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To: All

The SU-76 was developed in the Soviet Union during the Second World War. The intent was for the SU-76 to be a highly mobile tank killer, and it performed well in that role when initially fielded in 1942. Fitted with the powerful ZiS-3 76mm gun the SU-76 was more than a match for most opponents; however, the vehicle's open top and lack of an engine fire wall were generally despised by crews. By the end of the war, newer soviet types such as the SU-100 and better german armor pushed the SU-76 into a new role, that of infantry support. By the end of the war 12,671 had been built.

Following the end of the War the soviets decided to export surplus SU-76M to China and North Korea, where they fought against UN forces. The SU-76M remained in active service with the PLA until the late 1970s when it was finally retired.

3 posted on 02/28/2005 10:06:04 PM PST by SAMWolf (Now...witness the power of this *FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL* Tagline!)
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To: All

Veterans for Constitution Restoration is a non-profit, non-partisan educational and grassroots activist organization. The primary area of concern to all VetsCoR members is that our national and local educational systems fall short in teaching students and all American citizens the history and underlying principles on which our Constitutional republic-based system of self-government was founded. VetsCoR members are also very concerned that the Federal government long ago over-stepped its limited authority as clearly specified in the United States Constitution, as well as the Founding Fathers' supporting letters, essays, and other public documents.

Actively seeking volunteers to provide this valuable service to Veterans and their families.

We here at Blue Stars For A Safe Return are working hard to honor all of our military, past and present, and their families. Inlcuding the veterans, and POW/MIA's. I feel that not enough is done to recognize the past efforts of the veterans, and remember those who have never been found.

I realized that our Veterans have no "official" seal, so we created one as part of that recognition. To see what it looks like and the Star that we have dedicated to you, the Veteran, please check out our site.

Veterans Wall of Honor

Blue Stars for a Safe Return


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4 posted on 02/28/2005 10:06:28 PM PST by SAMWolf (Now...witness the power of this *FULLY ARMED AND OPERATIONAL* Tagline!)
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To: SAMWolf

The gun in this machine (intelligent design indeed, considering what was available and the time constraints) is the famous ZIS-3, a 76.2 mm gun that even with it's carriage weighed only 1200 pounds! Amazing.

The armor piecing projectile it fired in it's day as the primary anti-tank gun, called the BR-350A, would penetrate two inches of vertical armor at over a mile. PanzerKampfWagen III and IV would not have a chance.

131 posted on 03/01/2005 12:54:44 PM PST by Iris7 ( protect the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Same bunch, anyway.)
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To: SAMWolf; snippy_about_it; bentfeather; Aeronaut; E.G.C.; GailA; The Mayor; Samwise; alfa6; ...

Click on this picture for a SU-76 gallery contatining 60 photos.

Click on this photograph for SU-76 (SU-15M) photos.



*"Flagogram" is a registered trademark of Professional Engineer

Regarding Waco, tanks punctured the structure at precise locations creating a flue.

The CS/methyl chloride gas was highly flammable and was ignited by incendiaries long denied but ultimately admitted by federals.

Victims attempting to escape were shot. Carlos Ghigliotti developed evidence of 200 shots fired into the structure. Ghigliotti was found dead at his desk dissolving, a serendipitous outcome cheerily pronounced "by natural causes" by none less than the insufferable weasel Gerald Posner, defender of the Foster suicide theory.

The hole blown into the ceiling of the Concrete Room was conical from above, indicating placement of a shaped charge. The blast, radiating debris, overpressure instantly killed 23 women and children.

The only way the federals gained use of military equipment and personnel was through posse comitatus waiver signed by none but the president, said waiver obtained through the conscious lie that drugs were being manufactured. No evidence was ever produced indicating drug manufacture.

Thirty bodies melted when the plug was pulled on the forensic morgue trailer.

The structure was quickly bulldozed and the front door disappeared.

Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno gassed, shot, and blew up more civilians in one day than any terrorist group attacking Israelis.


175 posted on 03/01/2005 7:16:44 PM PST by PhilDragoo (Hitlery: das Butch von Buchenvald)
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