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Nazis: Socialists and pagans (Liberals deny they were socialists, teach they were Christian!) ^ | December 20, 2001 | J.P. Zmirak

Posted on 01/06/2002 10:16:25 AM PST by gg188

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To: lexcorp
Most Nazi's were Christians. Deal with it. "Gott Mit Uns"

30 posted on 1/8/02 8:55 AM Pacific by lexcorp

You're kidding aren't you?

51 posted on 01/09/2002 1:35:08 PM PST by f.Christian
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To: lexcorp

What Elian Tells Us About Ourselves

By Edward Zehr

"They have become, in the fullest sense of the term, Weimar Republicans."

Oh no, the reader thinks upon seeing the subtitle of this piece, not another article about Elian. But this series of articles is only incidentally about Elian -- it's really about us and what is happening to us. The Elian affair is like a mirror that reflects our hidden face, the one we never identify with ourselves because we always imagine that it belongs to somebody else.

For example, I get e-mail from people who have chanced to read one or more of these articles and drop me a cordial line or two just to let me know what a numbskull I am. After all, the way I tell the story is not the way they have heard it. If my version were correct it would mean that they have been grossly misinformed, and the implications of that are too terrible to contemplate.

It would mean that in order to be properly informed they would have to stop skating over the surface of issues such as these, letting the anchor people do all the heavy lifting, and start doing their own thinking. But thinking can be kind of like work. Besides, a lot of people just don't quite have the hang of it. The raw material required to do one's own thinking consists of facts gathered from a wide variety of sources, not just the one that happens to materialize when the TV set is switched on.

The "facts" presented by the mass media are typically folded into a smarmy batter of tendentious fiction calculated to elicit a response from the viewer that will be useful in advancing the hidden agenda which the presstitutes are paid to promote. The viewer, who does not comprehend that he or she is being manipulated responds emotionally, as though watching a soap opera or a TV series. After all, most people have a lot more experience responding emotionally to TV plots than they have at thinking critically and analytically. The script writer manipulates the emotions of the audience who respond in a predictable fashion. The viewers are being conditioned to react in a certain way. The leap from the semi-conscious emotional response evoked by TV "entertainment" to the conditioned response elicited by the politically motivated propaganda inserted into "news" presentations is a short one.


The black-shirted, brown-shirted and red-banner-waving totalitarians of the twentieth century missed the point on a grand scale. All that rough stuff is really unnecessary in building a totalitarian state. In fact, if overdone, it tends to give the game away. Goebbels was the one who had it right, not Himmler. Concentration camps are a drain on the economy. That doesn't mean that you cannot turn the occasional group of retrograde religious fundies into crispy critters if they offer sufficient provocation. (It adds to the entertainment value of the spectacle if you torment the kiddies with noxious gas for, oh say five or six hours prior to lighting the bonfire -- the imperial Romans knew about these things). After the flames subside it will all be seen as the fault of the fundies, of course. That sinister, shadowy countenance we sometimes catch sight of, however fleetingly, in the mirror is never our own.

Not that the knock on the door in the middle of the night is completely passe. In fact, it can prove quite useful if the courts insist upon being tedious about due process and all that nausea, and balk at issuing the legal paperwork necessary to drag away the designated victim in strict conformance with the law. No matter, hardly anyone understands the law, and who is going to tell them -- the press? They are far too preoccupied writing puff-pieces about Janet Reno to shed any tears over the late, great Fourth Amendment. Mind you, the original Gestapo were such sticklers for observing regulations they actually used to knock before entering. (Germans tend to be polite almost to a fault -- they would never dream of using the familiar form of the personal pronoun with a stranger, even if they were bashing his head in). Our own ski-masked, ninja-clad mili-cops do their nocturnal knocking with a battering ram. Small wonder Europeans consider us to be somewhat gauche.

...were you hatched-released yesterday?

52 posted on 01/09/2002 2:07:28 PM PST by f.Christian
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To: lexcorp
No it's not a cop out at all, it is common sense really. If I tell you I am a Christian and you see me in an alley mugging someone, you might rightly decide I'm a liar, because my actions do not coincide with the principles that I claim that I live by.
53 posted on 01/09/2002 3:52:18 PM PST by MissAmericanPie
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To: lexcorp
Oh yes this explains everything...liberal-czars--algorebechoviks(NWO) are our saints--saviors--guardian angels/role models!
57 posted on 01/09/2002 4:15:21 PM PST by f.Christian
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To: He Rides A White Horse
Engineering the slaughter of countless millions because you consider them subhuman would certainly disqualify you.

Tell it to Torquemada & Co.

58 posted on 01/09/2002 4:15:43 PM PST by Doctor Doom
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To: lexcorp
Not just Christians, but Lutherans, no less.

That was the source of their anti-Semitism.

59 posted on 01/09/2002 4:16:56 PM PST by Doctor Doom
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I still have a hard is accepting the idea nazism is a left wing ideology. You all need to stop listening to Horowitz.

Why? And what the heck does Horowitz have to do with it?

These monsters were SOCIALISTS first and formost,only the communists called them facists.

60 posted on 01/09/2002 4:20:14 PM PST by tet68
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To: lexcorp
Is it quibbling to "Love thy neighbor as thyself"? You can't mug your neighbor, or abuse him in a concentration camp, or hate the apple of his eye the Jews, and convince anyone that you are a Christian. At least you shouldn't be able to convince them, the world is so nutz anymore tho who knows.
61 posted on 01/09/2002 4:22:01 PM PST by MissAmericanPie
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To: Doctor Doom
Nice couple lex luther and dr. doom!
62 posted on 01/09/2002 4:25:14 PM PST by f.Christian
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To: lexcorp
but the rank and file Nazis, the ones who actually carried out the atrocities, were church-going Christians.

Depends on which Nazis, and which atrocities, you are talking about. No doubt the bulk of the Wehrmacht's atrocities were committed by members of the Christian churches.

However, high-ranking Nazi functionaries and civil servants -- and especially members of the SS -- were under heavy pressure to register as gottgläubig (deist) rather than as belonging to one of the churches. The Germans serving in the concentration and extermination camps were members of the SS, as were the members of the Einsatzgruppen (death squads) that carried out the mass shooting of Jews in the Russian campaign. I doubt if you'll find that many of the SS people in the extermination camps belonged to Christian churches.

63 posted on 01/09/2002 4:39:29 PM PST by aristeides
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To: Dumb_Ox
If Lothar Machtan is right that Hitler was a practising homosexual in his youth, he had particular reason to feel alienated from Christianity.

Which reminds me, seems to me I've read some place that Lanz von Liebenfels, who is mentioned prominently in the article, was homosexual. If he met the young Hitler, as the article says he did (and as Lanz himself told people after WWII, which he survived,) I wonder if they had sexual relations. Would explain a heavy influence on Hitler.

64 posted on 01/09/2002 4:44:41 PM PST by aristeides
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To: tet68
Nazi style of socialism is way different from classic liberal socialism pushed by Karl Marx.
65 posted on 01/09/2002 4:44:52 PM PST by AMMON-CENTRIST
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To: f.Christian
Nice couple lex luther and dr. doom!

In deference to my kryptonite bearing compatriot, his name would be Luthor.

66 posted on 01/09/2002 6:28:03 PM PST by Doctor Doom
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To: Doctor Doom
Tell it to Torquemada & Co.

I would. What makes you think I would defend them?

67 posted on 01/10/2002 4:23:16 AM PST by He Rides A White Horse
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To: lexcorp
If you are really interested, maybe you should read the scriptures again with a fresh eye. If you are talking about the tribes that Israel fought to secure the "Promised Land", there seems to be instructions as how to deal with each tribe encountered. In any case sometimes those instructions were not followed to wipe a tribe out, and so we are stuck still fighting them to this very day and this very hour.

I don't consider myself qualified to instruct or admonish God, in any case, as time as proven His judgements are just and right.

69 posted on 01/10/2002 7:40:05 AM PST by MissAmericanPie
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To: lexcorp
over... here!
71 posted on 01/10/2002 2:28:08 PM PST by f.Christian
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