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Woman With Possible Terror Ties Arrested (smuggled thru our southern border)
KRGV TV News Channel 5 ^ | 7-22-04 | none

Posted on 07/23/2004 9:50:30 AM PDT by txdoda

Woman With Possible Terror Ties Arrested

Federal agents believe a South African woman they have in custody may have ties to terrorists.

Farida Goolam Mahomed Ahmed was taken into custody Monday when she tried to board a plane at McAllen Miller International Airport. The Federal Bureau of Investigation would not release any information Thursday, but NEWSCHANNEL 5 obtained court papers filed by an FBI Special Agent assigned to the bureau's Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The documents show that Border Patrol Agents stopped Ahmed at the airport while conducting an inspection. When asked for her status in the United States, Ahmed presented a South African passport with no entry or exit stamps and some pages torn away. She was also carrying a bag of wet, muddy clothes with her travel documents.

Investigators found travel itineraries showing that Ahmed flew from South Africa to London, via the United Arab Emirates on July 8. Six days later, Ahmed flew from London to Mexico City. After initially claiming her VISA was left in New York, Ahmed later admitted that she was smuggled into the United States through the Texas border.

Ahmed is facing three charges of violating United States Code, including making false statements, mutilating her passport, and entering the country illegally.

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To: txdoda
OPS!! (found glasses)


Woman With Possible Terror Ties Arrested (smuggled thru our southern boarder)

boarder = border FYI


41 posted on 07/23/2004 10:17:32 AM PDT by Mister Baredog ((Part of the Reagan legacy is to re-elect G.W. Bush))
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To: EX52D

Yeah, probably just vacationers who are here legally with visas . I posted on the FR terrorist thread that they say is monitored by the FBI anyway though. I was just wondering how thoughly cameras are checked that are brought on board.

42 posted on 07/23/2004 10:17:55 AM PDT by CindyDawg
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To: John Jorsett

Yes, & they also usually smuggle in *groups* in one trip.

Would *who* & *where* the rest of her 'traveling companions" are.

43 posted on 07/23/2004 10:19:11 AM PDT by txdoda ("Navy Brat")
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To: Windsong; swarthyguy
No ....

She is from South Africa....I want to see a photo of her.

I would wager she isn't arab looking.

Remember AQ is recruiting NON-ARABS.

44 posted on 07/23/2004 10:19:40 AM PDT by Dog (EVERYONE, Please check your socks for inadvertent documents.)
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To: John Jorsett

Yes, & they also usually smuggle in *groups* in one trip.

Wonder *who* & *where* the rest of her 'traveling companions" are. ??

45 posted on 07/23/2004 10:19:43 AM PDT by txdoda ("Navy Brat")
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To: Dog

Well, as swarthyguy noted, a good number of Chechen and Kashmiri al-Qaeda affiliates have honed the fine art of female suicide bombers. I don't see any reason why the core network would adopt all that much of a different approach.

46 posted on 07/23/2004 10:19:47 AM PDT by Angelus Errare
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To: timpad

Uh, "walk" is what you do when you go through the border check points on foot. She more likely waded, swam, crawled, sneaked, slithered, etc. etc. As for the reason?
"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."

47 posted on 07/23/2004 10:20:07 AM PDT by Dawgmeister
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To: txdoda

"boarders" = what?

48 posted on 07/23/2004 10:21:39 AM PDT by Publius6961 (I don't do diplomacy either.)
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To: Bikers4Bush

"It's completely out of control."

You must have missed all the - don't worry, be happy - talk going on these days. We are safer now than we were on 9/11; this seems to be the new DC chorus. 911 Commission, Condi Rice & almost every other politician heading out of town for a 9 week vacation.

When the doggie doo hits the fan, chant to yourself - we're safer now, we're safer now, we're safer now - that will make it so.

49 posted on 07/23/2004 10:22:03 AM PDT by familyofman (and the first animal is jettisoned - legs furiously pumping)
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To: Dog

Perhaps, but there is a large population of Muslims in SA, originally from places like British India and Malaysia.

50 posted on 07/23/2004 10:23:38 AM PDT by swarthyguy
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To: B4Ranch; Joe Hadenuff; JackelopeBreeder; civil discourse; Happy2BMe; Squantos; Bikers4Bush; ...
Congressman: Al Qaeda entering southern border and changing names to Mexican surnames



Woman With Possible Terror Ties Arrested (smuggled thru our southern boarder)


Tue Apr 20, 8:09 AM ET

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51 posted on 07/23/2004 10:24:54 AM PDT by Happy2BMe (Ronald Reagan to Islamic Terrorism: YOU CAN RUN - BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!)
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To: Mister Baredog
boarder = border FYI

Yikes !! I guess I can't yak on phone & 'puter @ the same time.....;o)

52 posted on 07/23/2004 10:27:13 AM PDT by txdoda ("Navy Brat")
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To: Conspiracy Guy
That is a good Irish name.

Ah, c'mon - it's Swedish, for cripe's sake. Sheesh!

53 posted on 07/23/2004 10:27:26 AM PDT by talleyman (Moose lips sink ships)
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To: AuntB

I personally believe the next wave of suicide bombers will be women, deceived and working for Al Quada. WE had better be alert in this country, men aren't all we should be checking.

I expect an attempt of sizable proportions, and the DNC appears to be a target. I am praying for protection of all political meetings, since their plan is to disrupt our process. ALL temporary workers should really be examined thoroughly, at any crowded place this year.

The terrorists really don't care the Americans political affiliation, as long as they are Americans. Infidels are US citizens, period in terrorists minds.

APATHY needs to be thing of past in USA.

54 posted on 07/23/2004 10:28:30 AM PDT by Kackikat (,)
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To: CindyDawg
The clerk told me that recently they haven't been able to keep them in stock because the "Mexican Nationals" buying them up as fast as they can get them.

Interesting, I wonder if other border towns also have camera shortages ??

55 posted on 07/23/2004 10:30:39 AM PDT by txdoda ("Navy Brat")
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To: Dawgmeister

Yep, and as mentioned in #43, she surely came across with the rest of her platoon. Wonder where the others are, right about now?

56 posted on 07/23/2004 10:33:14 AM PDT by timpad (Peace without victory is procrastination)
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To: CindyDawg

Has the clerk mentioned this to the FBI or someone like Homeland Security? Yeah, I know, they wouldn't listen anyway. Some of our "guardians" have their head in a dark place. (NOT the military, they are the ones keeping watch)

People keep reporting clues, who's connecting the darn dots?

57 posted on 07/23/2004 10:39:36 AM PDT by madison10
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To: talleyman

My Cherokee name is "Runs with scissors".

58 posted on 07/23/2004 10:40:56 AM PDT by Conspiracy Guy (They are where you least expect. Look around and you'll see them too.)
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To: AuntB
Aren't you so thrilled that they can now bring truckloads of them courtesy of Nafta all the way into the states???

Just another horrendous example of our government giving us the finger for the sake of political correctness, slave labor and possible future votes... As an American, I am outraged.

Shame on the politicians who aren't outraged as well!

59 posted on 07/23/2004 10:41:18 AM PDT by janetgreen
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To: txdoda

Al Qaeda used to have their people claim they lost their passports, in order to obtain new ones that wouldn't show entry stamps from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Those stamps, along with Abu Dabai, represent the standard terrorist routings into and out of Afghanistan/Pakistan for meetings with AQ officials, and they make for a guaranteed arrest at the US border, and at other war on terror allied borders.

But then the Embassies started getting wise to the "lost passport" ruse, and started asking questions. This could easily explain the pages torn from this lady's passport, but here's the rub. South Africa and London are not part of the standard route. Why tear those stamps from a passport? Obviously they were, as she did not have those stamps, or any others in her passport. A simple explanation would be that she tore out other, previous stamps, along with the SA and British ones, leading me to question where she was before South Africa.

If she is already part of a specific terrorist operation, she could be executing last minute meetings with her handlers, which would explain a trip out of the country and back in. She could be coming in for an operation, but if so, her method of entry indicates she is a low level "muscle" type, not a planner or leader. A leader's initial entry would be through the "front door" to keep her clean record clean. Later on she might test different entry methods, risky methods, much like Mohammed Atta did after overseas meetings while the 9/11 plot was well underway.

The point of all this is, if she is AQ connected, she is either general, non-operational "support", or else the operation she is connected with may well be in the final stages. As a leader she would have the planning well underway before needing to meet with her handlers, and if she's a muscle type, they usually don't arrive until an attack is imminent.

60 posted on 07/23/2004 10:41:39 AM PDT by jeffers
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