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Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged (Who's Behind Harry Potter?)
Jeremiah Films ^ | October 2001 | Pat and Carol Matriciana

Posted on 12/12/2001 7:47:07 PM PST by jedediah smith

The following transcript is excerpted from the latest video by Jeremiah Films, concerning the use of the Harry Potter video to brainwash students into experimenting with witchcraft:

Each year, thousands of teens are turning their backs on Christianity, and joining witches' covens, in order to learn spells, so as to pass school exams, attract boyfriends or girlfriends, and get rich. The secretary of the Magic Circle Young Magicians' club, credits the Harry Potter books, as the latest rage, which he says has rekindled the childlike approach to the fact that the impossible may be possible. He gives thanks to Harry, who he says has sparked an interest in pure magic, real magic, strong magic.

Harry Potter, the orphan child wizard, already famous in his own magical world, because he survived the murderous black magic death curse of the evil Lord Voldimore, has now duplicated his fame in the real world. Under the category of children's fantasy literature, sales of Harry Potter books have received phenomenal acceptance worldwide, breaking all records...

A massive global marketing campaign, partnered by Warner Brothers, Mattel and Coca-Cola, guarantees that the Harry Potter image will be kept before the public for years to come... According to a US Consumer Research survey, over half of all children between the ages of six and seventeen, have read at least one Harry Potter book, with thousands reporting multiple readings of all of the books. These volumes range anywhere from 309 to 734 pages. While many parents are thrilled by the prospect of their children taking an interest in reading, other parents and educators view Harry Potter as the latest tool being used to disciple children into the darkest aspects of black magic. Through Harry Potter books and audios, children as young as kindergarten age are being introduced to human sacrifice, the sucking of blood from dead animals, and possession by spirit beings.

Set in England, the Harry Potter story begins on Halloween night, with the murder of Harry's parents by the evil Lord Voldimore. Through the sacrificial goddess magic of his mother's love, baby Harry is saved, and his blood is given magical powers. Unable to kill Harry, in revenge, Voldimore sears a death curse of a lightening bolt on Harry's forehead. In the real world, thousands of young fans demonstrate their allegiance to Harry, by taking the mark of the lightening bolt on their own foreheads...

Harry is magically selected to attend the one thousand-year old Hogwort's school of witchcraft and wizardry. Both Voldimore and Harry's parents attended the prestigious boarding school before him. All of Hogwort's teachers are practicing occultists, and instruct their students in the proper use of magic tools, spells, and rituals.

Headmaster, Aldous Dumbledore, owns a phoenix. The powerful mythological bird, the symbol of resurrection. The magical wands of both Harry and Voldimore, share the same power, which is a tail feather from Dumbledore's phoenix. Therefore, in the world of Harry Potter, the power source of Harry's so-called good magic, and Voldimore's evil magic, is one and the same. The question is, should parents be concerned that the alluring power behind witchcraft is being made to look innocent, and is being targeted towards their children, through the Harry Potter phenomena...

Robert McGee is the author of The Search for Significance and founder of the Ratha Treatment Centers.

McGee: "There are those who defend the Harry Potter books by saying they're just fantasy. And so when people object to these books, they're made to look like fools, because the people say, 'How can you object to these books, they're just fantasy?' But that line of reasoning would tell you, that you could include in fantasy, any violence, pornography, whatever you wanted, and still defend those books by that very same statement."

As an expert in world religions, noted cult and occult researcher Carol Matriciana, has authored the best-selling books, Gods of the New Age, and The Evolution Conspiracy, and has written and produced numerous videos for Jeremiah Films.

Matriciana: Many argue that Harry Potter is just merely children's fantasy, and therefore it's harmless. The lie about this is that witchcraft is reality. J.K. Rawlings, the author of the Harry Potter series, has gone through an awful lot of research. She is very accurate, otherwise we would have witches all over the country and the world saying 'This is not a true representation of our religion.' This is a true representation of witchcraft, and the black arts and black magic, and yet we have people that say this is merely fantasy and harmless reading for our children. Actually what makes this more dangerous is that it is couched in fantasy language, and children's literature, and made to be humorous, and beautifully written, and extremely provocative reading, and it just opens up children to want to have the next one. This is what is so harmful.

"Joann Rawlings majored in mythology in Exeter University in England. She has borrowed not only from pagan religions, Celtic religions, the religions of the Druids, witchcraft, Satanism, a lot of the spells, the incantations, the philosophy behind the mythology and the religion, is being put into Harry Potter's books. Yes, Harry Potter may be fictional, but there is a lot of religious teaching, in symbols that perhaps the reader doesn't always pick out.

"The actual word 'potter,' if you ask a pagan, a witch, any knowledgeable expert in the occult or hidden arts, the potter is the female goddess, the goddess of Babylon, who is considered the potter who created human beings, from clay, and they believe that the patriarchal God of Christianity, the God of Israel, copied that in a very poor imitation, because He cannot give birth. Now listen how to important that is to understand. The feminine- orientated cult of witchcraft sees the woman, and her process of birth, as fundamental in the new life, the transformation, the alchemy, the changing of the inner man, to higher consciousness, which is what Harry Potter is all about. In fact, that's what the first book is called, The Sorcerer's Stone, the alchemy of being transfomed and changed through the inner man, to become a new creature. Which is again, an upside-down reversal of what a Christian believes that when they come into understanding a relationship, a personal relationship with Christ, they are transformed, and take on the mind of Christ.

"The concept of fertility-based cults, feminine-oriented cults, such as witchcraft, is the concept that the new birth can take place, inside, through meditation, you have inner transformation, inner wisdom, inner knowledge. And all this is done through concentration, visualization. All through Harry's books, Armani, and others, say 'Concentrate Harry, if you concentrate hard enough you can have what you want.'

"One of the arguments is that Harry Potter series does not actually teach witchcraft, that it is not teaching the concept of mother goddess, and her consort the horned god, which is essential to the fertility cult, sort of fertility-oriented witchcraft religion. And yes there are the concepts of mother goddess being taught, because Harry's mother gave her life for Harry, the sacrificial death that she gave through love is a symbolism of goddess worship. It's an inversion, if you will, of God the Father, whose Son gave His life, in love, for his people. Now the concept of teaching mother goddess is very, very important. Harry's mother gave her life for Harry so that he should be saved, and through this love sacrifice, Harry was protected from death. Now this concept is brought up several times. In fact, it is so important in witchcraft and pagan thinking, that Voldimore, Harry's arch enemy, takes a vial of blood from Harry in book number 4, in order to have the blood run through his own veins in order that he can be resurrected and have a body..."

McGee: "One of the most disturbing things about the Harry Potter book, is it teaches children that witchcraft is for children. It does this by allowing children to read about other children in a school setting, and watching these children learn how to use spells and all the other elements of witchcraft. It teaches these children that witchcraft is just not for adults, but that children can access this power and use this power also.

"If you say there is no real problem with witchcraft, then you should have no problem with the Harry Potter book, but there are two problems in your line of reasoning. First of all you're denying the experience of hundreds of thousands of people, who've practiced witchcraft, through the ages. Plus, you're saying that God's warning in the Bible about divination, sorcery, and all the elements of witchcraft is actually worthless...Despite God's warning, many youth, including Christian youth, don't see much harm in witchcraft...They do not know that they're opening doors in their life, to spirits which will come in, and create very compulsive behaviors. And this is why many in witchcraft are compulsively into drug usage, into sexual activity, and all manner of conduct which is very destructive. And yet, why should they be concerned when they hear nothing from the adults, that warned them of what's coming...

"I know a nine-year old girl, in a Christian school, who said, "I love Harry Potter. I've always wanted to be a witch. I want to have the same power he has." The daughter of a pastor, [she] wakes up at night, dreaming of being able to use the same powers as Harry. She's grown up in the church. She even witnesses to people who are in Wicca, but does not recognize, what she's dreaming about is to actually use demonic power.

"I had a young youth pastor tell me recently about a girl that came to be part of his youth group. But she was also part of Wicca. She began recruiting children out of his youth group. He wasn't aware that those in Wicca, take great joy out of seducing Christian children into Wicca. But Christian children are usually easy prey, for they don't understand witchcraft or what to look out for..."

Matriciana: "Those who say that Harry Potter's books do not teach witchcraft don't understand that one of the essentials of witchcraft is that there is no good or evil. There is no right or wrong. It is as you perceive it. So there's a sort of relativism, that in your situation if you do one thing or in my situation if I do a different thing, we're both doing the right thing even if it's wrong. There are no absolutes...In fact, throughout the books, Harry is rewarded when he deliberately lies, or deliberately does something wrong, instead of the teachers expelling him, which Harry thinks he's going to be expelled for something he did wrong, he is rewarded...It doesn't matter what this little boy does is wrong, he's rewarded for it...

"The lightening bolt [seen on Harry's forehead] is a mark of power from the god Thor, again the horned god, the god of power. And this lightening bolt was considered so important in occult mythology that Hitler used it on his uniforms, on the collar of his uniforms, and it is part of the swastika, which is the other lightening bolt that goes across..."


As the largest publisher of children's books in the world, Scholastic Inc., the U.S. publisher of the Harry Potter series, supplies nearly every public school in America with its products, thereby reaching more than 32 million children each year. In the last two decades, Scholastic has been producing more and more materials featuring witchcraft, graphic horror, supernaturalism and spiritism. Scholastic eagerly secured the publishing rights to Harry Potter, which far surpassed the popularity of its predecessor...As a supplier of teaching materials to American schools for over eighty years, Scholastic used its unrivaled position in the educational system to flood classrooms and libraries with Harry Potter books, recommending that teachers read them aloud in class. Scholastic's 35 school-based magazines, published for grades K-12, tirelessly markets the Potter books to students while its award-winning website helps integrate Harry Potter materials into classroom activities...While the reading of Bible-based material is banned in American schools, the religion of witchcraft, repackaged through Harry Potter, is given honorable status and the strategic position.


McGee: "...In the days to come, there will be many other issues. There will be many other books, there will be many other ways that the pagans and the witches attempt to influence our children...If this were an auto race, the pagans and the witches would have lapped us many times. They've gained this advantage because of the ignorance of Christians. To show an example, there is a book in which a person actually justifies Harry Potter through Scripture. I cannot think of anything more blasphemous. Here we have Harry Potter, a wizard, going to a school to better learn demonic power, and this individual is justifying these books through Scripture."

Matriciana: "We need to be educated and aware about what is the content of the Harry Potter books, what is the phenomenon that is sweeping through the globe at the moment, and what is the purpose of this indoctrination? Where is it coming from? What is behind Harry Potter?..."

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To: Exigence
I haven't read a single "HP promotes witchcraft" article that wasn't full of similar errors. It has to make me wonder if half the people writing diatribes actually read the books.

Right in one, sir or madam. The basic factual errors and misspellings in the plot 'synopsis' I documented sure indicates a second-hand retelling of spoken rumor to a Web Person/typist to me.

Inside Kook Central

"Blast and balderdash! Our petty cash fund is running low - I had to threaten to excommunicate the pizza boy to get him to leave the bread sticks this time! OK, here's what we do: This "Larry Patter" thing is popular now, right? My second cousin's brother's milkman's kid once read one of those books, and I saw him with an OPEN safety pin around his nose the other day. So, that's how we spin it - Larry Patter is Satan returned, the stories tell the kiddies how to turn Mom and Dad into snail darters, blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. The marks'll eat it up and its cha-ching! time at the bank!

OK, bring in that little wastoid and get him to give us a quick synopsis of the Patter books. I'll pay the bill so we can put up the web page again ... damn it, WHERE'S THAT PHONE NUMBER?"

221 posted on 12/13/2001 4:52:08 PM PST by strela
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To: DaisyCutter
"Satan is a *Christian* invention, witches (wiccans and pagans) don't even believe in the existance of Satan."

This is why I separated witches and wiccan/neo-pagans in my statement.

First, Satan is not a Christian invention. The idea of a specific adversary to God is found in pre-Christian Judeism. It is also found in Persian Mithraism, and a number of other religions and folklores around the world. It is not found in Graco/Roman mythology, where the gods fight among themselves, but in Germanic myth, the gods are opposed by the giants, and Loki (Logi, Ignis) one of the Asgardians (and a firegod) sides with the giants at Ragnorok, making Loki a Satan cognate. (Many North European folktales about encounters with the Devil have parallels to Old Norse folktales about encounters with Loki) Irish Celtic myth has the demi-god-like Tuatha da Daanan fighting with the demon-like Formorians. So the concept of a once devine being or creature turning away from good to become the leader of evil is not a Christian concept only.

Wiccans may not believe in Satan (or they may, it depends on the cult), but none deny that there are Satanists out there, whom they may regard as deluded or evil or both. And the 'witches' that were persecuted in the 14th through the 17th Centuries were persecuted because they were (or were believed to be) a Satanic cult. Thus witchcraft is a religion which worships the Devil in return for the granting of certain magical powers. (I have never understood why the wiccans adopted the term for themselves, and then tried to deny that 'witch' really meant what it has meant in the English language for over 1000 years.) On the other hand, wiccans and some neo-pagans also attempt to gain magical powers through the worship/performance of religious rites in honor of supernatural beings. Since in the theology of some Christians, the supernatural is divided into God and his Angels on one hand, and the Devil and all his works on the other, any worship of supernatural creatures other than God is at best mistaken veneration of Angelic beings, or devil worship, by definition.

All of which is irrelevant to the Harry Potter fictional universe, because I have yet to hear of an example of an occasion in the books when Harry (or any other character) *worships* a supernatural entity to gain magical powers. (Invoking a subernatural spirit, and binding it to one's service via spells, doesn't count. That is a completely different brand of wizardry) So the books have nothing to do with witchcraft, save for the use of the word to describe the curriculum at Hoggwarts.
222 posted on 12/13/2001 8:23:12 PM PST by VietVet
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To: strela
any more quotes from MONTY PYTHON????
223 posted on 12/13/2001 9:42:24 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: ~EagleNebula~
Pythonnet has a ton of 'em.
224 posted on 12/13/2001 9:45:50 PM PST by strela
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To: RnMomof7
RE: post #150...... It is stated. What is to argue with? Moses declared it a rod, and not a snake to turn into a stiff snake, and back into a hungry one! I wonder what / where that person's source was, anyway! Hmmmm! I would think that if it had been a snake in his hand he would have answered God accordingly! There will always be nay-sayers, eh, RnMom?

So what "trick" was it that turned the water to blood? Someone killed a dinasour upstream? and then went around adding dye #4 to everyone else's drinking water? ::giggle:: sorry, but that really was an absurd attempt to explain it away. (re. snake / rod) If they want to believe it, it is, of course their choice! God has given them free will.

225 posted on 12/13/2001 9:59:53 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Central Scrutiniser
You see, behind your back would be via private e-mail....

AH! now there is a revelation! OOPS! someone let that slip in the first 50 posts! "Check you FReep mail" /sarcasm

226 posted on 12/13/2001 10:05:05 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: GW in Ohio
Do you sincerely believe the Pokemon are part of some sinister plot to brainwash our kids?

now that you have a grip on yourself...... i think you under-estimate the subtlety of the enemy. in so doing you open yourself up to easy attack.

227 posted on 12/13/2001 10:11:31 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Patriot76
Anyone who is on welfare (and takes a cruise while on welfare!) gets a slap from me, but if you really think that you can get a job while having a degree in French (or most other liberal arts majors like "philosophy" or "music"), you're deluded!

"Son, have you thought about your career plans?"
"Yeah, Dad, I want to be a rock music star."
"Son, you know that's not very realistic."
"I know, if it fails, I want to be a model."

228 posted on 12/13/2001 10:14:22 PM PST by Nataku X
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To: Wm Bach
229 posted on 12/13/2001 10:22:52 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Wm Bach
That's just what the fundie hellwishers say when they see the souls of Harry Potter fans entering the pearly gates along with most everyone else who ever loved their neighbor.

Putting words in someone's mouth? I don't recall reading a post that put Harry Potter readers either in hell or heaven. Did I miss a post on this thread?

230 posted on 12/13/2001 10:25:57 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Da_Shrimp; Ward Smythe
Thanks for catching the mis-information, and straightening it out.
231 posted on 12/13/2001 10:34:37 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: jedediah smith
I really have only 2 words to say. THANK YOU!!! Harry Potter is a witchcraft bottled up in what is seemlessly a harmless fashion. I for one am boycotting the books and the movie. I invite any of you who care to join me.
232 posted on 12/13/2001 10:38:06 PM PST by Udycus
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To: Wm Bach
ROFLMBO!! Re post #191!! It is late (or early, depending on your perspective!) and I saw the pics before I read the connection. I was puzzling, and then read "spiritual ties"! OOOOHHHH! LOLOLOL Loved the humor in it!!! But then, I like word plays and puns.
233 posted on 12/13/2001 10:38:55 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Da_Shrimp
"those in Wicca, take great joy out of seducing Christian children into Wicca is really aggravating, as it simply is not true."

Seriously? Then how is it that a woman who started a Wicca church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, came and spoke to a group of people about how the Christian youth is lured, or seduced into it? Or are you arguing and aggravated at the use of the word joy? Just wondering what your perspective is on it.

234 posted on 12/13/2001 10:50:06 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: Don John de Austria
It is your choice to make, and you may choose to justify it any way you like.
235 posted on 12/13/2001 10:51:48 PM PST by ~EagleNebula~
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To: ~EagleNebula~
Huh? Up Harry!!!!LOL
236 posted on 12/13/2001 11:18:42 PM PST by col kurz
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To: Patriot76
I posted:

"She is well-educated, having studied in both France and England"

You posted:

On another thread, a poster seemed to be implying that Rowling must have had rich parents (or implied financial backing from some unamed organisation) to afford to attend Exeter, when in fact University education in Britain at the time was completely free.

Who is distorting?

I wasn't quoting you though, was I? I was talking about another poster on another thread who was on about about Exeter University and how Rowling could have afforded it. England is part of Britain, at least for now.

I assume Rowling studied in France after her degree was finished: this is something quite common in language students, you know.

237 posted on 12/13/2001 11:26:39 PM PST by Da_Shrimp
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To: jedediah smith
Ah, how many of you brave Christian warriors opposed to Harry are going up aginst the Talaban and Al-Quida? Ha, you cowardly pukes, seek out the real enemy of mankind and Christianity, Islam.......Semper Fi
238 posted on 12/13/2001 11:27:12 PM PST by col kurz
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To: ~EagleNebula~
Seriously? Then how is it that a woman who started a Wicca church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, came and spoke to a group of people about how the Christian youth is lured, or seduced into it? Or are you arguing and aggravated at the use of the word joy?

Just wondering what your perspective is on it.

A Wicca church? Could you clarify further? We don't have Wicca Churches in England. Wicca in England is based on small groups of people and the idea of a 'Church' would be a complete anathema and anyone who tried to start one would be the laughing stock of the entire Wiccan community.

I've certainly never heard of the event you mentioned, more info would be appreciated.

239 posted on 12/13/2001 11:32:37 PM PST by Da_Shrimp
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To: ~EagleNebula~
I think Scholastic is a liberal commie group who decides the absolute worst trash to give to kids.

However, Scholastic does not own Pokemon, Nintendo does. And Pokemon was created in Japan. Japan isn't Christian, but they're not specifically anti-Christian in nature. That's another whole discussion, though. Besides, Pokemon has been banned, not encouraged, in schools.

I've said over and over on these threads, "realistic" TV shows and books that encourage "realistic sins" such as cussing and premartial sex and gay acceptance--like Judy Blume books, Dawson's Creek, etc., are the ones to fear. A child is much, much more likely to grow up to be a cussing whore exploring "his sexual identity" than to fly on broomsticks.

240 posted on 12/13/2001 11:39:02 PM PST by Nataku X
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