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The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror ^ | October 4, 2001 | Jamie Glazov

Posted on 10/12/2003 5:09:43 PM PDT by abu afak

The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror By Jamie Glazov, October 4, 2001

ALL SERIAL KILLERS, almost without exception, are severely sexually abused as children. The kind of people who hijack a plane with innocent people and drive it into a building with thousands of other innocent people are related to this phenomenon. When sociopaths rape and kill, they do not see their victims as human beings, but only as objects. This is because the sociopaths were themselves, at one time, used as objects - as their bodily integrity was repeatedly violated. The rage that results from sexual abuse is one thing, but when combined with living in a dysfunctional culture of sexual repression and misogyny, where love is reduced to violent domination, it is quite another.

Throughout the Islamic Middle East, men and women are taught to be vehemently opposed to pleasure, especially of the sexual variety. Men are raised not only forbidden to touch women, but to even look at them. Sex before marriage is not just a sin -- but a criminal offence. It is punishable by a severe beating at best, and an execution at worst.

The sexual privileges that are allowed in Islamic cultures are permitted to men. Women's sexuality and social independence represent major threats to male supremacy and are tightly controlled. Thus, as the Moroccan feminist Fitna Sabbah reveals in her book Woman in the Muslim Unconscious, there is a disturbing conflict in the Middle East between sexual libido and repression. A deep-seated fear of, and hostility to, individuality prevails, and its main expression exists in misogyny.

Socially segregated from women, Arab men succumb to homosexual behavior. But, interestingly enough, there is no word for "homosexual" in their culture in the modern Western sense. That is because having sex with boys, or with effeminate men, is seen as a social norm. Males serve as available substitutes for unavailable women. The male who does the penetrating, meanwhile, is not emasculated any more than if he had sex with a wife. The male who is penetrated is emasculated. The boy, however, is not, since it is rationalized that he is not yet a man.

In this culture, males sexually penetrating males becomes a manifestation of male power, conferring a status of hyper-masculinity. It is considered to have nothing to do with homosexuality. An unmarried man who has sex with boys is simply doing what men do. As the scholar Bruce Dunne has demonstrated, sex in Islamic societies is not about mutuality between partners, but about the adult male's achievement of pleasure through violent domination.

There is silence around this issue. It is the silence that legitimizes sexual violence against women, such as honor crimes and female circumcision. It is also the silence that forces victimized Arab boys into invisibility. Even though the society does not see their sexual exploitation as being humiliating, the psychological and emotional scars that result from their subordination, powerlessness and humiliation is a given. Traumatized by the violation of their dignity and manliness, they spend the rest of their lives trying to get it back.

The problem is that trying to recover from sexual abuse, and to recapture one's own shattered masculinity, is quite an ordeal in a culture where women are hated and love is interpreted as hegemonic control.

With women out of touch - and out of sight -- until marriage, males experience pre-marital sex only in the confines of being with other males. Their sexual outlet mostly includes victimizing younger males - just the way they were victimized.

In all of these circumstances, the idea of love is removed from men's understanding of sexuality. Like the essence of Arab masculinity, it is reduced to hurting others by violence. A gigantic rupture develops between men and women, where no harmony, affection or equality is allowed to exist. In relationships between men, meanwhile, affection, solidarity and empathy are left out of the picture. They threaten the hyper-masculine order.

It is excruciating to imagine the sexual confusion, humiliation, and repression that evolve in the mindsets of males in this culture. But it is no surprise that many of these males find their only avenue for gratification in the act of humiliating the foreign "enemy," whose masculinity must be violated at all costs - as theirs once was.

Violating the masculinity of the enemy necessitates the dishing out of severe violence against him. In the recent terrorist strikes, therefore, violence against Americans served as a much-needed release of the terrorists' bottled-up sexual rage. Moreover, it served as a desperate and pathological testament of the re-masculinization of their emasculated selves.

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1 posted on 10/12/2003 5:09:43 PM PDT by abu afak
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To: abu afak
A valuable insight into the Satanic evil that is Islam.
2 posted on 10/12/2003 11:00:24 PM PDT by dsc
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To: All

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3 posted on 10/12/2003 11:01:16 PM PDT by Support Free Republic (Your support keeps Free Republic going strong!)
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To: abu afak
4 posted on 10/13/2003 7:45:05 AM PDT by LiteKeeper
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To: LiteKeeper
Dysfunctional Men

Arlene Peck takes dead aim.

I've always said the Italian mothers and Jewish mothers came from the same cloth. Oh, there might be a few differences like, Catholic Shame and Jewish Guilt. But, when you come down to it, they're pretty much the same. But, what about the Arab mothers? I wonder what kind of influence harvests a child for profit to kill himself and anyone else within a fifty yard radius in order to go to heaven to be a martyr. I've seen videos of those 'camps' where three year old babies are dressed in army fatigues and march around holding guns while mommy beams. Later, when they get to the fourth grade or so, they have school plays and again, mommy is fastening his 'suicide belt' while clapping how wonderful he is in making the choice to be a "suicide bomber" Hey, we know her baby boy is in training to be a murderer but, do you think his mother actually believes that he's going to make the whole family proud? Not to mention putting several thousand dollars in the family coffers.

But, what makes men freaks like that? Why don't any other cultures strive to kill themselves in their efforts for a better life? As a mother, I've always believed that mommy is the guiding light for the kind of man her baby boy is going to turn out to be. Did you ever wonder why these people are such a violent culture? What makes them a people who seem to have no reverence for life? Why do they harbor what seems to be a bottomless hatred for everyone else's?

I've traveled to many Islamic countries, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordon and Turkey to name a few. One of the things that struck me odd was how women were rarely seen. In the evenings, women were never walking on the streets. However, the sidewalks were filled with men. Men who seemed to have nothing to do but sit in coffee houses and play back gammon and smoke. Many times I would see men walking with their arms locked around each others waist while walking which struck me as kind of odd. Women were out of sight and out of touch. The male bonding, to me, looked like a trip to West Hollywood.

After looking into the results from being socially segregated from women, many have obviously turned into homosexual behavior. A word incidentally which is not even in the Arab language. The reason behind this, I've been told is because since there are no available women around they turn to other males, usually boys, or effeminate men, to have sex. Amazingly this is seen as some sort of accepted social norm. In their twisted minds, they somehow rationalize this sick behavior as not emasculating the young boy because he is not yet a man. No wonder they are totally confused because the Koran is against any homosexual relationship and gay Muslims remain fearful. This, eventually, I think, leads to anger. But, beneath it all is the unnaturalness of it all. Repressing and suppressing and punishing natural emotions are good enough reason for making them sick and sadistic.

Then I found out that throughout the Islamic Middle East, they are taught at a very early age that it is vital to be opposed to pleasure, especially if it concerns anything sexual. No wonder they go to mosque five times a day. Since they are raised that it is forbidden to touch women, these guys aren't even supposed to look at them. Sex before marriage is punishable as a criminal offense. They don't have to depend on cold showers. All they have to remember that at the very least, if caught, they receive a severe beating. Hey, some even die over the 'crime' of premarital sex. These guys are so warped that their culture teaches that women's sexuality and social independence could destroy what passes as their 'male supremacy'. So, they must be controlled at all cost. The frustration that they walk around under is so deep-seated that it emerges as a violent form of misogyny.

No wonder they run around the streets screaming by the hundreds of thousands having regular 'day of rage'. You would to if you were raised believing that getting it on with another male is a manifestation of male power which somehow makes you 'hyper-masculine and you are supposed to achieve your highest pleasure through violent domination.

Of course, nobody talks about this issue. And, in doing so, legitimizes this. Hey, how many articles do you read about 'honor killings" of women family members who might have done something to dishonor her family like see a man without their permission. Or, how about female circumcision? By not bringing their despicable behaviors into the open, it allows their victims, who are the young Arab boys to become invisible. So, is it any wonder that these dysfunctional men walk around the rest of their life trying to recover from sexual abuse and hating the world? Usually their way of recovery is by abusing even younger males since women are hated in their world. The core of their Arab masculinity is centered into hurting other by violence and hate. Mommy isn't much help either so she becomes just another one who threatens what's left of their masculine order.

Hey, I'm sorry about their society not seeing their sexual exploitation as being anything wrong. I even find it sad that they are traumatized by the lack of dignity that they are allowed and will spend the rest of their lives having days of rage. However, I'd rather see it be at those responsible and not their neighbors, the Jewish State. In the male Arab mind, their way of retaliation is to strike out as terrorists as their way to humiliate the foreign 'enemy' in the way as they have been. This of course, means violence in as vicious a way as possible.
Personally, I think it would be better for them to take more cold showers as a way of releasing their sexual energy. With all that testosterone running loose and no logical outlet it usually ends up on a Jerusalem bus.

Recently, the LA Times ran a column about a group, Al-Fatiha which helps Muslim Gays. "Al-Fatiha, with chapters in Los Angeles and other big cities, gives them a place to come to terms with hostility toward homosexuals." It seems that if they are caught in their hometowns being 'gay' they also get killed. So, "some gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender Muslims are finding a safe haven in this group which was founded in 1998 to support those who want to reconcile their sexual orientation with Islam."

The more I've learned about the Arab culture, the more I appreciate the men here. No longer will I complain that all the men I meet in Los Angeles are gay, married or dead....sometimes all three! :)

5 posted on 10/13/2003 4:10:05 PM PDT by abu afak
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