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Peggy Noonan: Profiles Encouraged
Opinion Journal ^ | 10/19/2001 | Peggy Noonan

Posted on 10/18/2001 9:08:51 PM PDT by Pokey78

Edited on 04/23/2004 12:03:48 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

Under the cirumstances, we must be wary of young Arab men.

It was Sept. 14 at 9 p.m., and I was on Fifth Avenue, directly across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral. I was standing, that is, directly in front of the statue of Atlas holding up the world, at the entrance of Rockefeller Center. I was with my 14-year-old son. We were waiting for friends who were going to accompany us downtown to see the memorials that had sprung up in Washington Square and other places.

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There is no wuestion that terrorist cells are videotaping all of our "TROPHY" real estate in order to blow them up at a later date!!!!
61 posted on 10/19/2001 6:16:12 AM PDT by 1 FELLOW FREEPER
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To: Roebucks
I love this article, Noonan paints with words...and does so beautifully
62 posted on 10/19/2001 6:23:40 AM PDT by NeoCaveman
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To: Pokey78
Thanks for the article. I believe it contains information of which all Americans should be aware. I was concerned about churches last Sunday morning, because they are among the least protected buildings, inhabited by the most trusted people, in the country. Last Sunday this weighed heavily on my mind and St. Patrick's was one of the buildings I thought was vulnerable. Catholic churches tend to be large and this is the Church that officially fought against Islam throughout the crusades. It would be too easy to pull up a truck along side the building during services. We should all be on the alert. Peggy is absolutely right!
63 posted on 10/19/2001 6:26:08 AM PDT by twigs
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To: atafak
Carry a small camera at all times. Use it. Write down license numbers. Ask them their names and what they are doing.

I have a small disposable camera and a little spiral-bound notebook in my purse or backpack now wherever we go. About a week after 9-11 my kids and I went to the local Wal-Mart. As we were walking from our vehicle through the parking lot, I saw two young Middle Eastern guys, twenty-somethings, walking out of WM toward us. They had no bags from the store. They had nothing in their hands at all. But in the 10-15 feet width of space between parked cars, they were walking like they were joined at the hip, with their arms pressed together and their heads down, kind of a "let's hurry up and get out of here before someone sees us" kind of exit.

I turned around and watched them walk past, narrowed my eyes, thought about it for a few seconds, then walked into the store. I WISH TO GOODNESS I had followed them to their vehicle, taken a picture of them, copied down a license plate number, and phoned it in. I didn't have anything to write on or a camera with me, so just went about my business. (What better place to unleash a bio-threat than inconspicuously sprinkled on the shelves of a local store patroned by thousands of people daily?) There are no community colleges or universities nearby which would draw foreigners to this little town--but that parking lot at Wal-Mart was barely two miles from the main gates of a large army post (where we live). There are a LOT of army personnel and families who shop there, and it's not uncommon to see dozens of uniformed soldiers picking up a can of shaving cream or a basket full of sodas and treats.

Needless to say, I'm watching my surroundings like a hawk these days, and I'm rapidly losing my PC "don't want to harass anyone who might be innocent" inclinations, too. Be ever viligent!

64 posted on 10/19/2001 6:37:41 AM PDT by shezza
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To: twigs
The sad thing is that there are probably a lot of Muslims in the US who would never be terror bombers, but who would be willing to participate in a peripheral way. It's not like taking a videotape is killing anybody. If a friend asked them to, I think many would be willing to do so, knowing full well what it is for. It is a way to participate in the Jihad in a small way, without taking any risks or getting your hands dirty. Unfortunately for us, there is a vast number of people (hundreds of thousands, at least) who feel that the Jihad is justified, and would be willing to participate in some small way, like shooting a videotape for a friend. These people need to be educated and infiltrated. We have ignored this treat for too long.
65 posted on 10/19/2001 6:41:17 AM PDT by gridlock
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To: Pokey78
Bump for reality.

(During the attack on Pearl Harbor some supply NCO's refused to open ammunition lockers since 'regulations' required approval of an officer. Most were 'persuaded' to hand out ammo so that we could at least attempt to shoot down the Jap Zeroes. The 'let's not profile' crowd are like those stupid NCO's; they don't understand that the world changed on 9/11 and that our survival is more important than 'rules'.)

66 posted on 10/19/2001 6:41:54 AM PDT by aculeus
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To: Pokey78
Thanks. I almost missed this one. I'm pinging it again.

The Freepers that suggested carrying a camera make a lot of sense, especially when you are visiting tourist sites in large cities or potential targets like water supplies, etc.

67 posted on 10/19/2001 6:43:35 AM PDT by FR_addict
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68 posted on 10/19/2001 6:53:09 AM PDT by shezza
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To: Nogbad
Funny. I've been in various countries in the Mid-East about 30 times and I've never seen anyone wearing a turban.

Yeah, yeah. Semantics. What exactly is the official name of the cloth wound around the head of EVERY SINGLE MALE seen in photos of the al-Qaeda gang, Arabs, etc? Please enlighten us so we can use the correct term when talking about "rag-heads." Thank you ever so much.

69 posted on 10/19/2001 6:57:14 AM PDT by shezza
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Comment #70 Removed by Moderator

To: Roebucks
Great read - thanks for the heads-up!

This reminded me of something a friend told me 2 weeks ago, which I had totally forgotten about. He was at a local gas station filling up and noticed a very dirty, mud covered pickup truck doing the same thing. Now in the rural area I live in, muddy pickups are not unusual.

What was unusual about this was the appearance of the driver and passenger. 30something Mid Eastern looking men in IMMACULATE clothing all the way to starched white shirts. He got that same cold stare that Ms. Noonan describes - around here that is not a common occurence.

He called the local FBI office the next morning and they were very interested in what he had to tell them.

It's not paranoia, we ARE living in a different world these days.

71 posted on 10/19/2001 7:07:49 AM PDT by Gabz
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Comment #72 Removed by Moderator

To: Gabz
I agree that we need to call and report anything that seems strange. And, it is more understandable in these days if (by profiling) we engage in wrongful prejudice. The greater good of our society trumps that concern big time.

That said, I think its also helpful to engage good, patriotic Arabs, Sikhs and others whose main desire is to help see that these terrorists are jailed, hung, shot, whatever- just beaten soundly. And, they too are out there.

73 posted on 10/19/2001 7:26:04 AM PDT by Roebucks
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To: Keyes For President; Southflanknorthpawsis; Dataman; dead
This surprises me from Noonan. I don't much like it. I don't think she likes writing it.

But I'm afraid she's basically right.


74 posted on 10/19/2001 7:26:54 AM PDT by BibChr
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To: shezza
Thanks for the Ping! Great read! put'n my disposable in the car ASAP! KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN fellow Freepers (and lurkers!)
75 posted on 10/19/2001 7:34:47 AM PDT by N8VTXNinWV
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To: Pietro
I too was initially suspicious, but then I saw he was w/ a family (woman and children) and thought well he's w/ his family, and that's non-typical.

One of the hijackers from FL lived in a suburban neighborhood with his wife and children. He sent them back to Saudi Arabia two days before he murdered thousands in the WTC. They cannot be trusted!

76 posted on 10/19/2001 8:06:12 AM PDT by LibertarianLiz
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To: Pokey78
Terrorists: Profiles in sneaky cowardice.
77 posted on 10/19/2001 8:07:16 AM PDT by lds23
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To: Pokey78
In the meantime, back in reality, here's something to chew on from the very same Friday morning edition of the Wall Street Journal:

Visas Being Issued At US Consulate In Saudi Arabia

A U.S. visa-processing office in Saudi Arabia that issued visas to six of the suspected 19 Sept. 11 hijackers said it is "conducting business as usual," and continues to waive interviews for the "vast majority" of applicants, according to a memo the office wrote to State Department officials.

The cable said that visas were approved for all 104 people who applied for them at the Jeddah consular office between Sept. 11 and the beginning of October, when the cable was sent. Only two of the applicants were interviewed.

78 posted on 10/19/2001 8:25:41 AM PDT by Revolting cat!
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To: Pokey78
In the past month I have evolved . . . to watchful potential warrior.

So have I. I've been really scrutinizing trucks as I'm on the expressway these past couple of weeks.

This morning as I got off at the usual exit to take my through-the-country route, a truck was waiting to enter the expressway. As I turned, it truck pulled through the intersection to begin its entry.

I noticed in the rear-view window that the the body of the truck had the all lettering painted over rather crudely. Thinking about the missing hazmat trailer in NJ, I turned around and got back on the expressway, hoping to catch up with it and get a license number.

I knew it wouldn't be that truck, but could have been another. I was back on the highway within 2 minutes of when I first saw it, and though I exceeded the speed limit (5 over, I didn't want a ticket!) hoping to catch up to it, did not find it for the half hour I stayed on the road. I'm guessing it must have exited soon after it entered the highway.

The suggestion of carrying a little camera notebook suggested by several is outstanding.

79 posted on 10/19/2001 8:51:00 AM PDT by mombonn
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To: Nogbad
Peggy's right about the turban...

``I have completed my education and now I'm going to Afghanistan,'' said Abdul Manan, 25, his head draped in the new white turban bestowed on graduates. ``We are ready to sacrifice our lives for a noble cause.''

From this thread:

Taliban Graduates Ready for Holy War

80 posted on 10/19/2001 9:04:43 AM PDT by texasbluebell
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