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The Dems May Have Miscalculated on Ms. Fluke
Powerline ^ | March 9, 2012 | John Hinderaker

Posted on 03/10/2012 8:29:16 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet

The Democrats thought they had a great distraction from the economic issues that bedevil most Americans in the form of 30-year-old activist Sandra Fluke. Rush Limbaugh foolishly (as he later acknowledged) called her a “slut” and a “prostitute” in the course of ridiculing, entirely properly, her very silly claim that the federal government should force all employers to pay for their female employees’ contraception–I never did figure out whether the plan extended to buying male employees condoms and vasectomies–regardless of whether either the employers or employees prefer such benefits to cash compensation. Ms. Fluke’s theory, really, was so stupid as to be a ripe target for ridicule.

The Democrats went crazy in the aftermath of Rush’s error, posturing themselves as the upholders of civility. Barack Obama got into the act, calling Ms. Fluke to congratulate her on her demand for free goods and services, and to ask how her delicate psyche was a holding up. Obama later explained that he did it for his daughters, Sasha and Malia, whom he would never want to hear coarse language.

Well. There was a basic problem with the Democrats’ strategy; namely, that pretty much everyone knows that when a Democrat talks about a Republican woman, “slut” or “prostitute” would be considered a compliment. So it was no surprise when conservatives pointed out that Bill Maher, who contributed $1 million to Obama’s re-election campaign, has called Sarah Palin a “c***” and a “dumb t***,” along with other, sometimes worse, epithets. When asked about Maher’s disgusting attacks, President’s Obama’s press secretary explained that Obama is not a speech policeman. So evidently Sasha and Malia will have to hear some crude talk after all–from Democrats, anyway.

Of course, Bill Maher is just one of many. Democrats, in general, are cruder and more vitriolic than Republicans. So it didn’t take more than 24 hours or so for Greta van Susteren to point out that someone named Louis C.K.–it is highly unlikely that you have heard of him–was scheduled to host the 68th Annual Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents Dinner on June 8. Those correspondents, of course, are some of the very people who had been excoriating Limbaugh for calling Ms. Fluke a “slut.” CNN’s Jay McMichael headed the committee that was in charge of the program:

“We’re very excited about having Louis C.K. at the dinner,” said Jay McMichael of CNN, who chairs the RTCA’s executive committee. “This is an evening you’ll want to experience. We’re shaking things up, showcasing the unexpected, and delivering lots of laughs.”

Lots of laughs, indeed: Mr. C.K., it turns out, is foul-mouthed even for a Democrat. Ms. van Susteren collected some of his comments about Sarah Palin. Feel free to skip ahead if you have a weak stomach or are easily offended:

Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

To Palin: just “stick your t** in its mouth and shut up.”

And here is more: ”…her f***** retard making c****”.

Need more to convince you? Here is what he says on twitter:

“I want to rub my father’s c*** all over Sarah Palin’s fat t***”

By the way, there is more, lots more.

That, however, is plenty. Even for a liberal, Mr. C.K. is disgusting.

So tonight Glenn Reynolds reported that the Congressional Correspondents (Democrats all, no doubt) have decided to forgo the pleasure of hearing Sarah Palin’s c*** and t*** ridiculed, along with her young son–how funny is that!–and have discreetly canceled Mr. C.K.’s appearance.

This civility thing could be tough on the Democrats. What are they going to do for entertainment?

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To: Intolerant in NJ

Letterman Attacks Palin’s Daughter: She Was Knocked Up By A-Rod

Willow was 15 at the time, btw...

21 posted on 03/10/2012 8:53:19 PM PST by 2ndDivisionVet (Ich habe keinen Konig aber Gott)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Those are extraordinarily disgusting comments about Sarah. He’s lucky Todd is so far away.

22 posted on 03/10/2012 8:54:20 PM PST by Aria ( 2008 wasn't an election - it was a coup d'etat.)
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To: Lazlo in PA

wait, CK had to back out? ... so Obama can’t have his kids join him for that enttertaining romp and expose them to THIS:

Louis C.K. says of Palin: “her f*** retard making c***” and “the baby that just came out of her f**** disgusting c***.”

Oh. How Special!

23 posted on 03/10/2012 8:58:03 PM PST by WOSG (“Legion of Acceptibility”)
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To: zwerni
It hurts my eyes even with the words blocked out...

It hurts my heart.

24 posted on 03/10/2012 9:00:48 PM PST by T Minus Four
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To: varmintman

Conservatives should be accurate. She never claimed she was spending that much. She said that’s what it would cost, not that she personally spent that much.

25 posted on 03/10/2012 9:11:43 PM PST by nickcarraway
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To: 2ndDivisionVet
Why just female contraceptives? How about some more mundane needful things. such as: Remy: Cough Drops-The Mandate (feat. Sandra Fluke)
26 posted on 03/10/2012 9:12:33 PM PST by Utilizer (What does not kill you... -can sometimes damage you QUITE severely.)
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To: Intolerant in NJ
And Dave Letterman talked about Palin’s “slutty stewardess outfit”

Not to mention Letterman's "joke" about her underage daughter, which even outraged leftists, so Letterman HAD to apologize on the air.


27 posted on 03/10/2012 9:16:10 PM PST by MarkL (Do I really look like a guy with a plan?)
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To: varmintman
This woman was claiming to be spending $3000 a year on birth control if I read the thing properly. I don’t really see how that’s possible myself.

Mail-order condoms cost about $1 each. Birth control pills cost about $9 per month, and injections about $20 per month.

You can do the math, but the answer is that during the time she was a student at Georgetown, she didn't spend much time in class.

28 posted on 03/10/2012 9:23:44 PM PST by exDemMom (Now that I've finally accepted that I'm living a bad hair life, I'm more at peace with the world.)
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To: sheikdetailfeather

SNL? You mean Saturday Night Live??
Whoa... I can’t believe that thing is still on TV.

29 posted on 03/10/2012 9:27:54 PM PST by Lancey Howard
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The Republicans ought to flip this issue back on the Dems. Come out in favor of free sterilization. That ought to drive them stark raving mad.

30 posted on 03/10/2012 9:30:54 PM PST by Avid Coug
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To: Nachoman

“What better place to get laid.”

Law school to be exact.
Which leads one to wonder if this
30 yr old woman is cozy with some
of her male law profs:

Wife: “Honey, there’s a Georgetown
law school student on TV testifying
on behalf of women’s reproductive
rights! Is she in your student? You
must be proud!”

Husband: “Baaa baaa ah ah. She a a ah
she doesn’t look familiar. I’m not sure...”

31 posted on 03/10/2012 9:31:53 PM PST by Sivad (NorCal Red Turf)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

Had Rush NOT done what he did, the dems would have won with this.

Thank you, Rush. Again.

32 posted on 03/10/2012 9:37:20 PM PST by MestaMachine (obama kills)
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To: nutmeg


33 posted on 03/10/2012 9:38:32 PM PST by nutmeg (Rest in Peace, and THANK YOU, Andrew Breitbart)
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To: 2ndDivisionVet


34 posted on 03/10/2012 10:01:44 PM PST by skinkinthegrass (Simple: Kill the terrorists, Protect (all) the borders, ridicule all the (surviving) Liberals :^)
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To: MestaMachine

Agree with you, but the democrats mistake was doing this too far from the election....they are desperate with their little kangaroo court show....and the freepers that got pissed at Rush for apologizing and putting an end to this charade, all you fair weather friends, your not needed by Rush. blabber on. He got rid of some lefty sponsers that freepers were giving money to and got one that we can all use....light bulbs......GG

35 posted on 03/10/2012 10:09:28 PM PST by goat granny
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To: All


10. Gold plated condoms

09. Paying for Bill Clinton’s vasectomy.

08. Needed to replace her convertible’s shock absorbers.

07. John Edwards was in town...I’m just sayin.

06. Smoked $50 Cuban cigars after sex.

05. EPA issued a new tax on “toxic fluids cleanup”

04. She had a habit of to tipping the abortion doctor.

03. Hired a P/R firm to promote her body as a “womb with a view”.

02. Had to payoff Michelle Obama to make sure that oral sex didn’t fall under the “food police”.

01. It’s that dang Obamacare. He said the rates wouldn’t go up but as usual the prez is a lying SOB.

36 posted on 03/10/2012 10:15:01 PM PST by ak267
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To: goat granny

The dems started a fake battle thinking they were on offense when what they REALLY were was OFFENSIVE. RUSH gave a war...and everybody came. Then he sat back and watched them burn their playhouse down. Strategery. Rush is still the master.
WHO is catching all the hell now? little billy maher and oscambot. Fluke has been widely exposed for the fraud she is. pelosi looks like the nit-twit SHE is. The dems look petty and obscene. dem women look like...well, dem women. (And that ain’t pretty.) anita dunn has been exposed. And even gloria the red has crawled back out from under her rock.
Everyone now knows this was a dem planned fake setup with very little substance to it except the shrill faux outrage of it.
Rush’s leftist advertisers are losing their customers and their stocks are dipping.
I’d say Rush won the war. Big time. It was a calculated risk on his part, but calculated it was. Deliberate. And step by step, inch by inch, he beat their collective a$$.
Eventually, he will step up and explain it for those who still don’t get it.

37 posted on 03/10/2012 10:44:12 PM PST by MestaMachine (obama kills)
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To: garjog
But even more so, she is demanding money from complete strangers for sex. I don't know what world liberals live in, but to me that fits precisely into the definition of a prostitute. Who is the bigger whore: The streetwalker who walks up to one guy demanding $40 bucks for a BJ or Sandra Fluke demanding $3000 from millions?And this amount of money she demands indicates a massive amount of sex, thousands upon thousand of condoms which also fits in with calling her a slut.

The problem with Rush is he tells the truth, and liberals can't handle the truth. Show them a mirror and they scream in rage.

38 posted on 03/10/2012 11:15:52 PM PST by GrandJediMasterYoda (How ironic that Ann Coulter should write a book called Treason.)
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To: MestaMachine

Now, don’t hold back, tell us what you really think....I like what your saying......:O)

39 posted on 03/10/2012 11:19:00 PM PST by goat granny
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To: 2ndDivisionVet

The contraception attack did the damage it needed to to keep the candidate in the race that Obama really wants to face... Mitt Romney. This attack was squarely aimed at Rick Santorum to draw him out and eviscerate him.

40 posted on 03/10/2012 11:19:35 PM PST by Thunder90 (Romney barely won in OH with a 12-1 money advantage, he can't beat Obama that way.)
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