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Airline Passenger Arrested for Leaving Seat Within 30 Minutes of Salt Lake City
Fox News ^ | 2/11/02

Posted on 02/11/2002 12:42:32 PM PST by Enemy Of The State

Edited on 04/22/2004 12:32:30 AM PDT by Jim Robinson. [history]

SALT LAKE CITY — An airline passenger who allegedly got up to go the bathroom less than 30 minutes before landing became the first person arrested under a new federal flight regulation adopted for the Olympics.

Richard Bizarro, 59, could get up to 20 years in prison on charges of interfering with a flight crew.

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To: Axelsrd
...Because he returned to his seat "slowly", the marshalls must have thought he was a terrorist which indicts the entire Federal screening process which is supposed to detect/screen out potential terrorists.

Why have air marshalls? As for me, I appreciate the layered security. I'm sure the crews appreciate it, too.

81 posted on 02/11/2002 2:39:27 PM PST by sandlady
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To: areafiftyone
This guy was a troublemaker.

Gestapo tactics aside, that's how I read into this guy's intentions, too. He appeared to be intentionally planning to break the rules. Foul on both sides -- the marshals should have just tied him up alone with the 'thumbs up' companion.

Well, the courts will have fun now.

82 posted on 02/11/2002 2:42:14 PM PST by flamefront
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To: VaBthang4
The sky Marshal said Bizarro[aptly named] gave a thumbs up to another passenger.

You are assuming that the sky marshals are telling the truth. To whom did he give the thumbs up to? That person should have been arrested too. Or did he just give the thumbs up to the flight attendant? Did he nod his head or speak to anyone on his way back to his seat? Or is that against the law too.

83 posted on 02/11/2002 2:44:19 PM PST by chainsaw
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To: monday
I'm become more of a rebel all the time. This is so over the top, I am surprised that more Freepers just want to accept it and blame the guy rather than a bad law.

Maybe, that water in my pot had just reached 212 degrees.

I am a law & order guy. I laugh at those Freepers who worry about the curtailing of civil rights with the Anti-Terrorism and Patriots Acts.

Hell, you don't want to hear my position on capital punishment. (Hint: Our population would be greatly reduced)

This article has really pissed me off. Enough is enough.

Look. My wife and I returned from CPAC Sunday night via Baltimore/DC airport. We had a booth at CPAC and we had to pack up stuff to ship back home. I had packed my Swiss Army knife and Leatherman tool in one the boxes that was shipped to the warehouse in advance of the show.

I used the tools to set up booth, cut things...etc. I then put tools in my briefcase. The last day, I had to use the Swiss Army Knife to pack and tape the boxes to ship home.

I forgot to toss the knife into the boxes so I put it in my briefcase.

As I'm standing the security line, I realized the knife is directly on top of the papers in the briefcase. Very easy to see.

Ok, quick analysis. What do I do? If I report it, what are the consequences. One, kiss my over 20 year old Swiss Army Knife goodbye - that was a given. Two, what will the authorities do? Shoot me, arrest me, detain me....who knows.

I looked at the scanner. Young, black, bored not totally interested in what he was doing. Occasionally looking at the screen but only occassionally.

Decision. I'll go through and take my chances and cross that bridge....

Correct Decision. He never even looked.

Of course, when he becomes a Federalized Employee, I will certainly give myself up right away! (/sarcasm)

So, security failed last Sunday but now I can't take a piss because of some new law.

Folks, it's time for some of us to start saying "No, this is an unlawful law. I am an American and I still have some civil rights.

Rant Off!

84 posted on 02/11/2002 2:46:36 PM PST by Seeking the truth
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To: Seeking the truth
You must be an ex-stew the way you are interpeting these events!

Nope-not an "ex-stew." I'm not interpreting anything-all my quotes come from the article. I did give my opinion about the amount of time I don't think he'll get.

85 posted on 02/11/2002 2:47:39 PM PST by sandlady
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To: Enemy Of The State
Sounds like someone who needs to constantly be center of attention. He didn't have to pee, he just wanted to show how macho he was. The guy's a jackass and just wanted to cause trouble. He needs a good, hard slap.
86 posted on 02/11/2002 2:54:41 PM PST by Indiana Girl
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Comment #87 Removed by Moderator

To: Enemy Of The State
"This is no time to be engaging in little acts of machismo and defiance."

You mean like the passengers on Flight 93, fighting back against hijackers? btw, the scariest aspect of this thread are the dickwits above trying to justify the legal response to this.

88 posted on 02/11/2002 3:01:15 PM PST by rdww
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Comment #89 Removed by Moderator

To: Just_another_man
Yes, but, putting my hands over my head is too much of an inconvenience for me. It is very inconvenient to have my civil rights suspended yet again while the real criminals or potential terrorists are untouchable because of profiling or whatever.

It can never happen here. I still believe that BUT BS like putting your hands over your head is getting me thinking someehat differently.

I live in Boca Raton, FL. You can not work for the city if you are a smoker - even in your home!

You can not use a cell phone within the city limits.

You can't cut down a tree threatening to crash onto your house unless the city government says so.

A new High School up the road now graduates students as "World Citizens" and the school is waitlisted!

See the progression. Somewhere, we have to start saying no and enough is enough.

90 posted on 02/11/2002 3:14:08 PM PST by Seeking the truth
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To: Seeking the truth
I agree it's time to "rant off".

Let's get trained, educated, US citizens leading the airline screening process.

Let's get the baggage screening in place.

Let's agree that passengers now have to follow different rules. If you can't get up for the last 30 minutes of a flight...then you don't get up. We all understand what this about.

And, let's make penalties realistic. Instead of 20 years for acting like an overgrown adolescent, how about hitting this guy where it really hurts? How about a large five figure fine and suspension of his right to fly for six months?

We don't need to be told to keep our hands on our heads...we need to tell the airlines and the Dept. of Transportation to get their heads back where the sun shines.

91 posted on 02/11/2002 3:19:12 PM PST by Right_in_Virginia
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To: Seeking the truth
"Folks, it's time for some of us to start saying "No, this is an unlawful law. I am an American and I still have some civil rights. "

On the one hand I know what you mean, but on the other....well. I am not sure what I would have done if I had been on the flight w/ Bizarro? After hearing the Captain warn everyone to stay in his seat, I would have been very nervous if someone stood up and walked towards the front of the plane five minutes later. I think Bizarro should have at least called the flight attendent first. If Bizarro had been young and Middle Eastern looking, well I don't know? I might have tackled him myself, and I don't think I would be the only one. Fear can produce some very strong reactions in people, and those like Bizarro need to understand this.

92 posted on 02/11/2002 3:24:16 PM PST by monday
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To: Enemy Of The State
Mug shot:

93 posted on 02/11/2002 3:28:42 PM PST by Charles Henrickson
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Ladies and gentlemen, In the back of the seat in front of you please find one set of earphones, one barf bag, one portable urinal, and your inflight magazine.
94 posted on 02/11/2002 3:33:06 PM PST by fivetoes
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To: FreeTheHostages
Oh, bullsh*t!!!

THis just shows how sheeplike Americans have become;may you p*ss your pants in public when the Gestapo comes down on you.

It is somewhere between inexpressably sad and ludicrous what the current citizens of this once-free nation accept,demand, and laud in the name of SECURITY.

"Those that give up freedom for security deserve neither"(Apologies to the original author for inexactness of quote.)

95 posted on 02/11/2002 3:37:11 PM PST by hoosierham
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To: monday
My comments were not really about him at all.

All I know is that my Dad and my father-in-law have to truncate our phone calls very frequently because their meds make him go - and go right now!

However re: Bizarro. Remember the article said 3 air marshalls were on the flight. This guy gets up and makes it to the bathroom.

What the heck were they doing. Reading Skymall?

If he was a terrorist and was going to do something in the bathroom, well, we would be looking for the black box right about now, wouldn't we?

So, guy does his thing and comes out. Now, what is Mr. Bizarro going to do? Only one thing and that is to return to his seat. Where else is he going to go? There is no where else to go!

So, some stew gets Dachau Frau attitude going and orders him to sit down. Well, that is what he was going to do!

Obviously, not fast enought so she repeats her order to assert control as they teach to do.

His act of defiance is to look back, stare, glare - all offenses worthly of death certainly and then some passenger (it could have been me!) says something or winks or says "attaboy" and this 61 year old man gives a thumbs up and o my God, how dare he do that?

This whole thing is absurd. It ends with all the innocent people with their hands over their heads!

In my many millions of flight miles, I've seen more stews with a tude than passengers.


96 posted on 02/11/2002 3:41:46 PM PST by Seeking the truth
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To: Enemy Of The State
Bizarro arrested, somehow this doesn't suprise me...

97 posted on 02/11/2002 3:42:49 PM PST by Rain-maker
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To: monday
I guess we will be reading about you on FR next time you decide to fly?

You will probably hear about me too. If they explained that the mininum penalty for not putting my hands on my head because somebody else went to the john was lethal injection- well, they'll execute me. My freedom and civil rights mean too much to me. I simply will not comply even if it means making an orphan of my son. I'm an American. Period. I hope the airlines go bankrupt. I mean that and I aim to help that cause by not flying.

98 posted on 02/11/2002 3:47:57 PM PST by Prodigal Son
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To: Enemy Of The State
No thanks. I'll drive.

Having both driven and flown across America I've come to the conclusion that in a car...
I'm in control. I can do as I please. I only have to worry about 2 dimensions. (that third one is a killer!)The scenery is better. I can eat whatever and whenever I want. No snotty stewardess. No layovers. No bumped flights. No one is frisking me...etc

99 posted on 02/11/2002 3:57:44 PM PST by Archaeus
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To: Russ
"The part that bothers me is ordering all passengers to put their hands on their heads for the remainder of the flight."

Not to worry. The control freaks are taking advantage of the knee jerk atomsphere from Sept 11 to pass all kinds of new restrictions on human behavior. I predict there will be a backlash in the next couple of years and it will cost lives. Imagine the congressional hearings after a fatal passenger mutiny.

100 posted on 02/11/2002 4:02:27 PM PST by SSN558
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