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Speaking of MIA'S.....
3 September 2004 | LPierson

Posted on 09/03/2004 10:08:56 PM PDT by LPierson

It is my humble opinion that another "shoe" will drop on the heels of the ongoing success garnered by the the Swiftee's; that "shoe" will be the renewed examination of John Kerry's record regarding POW/MIA hearings (which he chaired...), and his treatment of one COL Millard A. Peck. To steal something from the book title, "Kiss the Boys Good Bye"...I believe it will be Kiss The Boy Good Bye.

He cannot run from his record and all the Lanny Davis', James Carvil's and the host of under-thirty something spinmeister apologists cannot fix it for him.

I know this next bit is a bit off my main point, but it is relevant. Mr. Kerry is now paying for his youthfull indiscretions and seditious crimes via the great "what goes around..." cycle. Maybe we all will re-look dissent and sedition and recognize that there is a difference between the two. I know the Swiftees do...

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1 posted on 09/03/2004 10:08:56 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: LPierson

Interesting. I seem to remember something recently about the Swiftees and the POW/MIA families getting together. It will not bode well for the "hero" if it happens.

2 posted on 09/03/2004 10:13:18 PM PDT by Adrastus (Eat dirt and die, Girlie man.)
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To: Adrastus

some info:

3 posted on 09/03/2004 10:17:02 PM PDT by bitt ("I'm Mad as Zell, and I'm Not Going to Take It Anymore." (CongressmanBillybob))
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To: Adrastus

More importantly...what if COL Millard A. Peck surfaced and talked about his testimony (which was on C-SPAN while the hearings were being conducted...) and "poured out his soul" regarding the abuse he took from Senator Kerry...? One more nail.

4 posted on 09/03/2004 10:18:14 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: LPierson


On April 16, five members of the Select Committee -- Senators Kerry, Smith, Robb, Brown and Grassley -- embarked on a ten-day mission to Southeast Asia. Members of the delegation spent three days in Vietnam. Their purpose was twofold: first, to obtain the necessary assurances of cooperation from senior Vietnamese leaders; and, second, to ensure that those guarantees of access would be carried out.
Hardly likely. In 1971, two years before any peace agreement, John Kerry, a Vietnam veteran who became a peace activist, said that ``points'' presented by Hanoi-Vietcong delegations in Paris, and their conversations with him and other Americans, showed prisoners would be returned. So, he said, the U.S. should not ``stall'' any longer.

5 posted on 09/03/2004 10:20:12 PM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: LPierson
"... It is my humble opinion that another "shoe" will drop on the heels of the ongoing success garnered by the the Swiftee's; that "shoe" will be the renewed examination of John Kerry's record regarding POW/MIA hearings (which he chaired...), and his treatment of one COL Millard A. Peck.

From NewsMax:

"... As chairman of the Select Senate Committee on POW/MIA Affairs, created in 1991 to investigate reports that U.S. prisoners of war and soldiers designated missing in action were still alive in Vietnam, Kerry badgered the panel into voting that no American servicemen remained in Vietnam.

“[N]o one in the United States Senate pushed harder to bury the POW/MIA issue, the last obstacle preventing normalization of relations with Hanoi, than John Forbes Kerry,” noted U.S. Veteran Dispatch.

“But Kerry's participation in the Committee became controversial in December 1992,” reported the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity, “when Hanoi announced that it had awarded Colliers International, a Boston-based real estate company, an exclusive deal to develop its commercial real estate potentially worth billions. Stuart Forbes, the CEO of Colliers, is Kerry's cousin.”

The “odd coincidence,” according to, involved a deal worth $905 million.

... And here's the reference to Millard A. Peck:

Col. Millard A. Peck Resigns
"Highest National Priority is a Travesty. The 'Mindset to debunk' is Alive and Well".
DATE: 12 FEB 1991


SUBJECT: Request for Relief


   1. PURPOSE: I, herby, request to resign my position as Chief of the Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action (POW-MIA).


a. Motivation. My initial acceptance of this posting was base upon two motives: first, I had heard that the job was highly contentious and extremely frustrating, that no one would volunteer for it because of its complex political nature. This, of course, made it appear challenging. Secondly, since the end of the Vietnam War, I had heard the persistent rumors of American Servicemen having been abandoned in Indochina, and that the Government was conducting a "cover-up" so as not to be embarrassed. I was curious about this and thought that serving as the Chief of POW-MIA would be an opportunity to satisfy my own interest and help clear the Government's name.

b. The Office's Reputation. It was interesting that my previous exposure to the POW-MIA Office, while assigned to DIA, both as a Duty Director for Intelligence (DDI) and as the Chief of the Asia Division for Current Intelligence (JSI-3), was negative. DIA personnel who worked for me, when dealing with or mentioning the Office, always spoke about it in deprecating tomes, alluding to the fact that any report which found its way there would quickly disappear into a "black hole."

c. General Attitudes. Additionally, surveys of active duty military personnel indicated that a high percentage (83%) believed that there were still live American prisoners in Vietnam. This idea was further promulgated in a number of legitimate veteran's periodicals and professional journals, as well as the media in general, which held that where there was so much smoke, there must be fire.

d. Cover-up. The dark side of the issue was particularly unsettling because of the persistent rumors and innuendoes of a Government conspiracy, alleging that U.S. military personnel had been left behind to the victorious communist governments in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and that for "political reasons" or running the risk of a second Vietnam War, their existence was officially denied. Worse yet was the implication that DIA's Special Office for POWs and MIAs was an integral part of this effort to cover the entire affair up so as not to embarrass the Government nor the Defense Establishment.

e. The Crusade. As a Vietnam veteran with a certain amount of experience in Indochina, I was interested in the entire POW-MIA question, and willingly volunteered for the job, viewing it as sort of a holy crusade.

f. The Harsh Reality. Heading up the Office has not been pleasant. My plan was to be totally honest and forthcoming on the entire issue and aggressively pursue innovative actions and concepts to clear up the live sighting business, thereby refurbishing the image and honor of DIA. I became painfully aware, however, that I was not really in charge of my own office, but was merely a figurehead or whipping boy for a larger and totally Machiavellian group of players outside of DIA. What I witnessed during my tenure as the cardboard cut-out "Chief" of POW-MIA could be euphemistically labelled as disillusioning.


a. Highest National Priority. That National leaders continue to address the prisoner of war and missing in action issue as the "highest national priority" is a travesty. From my vantage point, I observed that the principal government players were interested primarily in conducting a "damage limitation exercise", and appeared to knowingly and deliberately generate an endless succession of manufactured crises and "busy work". Progress consisted in frenetic activity, with little substance and no real results.

b. The Mindset to Debunk. The mindset to "debunk" is alive and well. It is held at all levels, and continues to pervade the POW-MIA Office, which is not necessarily the fault of DIA. Practically all analysis is directed tp finding fault with the source. Rarely has there been any effective, active follow through on any of the sightings, nor is there a responsive "action arm" to routinely and aggressively pursue leads. The latter was a moot point, anyway, since the Office was continuously buried in an avalanche of "ad hoc" taskings from every quarter, all of which required an immediate response. It was impossible to plan ahead or prioritize courses of action. Any real effort to pursue live sighting reports or exercise initiatives was diminished by the plethora of "busy work" projects directed by higher authority outside of DIA. A number of these grandiose endeavors bordered on the ridiculous, and -- quite significantly -- there was never an audit trail. None of these taskings was ever requested formally. There was, and still is, a refusal by any of the players to follow normal intelligence channels in dealing with the POW-MIA Office.

c. Duty,Honor and Integrity. It appears that the entire issue is being manipulated by unscrupulous people in the Government, or associated with the Government. Some are using the issue for personal or political advantage and others use it as a forum to perform and feel important, or worse. The sad fact, however, is that this issue is being controlled and a cover-up may be in progress. The entire charade does not appear to be an honest effort, and may never have been.

d. POW-MIA Officers Abandoned. When I assumed the Office for the first time, I was somewhat amazed and greatly disturbed by the fact that I was the only military officer in an organization of more than 40 people. Since combatants of all Services were lost in Vietnam, I would have thought there would at least be a token Service representation for a matter of the "highest national priority." Since the normal mix of officers from all Services is not found in my organization it would appear that the issue, at least at the working level, has, in fact, been abandoned. Also, the horror stories of the succession of military officers at the C-5 and C-6 level who have in some manner "rocked the boat" and quickly come to grief at the hands of the Government policy makers who direct the issue, lead one to the conclusion that we are all quite expendable, so by extrapolation one simply concludes that these same bureaucrats would "sacrifice" anyone who was troublesome or contentious as including prisoners of war and missing in action. Not a comforting thought. Any military officer expected to survive in this environment would have to be myopic, an accomplished sycophant, or totally insouciant.

e. The DIA Involvement. DIA's role in the affair is truly unfortunate. The overall Agency has generally practiced a "damage limitation drill" on the issue, as well. The POW-MIA Office has been cloistered for all practical purposes and left to its own fortunes. The POW Office is the lowest level in the Government "efforts" to resolve the issue, and oddly for an intelligence organization, has become the "lightening rod" for the entire establishment to the matter. The policy people manipulating the affair have maintained their distance and remained hidden in the shadows, while using the Office as a "toxic waste dump" to bury the whole "mess" out of sight and mind to a facility with the limited access to public scrutiny. Whatever happens in this issue, DIA takes the blame, while the real players remain invisible. The fact that the POW-MIA Office is always the center of an investigation is no surprise. Many people suspect that something is rotten about the whole thing, but they cannot find an audit trail to ascribe blame, so they attack the DIA/POW-MIA "dump", simply because it has been placed in the line of fire as a cheap, expendable decoy.

f. "Suppressio Veri, Suggestio Falsi". Many of the puppet masters play a confusing, murky rolls. For instance, the Director of the National League of Families occupies an interesting and questionable position in the whole process.

Although assiduously "churning" the account to give a tawdry illusion of progress, she is adamantly opposed to any initiative to actually get to the heart of the problem, and, more importantly, interferes in or actively sabotages POW-MIA analyses or investigations. She insist on rewriting or editing all significant documents produced by the Office, then touted as the DIA position. She apparently has access to top secret, codeword message traffic, for which she is supposedly not cleared, and she received it well ahead of the DIA intelligence analysts. Her influence in "jerking around" everyone and everything involved in the issue goes far beyond the "war and MIA protester gone straight" scenario. She was brought from the "outside", into the center of the imbroglio, and then, cloaked in a mantle of sanctimony, routinely impedes real progress and insidiously "muddles up" the issue. One wonders who she really is and where she came from.


a. The Stalled Crusade. Unfortunately, what began on such a high note never succeeded in embarking. In some respects, however, I have managed to satisfy some of my curiosity.

b. Everyone is Expendable. I have seen firsthand how ready and willing the policy people are to sacrifice or "abandon" anyone who might be perceived as a political liability. It is quick and facile, and can be easily covered.

c. High-Level Knavery. I feel strongly that this issue is being manipulated and controlled at a higher lever, not with the goal of resolving it, but more to obfuscate the question of live prisoners, and give the illusion of progress through hyperactivity.

d. "Smoke and Mirrors". From what I have witnessed, it appears that any soldier left in Vietnam, even inadvertently, was, in fact, abandoned years ago, and that the farce that is being played is no more than political legerdemain done with "smoke and mirrors", to stall the issue until it dies a natural death.

e. National League of Families. I am convinced that the Director of this organization is much more than meets the eye. As the principal actor in the grand show, she is in the perfect position to clamor for "progress", while really intentionally impeding the effort. And there are numerous examples of this. Otherwise it is inconceivable that so many bureaucrats in the "system would instantaneously do her bidding and humor her every whim.

f. DIA's Dilemma. Although greatly saddened by the role ascribed to the Defense Intelligence Agency, I feel, at least, that I am dealing with honest men and women who are generally powerless to make the system work. My appeal and attempt to amend this role perhaps never had a chance. We all were subject to control. I particularly salute the personnel in the POW-MIA Office for their long suffering, which I regrettably was unable to change. I feel that the Agency and the Office are being used as the "fall guys" or "patsies" to cover the tracks of others.


a. One Final Vietnam Casualty. So ends the war and my last grand crusade, like it actually did end, I guess. However, as they say in the Legion, "je ne regrette rien..." For all of the above, I respectfully request to be relieved of my duties as Chief of the Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing in Action.

b. A Farewell to Arms. So as to avoid the annoyance of being shipped off to some remote corner, out of sight and out of the way, in my own "bamboo cage" of silence somewhere, I further request that the Defense Intelligence Agency, which I have attempted to serve loyally and with honor, assist me in being retired immediately from active military service.

                 MILLARD A. PECK
                 Colonel, Infantry
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6 posted on 09/03/2004 10:22:36 PM PDT by The KG9 Kid (Semper Fi)
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To: LPierson
Newt Gingrich on FNC, sometime during the last two weeks, stated that (paraphrasing)-- if you thought the SB Vets were angry you haven't seen anything yet. The POW/MIA families are going to come forward also, and they are very upset. Thought he said sometime in Sept they w/b launching their campaign.
7 posted on 09/03/2004 10:22:50 PM PDT by Tarheel (Vox clamatis in deserto.)
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To: Calpernia

Given Mr Kerrys foaming at the mouth to "normalize" relations with Hanoi, do you think it strange that his cousin was the one who got the contract to produce a deep water prot for the Vietnamese after the "normalization?"

8 posted on 09/03/2004 10:26:09 PM PDT by Adrastus (Eat dirt and die, Girlie man.)
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To: Calpernia

Well there you have it. Maybe at this point Mr. Kerry will wish he never entered this race. (I am not sure that considereing his vast acquired wealth he will wish he wasn't born...) As you well know, this race isn't about MIA'S is it, it is about a defeating man who is a craven opportunist and has been since he past puberty.

9 posted on 09/03/2004 10:26:41 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: The KG9 Kid

Well done, Kid. Looks good. I wonder what the dems will do with this when it hits the air?

10 posted on 09/03/2004 10:31:40 PM PDT by Adrastus (Eat dirt and die, Girlie man.)
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To: LPierson

Can't remember which show, but I heard John O'Neill make a reference to somebody "Peck." Something to the effect 'we haven't even mentioned Peck yet...' But time was running out and the subject was left hanging. It stuck in my head for some reason.

I checked the Unfit for Command book index and found only one Peck: Tedd Peck, Swift Boat Commander. I had highlighted one of Tedd Peck's remarks where he warned Kerry: "follow me no closer than a thousand yards. If you get any closer, I'll teach you what a real Purple Heart is."

Wow. This topic is a whole new can of worms to open. I am not quite finished reading Col. Millard Peck's resignation memo, but it is extremely interesting, very shocking, and upsetting.

11 posted on 09/03/2004 10:36:35 PM PDT by Sally
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To: Tarheel

I do find in current 527 environemnt a bit justice with the efficient expenditures of a few bucks, relatively speaking, (Soros' ect 60+ million dollars, need I really repeat...)by dedicated private citizens to point out facts and subsequent truth regarding the traitorous behavior of some who seek power over us. The POW/MIA issue is a very, VERY raw nerve that remains exposed on the "scars" of veterans. There won't be enough VVAW folks around to prop this up for Kerry....Certainly Dan Rather, Brokaw, Jennings et. al. cannot....

12 posted on 09/03/2004 10:37:44 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: LPierson
Here is a must read article: When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A. - Senator covered up evidence of P.O.W.'s left behind by Sydney H. Schanberg (Village Voice) February 24th, 2004

Visit my John F. Kerry Timeline.

13 posted on 09/03/2004 10:40:56 PM PDT by christie ( -- NOT!)
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To: christie

I have seen that article. I have been wondering when this issue would hit. Judging from the comments already posted, me thinks there are some folks that are ready'ing the "mortar sections" with this one.

14 posted on 09/03/2004 10:45:32 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: The KG9 Kid


15 posted on 09/03/2004 10:49:13 PM PDT by Christian4Bush (I approve this message: "John Kerry sees 2 Americas...America sees 2 John Kerrys." (VP Cheney))
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To: LPierson
There is no doubt in my mind that the SBVT are organized like the military and follows military discipline. This is one reason the Kerry campaign is way over it's head.
The entire Kerry vs SBVT is be run like a military campaign, and there are quite a few Annapolis types that are well versed in strategy and tactics.
They have skirmished with Kerry so far to draw him out and force him to take a position. The offer to stop if he apologized was actually a masterful stroke.
Now Kerry is bringing it on to himself. These guys knew long before the first skirmish what they had for ammo. And the style of the ads make producing them easy. They can react and respond many times faster than Kerry can.
16 posted on 09/03/2004 10:54:38 PM PDT by ProudVet77 (It ain't over till the TRex throws out TFailure.)
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To: ProudVet77

What will even more masterful will be ads that connect his 1971 behavior and his conduct on the POW/MIA committee he chaired. I believe that the Clinton wing of the DNC and Kerry TRULY believed that all was forgotten and forgiven from the Vietnam era. It had to have been (in their minds), after all we did elect an openly admitted draft-dodger. Why would Kerry NOT believe anything else...This race is truly GW'S to lose now.

17 posted on 09/03/2004 11:07:51 PM PDT by LPierson
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To: christie


18 posted on 09/03/2004 11:10:03 PM PDT by ConservativeVoice
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To: Adrastus

You're right. Let me add that here too:

In October 1990 John McCain said on the floor of the Senate: "Mr. President, I am anxious to construct a new relationship with our old adversary (Vietnam)". He, who was in a Vietnamese prison camps for five and a half years, was pushing hard for normalized relations with Hanoi long before anyone else was.

Between when Clinton said that he would not normalize relations with Vietnam until there was a full accounting and the time he lifted the Trade Embargo only two Americans had been accounted for in Vietnam.

Lifting the embargo opened the door for the multi-billion dollar corporation, Lippo Group with American business partners, such as Stephens Investment of Little Rock, AR to conduct business in Vietnam. Mr A. Vernon Weaver, at that time the Vice-President for Operations in the Pacific Rim of Stephens Investment and a member of the Board of Visitors at the U.S. Naval Academy was instrumental in arranging an upgrade of the position of Commandant of the U.S. Naval Academy from two stars to four stars.

Former U.S. Navy officers, Senators John Kerry and John McCain supported this reorganization.

An indication of just how deep and subtle Red Chinese roots run in U.S. business and government affairs deals with McCain and Kerry. Both McCain and Kerry fought long and hard to provide the political cover Clinton needed when he made the controversial decision to normalize relations with Vietnam. McCain's wife, Cindy, is the daughter of James Hensley, who is the second largest Anheuser-Busch distributor in the United States. McCain is an officer in Hensley & Co. and Cindy is a vice president. The McCain family owns several million dollars in Anheuser-Busch stock. As a part of an aggressive campaign to enhance its international standing in the beer market, Anheuser-Busch has had signned contracts and invested hundreds of millions building brewery operations in China and Vietnam. I can’t link any of those contracts involve Lippo. Some docs retrieved from the net revealed that Riady's Lippo is the holder of a license for Sea World in Indonesia and that Anheuser-Busch owns all the Sea World themeparks in the United States as well as some overseas. Is there a connection between Anheuser-Busch and Lippo?

SeaWorld/Lippo Connection:

Old URL: Internet Cache:

Net cache shows Lippo holds/held the license on Sea World in Indonesia.

"Today I am lifting the trade embargo against Vietnam because I am absolutely convinced it offers us the best way to resolve the fate of those who remain missing and about whom we are not sure." Two things happened between November 1992 and February 1994 which bear on this issue. One was that Senators John Kerry and John McCain lobbied the president to drop the embargo. The second thing was that in September 1993 the head of the Lippo Group, Mochtar Riady, led a trade mission of Asian bankers on a trip to Vietnam to (in his words) "size up business opportunities there." Lippo helps, among other things, to finance trade deals. It therefore stood to benefit enormously from expanded trade between Vietnam and the United States;

Old URL: See Internet Cache:

Every time I’ve seen McCain's name in reference to legislation, Kerry's name pops up as well. It is like they are two peas in a pod. So I checked out Kerry to see what his connections were:


Military secrets on infrared detectors, drawings of rotors for Sikorsky attack helicopters and documents on stealth technology. Subrahmanyam M. Kota was a spy that delivered to the KGB. He sold U.S. military secrets to the former Soviet Union. Yet he paid some of the proceeds, $5250, to the Democratic Party and to Democratic Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts. When he was finally brought to justice in Massachusetts, he was allowed to plea bargain his charges down to mere tax evasion on his espionage windfall.

Old URL: See Internet Cache:

Frances Zwenig, John Kerry's (D-MA) chief of Staff for the now defunct Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs, was given a position at Commerce in the Vietnam Interests Section until some genius decided it may be a conflict of interest. Ms. Zwenig coached the Vietnamese on how to testify before the SSC in order to show that Hanoi was cooperating; an obstacle in the way of lifting the embargo or normalizing. . . Zwenig had headed a US based organization that lobbied American business to invest on Vietnam.

In order to follow the money trail, involves the various business and 527s of Senators:

John Forbes Kerry (D-MA)
John Sydney McCain III (R-AZ)
Jesse Helms (R-NC)
Frank Murkowski (R-AK)

This involves the political contributions and the relationships connected to the companies that made the contributions. This involves searching the 527s relationships that these guys are into. Then the links to Riady/Lippo. It gets messy on a home computer. But the involvements show in Google searches.

Kerry's cousin, C. Stewart Forbes, is CEO of Colliers International, real estate.

In Dec. 1992, Vietnam granted Colliers a contract designating Colliers the "exclusive real estate agent representing Vietnam." Colliers has since written contracts in Vietnam worth billions, upgrading Vietnam's ports, railroads, highways and government buildings.

Colliers is involved with Lippo in multimillion contracts in Indonesia. Kerry, who has a blind trust run by members of his family, claims he knows nothing about his cousin's business deals or affiliations.


19 posted on 09/04/2004 5:54:38 AM PDT by Calpernia ("People never like what they don't understand")
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To: SAMWolf


20 posted on 09/04/2004 6:00:12 AM PDT by Professional Engineer (Hey folks, the Crusade is underway. Time to realize it or die.)
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