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To: Phinneous
Measuring Lines, the "end of the line":

3500 years (500 + 600 + 700 + 800 + 900) = 70 x 50

A Passage to Sinai

Perhaps the count toward the number 50 finds its most well-known historic expression in the Exodus and its aftermath. – exodus: 50

The momentous event that commemorates the birth of the Children of Israel as a nation was the exodus from Egypt. Not only is there a twice-daily remembrance of this milestone,5 but much of mitzvah observance is marked by repeated references to the Exodus. Its central importance is due to this event celebrating the Jewish People’s brand-new state of existence.


The number 50 is used as the measure that places something at a distance. The Talmud notes the use of a rope measuring 50 cubits for matters such as measuring the 2,000-cubit distance of techum Shabbos, the distance beyond the city one may travel on Shabbos.24 Because of the negative impact of a granary, leather tannery, and cemetery, these were not halachically permitted to be located within 50 cubits of the city.25 Of course, the 50-day journey from Egypt to Sinai ensured that Israel was no longer under the sinful influence of their idolatrous past.

The average value of the final (end, sofit) letters = 700, the nun sofit, whose regular value is 50.

The “nun” is the fourteenth letter of the alef-beit, which equals “David,” the progenitor of the eternal Kingdom of Israel. The heir to David is Mashiach ben David, of whom is said: “As long as the duration of the sun his name shall rule.” Our Sages teach us that one of the names of Mashiach is Yinon (“shall rule”), cognate to nun

700 is the assigned value of a nun sofit, but not used in standard gematria calculations. In counting, 700 is written as a tav and shin:

tav (תו) = 406
shin (שין) = 360

= 766, which is the gematria of Yinon (ינון) when the nun sofit is counted as 700:

yud 10 + nun 50 + vav 6 + nun sofit 700 = 766

Yinon = tav + shin, which is 700, the final nun.

As written in Ps. 72, Yinon (ינין) = 770 (Beis Mashiach), alluding to 7*70, Bethlehem, where Ben-oni and David were born. And also the Joseph the "just man" (ha-Tzaddik) of the NT.

The mission for all of us is to reveal and draw G-d’s infinite light down into this world,14 so that we can see the true reality of the world—that everything is G-dliness and G-dliness is everything. This is done by cleaving to G-d and observing His commandments. This concept is expressed in the straight, long (final) nun,15 which has a design similar to the vav, a chute. In contrast to the vav, however, its leg extends beneath the base­line. This implies the downward flow of Divine energy reaching into even the deepest abyss. This will ultimately happen with Mashiach’s arrival.

Nun peshutah that goes beyond the baseline, into the dark place - big miracle:

Excellent! 17:20 min video about the nuns and miracles:

Letters of Light: Nun - Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin

The nun (50) represents a measuring line, and the final nun is a straight line. A line is a kav (קו) which is 106, same as the letter nun (נון), and also "106" as written ק'ו.

Rachel Imenu, 335,

And a spirit from God moved upon the face of the waters [335]:

This spirit (in which Rachel is spelled out in every other letter) is compared to a dove hovering over the waters, which makes perfect sense from looking at the phrase "upon the face of the waters", al panei hamayim:

Roshei teivot - aphah (עפה): "she flies" and "she flew". fly (by one's one power, like a bird).

A dove is an oph (עוף), a bird.

1 Kings 2:10. And David slept with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David:

1 Kings 8:1 Then Solomon assembled the elders of Israel, and all the heads of the tribes, the chief of the fathers of the people of Israel, before king Solomon in Jerusalem, that they might bring up the ark of the covenant of the Lord from the city of David, which is Zion:

Luke 2:4 And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judaea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David)

The cities of David: Zion (where David was buried), and Bethlehem (where Rachel died and David was born).

Zion = 156 = Joseph
Bethlehem = 490, 7*70

156 + 490 = 646, the years between Rachel's death in Bethlehem and David's birth in Bethlehem. City of David.

Ben-oni = "Yinon comes", who appears in the word Zion. The tzaddi is the only compound letter in Zion, formed from a yud + nun:


Yinon as written or as spoken.

Something similar happens with David's sheep (צאן). The alef is a yud + vav + yud, so by spelling out the sheep there is Zion, and also Yinon:


The name Ben-oni, unlike Benjamin, is hyphenated, so the nun on "ben" is a nun sofit. The gematria of the name using the final nun value is 769, which in base 12 = 541. Just thought I'd toss that in. :)

The names of the 12 Tribes of Israel, which were engraved upon the Stones worn by the Kohen Gadol, have a total of 50 letters, 54 merged as one entity with their Creator.

Thus, the 50th is the point of arrival. This is where man has come “all the way.” This is the ultimate level; man has successfully completed the requisite stages of the natural passage and progressed to transcend up to the Godly level of eternity. This is the dimension of Torah, of Divine understanding, of true freedom. It is where Israel transcends to truly become one with God.

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To: Ezekiel
Rapture as the end of United States.
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