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The Irony of the New Tolerance: It Doesn't Tolerate Christians
Christian Post ^ | 05/22/2014 | BY JOHN STONESTREET

Posted on 05/22/2014 11:21:50 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

When it comes to same-sex "marriage," our culture just like our president, has definitely evolved. After all, it was only in 2008 that a strong majority in California-yes, California-passed Proposition 8 which defined marriage as between one man and one woman.

But when our president changed his mind a few months before the 2012 election, the cultural floodgates opened, particularly in the American workplace. Later that summer, Chick-fil-A faced angry boycotts when CEO Dan Cathy's views and donations in favor of traditional marriage became public knowledge.

The workplace pressure has only continued. Christian bakers and photographers who do not want to participate in what they consider to be a sin have been fined and faced being shut down. Attempts to protect their religious liberty, such as Arizona's State Bill 1062, have been crushed through threats of economic boycotts and media shaming.

More high-profile voices have also faced this smash-mouth, brass-knuckle treatment. Just weeks ago Brendan Eich, the accomplished founder and CEO of search-engine company Mozilla, was forced to resign when he was "outed" for donating all of $1,000 to Proposition 8 eight years ago.

We've all heard what A&E tried to do to Duck Dynasty when Phil Robertson indelicately expressed his disapproval of the "gay lifestyle." And more recently, the Home and Garden TV network canned the Benham brothers, David and Jason, for their supposed "anti-gay" and "anti-choice" beliefs. Apparently one cannot even host a home-improvement show if one does not also parrot the new sexual orthodoxy.

And then there's the case of Miami Dolphins football player Don Jones. When the Dolphins selected gay athlete and cause celebre Michael Sam in the seventh round of the NFL draft, the celebratory kiss with his boyfriend was shown repeatedly on television. Jones reacted by tweeting "OMG" and "Horrible." The Dolphins immediately suspended him and ordered him to undergo sensitivity training. Sensitivity training? Re-education? What is this, Communist China?

In every case, the message to those who disagree with all this sexual "tolerance" is clear: If you want to keep your job, shut up.

Apparently the sexual left cannot tolerate even the slightest dissent. As Kirsten Powers wrote this week in USA Today, "Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II. We have slipped into an age of un-enlightenment where you fall in line behind the mob or face the consequences."

It amazes me that the media and the homosexual movement, who fought for so hard for equality, apparently don't see the rich irony of putting the economic screws to alternative voices.

As Powers notes, "They claim to be liberal while behaving as anything but. The touchstone of liberalism is tolerance of differing ideas. Yet this mob exists to enforce conformity of thought and to delegitimize any dissent from its sanctioned worldview. Intolerance is its calling card."

Facing such a McCarthy-esque onslaught, what are we Christians to do? Well, let's keep speaking about marriage and God's plan for human flourishing, despite the obvious and growing threats to our livelihoods. We owe it to our neighbors, and to the Lord.

As we do that we'll need to be the Body of Christ, supporting one another in practical ways against the attacks of an increasingly intolerant culture.

But as maddening and frustrating as this growing intolerance is, we need to speak winsomely whenever possible, making the issue about Him, not about us. We may not win in the court of public opinion, but that's okay. As the Apostle Peter said, "Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, so that when they speak against you as evildoers, they may see your good deeds and glorify God on the day of visitation."

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1 posted on 05/22/2014 11:21:50 AM PDT by SeekAndFind
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To: SeekAndFind

It amazes me that the media and the homosexual movement, who fought for so hard for equality, apparently don’t see the rich irony of putting the economic screws to alternative voices.

The author of this article fundamentally misunderstands the goals and tactics of the homosexual movement .

Equality is not the goal of the homosexual movement, acquisition of power to force the normalization of their life style and the facilitation of recruiting or coercing new homosexual partners from the straight population and the acquisition of special rights, privileges, preferential treatments, access to government taxpayer money and government mandated protected status is their goal , not equality.

Talk of equality is simply a pretext to and a subterfuge to acquire that power to permit a small minority to force their agenda onto the majority of America that does not support their agenda.

2 posted on 05/22/2014 11:34:45 AM PDT by rdcbn
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To: SeekAndFind

Those who demand tolerance from others, never practice it themselves

3 posted on 05/22/2014 11:35:43 AM PDT by GeronL (Vote for Conservatives not for Republicans!)
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To: SeekAndFind

It’s always ironic that the persecuted minorities always end up being some of history’s worst persecutors when their moment finally arrives.

4 posted on 05/22/2014 11:42:20 AM PDT by Roman_War_Criminal (Bible Summary in a few verses: John 14:6, John 6:29, Romans 10:9-10)
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To: rdcbn

Yep. It is why for years I have been trying to incite a movement against this insane homosexualization (brainwashing) of our children (emasculation of boys) which flips our ethics system and destroys Reason, from the Christian paradigm to the pagan/occult—”Worship of Ba’al” ethics system.

The toxic culture is also destroying the feminine instincts in girls—so they kill their own genetic offspring and hate men (and God and hierarchy). It is pure Marxist ideology.

It took hundreds of years to flip Good and Evil-—by Christians who believed that human beings can never be used as a “Means” to an End (Catholic Canon)—which enshrines Natural Laws on the necessary hierarchy in all animals for survival—and roles of male and female are essential, which is necessary for the flourishing of children and efficiency of culture-—and the teleological ends designed by God. True happiness.

Marxism is to create a puerile, immature (fixated) army of Jackboots who have no moral compass——like the homosexual Brownshirts and Bolsheviks—who take orders and are group thinkers and capable of pure Evil.

The habituation of Vice (sodomy) in children, only breeds vice and immorality and gives the humans the capability of perpetuating great inhumane actions on others—especially women and children—it is desensitization and normalization of pure evil (narcissism/idolatry).

The elites who are capable of the most Satanic, evil acts—even on children, are devoid of Christian Virtue. Virtue is always habituated-—never “natural” as Aristotle even knew. Common Core destroys all Christian Ethics and virtue in children by sexualization and normalizing vice, which instills moral relativism and irrationality and inculcates the State’s Ethical system (vice).

5 posted on 05/22/2014 11:54:17 AM PDT by savagesusie (Right Reason According to Nature = Just Law)
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To: SeekAndFind

The “tolerance” message is designed to shut down your opposition’s thoughts while you practice yours. The left preempts the right on every single subject. That is key to establishing perceived credibility. Each time there is a shooting the left releases a broad statement damning guns within minutes. Waiting the facts to come in is not of importance. The first statements are taken as facts by the public. All while the right remains mostly quiet.

6 posted on 05/22/2014 12:15:58 PM PDT by ryan71 (The Partisans)
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To: SeekAndFind

“Liberalism” as created by 19th and 20th century Leftists - beginning with the French Jacobins, where the Leftist name came from - has never been about tolerance of other views.

In fact, they invented the modern massacre state with the French Revolution use of the guillotine to punish ANYONE who deviated from the allowed viewpoint.

This was the predecessor of the Red Terrors that started in 1917 and never ended (they’re still going on...just ask the people in North Korea, Tibet, Western China for example).

Any reference by them to tolerance of ideas is merely a momentary ruse when they are in the minority to try to get their views allowed in public. Once done, they make them dogma that cannot be opposed or discussed on pain of punishment.

And the punishment keeps going up.

Bolshevik Orthodoxy is Law. That’s all they will tolerate. And they have never been bashful about admitting that: they always say their nightmare can’t work unless EVERYONE is forced into the system.

Thus Socialism has always been a worldwide movement.

Libertals are not tolerant. They are the most doctrinaire, dogmatic, unyielding, vicious, insistent and stubborn people you will ever meet.

Some might characterize that as psychotic.

Seems right.

7 posted on 05/22/2014 12:55:06 PM PDT by Regulator
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To: SeekAndFind

That’s not a bug - it’s a feature.

8 posted on 05/22/2014 12:57:58 PM PDT by Mr. Jeeves ([CTRL-GALT-DELETE])
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