on 08/03/2013 8:38:19 PM PDT by SaxxonWoods (....Let It Burn...)
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To: SaxxonWoods

Keep reading, it’s not what you think.

14 posted on 08/03/2013 8:44:04 PM PDT by 2ndDivisionVet (I aim to raise a million plus for Gov. Palin. What'll you do?.)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

While I commend the person’s trying to find a spiritual/religious response to the problems of race relations and I who would have a problem with talking and working out problems with rational people or helping a person who was victimized with others. Many also too would recognize that black people as a whole have historically had been treated as second class.

The real question is do those things excuse the out and out racism of Obama, Holder and race baiting Ministers who Hate. How can anyone converse and reconcile with those who find racism under every rock and in every decision or sentence said by those who are not them. Those who point and yell “racism” at all and sundry do nothing for their own people but give them an excuse to fail or to not even try in the first place. They are the new masters and they keep their flocked chained to the slavery of color. It keeps the money rolling into their causes and lining their pockets.

15 posted on 08/03/2013 10:46:01 PM PDT by melsec (Once a Jolly Swagman camped by a Billabong.)
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