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Richard Wurmbrand's Testimony before US Senate Judiciary Committe-1966.See his Scars.Hear Him.
US Senate Judiciary Committee Minutes ^ | May 6, 1966 | Testimony of Richard Wrumbrand

Posted on 05/23/2003 2:52:17 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt

Pastor Richard Wurmbrandt's testimony before Chris Dodd - yes, who back then, CARED about communism's deadly dealings.

Read, Remember, Weep, Mourn, and Warn Others, Those who will not hear! Chris Dodd is not worthy to even breathe this man's name. Yet we have allowed communists to take control of at least half of the political power of this nation, all of the power in the nation's leading universities, all but one of the major networks, all of the non-cable TV news organizations, most of our "old line" theological insitutions, and most of our Federal Government and Unions. We are deep, deep trouble. Read what lies ahead unless we turn back. Read why we are in the "Lion Cub" stage of Socialism and what is ahead if we do not turn back.

Please read this entire testimony and pass it around, send it to your Senators, send it to people in the Bush administration, send it to your local churches, parishes, pastors and priests. Send it to those who think setting people free (as we have done in Iraq) IS NOT JUSTIFICATION FOR THE IRAQ WAR! Those who have been tortured and killed by a "Socialist" (Communist) state government nourished by the Russians, the French, and the Germans and cheered on by America's communists (Democrats) --- those people will always love America. And the imprisoned, tortured, people all over the world will hear about this new freedom for Iraq's tormented people - and they will take hope! Thank GOD America did this. But this testimony is not just relevant because of rightness and the joy of setting people free, as America under President Bush and our brave military have done!!! It is meant as a warning - please read - especially his comments at the end of this excerpt.

We must, we must, we must wake up. Pastor Wurmbrand and his wife and fellow suffering Christian have now passed into heaven. But read his words. See his scars. Hear his plea.

Wake up!!! And Help others to Wake Up as well!

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To: Mmmike
Thank you for the comment - and I hope you got to read all the links.

It was a joy to rediscover Pastor Wurmbrand and Sabina's story today and just thought the testimony was worth remembering - or discovering for the first time. Especially for young ones who might have a chance to read this information - those who think "socialism" is fine. It isn't fine. It is the lion cub stage of Communism.

21 posted on 05/23/2003 7:22:37 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: RaceBannon
At the time the Senate censured Thomas Dodd, I was a kid and thought he deserved it. Now I'm not so sure. He criticized JFK for not taking a harder line against Castro. Then he went after Fulbright for being a dove and supported Nixon's Viet Nam policy.

Did the anti-American Democrats who were in the process of taking over the party do him in? I saw Dodd briefly in 1970 when, after not receiving the Democrat nomination, he ran for Senate as an Independent. He looked like hell. A year later, he was dead.

What is your take on the events?

22 posted on 05/23/2003 7:23:19 PM PDT by DPB101
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To: DPB101
Yes, Karl Marx was indeed a satanist. And those who follow him, as well. Unfortunately we have one sitting in the US Senate representing New York. Wonder if it would make any difference to the people of New York to know they had elected an admirer and disciple of satan?
23 posted on 05/23/2003 7:24:12 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: DPB101; RaceBannon
I did not keep up with the Senator Dodd - the father of Chris Dodd, Marxist lover that he is. But if you read the testimony of Pastor Wurmbrand - all through it one notices that the older Senator Dodd - the good news - gave the Pastor a good hearing of his sufferings at the hands of the communists - something that would NOT BE DONE today by ANY Democrat. The bad news is that Senator appeared to not be able to hear or understand the Pastor at different times in the testimony. Perhaps he was distracted, I don't know.

But, yes, those were the days when the Democratic party still had members who were anti-communists.

If there is one left in it today - let me know. I know of none. And NONE of today's Democrats are worthy of untying the shoelaces of Pastor Wurmbrand or his wife.

24 posted on 05/23/2003 7:27:14 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: LadyDoc; WVNan
So glad you found this post. Could you ping anyone you think might be interested. I especially want the link "God's Beauty Parlor" read by anyone who might doubt the reality of Jesus to reach people and affect people even in the deepest darkness.

And, of course, it will hopefully prompt us all tonight to pray for those who are suffering today - we can read about many of their sufferings at the Voice of the Martyrs and other places on the internet. ( is one of these connected sources). God bless - and God help us to never complain about one thing with which we are given in America.

I was struck by the Pastor's strong exhortation that Christians learn to not speak much. To keep quiet. And to learn the lessons of the suffering church and the underground church (WHICH IS ACTIVE TODAY IN CHINA, AND OTHER PLACES WHERE THE GOSPEL IS PROHIBITED).

Preparing the Underground Church is at This page - which the print is too light to read but if you copy and paste it elsewhere to read - it shows up fine.

He gives so many amazing insights to the underground church and encourages today's pastors to prepare their people for its possibility. May we never live to see its need in America. But - I think - we will.

25 posted on 05/23/2003 7:33:00 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: DPB101
I am not old enough to remember Tom Dodd! :)

I thought his scandal was about 7 years after Nuremburgh?

I dont remember him being censored much later, from what I read, what was it he did??
26 posted on 05/23/2003 7:35:06 PM PDT by RaceBannon
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To: RaceBannon
Click here. Fast loading and concise. Guess you missed the Grateful Dead concert at the Yale bowl too. That was something. Glow sticks and pepper gas.
27 posted on 05/23/2003 7:51:50 PM PDT by DPB101
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To: DPB101
I remember that Jimi Hendrix opened up for the Monkees in Dillion Stadium. I was only 7 or 8 or so.

I also met the driver of the Army truck that turned into the crowd in New Haven that started the riot over the Black Panthers! He still insists they were just lookng for Pizza!

He told me some stories of the troops that were called into Watts in LA during those riots, .50 cal gun fire into the buildings with the snipers.

Being from Northern Conn, I also remember Meskill's Trolly, and saw those tracks up for years before the tearing down 15 years ago. Too bad that shuttle never ran.

I was a Marine when the tornado came through in Windsor Locks.
28 posted on 05/23/2003 8:26:00 PM PDT by RaceBannon
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt
Just a note. The gospel is no longer prohibited in China. You can pick up a full bible at most large book stores and it is ok to bring one with you when you visit.I was not sure whether you meant that the gospel was still prohibited in China or if you just meant that the Underground Church was still active.
29 posted on 05/23/2003 9:58:15 PM PDT by Eric Paul (Fly The Friendly Skies)
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To: Eric Paul
There is persecution of Christians in China - and of other religious groups - ongoing.

Here is a summary.

Bibles may now be able to be purchased in parts of China. However, the Voice of the Martyrs tells the story of an illegal printing press in a Western Chinese village which was being run by a 19 year old Chinese Christian girl who turned the machine to print the pages of whatever was being printed - in this case she was printing copies of Pastor Wurmbrand's "Tortured for Christ" book. The Chinese government officials discovered the fact of the printing press but could not locate it. So they destroyed hut after hut in the village until they found the hut that had the secret entrance into a cave in the side of a mountain where the printing press was hidden. It was of course destroyed when found - (after the homes of the other villagers had been destroyed) - but thankfully the courageous and determined young Christian had time to escape capture.

Undoubtedly, the Chinese government uses many weapons to stop the growing "House Church" movement inside China. However, I did read recently that the Chinese government LIKES Christians because they are the best workers. That, however, does not stop the beatings, torture, labor camp sentences, and death sentences against Christians (and those of other prohibited religious groups) inside China.

Further, as we have discovered in Iraq. I am sure that we do not know the full story. I am sure the persecutions, hidden prisons, murders of Christians - even today - are much greater than we can discover given the amount of suppression of truth in any and every totalitarian government.

God bless and help the courageous Chinese Christians!!! And those throughout the suffering church.

Another interesting link to stories of Chinese Christians being persecuted: Evidently persecution has been on the increase since the beginning of 2002. </a href="">As this article describes.

Officially - China is viewed as having government sanctioned Christian churches (3 self church is one, and Government sanctioned Catholic church is two). If a church is not registered with the government and approved (and the House Church movement is not) - then its leaders are in danger of arrest and its congregants are not approved for certain jobs, etc. Forced labor is the most common punishment for breaking the Chinese laws against "unofficial" church leadership. But there are also beatings, tortures, discrimination, and destruction of property plus high fines to government officials to get out of prison.

One day - the people of China, the people of North Korea, the people of VietNam, the people of Cuba, the people of other oppressive nations will be free. The question is - will the USA still be "mostly free" (as we are classed by the Voice of the Martyrs) at that time? I simply do not think so unless many more American Christians awake from their earnest, unceasing, prayer!

30 posted on 05/24/2003 8:47:30 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Eric Paul
Here is the link not done right above re: Chinese persecution on the upswing in Jan 2002.
31 posted on 05/24/2003 8:48:48 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Cincinatus' Wife
Ping - do you have a ping list. The key to what Pastor Wurmbrand testified is still true - have we learned? When will the people of Venezueala learn?

The following should be required reading for every US Government official, every American college student, every political convention:

"A little lion in its first days you can play with him just like with a puppy. When he becomes great, only then he is a lion. Yugoslavian communism is this little communism. And American communism a very little one and English communism is a very little one. When they grow, when they can do whatever they will to do, then only we can see them With us, in the beginning, we also had a very nice communism. I have seen in Rumanian Communist demonstrations signs with the slogan, "God save the King." I have seen the communist Secretaries of State making great crosses, showing themselves as being on the side of religion and making compliments to religion and bowing to religion and saying they are Democrats. In the beginning, they have put in prison party members who said that the agriculture must be collectivized. And they have gone together with the bourgeois party, with the Liberal Party of Tatorescu and with other Democrats.

I have seen in the West Social Democrats collaborate with them. In Rumania, I have seen dying Social Democrats in the same cell with me; they died. Communists in Rumania, too, were nice until they had the whole power in hand.

When they had the whole power in hand, they have done things exactly as in Russia, and so they will do everywhere. There is no difference.

32 posted on 05/24/2003 8:52:57 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt; Polycarp
Thanks for posting this. I'd never seen this testimony, even though I've been a VOM supporter for years. My daughter Sabina Rose is named for Mrs. Wurmbrand; she was an incredibly holy woman.


Good story here about persecution of Christians, Dr. Brian.

I am a Protestant, but we have had near us Catholic bishops and monks and nuns about whom we felt that the touching of their garments heals. We were not worthy to untie their shoelaces. Such men have been mocked and tortured in our country.

33 posted on 05/24/2003 10:56:49 AM PDT by Tax-chick
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To: Tax-chick
Hello. So glad to "meet" you. Yes, martyrs for Jesus Christ are Catholic and Protestant. So glad you saw the post since you had not seen this testimony. Neither had I. What did you think of "God's Beauty Parlor"? I am so glad to hear you honored Sabina Wurmbrand by naming your daughter for her. What a saint of God she was - they both were - and yet, through the fires of persecution, their faces came out shining like angels..........Oh, may all Christians everywhere have a concern for and pray for the persecuted church!
34 posted on 05/24/2003 6:58:43 PM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt
I loved the "God's Beauty Parlor" story! I have read "The Pastor's Wife" over and over, and I also have a video of Mrs. Wurmbrand. She was so beautiful. I plan to meet them both one day, and tell them how much their ministry has meant to me.

More than once I've suggested to VOM that they give out prints of the picture of the Wurmbrands that sometimes appears in the newsletter, but they haven't done it yet. I'd love for my "Sally" to have one!
35 posted on 05/24/2003 7:14:26 PM PDT by Tax-chick
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To: Tax-chick
Yes pictures - I will link post here shortly.

Here is one quotation from God's Beauty Parlor that all Christians everywhere should commit to memory:

"The Communists have taken everything away from us everything; our beloved ones, our children. They put some on the streets without father, without mother. We did not know any thing about them. But they could not take away what we had gathered in our hearts. A little bit of faith, a little bit of hope, and a little bit from the word of God. And we had seen there in Communist Prison, how from one word from the word of God taken out from the heart of a Christian and given to some prisoner in despair; one word from the word of God has brought new light and new hope. Lives were saved from this our richness. You have the Bible dear sisters. Just thank God for having the Bible. Read it, study it and treasure the word of God and gather it in your heart. You can need it very soon. We have seen the greatest richness that we ever could ever had gathered was the word of God and it gave life to those in despair."

36 posted on 05/25/2003 1:18:15 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Tax-chick

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

Sabina Wurmbrand

37 posted on 05/25/2003 1:20:28 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Tax-chick

Sabina Wurmbrand - Sabina Wurmbrand—Co-Founder of The Voice of the Martyrs 1913 - 2000

Read about her days when very sick - yet still teaching the Bible from her hospital bed!

38 posted on 05/25/2003 1:28:53 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: WVNan; Mmmike; LadyDoc; El Gato; RaceBannon; Eric Paul; Tax-chick
Just a ping to see the pictures of the Wurmbrand's and the additional links to stories about their lives and also about their son - other stories of suffering saints.

When Sabina returned to Romania in 1992 after communism fell, she brought the hope of the gospel to women who were in prison as she had been. They were very moved by her visit.

A Story About Sabina's Visit With Her Son Mihai

39 posted on 05/25/2003 1:39:17 AM PDT by Freedom'sWorthIt
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To: Freedom'sWorthIt
That's the picture I want! I need to e-mail them again about getting prints out!

40 posted on 05/25/2003 9:26:03 AM PDT by Tax-chick
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