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Islam, a Religion of Peace®? Some links...
various FR links | 01-06-04 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 01/06/2004 7:32:40 AM PST by backhoe
What they're saying about "Onward Muslim Soldiers" - An expose of militant Islam.
JihadWatch ^
The FREEPERS Guide To Islamic Terror Websites - CYBERTERRORISM (And It's Sponsors)
Palestinian Children Say the Deadliest Things ^ | 1/06/04 | Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, Jerusalem Post
The Myth of Mecca (oldie but goodie)
pol usa ^ | 9/27/2001 | By Jack Wheeler

InterActivist Info Exchange ^ | April/May 2002 | Kevin Coogan
Make no mistake, there is a crusade going on...but it isn't being perpetrated by the West. It's called Jihad, and eliminating the "American way of life" is its goal.
Draining the Arab Swamp--The Middle East after Saddam
Foreign Policy Research Institute/Frontpagemagazine ^ | January 5, 2004 | Kenneth M. Pollack
New York Post ^ | 1/05/04 | PETER BROOKES
Report: Syria hiding Iraqi WMD ^ | Tuesday, January 6, 2004
Al-Qaida planned US blitz (Al Qaeda)
Austraila Herald Sun ^ | Jan. 4, 2004 | Ben English
Masquerading as 'mainstream': How extremist Muslims intimidate press, true moderates ^ | Tuesday, January 6, 2004 | Sherrie Gossett
Blasts hit southern Thailand [Mujahedin Islamist separatist movement blamed]
BBC ^ | 1/5/04 | BBC
Onward Muslim Soldiers
Out Post ^ | jan 2004 | Hugh Fitzgerald
Offal from Klintoon mis-administration
WSJ Opinion Journal
WSJ ^ | 1/5/04 | James Taranto
His opening article makes an important point -- that there's a real link between the pro-Saddam, anti-American people our left wing and the pro-Saddam, anti-American terrorists in the Middle East. They all believe the U. S. is the root of all evil.
Smuggling alien interests? (Arabs through Mexico)
Washington Times ^ | 1/5/04 | Terence Jeffrey
...we have to come to grips with the presence of 8 million to 12 million illegals...

Mirror ^ | 1-3-04 | Edwards, Smith, Knight
"Everybody get back! She got a loaded beaver!"
Weird Plot of Womb Bomber (The latest depravity by TROP™)
The New York Post ^ | January 4, 2004 | Brian Blomquist and Andy Geller
Palestinian Refugees: Championed by Arab World Yet Treated Like Outcasts
The Daily Camera [Boulder CO] ^ | January 4, 2004 | Paul Garwood and Maggie Michael [Associated Press]
Nigeria Police Clash with Islamic Militants
VOA News ^ | 03 Jan 2004, 17:18 UTC | Some information for this report provided by AP and Reuters.
Wesley Clark's Ties To Muslim Terrorists
AIM Report ^ | September 17, 2003 | Cliff Kincaid
You had better take this stuff seriously, folks:
Global anti-Semitism
The Washington Times ^ | December 31, 2003 | Arnold Beichman
Prophet Of Doom
Interview with the author on Ernie Brown - America At Night 12/26/03 ^ | FREE online version available now / Hard Cover available early 2004 | Craig Winn
...Recently, my hometown newspaper featured a front page article by none other than a muslim professor teaching at our local college. His article, of course, was against the war in Iraq and was anti-American. I just shuddered because I know 90% of the people in our town disagree with everything he said and everything he stands for but few will say anything because of political correctness. Also, his status as a professor protects him. Homeland security had better be monitoring EVERY mideast "professional" who has come to this country over the past 30 years. This is war and it is here.
Takeoffs Continued Until Second Jet Hit Trade Center, Transcripts Show
NYTimes ^ | December 30, 2003 | JIM DWYER
You know, I think we all blew it. Everybody.
Just like what's going on Pakistan right now.
Three months ago I read from an Iranian student that AQ next move would be to aquire Paks Nukes. I have raised that info on this forum many times but no one seemed interested ...
The Year America Stood Up
The Wall Street Journal ^ | Tuesday, December 30, 2003 | GEORGE MELLOAN
If you want to understand the Middle East conflict, Iran has just provided all you need to know.   A massive earthquake kills between 20,000 and 40,000 Iranians, and the government of Iran announces that help is welcome from every country in the world … except Israel.

My primer on terror:

-Time to kick the tires & light the fires, folks- terrorism gathers across the World...--

-All Terror, All the Time-- FR's links to NBC Warfare, Terror, and More...--

-Jihad! Across the World....--

-IRAQ- some links to terror--

-The Web of Terror--

Nuclear, Biological, & Chemical Warfare- Survival Skills, Pt. II

-Terror Tips--

-The Fire Down South...( Latin America--)--

Castro, the Carribean, and Terrorism

-The Poor-Boy Nuke-- Bioterrorism***

-Jemaah Islamiah- Islamic Community, or Islamic Threat?--


I fear another 9/11 may happen before America realizes this isn't just a few guys from across the pond ... there is an agenda and there are networks ... and they're here ...
For many more links, go to the "last" here & work backwards:
DUBOB 11- more tales from the Dark UnderBelly Of the Beast...
various links and websites | 01-31-03 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

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To: All
 Complete nuclear bomb plant earmarked for Libya found in South Africa
 No BIGGY....Just Some NUKES....!!!!
 Iran: Saudi Arabia has nuclear weapons -- Eventually they all will have nukes, and then they will all nuke each other. Islam is a self curing disease in the long run.
 Zarqawi's city of death
 Muslim Academics Demand that "Terror Sheikhs" be Banned from Inciting Violence
 Islamic Centers in America: Services and Issues. (Latest Puker from CAIR)
 Terror expert: Qaida WMD attack on US likely soon -- "Grandpa, what was a Muslim"?
 Ham Operator Report from the Netherlands
 Poll: 33% of British Muslims want more integration into mainstream British culture -- Ok, does anyone need anymore reasons just to kill these creatures and be done with it?

Terrorists turn up the dial in global PR war
 Canadian Muslims struggle to maintain their values -- Jews were brothers of monkeys and swine... Is this not priceless? These barbaric people calling anyone monkeys or swine.

161 posted on 11/29/2004 3:11:56 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
British Muslims want Islamic Law -- they have this whole big thing article
"The Future of Muslim Britain",15592,1360343,00.html
 Why don't they go back to their own countries? Then they can have all the Islamic law they want.
 British Muslims Want Islamic Law and Prayers at Work
 Infiltration. Can you feel it happening? Better prepare your prayer rugs.
 Holland and the other liberal European nations are just now starting to get the message. Their tolerance for anything and everything that isn't American or Christian is starting to come home to roost. It won't be long before all of Europe will be part of the Islamic Empire.
 The new model racists
 A Civil War on Terrorism: How much of a threat does Islamic radicalism pose to western Europe? -- It looks increasingly apparent that—as with the 9/11 hijackers—the problem is not lack of integration or opportunity, but a vicious ideology.

Well DUH!

Are they FINALLY waking up to the Religion of Peace?

 MEMRI: An Open Letter from a Saudi Islamist to Those who Shirk Jihad (Never Enough Blood)

 Holding Islamic Preachers Accountable

 Swedes Reach Muslim Breaking Point  - Swedish authorities in the southern city of Malmö have been busy with a sudden influx of Muslim immigrants - 90 percent of whom are unemployed and many who are angry and taking it out on the country that took them in.

162 posted on 11/30/2004 2:42:51 AM PST by backhoe (Just a Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the Trackball into the Dawn of Information...)
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To: All
UK Muslims Want Civil Cases Resolved by Shari`ah: Poll
TV start-up defends Islam (English Language Muslim Channel)
 (muslim cleric) Ba'asyir is spiritual head of JI (Jamaah Islamiyah terrorists), say members
 American Muslim Lifestyle Network. Subscribe Today!
 Spain Battles Illegal Muslim Immigration

163 posted on 12/01/2004 2:18:04 AM PST by backhoe
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To: All
 MEMRI-TV latest clips: Wife beating Yes,Homosexuality No (Arab sheik);Jews like worms; 2 more. -- I would suggest that they are not only frightening but they are extremely dangerous as well.  Islam is currently the fastest-growing religion in Ireland, and likely other countries as well.  The subhuman ideas espoused in these videos are embraced by millions all over the world, and they are not interested in discourse.  They are interested only in killing those who disagree, by any means necessary.  Abrahamic Faith
 In Europe, Muslim women speaking out against extremism risk backlash
 CAIR-FL Trains FBI Agents on Islam and Muslims [JAX]
 Mohammed, The Mad Poet Quoted....
 Radical Islam is indeed our enemy (Letter to the Editor, CAIR calls this an "Incitement Watch")

164 posted on 12/01/2004 1:14:55 PM PST by backhoe
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To: All

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."
-Omar Ahmad,
Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, aka CAIR
President and CEO of Silicon Expert Technologies
A Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp in Jordan.
ANTI-Cair -- Little Green Footballs -- JIHAD Watch -- DHIMMI Watch -- internet haganáh -- FaithFreedom -- Answering Islam -- Daniel Pipes -- Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) -- MEMRI TV-Videos

165 posted on 12/01/2004 3:11:28 PM PST by backhoe
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To: All
 Losing Faith in Islam....???
 A threat to vaporize 100 Muslim cities
 Muslim rebels kill 5 police in Kashmir gunbattle

166 posted on 12/03/2004 11:37:14 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 Watch Out for those Islamists trying to take away America -- Thank you for your informative post, V. Unfortunately, though we understand quite well the motives of CAIR, political correctness prevents anyone from closing it down.
 Muslim Holidays Earn Growing Recognition in U.S.
Tiptoe Through the Tulips (Holland as the canary in the West's cultural coal mine) -- "A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel,"
 Quiet Teen to Terrorist Suspect: Son of African American Held After Dutch Raid Suspected Muslims
 Islamic Jihad rules out truce

167 posted on 12/05/2004 1:38:04 AM PST by backhoe (The 1990's? The Decade of Frauds...)
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To: backhoe
Thanks for the nice collection.
168 posted on 12/05/2004 1:57:14 AM PST by Dec31,1999 (
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To: Dec31,1999
Thanks for looking- here is more--

 The Evidence: Chronology of Attacks on the West
 How Tolerant is Islam?
 German police raid Islamic group
 Immigrant Imams still recruiting terrorists in Europe

169 posted on 12/05/2004 2:29:17 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 New Violence Hits S.Thailand After 'Peace Bombing' -- This episode singularly embodies the situation as it pertains to the liberal West and the Muslim world. Tolerant liberals attack militant Islam with paper bombs and terrorists respond with real explosives.
 A Review of the film "Submission" (which got Van Gogh brutally murdered) -- Dennis Prager had on a doctor who works in British prisons the other day. His observation was that 1) Muslims are imprisoned in numbers far beyond their proportion of society in Britain and 2) even Muslims who don’t really practice the religion any longer hold fast to the domination of women. That is one thing as a whole they seem determined to keep. His opinion—if I remember correctly—was that their self-image is much too deeply tied to their sense of superiority over women and they can’t let it go.
 Islam is the theological equivalent of rabies.
 A threat to vaporize 100 Muslim cities
 Very Radical? A Threat to Vaporize 100 Muslim Cities
 The Rage of Oriana Fallaci

170 posted on 12/06/2004 1:15:22 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 MEMRI-TV latest clips: "Pray that God ends lives of Bush,Blair,Sharon soon"(Iranian TV); 3 more
 The Muslim Vacuum - (Barbara Stocks' Newest! Powerful)
 A Deadly Cultural Divide (TROP™ introduces the Dutch to dhimmitude)
 Anger as 'anti-Muslim' film aired

171 posted on 12/06/2004 2:33:30 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All

Muslims seek to block sequel to Dutch film
 Love-song secret drove family to kill daughter ["Religion of Peace" alert]

172 posted on 12/06/2004 5:02:17 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 Islam in Review: Robert Spencer 'Unveils Islam'
 Is Islam Endangering 'Europeanness?'
 Scholars For Terror-The Middle East Studies Assoc meets to support the PLO and terrorists in Iraq
 Juan Cole, Media-and MESA-Darling:Meet the new president of the Middle East Studies Association
 Dutch Clear Van Gogh Slay Suspects (place groups on terrorism list)
 Philippine Christians Face Islamic Challenge

173 posted on 12/07/2004 11:23:56 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 Al-Qaeda on the march
 Tapes reveal terror-tied cleric laughed over deadly bomb blast
 U.N.'s Annan targets wave of anti-Muslim bigotry
 Annan Refuses to Stop 'Carrying On' at U.N.; Congressman Suggests Jail
 Supporting Peace and Terror? (The Nobel is a joke.)
 Millions of Muslims Tortured, Rights Groups Silent

174 posted on 12/07/2004 1:13:52 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 THE THREAT IS REAL (John Rudolph on D.C. Watson's "Open Letter-Islamic orgs in America") -- Check out this on the Internet. Use key words like Islamists, Militants, Insurgents, Terrorists, Dhimmitude, Wahhabism, Jihad, Terror Squads, Mujahideen, Suicide Bomber, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Anti-CAIR, Daniel Pipes, and you will begin to see an ugly picture that is being painted.
 Islamic terror based on Qu’ran: ex-CIA official
 A Brit Who Gets It [Baroness Caroline Cox calls islam out] -- "Sharia law is not compatible with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it does not allow freedom to choose and change religion, you can become a Muslim, but if you stop being a Muslim and you convert out, you run the risk of the death sentence for apostasy. It does not permit equality before the law, as between men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims."

175 posted on 12/08/2004 4:56:28 PM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 MEMRI TV latest clips: "It Wasn't Us Who Killed 100 Million Negroes" (Syrian TV); 3 more.
 Believe it: Canada is in al-Qaida Gunsights [ 1, 2, 3 ]

Exiled Ansar founder (Krekar)could be linked to Allawi attack plot

176 posted on 12/09/2004 1:04:08 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
A Seat at the Table: Islam Makes Inroads in Education
 Islam, The Alleged Religion of Peace® ( TARP™ )? Click this picture:

 Genital Mutilation 'On the Increase in Europe'  -- Onward Muslim Soldiers - ping.

(The worth of a woman in Islam is that of a posession - a cow, or a piece of land.)


Young girls born in Europe to immigrant families from Africa are being subjected to ritual genital mutilation, and authorities are doing little to discourage it, a leading women’s rights activist warned.

Islamic religious leaders are telling Europe’s Muslim Africans that the prophets recommend the ancient ritual, which involves the removal of the clitoris, often with a dull blade and no anaesthesia, Dirie said.


* * * *

* * * *

Ahkmed Just Loves Fatima – Woman’s Place In Islam

* * * *

Each of us was raped by between three and six men….One woman refused to have sex with them, so they split her head into pieces with an axe in front of us.

The "Religion of Peace"

Muslimes Protest Head-Scarf Ban In France (America Is Next)

Islams Hatred Of The Clitoris

Rape In Islam - Blame The Victim

How Hamas Turned Adultress Into Jihad Bomber

Hamas - "Women Who Shame Family Can Become Jihad Bombers

Clinton: Muhammad Would Have Let Ladies Drive

Supporting Jihad In America - Why Does Bush Allow This?

Jihad In America

Forced Female Suicide

* * *

The Evidence: Chronology of Attacks on the West

* * *

177 posted on 12/10/2004 2:32:28 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
A Short History of World War IIIA Lesson of the Future.
178 posted on 12/10/2004 2:35:48 AM PST by backhoe (-30-)
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To: All
 Osama bin Laden’s Mandate for Nuclear Terror -- So they want to kill us. What's new?

Eye on Eurasia: Islamophobia rising
 Muslims ready to stand and be counted.......and vote?
 For Yr. Consideration: A Photo Essay of London's "rather large" new mosque

179 posted on 12/11/2004 2:47:30 AM PST by backhoe (Just an old Keyboard Cowboy, ridin' the Trackball into the Dawn of Information...)
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To: backhoe


180 posted on 12/11/2004 2:52:47 AM PST by Earthdweller (US descendant of French Protestants)
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