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The FReeper Foxhole Profiles "A Hillside Near Khe Sanh" - June 26th, 2004 ^

Posted on 06/26/2004 12:08:48 AM PDT by snippy_about_it


Keep our Troops forever in Your care

Give them victory over the enemy...

Grant them a safe and swift return...

Bless those who mourn the lost.

FReepers from the Foxhole join in prayer
for all those serving their country at this time.

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U.S. Military History, Current Events and Veterans Issues

Where Duty, Honor and Country
are acknowledged, affirmed and commemorated.

Our Mission:

The FReeper Foxhole is dedicated to Veterans of our Nation's military forces and to others who are affected in their relationships with Veterans.

In the FReeper Foxhole, Veterans or their family members should feel free to address their specific circumstances or whatever issues concern them in an atmosphere of peace, understanding, brotherhood and support.

The FReeper Foxhole hopes to share with it's readers an open forum where we can learn about and discuss military history, military news and other topics of concern or interest to our readers be they Veteran's, Current Duty or anyone interested in what we have to offer.

If the Foxhole makes someone appreciate, even a little, what others have sacrificed for us, then it has accomplished one of it's missions.

We hope the Foxhole in some small way helps us to remember and honor those who came before us.

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A Hillside Near Khe Sanh

Capt. Gerald O. Young

The severely injured HH-3E pilot laid his life on the line to save a rescue force from disaster.

Shortly after midnight on Nov. 9, 1967, Capt. Gerald O. Young, an instructor pilot with the 37th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Da Nang, headed his HH-3E Jolly Green Giant toward an area southwest of Khe Sanh.

Low-hanging clouds shrouded 5,000-foot peaks off to his left. Visibility was poor. It wasn't a good night for a rescue mission in the hill country just below the DMZ, but Young was a veteran of 59 combat missions, including as far north as Haiphong. He and his crew had volunteered for this one.

The previous afternoon, a small US-South Vietnamese reconnaissance team had been surrounded by a NVA battalion. Two helicopters had been shot down during a daylight rescue attempt. Young and his crew were flying backup for another Jolly Green, supported by a C-130 flareship and three Army gunships, in a desperate attempt to save the ambushed patrol.

As the rescue force approached the beleaguered team, the enemy opened up with automatic weapons on the escorting gunships. The primary HH-3E moved through heavy fire into the area, now lighted by flares from the C-130. Hovering along a steep slope, its crew picked up three survivors before they were forced to withdraw to an emergency landing area, badly shot up and leaking fuel and oil. The pilot advised Young not to make another attempt under such extremely difficult conditions. Nevertheless, Young decided on one more try, even though the gunships were low on fuel and ammunition and might not be able to stay with them.

Young approached the slope head-on, hovering with one main wheel on the ground and his rotor blades barely clearing the bank above him. His copilot, Capt. Ralph Brower, directed fire from the gunships while Sgt. Larry Mansey leaped to the ground to help the wounded aboard, covered by SSgt. Eugene Clay at one of the chopper's machine guns. The big bird was sprayed by automatic weapons fire while five survivors were pulled aboard. During takeoff, a direct hit exploded one of the Jolly Green's engines, flipping the craft over on its back as it burst into flames and crashed down the hillside.

Young, hanging upside down in his harness, finally escaped through the broken windshield, his clothing on fire. He rolled down the slope to extinguish the flames, which had inflicted second- and third-degree burns on his legs, back, arms, and neck. Then, with his bare hands, he smothered the flames that were consuming a soldier lying nearby who had been thrown clear of the wreckage. Were there other survivors in or near the burning wreck? Young crawled 100 yards up the hill toward the flames, but was driven back by intense heat and enemy fire.

Young knew that daylight would bring a rescue force looking for survivors. The first A-1E Sandys to arrive spotted him and the unconscious man he had rescued. Young tried to warn them of a possible flak trap. He knew that the main rescue force would arrive at any moment and that enemy troops were moving back into the area to oppose them. The only way he could help was by leading the hostiles away from the crash site. In his condition, that meant almost certain capture or death.

He hid the wounded man whom he had rescued earlier and, despite the agony of his burns, took off into the brush, with enemy troops in pursuit. Each step ahead in the long hours of flight was a triumph of will over searing pain as he lured his pursuers farther and farther from the wreckage. After stumbling and crawling for six miles, he eluded the NVA troops late that afternoon, 17 hours after the crash, and called in a helicopter to pick him up.

A rescue force had finally been able to land at the crash site, retrieve one survivor, and recover the bodies of the dead, including that of the man Young had hidden. Young spent six months in hospitals, recovering from his burns. In May 1968, he was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Lyndon Johnson at a ceremony dedicating the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes.

Before retiring as a lieutenant colonel in 1980, Young served at the Air Force Academy, was instrumental in setting up the forerunner of the Air Force Mast Program (which provides helicopter assistance to civilian highway patrols), flew with the VIP transport squadron out of Andrews AFB, Md., and was Air Attache to Colombia.

In 1985, 18 years after his last combat mission, he was asked how he felt about his Vietnam experience? "The air rescue mission was one of the best in the war," he said. "There is no greater compensation than to participate in saving lives."

By that standard, Young was a wealthy man indeed.

By John L. Frisbee, Contributing Editor

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Medal of Honor


Rank and organization: Captain, U.S. Air Force, 37th ARS Da Nang AFB, Republic of Vietnam. Place and date: Khesanh, 9 November 1967.

Entered service at: Colorado Springs, Colorado. Born: 9 May 1930, Chicago, Illinois.


For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Capt. Young distinguished himself while serving as a helicopter rescue crew commander. Capt. Young was flying escort for another helicopter attempting the night rescue of an Army ground reconnaissance team in imminent danger of death or capture. Previous attempts had resulted in the loss of 2 helicopters to hostile ground fire. The endangered team was positioned on the side of a steep slope which required unusual airmanship on the part of Capt. Young to effect pickup. Heavy automatic weapons fire from the surrounding enemy severely damaged 1 rescue helicopter, but it was able to extract 3 of the team. The commander of this aircraft recommended to Capt. Young that further rescue attempts be abandoned because it was not possible to suppress the concentrated fire from enemy automatic weapons. With full knowledge of the danger involved, and the fact that supporting helicopter gunships were low on fuel and ordnance, Capt. Young hovered under intense fire until the remaining survivors were aboard. As he maneuvered the aircraft for takeoff, the enemy appeared at point-blank range and raked the aircraft with automatic weapons fire. The aircraft crashed, inverted, and burst into flames. Capt. Young escaped through a window of the burning aircraft. Disregarding serious burns, Capt. Young aided one of the wounded men and attempted to lead the hostile forces away from his position. Later, despite intense pain from his burns, he declined to accept rescue because he had observed hostile forces setting up automatic weapons positions to entrap any rescue aircraft. For more than 17 hours he evaded the enemy until rescue aircraft could be brought into the area. Through his extraordinary heroism, aggressiveness, and concern for his fellow man, Capt. Young reflected the highest credit upon himself, the U.S. Air Force, and the Armed Forces of his country.


He died on June 6, 1990 and was buried in Section 7-A of Arlington National Cemetery near the Tomb of the Unknowns.

Today's Educational Sources and suggestions for further reading:

Air Force Association Magazine-July 1985, Vol. 68, No. 7
1 posted on 06/26/2004 12:08:50 AM PDT by snippy_about_it
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To: Diva Betsy Ross; Americanwolf; CarolinaScout; Tax-chick; Don W; Poundstone; Wumpus Hunter; ...

FALL IN to the FReeper Foxhole!

Good Saturday Morning Everyone.

If you would like to be added to our ping list, let us know.

2 posted on 06/26/2004 12:11:19 AM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it

Great thread about a real Vietnam War Hero.

3 posted on 06/26/2004 12:20:43 AM PDT by SAMWolf (Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality)
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To: SAMWolf

Neat picture. Thanks Sam and goodnight.

4 posted on 06/26/2004 12:22:00 AM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it
Good morning Snippy.

5 posted on 06/26/2004 12:50:09 AM PDT by Aeronaut (The best view of big government is in the rearview mirror as you're driving away from it. RR)
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To: Aeronaut

Morning Aeronaut.

6 posted on 06/26/2004 12:56:10 AM PDT by SAMWolf (Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality)
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To: SAMWolf

Hi Sam. Are you up late or up early?

7 posted on 06/26/2004 12:57:11 AM PDT by Aeronaut (The best view of big government is in the rearview mirror as you're driving away from it. RR)
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To: Aeronaut

Not sure. LOL! A little of both I think.

8 posted on 06/26/2004 1:10:51 AM PDT by SAMWolf (Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality)
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To: snippy_about_it; SAMWolf


Sat Morning Foxhole Bumperoooooni

Hoping to get the last of the siding on the house today.

FWIW this is weekend 62 of my weekend home improvement project(snicker,snicker)


alfa6 ;>}

9 posted on 06/26/2004 4:35:08 AM PDT by alfa6 (Mrs. Murphy's Postulate on Murphy's Law: Murphy Was an Optimist)
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To: snippy_about_it

Good morning, snippy and everyone at the Freeper foxhole.

10 posted on 06/26/2004 5:08:22 AM PDT by E.G.C.
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To: snippy_about_it

On This Day In History

Birthdates which occurred on June 26:
1702 Dr Philip Doddridge England, nonconformist clergyman
1730 Charles Messier cataloguer of "M objects"
1742 Arthur Middleton signer Declaration of Independence
1763 George Morland England, artist of rural landscapes
1819 Abner Doubleday credited with inventing American baseball
1824 Kelvin, [William Thomson], British physicist (Kelvin Scale)
1837 Martin Davis Hardin II, Brig General (Union volunteers), died in 1923
1837 Victor Jean Baptiste Girardey, Brig General (Confederate Army)
1887 Anthony G de Rothschild Britain, philanthropist
1892 Hubert Julian (Jay) Stowitts the first American star in the Russian ballet, and Anna Pavlova's only American partner
1892 Pearl S Buck China, author (Good Earth-Nobel 1938)
1893 Big Bill Broonzy Miss, blues singer/guitarist (Blues by Broonzy)
1898 Willy Messerschmitt, German aircraft designer
1901 Stuart Symington (Sen-D-Mo)
1903 Floyd "Babe" Herman Brooklyn Dodgers' slugger (.324 lifetime average)
1904 Peter Lorre actor (M, Casablanca, Beast with 5 Fingers)
1909 Col Tom Parker Elvis Presley's manager
1911 Edward Levi professor (Intro to Legal Reasoning)
1913 Maurice Wilkes inventor (stored program concept for computers)
1925 Pavel Belyayev USSR, cosmonaut (Voskhod 2)
1933 Noriyuki "Pat" Morita Calif, actor (Happy Days, Karate Kid) (Wax on..wax off)
1934 John V Tunney (Rep/Sen-D-Calif)
1939 Charles Robb (Sen-D-Va)/husband of Lynda Bird Johnson
1940 Billy Davis Jr St Louis Mo, singer (5th Dimension-One Less Bell)
1942 Larry Taylor rocker (Canned Heat-On the Road Again)
1960 Barbara Edwards Albuqueque NM, playmate of the year (Sept, 1983)
1961 Greg LeMond, US bicyclist (Tour de France winner-1986, 1989, 1990)
1964 Zeng Jinlian Hunan China, became tallest woman known (2.46 m, 8'1")

Deaths which occurred on June 26:
0363 Flavius C Julianus, [Apostata], emperor of Rome (361-63), dies
1541 Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conqueror of Peru, assassinated in Lima
1631 Justinus van Nassau, ltalian admiral (Armada), dies
1827 Samuel Crompton, English inventor (mule-jenny), dies at 73
1906 Alexander Muir poet (The Maple Leaf Forever), dies at 76
1937 Georg A Erman, German egyptologist (Grammar of Ancient Egypt), dies at 82
1943 Fritz Schmidt, Nazi commissioner in Holland, commits suicide at 39
1956 Clifford Brown, US jazz trumpeter (Joyspring, Jordu), dies at 25
1983 Walter O'Keefe songwriter/TV host (Mayor of Hollywood), dies at 82
1984 George H Gallup, pollster (Gallup Poll), dies at 82
1993 Roy Campanella, 3xMVP catcher (Dodgers), dies of a heart attack at 71


POW / MIA Data & Bios supplied by
the P.O.W. NETWORK. Skidmore, MO. USA.

On this day...
0684 St Benedict II begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1284 Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away
1483 Richard III usurps English throne
1498 Toothbrush invented
1797 Charles Newbold patents 1st cast-iron plow. He can't sell it to farmers, though, they fear effects of iron on soil!
1843 Hong Kong proclaimed a British Crown Colony
1848 1st pure food law enacted in US
1862 US Army of Virginia established under Gen John Pope
1862 Battle of Beaver Dam Creek-Union repulse Confederacy in Virginia
1862 Day 2 of the 7 Days-Battle of Mechanicsville
1870 1st section of Atlantic City (NJ) Boardwalk opens
1870 Wagner's opera "Valkyrie" premieres in Munich
1879 Ismael Pasha resigns as khedive of Egypt
1894 Karl Benz of Germany receives US patent for gasoline-driven auto
1896 1st movie theater in US opens, charging 10› for admission
1900 Dr Walter Reed begins research that beats Yellow Fever
1902 England establishes Order of Merit
1902 M Wolf & L Carnera discovers asteroid #488 Kreusa
1902 Start of Sherlock Holmes "The Adventure of the 3 Garidebs" (BG)
1911 Nieuport sets an aircraft speed record of 83 mph (133 kph)
1912 Gustav Mahlers 9th Symphony premieres in Vienna
1916 Cleveland Indians experiment with #s on their jerseys (one game)
1917 1st American Expeditionary Force arrive in France during WW I
1919 1st issue of NY Daily News published
1924 After 8 years of occupation, US troops leave the Domincan Republic
1934 Germany and Poland sign nonaggression treaty
1934 FDR signs Federal Credit Union Act establishing credit unions
1940 End of USSR experimental calendar; Gregorian readopted 6/27
1941 Lithuanian fascist massacre 2,300 Jews in Kovno
1941 Finland enters WW II against Russia
1945 UN Charter signed by 50 nations in SF
1948 US denounces Soviet blockade of Berlin
1949 Walter Baade discovers asteroid Icarus inside orbit of Mercury
1953 Russian vice-premier/interior minister Beria arrested
1957 Hurricane Audrey strikes Louisiana claiming 500 lives
1958 Mackinac Straits Bridge, Michigan dedicated
1959 Ingemar Johansson of Sweden defeats Floyd Patterson as boxing champ
1959 Queen Elizabeth & Pres Eisenhower open the St Lawrence Seaway
1960 British Somaliland (now Somalia) gains independence from Britain
1960 Madagascar gains independence from France (National Day)
1963 Kennedy visits W Berlin "Ich bin ein Berliner" (I am a Berliner)
1964 Beatles release "A Hard Day's Night" album
1964 Blacks and Whites riot over racial segregation in St Augustine
1968 Iwo Jima & Bonin Islands returned to Japan by US
1970 Frank Robinson hits 2 grand slams as Orioles beat Senators 12-2
1974 Liz Taylor's 5th divorce (Richard Burton)
1975 Cher divorces Sonny Bono
1977 42 die in fire inmate causes at Maury County Jail in Columbia Tenn
1978 Brittany separatists bomb Palace of Versailles in France
1978 First dedicated oceanographic satellite, SEASAT 1, launched
1982 US vetos UN Security Council resolution for a limited withdrawal from Beirut of Israeli & Palestine Liberation Organization forces
1984 1st flight of Shuttle Discovery (41-D) scrubbed at T -4s
1984 Barbra Striesand records "Here We Are at Last"
1987 Supreme Court Justice Lewis F Powell Jr announces his retirement
1987 Losing 9-0 to Red Sox, Yanks score 11 in 3rd & win 12-11 in 10 inn
1989 Supreme Court rules 16 year olds can receive death penalty
1990 122ø F in Phoenix Arizona
1991 Ky medical examiner announces Zachary Taylor died of natural causes
1992 Supreme Court rules fund soliciting can be banned at airports
1993 "Late Night with David Letterman" airs for last time on NBC-TV
1993 US Tomahawk-rockets hit Iraqi secret service, Baghdad
1994 Kirby Puckett pass Rod Carew with 2,088 hit as Twin's top hit leader
1994 PLO-leader Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza after 27 years
1995 Gunmen ambush Egyptian pres Hosni Mubarak, escapes unharmed
1997 Supreme Court strikes down Internet indecency law
1997 Supreme Court upholds doctor-assisted suicide ban

Note: Some Holidays are only applicable on a given "day of the week"

Malagasy Republic & British Somaliland : Independence Day (1960)
National Sheriff's Week (Day 6)
National Forest System Month

Religious Observances
RC : Feast of SS John & Paul, martyrs in Rome

Religious History
1097 The armies of the First Crusade (1096-99) occupied the ancient Byzantine city of Nicea.
1702 Birth of Philip Doddridge, an English Nonconformist clergyman. Doddridge authored 370 hymn- texts, of which 'O Happy Day That Fixed My Choice' is still sung today.
1839 Scottish clergyman and missionary Robert Murray McCheyne wrote in a letter: 'Joy is increased by spreading it to others.'
1892 Birth of Pearl S. Buck, American Presbyterian missionary to China and author of the 1931 best-seller, 'The Good Earth.'
1955 The first Southern Baptist congregation was formally organized in Las Vegas, with 33 charter members. It was the second Southern Baptist church established in Nevada.

Source: William D. Blake. ALMANAC OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Minneapolis: Bethany House, 1987.

Thought for the day :
"The problem with America is stupidity. I'm not saying there should be a capital punishment for stupidity, but why don't we just take the safety labels off of everything and let the problem solve itself?"

Things To Do If You Ever Became An Evil Overlord...
Do not have a son. Although his laughably under-planned attempt to usurp power would easily fail, it would provide a fatal distraction at a crucial point in time.

The World's Shortest Books...
The Engineer's Guide to Fashion

Dumb Laws...
Whistling underwater is illegal

Top ten things you never hear in church...
8. Personally I find witnessing much more enjoyable than golf.

11 posted on 06/26/2004 5:51:30 AM PDT by Valin (Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's just that yours is stupid.)
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To: snippy_about_it
Good morning snippy! Thank you for the ping. God bless all of our Veterans. It would be hard to think of one thing in my life, for which I am grateful, that the US Armed forces had not ensured for me and my family. God bless them all. Thanks for letting me stop by to tell them how I feel!

Have a good day!

12 posted on 06/26/2004 5:55:35 AM PDT by Diva Betsy Ross (It's not Bush's fault... it's the media's fault!)
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To: snippy_about_it; SAMWolf; All
This is an evil generation. It seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah the prophet. —Luke 11:29

If we desire to honor God,
We take Him at His Word
And ask Him not for special signs,
But trust, 'Thus saith the Lord.'

The sign of genuine faith is faith that needs no sign.

13 posted on 06/26/2004 7:21:04 AM PDT by The Mayor (The first step to receiving eternal life is to admit that we don't deserve it.)
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To: snippy_about_it; Professional Engineer; SAMWolf; All

Good morning everyone.

14 posted on 06/26/2004 7:21:36 AM PDT by Soaring Feather (~The Dragon Flies' Lair~ Poetry and Prose~)
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To: snippy_about_it; SAMWolf; All

how did you fix your puter?

Is it true, and if so how?
You can restore your computer back a couple days?
I am having some minor problems.

15 posted on 06/26/2004 7:24:52 AM PDT by The Mayor (The first step to receiving eternal life is to admit that we don't deserve it.)
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To: The Mayor

If you have windows you should have System Restore. On my Windows XP it is located here:

Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Restore

It is easy to preform and takes only a few minutes.

You won't lose any documents or mail. You may lose software recently loaded from the internet if you have any but you can always get that back. I've used this several times when I couldn't fix a bug.

I recall I had it on windows 98 also. It's simple and painless.

16 posted on 06/26/2004 7:38:19 AM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it

Yes I have windows 98

Good morning to you!

17 posted on 06/26/2004 7:44:14 AM PDT by The Mayor (The first step to receiving eternal life is to admit that we don't deserve it.)
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To: The Mayor

Good morning. I'm just waking up and saw your post first and thought I should answer about System Restore asap. I may go back to bed but will check in again soon.

18 posted on 06/26/2004 7:46:45 AM PDT by snippy_about_it (Fall in --> The FReeper Foxhole. America's History. America's Soul.)
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To: snippy_about_it

sleep in, it's saturday!

Thank you,i'll let you know.

19 posted on 06/26/2004 7:51:38 AM PDT by The Mayor (The first step to receiving eternal life is to admit that we don't deserve it.)
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To: alfa6
Morning alfa6

FWIW this is weekend 62 of my weekend home improvement project(snicker,snicker)

What are you rushing it for? It'll just end up being poorly done. :-)

20 posted on 06/26/2004 8:13:26 AM PDT by SAMWolf (Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality)
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