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Why Christians Don't Understand Non-Christians
ArGee | 1/3/01 | ArGee

Posted on 01/03/2002 11:19:13 AM PST by ArGee

A very rich man decided that he wanted to show kindness to the people of the fair city where he lived. Since he was very rich indeed, he decided to throw a banquet for the entire city. He rented the largest sports arena in the city and began his plans. He planned for huge amounts of the best food possible, making allowances for every religious and medical diet. He advertised the banquet in every possible manner - television, radio, billboard, door-to-door canvassing. Considering that there might be some who could not travel, he arranged for free bus transportation to and from the event, and some special-needs vehicles for all who could not ride busses. He even scheduled the banquet to run for 24 hours a day for several days so that everyone could be sure of being served.

He planned long and hard and finally the big day came. The rich man ate quickly and then went about wishing all his guests well and personally making sure that all had every need met. After a while he went outside to tour the grounds and talk with those who had not yet gone in, and those who had already left. Everyone was happy. Many were profusely thankful. It was a glorious occasion.

At one point the rich man noticed a group of people sitting outside a locked door with most unpleasant looks on their faces. Sensing they were not happy, he went over to them. He did not introduce himself but simply asked them if he could be of service.

"We want to go in through this door," one of them replied.

The rich man explained to them that the hall was arranged to feed a large number of people as quickly and effortlessly as possible. This required order inside, and the entrances and exits had been carefully planned to be as efficient as possible. He then offered to go call one of the golf carts that were avaialbe to help people who could not walk far to take them to the entrance. But the man replied, "We do not want to go in the entrance. We want to go in this door. We don't understand why we can't go in any door we wish. We think the man who set this banquet up is mean and hateful for insisting we go in through the entrance. He has tried to bill himself as a very kind man by offering this banquet, but he is not kind at all if he will not indulge us and let us go through this door.

The rich man was distressed at these words, but still attempted to please these people. He tried once more to explain to them what was behind this particular door, and how if they went in this door they would disrupt the meal service being offered inside. He offered to drive them himself, not only to the door, but inside the hall to their tables if they would only go through the entrance to enjoy the meal. Again the man said, "No, but only a hateful man would keep us from going through the door of our choosing. And we will sit here and tell anyone who will listen to us what an awful man he is until he lets us in."

At that the rich man was enraged and he shouted, "Enough." Then he called a police officer to have them thrown off of the property and ordered that they not be allowed to return until the banquet was over and all the scraps had been hauled away. Then, mourning for their loss, he turned to visit with other guests.

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To: ArGee
bump for later
101 posted on 01/03/2002 12:50:35 PM PST by charphar
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To: ArGee
When someone tells me how evil G-d is for sending non-Christians to hell, I view them as the person outside the locked door who refuses to go through the entrance, even though G-d has done everything possible to make the entrance easy to go through.

It's more like I've seen the menu for the banquet and I prefer the fare at the Kosher Deli.

102 posted on 01/03/2002 12:52:09 PM PST by Celtjew Libertarian
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ArGee---Once inside,are guests free to choose to leave either temporarily or permanently??

I absolutely refuse to get caught in that pit. The eternal security "discussion" is simply a way to distract the believers from doing the work of Christ. You ask if guests are free. Here is my answer.

Galations 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
103 posted on 01/03/2002 12:52:56 PM PST by ArGee
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To: ArGee
I completely agree with the analogy.

Having read the title however I was reading the artical for any HINT as to why you would title it Back-Asswards like you did

Christains understand Non-believers ALL to well.

We're ALL sinners saved by Grace alone. Period.

Some of us fall into Sin ( or choose to go willingly ) and it's only the Lords mercy which keeps us from His Judgement.

I think people become Christians when they get to see both inside the hall and out.

It's the non-saved folks who don't have that experience IMHO.

In my experience, God didn't open the doors to Heaven and let me in, He opened the doors to Hell and let me out.

104 posted on 01/03/2002 12:53:40 PM PST by MassExodus
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To: chookter
Let yourself in then. Someone will be by shortly...

Been there, done that, nobody showed. Got over it. Moved on.

105 posted on 01/03/2002 12:54:08 PM PST by LuvItOrLeaveIt
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To: lexcorp
What you are saying makes no sense; if I understand you, that is. If 999 religions were false then wouldn’t it stand to reason that 1 is true? And if so, you need to find out which one.
106 posted on 01/03/2002 12:54:53 PM PST by soundsolutions
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Comment #107 Removed by Moderator

To: Elsie
Where is FAITH when something like THIS happens???

Faith mourns the painfull loss, and is comforted by the thought that the temporary pain will be replaced by eternal joy.
Faith is thanking the Creator for ever creating such a beautiful family.

Faith is wondering "Why, God, would you allow such a horrible tragedy? What did we do to deserve this?";
But at the same time, faith would be marvelling "Why, God, would you bless me with such joy as having this beautiful wife, and loving children? What did we do to deserve such grace?"

108 posted on 01/03/2002 12:55:14 PM PST by sanchmo
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To: soundsolutions
well my post was directed to everybody. If people misunderstand that then I'm sorry but I thought everybody could read.
109 posted on 01/03/2002 12:55:26 PM PST by Khepera
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To: LuvItOrLeaveIt
No god ever said anything to anybody.

That's as much faith as anything written in the Bible.

110 posted on 01/03/2002 12:55:45 PM PST by Celtjew Libertarian
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To: chookter
It ends happily when those outside pass out from hunger and the rich man brings them inside and tends them.

May it be so. You also see the rich man's love for everyone. That is the most important point.

I'm not going to thank you for your other image, however. YUK! At least have them urinating in their own bowl. ;)


111 posted on 01/03/2002 12:56:27 PM PST by ArGee
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To: Khepera
Would you please point me to where JimRob said that? Thanks.


112 posted on 01/03/2002 12:56:58 PM PST by ksen
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To: soundsolutions
Mainly because they are all man-made. You mentioned that it defies logic that all religions please God, and are true. Why do you assume that the one you believe in is true, and the one a Hindu believes in isn't? That just makes me think that none are really true.
113 posted on 01/03/2002 12:58:06 PM PST by stuartcr
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To: fourdeuce82d
What if we die and we find out the guys who worship rocks were right?

Is that what you believe? Friend, time is too short and the subject too important to waste our time on what if. What do you believe? What are your questions regarding the banquet G-d has promised? What will it take to convince you to come inside?

Leave the what-if's for the fantasy writers. Let's talk about what is.


114 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:02 PM PST by ArGee
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To: Elsie
Because my faith is that God does not want us to be children. Therefore, the terrible must happen if we are to learn.
115 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:03 PM PST by Celtjew Libertarian
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To: discostu
Most of the 10 Commandments are included, in some way, in every religion I've studied.
Well, you've got 'The Law' down perfect.

Too bad that NO one is able to keep it!

116 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:06 PM PST by Elsie
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Comment #117 Removed by Moderator

To: lexcorp
Kudos. Once again you have lived up to your FR name.
118 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:19 PM PST by Rogmonster
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To: Celtjew Libertarian
That's as much faith as anything written in the Bible.

That's a logical fallacy. In logical discourse, the claimant with the initial positive assertion is under the burden of proof. The person who claims some supernatural being speaks to people is under that burden, not I.

Until some form of independently verifiable evidence is presented to support such an assertion, it is logical to dismiss such a notion as fallacious.

119 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:51 PM PST by LuvItOrLeaveIt
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You forgot to include all the people that hear the advertising for the banquet, and go around telling every one that will listen that it is all nonsense;

What about those people who go around telling everyone that there is no 'rich man' and the banquet just 'evolved' from the pieces of food that have been lying around.

120 posted on 01/03/2002 12:59:59 PM PST by asformeandformyhouse
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