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Homosexuals and the Pedophile Connection
Minnesota Family Council / Minnesota Family Institute ^ | 3/10/2003 | Joe Field

Posted on 03/15/2003 1:37:36 PM PST by Willie Green

For education and discussion only. Not for commercial use.

If your child was attending a private, religious school would it concern you if the child´s teacher/counselor suddenly admitted that he was gay?

Lutheran High School of Greater Minneapolis found itself in such a situation with Roger Franzen, a gay pastor/teacher who taught religion at the school. Discussions ensued following this discovery and Franzen agreed to resign at the end of the 2000 school year while remaining “closeted and celibate.”

Less than two years later, attorneys came out of the woodwork to help Franzen sue the school and denomination for discrimination and invasion of privacy.

Minnesota‘s Human Rights Act, particularly as amended by the infamous 1994 gay rights amendment, seems to specifically afford religious institutions these discretions. The Franzen case should get nowhere fast.

But the issue of gays and public schools was recently highlighted in a U.S. District Court decision involving the New York City public school system. There the court ruled that the school system did not interfere with a teacher´s First Amendment rights when it fired him after discovering his active participation in the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). NAMBLA supports repealing the age of consent and child pornography laws as well as openly endorsing men and boys involved in underage sexual relationships.

But should such a ruling extend to homosexuals without such obvious connections to NAMBLA? The answer lies in whether there is a significant correlation between homosexuals and pedophile activity.

Gay activists have strenuously argued that there is no connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children. They point out that the majority of child molestation cases are by heterosexuals. But they neglect a pivotal fact: Homosexuals comprise only a small percentage of the population, yet account for an extraordinarily high percentage of offenses against children.

A recent study in Demography estimated the number of exclusive male homosexuals in the general population at 2.5 percent, and the number of exclusive lesbians at 1.4 percent. The study took into account three large data sets, including the all-encompassing U.S. Census.

Now consider a report from the Journal of Sex Research which noted that homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of child sex offenses, even though they are outnumbered by heterosexuals 20 to one. Less than four percent of the population commits one-third of the offenses against children!

In The Gay Report, homosexual researchers report data showing that better than 7 out of 10 homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19.

Or consider a study in Archives of Sexual Behavior, which found that of 229 convicted child molesters surveyed, “85 percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.”

The evidence is clear. Homosexuals have an overwhelming propensity towards child molestation. This is not to say that all homosexuals act out with pedophile tendencies. But the percentage of those who do is so disproportionately high it would be irresponsible and costly to ignore. Just ask the Roman Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church´s coffers are being drained by the millions to defend and settle an array of alleged child sex offenses by a number of priests. But the Catholic Church appears to have left itself open to further lawsuits when the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops adopted a Charter for the protection of children and young people. Included is the declaration that “for even a single act of sexual abuse of a minor — past, present, or future — the offending priest will be permanently removed from the ministry.” This “one strike, you´re out” policy for priests is a common sense start — but not enough.

The Bishops´ Charter is silent on the likeliest cause of the abuse problem — the existence of a large number of homosexuals in the priesthood. The Conference would benefit by heeding the words of Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Vall, who declared that “people with these inclinations just cannot be ordained. That does not imply a final judgment of people with homosexuality. But you cannot be in this field.” Instead the Conference, in apparent kowtowing to the gay lobby and political correctness, adopted a Charter that mandates the implementation of “adequate screening and evaluative techniques in deciding the fitness of candidates for ordination, as well as a “focus on the question of human formation for celibate and chastity.”

No matter the screening, even if there is no history of prior child molestation, placing homosexuals in settings with children — such as schools — is akin to putting heterosexual male sex offenders in a sorority house instead of a halfway house.

With the abnormally high percentage of homosexuals accounting for pedophile activity, children in all school settings — private or public — need protection. To neglect this is to continue to place our children knowingly in harm´s way.

TOPICS: Culture/Society; Editorial
KEYWORDS: homosexualagenda; homosexuals; nambla; pedofiles; pedophiles; prisoners
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To: NetValue
America has only what it tolerates.


41 posted on 03/15/2003 4:02:06 PM PST by kstewskis ("political correctness is intellectual terrorism"....Mel Gibson)
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To: Discussted
If yo are going to invoke the name of famous Nazi in your defense of the grossly sick and dysfucntional gay lifestyle, at least take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the facts:

The Homosexual Roots of the Nazi Party

The "gay rights" movement often portrays itself as an American phenomenon which arose from the civil rights movement of the 1950s. It is not uncommon to hear homosexualists (those both "gay" and "straight" who promote the legitimization of homosexuality) characterize "gay rights" as the natural third wave of civil rights activism (following blacks and women). In reality, however, Germany was the birthplace of "gay rights," and its legacy in that nation is truly alarming.

The "grandfather of gay rights" was a homosexual German lawyer named Karl Heinrich Ulrichs. Ulrichs had been molested at age 14 by his male riding instructor. Instead of attributing his adult homosexuality to the molestation, however, Ulrich devised in the 1860s what became known as the "third sex" theory of homosexuality. Ulrichs' model holds that male homosexuals are actually female souls trapped within male bodies. The reverse phenomenon supposedly explains lesbianism. Since homosexuality was an innate condition, reasoned Ulrichs, homosexual behavior should be decriminalized. An early follower of Ulrichs coined the term "homosexual" in an open letter to the Prussian Minister of Justice in 1869.

By the time Ulrichs died in 1895, the "gay rights" movement in Germany had gained considerable strength. Frederich Engels noted this in a letter to Karl Marx regarding Ulrich's efforts: "The pederasts start counting their numbers and discover they are a powerful group in our state. The only thing missing is an organization, but it seems to exist already, but it is hidden." After Ulrichs' death, the movement split into two separate and opposed factions. One faction followed Ulrichs' successor, Magnus Hirschfeld, who formed the Scientific Humanitarian Committee in 1897 and later opened the Institute for Sex Research in Berlin. The other faction was organized by Adolf Brand, publisher of the first homosexual magazine, Der Eigene (The Special). Brand, Benedict Friedlander and Wilhelm Janzen formed the Gemeinschaft der Eigenen (The Community of the Special) in 1902. What divided these groups was their concepts of masculinity. Ulrichs' theory embraced a feminine identity. His, and later Hirschfeld's, followers literally believed they were women trapped in men's bodies.

The followers of Brand, however, were deeply insulted by Ulrichs' theory. They perceived themselves not merely as masculine, but as a breed of men superior in masculine qualities even to heterosexuals. The Community of the Special (CS) asserted that male homosexuality was the foundation of all nation-states and that male homosexuals represented an elite strata of human society. The CS fashioned itself as a modern incarnation of the warrior cults of ancient Greece. Modeling themselves after the military heroes of Sparta, Thebes and Crete, the members of the CS were ultra-masculine, male-supremacist and pederastic (devoted to man/boy sex). Brand said in Der Eigene that he wanted men who "thirst for a revival of Greek times and Hellenic standards of beauty after centuries of Christian barbarism."

One of the keys to understanding both the rise of Nazism and the later persecution of some homosexuals by the Nazis is found in this early history of the German "gay rights" movement. For it was the CS which created and shaped what would become the Nazi persona, and it was the loathing which these "Butches" held for effeminate homosexuals ("Femmes") which led to the internment of some of the latter in slave labor camps in the Third Reich.

From Boy Scouts to Brownshirts

The "Butch" homosexuals of the CS transformed Germany. Their primary vehicle was the German youth movement, known as the Wandervogel (Rovers or Wandering Youth). "In Central Europe," writes homosexual historian Parker Rossman, "there was another effort to revive the Greek ideal of pedagogic pederasty in the movement of 'Wandering Youth'... Ultimately, Hitler used and transformed the movement...expanding and building upon its romanticism as a basis for the Nazi Party" (Rossman:103).

Rising spontaneously in the 1890s as an informal hiking and camping society, the Wandervogel became an official organization at the turn of the century, similar to the Boy Scouts. From early on, however, the Wandervogel was dominated and controlled by the pederasts of the CS. CS co-founder Wilhelm Janzen was its chief benefactor, and its leadership was rife with homosexuality. In 1912, CS theorist Hans Blueher wrote The German Wandervogel Movement as an Erotic Phenomenon which told how the organization was used to recruit young boys into homosexuality . . . .


42 posted on 03/15/2003 4:03:00 PM PST by Kevin Curry
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Comment #43 Removed by Moderator

To: Discussted
You didn't even read it.
44 posted on 03/15/2003 4:10:01 PM PST by Kevin Curry
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To: Camber-G; madg
If it was when they themselves were that age

Now you've done it. You went and spoiled the statistics regarding the "evidence" that everyone who is gay molests your child. Or a child. Or their cat.

homosexual researchers report data showing that better than 7 out of 10 homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys 16 to 19

'cause we know them 19 year old boys are vulnerable at that age, and sex at that young an age is criminal..

Less than two years later, attorneys came out of the woodwork to help Franzen sue the school and denomination for discrimination and invasion of privacy.

I, for one, am not sure how these attorneys got into the woodwork. But it's a good thing they're only "helping" Franzen sue. Lord help us if they actually represented him..

45 posted on 03/15/2003 4:10:25 PM PST by Experiment 6-2-6 (Meega, Nala Kweesta!!!!)
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To: Discussted
Many of your own own gaystapo historians revel in this Nazi history. They fully embrace a horrific truth you are too spineless and snivelling to face up to.

I have more respect for their honesty than I do for your cowardice and stupidity.

46 posted on 03/15/2003 4:12:02 PM PST by Kevin Curry
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To: Remedy
My Pope has lost all his moral authority because of my church allowing Homosexuals to prey on teen age boys and they have set back Catholicism 100 years with their evil ways. Before the Pope is ever taken seriously again on moral matters he has to cleanse my church of all Homosexuals.
47 posted on 03/15/2003 4:12:14 PM PST by mikemurphy111
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To: scripter
So how come I am not on the homosexual agenda ping list?
48 posted on 03/15/2003 4:43:15 PM PST by Houmatt (Accept no substitutes.)
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To: Discussted
I think these people need some work on their hate propaganda. Too bad Goebbels is dead or they might have a chance of convincing decent, normal people to believe this.

They don't have to try that hard, pal. NAMBLA is doing it all for them.

For starters, NAMBLA is the only pro-pedophilia organization in America. There is no NAMGLA.

Furthermore, if you have ever visited their website, you would know that well-known homosexual activists also support pedophilia, like Larry Kramer and Pat Califa, as their own words have been posted at the website.

So all this article really does is validate the obvious.

49 posted on 03/15/2003 4:52:52 PM PST by Houmatt (Accept no substitutes.)
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To: Brian Allen
Well said. Let's face it folks, it's called "queer" for a reason.
Of course, you're thinking needs to be normal to understand what I just said...
50 posted on 03/15/2003 5:11:27 PM PST by ALS
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To: Willie Green
Thanks for the link, bump.
51 posted on 03/15/2003 6:32:42 PM PST by scripter
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To: Discussted
In order to protect our children we must Differentiate between paedophelia and homosexuality.

That’s really moronic…then we must Differentiate between heterosexual and pedophilia too? I guess an animal is just another “sexual orientation”?

You are discusting.

52 posted on 03/15/2003 10:52:21 PM PST by Clint N. Suhks
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To: Willie Green
Here's the science connection...

53 posted on 03/15/2003 11:00:51 PM PST by Clint N. Suhks
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To: Willie Green
Agreement bump. Homosexuals and kids are a bad mix.
54 posted on 03/15/2003 11:01:55 PM PST by Antoninus (In hoc signo, vinces )
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To: Discussted
In order to protect our children we must differentiate between paedophelia and homosexuality. Acts of child sexual molestation are often not primarily related to sex. Paedophilia is a sickness that is often part of a cycle of abuse that is learned by perpetrators at a young age through their own victimization. Sexual orientation does not necessarily determine the sex of a victim that a perpetrator will choose. Sexual molestation is a crime of power and control more than it is an overt manifestation of sexual desires.

You keep telling yourself that. For my part, I'm keeping my kids away from homosexuals as much as possible. Anyone who defines their very being by how they use their genitals is not someone I want my children exposed to.
55 posted on 03/15/2003 11:08:14 PM PST by Antoninus (In hoc signo, vinces )
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To: Clint N. Suhks
Looks like homosexuals are about 15 times more likely to molest children based on the data you're showing.
56 posted on 03/15/2003 11:15:47 PM PST by briant
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To: briant
That's what it's supposed to look like, but if you want the truth, read the actual studies.
57 posted on 03/15/2003 11:44:58 PM PST by JoshGray
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To: JoshGray
Care to explain what you mean?
58 posted on 03/15/2003 11:45:54 PM PST by briant
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To: briant
I mean, "read the actual studies", as opposed to relying on what someone else says they say.
59 posted on 03/16/2003 12:32:00 AM PST by JoshGray
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To: JoshGray
And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.

Mark 9:42

60 posted on 03/16/2003 1:05:06 AM PST by SkyPilot
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