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To: TexasChristian

Thanks for the ping, but I'm not sure what you are arguing against. The San Jacinto Monument was built between 1936 and 1939 whereas the Washington Monument was built between 1848 and 1888. Both were built (at least in part) with federal funds - so if there was an intention in the 1800's that the one monument should be the tallest, congress must have overruled itself.

14 posted on 12/07/2004 8:42:28 AM PST by Alamo-Girl
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To: Alamo-Girl

Let us now quickly look at the Washington Monument,
which lies directly West of the Capitol. In fact, the
Washington Monument lies on a straight line, precisely
900 West of the Capitol. The Washington Monument(left)
is the most important Presidential monument to the
occultist, because it is an obelisk set inside a
circle. What, you are probably saying, is an obelisk?
An obelisk is a tall, four-sided stone pillar tapering
toward a pyramidal top.

The obelisk is critically important to the
occultist because they believe that the spirit of the
ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra, resided in the obelisk.

Thus, the obelisk represents the very presence
of the sun god, whom the Bible calls Satan!!

There are only three major obelisks in the
world today, and two of them are in the United States.
According to Epperson in his book, "The New World
Order", the first major obelisk was constructed in St.
Peter's square in Rome, and is so placed that every
Pope who addresses any crowd in the square, must face
the obelisk. A New Age author, Peter Tomkins, reports
the same facts in his book, "The Magic Of Obelisks",
Harper and Row, New York, 1982, ISBN 0-06-014899-3.

There is an obelisk in St. Peter's Bascilica as
well. You'll be shocked to know that the Church of God
promotes Celibacy while displaying a sex act right
outside of St Peter's Bascilica.

The second obelisk was brought to America in
1881 from Alexandria, Egypt, and was placed in Central
Park in New York City.

The third obelisk is the Washington Monument,
built to commemorate our First President, George
Washington (who was a Freemason). In light of the
symbols which we have just studied, which have been
built into the layout of Government Center, I believe
the Washington Monument was constructed by Masons,
according to Masonic tradition, as a symbol that this
country was controlled by Freemasonry from the very
beginning. And the Washington Monument has Freemasonry
stamped all over it:

* It is built from 36,000 separate blocks of
granite. The number 36 is derived from multiplying 3x12
and is an important number.

* Its capstone weighs exactly 3,300 pounds.

* The monument contains 188 specially donated
Memorial stones, most of them donated by individuals,
societies, cities, and nations throughout the world.
But, Masonic lodges throughout the world contributed 35
of these Memorial stones. These 35 blocks were
intermingled with the other Memorial stones, but the
last several of them were placed at the 330 foot level.

* The total cost of the Washington Monument
was reported to be $1,300,000, showing again a most
important Masonic number, 13.

* The Monument has 8 windows, and together
they total 39 square feet in size. The number 39 is
very sacred because it is formed by multiplying 3x13
AND 39 divided by two is 19.5 which is another
significant masonic number. And, also remember the
importance of the Number 8 in Occultic Numerology, for
it carries the meaning of "New Beginnings". Combined
with the meaning of Number 13, as "Extreme Rebellion",
you get the total message that this "New Beginning"
{New World Order} is to be carried out in "Extreme
Rebellion." I believe this to also be connected to
the UPC/EAN 13 BarCode specification(Mark of the

There are several other, more complicated
Masonic numbers concealed within the construction of
the Washington Monument, but you get the point:
This monument, constructed to honor the first
Masonic President, was designed so that both the White
House and the Capitol face toward it so that the
leaders of both branches have to face the spirit of
Lucifer thought to be residing in it. This is typical

One final interesting note. We reported earlier
in this article that the Washington Monument obelisk
was placed directly on a straight line, precisely 900
West of the Capitol. Thus, the inhabitants of the
Capitol could face the obelisk daily. However, note
that the Washington, D.C., obelisk does not lie in a
straight line 900 South the White House. Why? Because
it was lined so that it lies in a straight line 900
from the House of Understanding, the headquarters of
FreeMasonry!! In the mind of the occultist, the true
political Administrative power resides in this
Freemasonry headquarters, not in the White House. This
is why President Andrew Johnson considered himself to
be the subordinate to Albert Pike, the leader of North
American FreeMasonry!

Clearly, the power of leadership to drive this
country toward the New World Order, leading the rest of
the world, lies in FreeMasonry, not in the White House
or the Congress. These symbols, built into the
physical layout of Government Center in Washington,
D.C., represent the extent of that power. Think of the
many years these symbols have remained hidden from most
people's knowledge; think of the millions of tourists
which have walked on these streets during this time,
without having any idea as to the existence of these
symbols, not to mention their meaning! And, if you have
ever driven a car in Washington D.C. area, you will now
understand why these streets seem to be laid out so
weird! Driving in Washington D.C. can be a
nightmare. Now you know why.

I will challenge any one to try and disprove
this information. The odds against this happening
accidentally are so astronomical and ridiculous! Do
you see irrefutable evidences of a conspiracy here?

Info from

In the love of Yahushua,

15 posted on 12/17/2004 12:03:34 PM PST by hk91tag
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