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CBS' “new” Bush guard memos a hoax (Update w/ conclusive proof of forgeries!)
ChronicallyBiased - keeping tabs on the Houston Chronicle ^ | 9/9

Posted on 09/09/2004 3:47:33 PM PDT by GOPcapitalist

(scroll down to the bottom of the article for the update section):


Following the Little Green Footballs blog lead, CB decided to test the pantograph replication technique on another of the CBS documents to see if it held true. Using Microsoft Word on its factory default settings with 12 point Times New Roman font we copied the address line of CBS memo #1 and overlapped the two for comparison.

As you can see the test worked and, in doing so, inadvertantly uncovered more proof that the document is a forgery. The new evidence revolves around the fact that Microsoft Word auto-formats its text using the centering function. When the text alignment for “center” is selected each subsequent line will be precisely centered underneath the previous one with each word of the text readjusting to meet this alignment as new letters are entered into the line. Since typewriters mechanically stamp letters onto a sheet of paper one at a time, it is physically impossible to create a mechanical typewriter document that perfectly aligns two or more centered rows of text on top of each other. The address bar on CBS Memo #1 is perfectly centered and perfectly aligned, thus it had to have come from a computer word processor and not a typewriter. The replication experiment in Microsoft Word with an identical match further validates this origin.

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To: 2nd amendment mama
Now I'm showing my age.

You're showing mine too. A really GOOD typist could eyeball it and get it centered. :-)

81 posted on 09/09/2004 4:14:57 PM PDT by SandyInSeattle (Official RKBA Landscaper and Arborist, Duchess of Green Leafy Things)
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To: Izzy Dunne
Brit Hume just covered something similar to this on Fox News Channnel. He showed the centered address on a document and the focused on the superscripted "th" in 87th Air something or other. The point he brought up is that the "th" was not only superscripted, it was tiny, the letter spacing was narrow, and that it matched perfectly the way Microsoft Word's Times New Roman font handles superscripting "th" after a number. He also said that no typewriter from that period could do that. He said that one of his producers typed the memo into Microsoft Word using the default spacing, margins, font, etc. and it came out spaced exactly the same as the letter.
82 posted on 09/09/2004 4:15:28 PM PDT by Spiff (Don't believe everything you think.)
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To: dfwgator

Another case of "rope a dope" or Arkancide. I have visions of Wile E. Coyote opening up his package of forged documents from Acme and they explode in his face. Beep Beep

83 posted on 09/09/2004 4:15:34 PM PDT by toomanygrasshoppers ("Hold on to your's going to be a bumpy night")
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To: GOPcapitalist

It is one thing to have a national press that overlooks (spikes) stories unflattering to their agenda. It is another thing entirely when they start manufacturing news to suit their agenda.

The "Mainstream Press" and CBS in particular has crossed the line one too many times. They are no longer news organizations. They are willing propagandists for the DNC and the Left Wing.

84 posted on 09/09/2004 4:15:59 PM PDT by spodefly (I've posted nothing but BTTT over 1000 times!!!)
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To: dubyain04jebin08and12
That would be a heck of a lot of math for what purport to be personal memos!!!!

Nah, the little trick was that you would start in the center and backspace once for every two spaces in the line. As has been pointed out to me, though, is that you would need to have each line with an even number of spaces AND it wouldn't work with proportional spacing, so the little centering trick we used to use doesn't really apply to this document.

85 posted on 09/09/2004 4:16:26 PM PDT by alnick (US forces armed with what? Spitballs??)
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To: dubyain04jebin08and12

How's teh "typist" gonna figure the distance to the center of those proportional font "points" in the three lines before there were calculators?

What? Use a slide rule?

Then, so what?

he still has to put the typewriter at the ".xxx point" position to start typing!

86 posted on 09/09/2004 4:16:46 PM PDT by Robert A. Cook, PE (I can only donate monthly, but Kerry's ABBCNNBCBS continue to lie every day!)
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To: JCEccles
I got the same education today about the difference between Army and Air Force abbreviations. Looks like the forger screwed up the Air Force abbreviation anyway.

In the Army, the signature on a letterhead document would be "Commanding" not "Commander." True for the Air Force?

Compare the alleged Memo/Order with one of Kerry's orders from his own website, which is typical of the format I saw in the Army, adjusting for service differences. Note the different typeface and format.

87 posted on 09/09/2004 4:17:13 PM PDT by colorado tanker (wanna see my happy hat?)
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To: centurion316

If it's not close, they can't cheat.

88 posted on 09/09/2004 4:17:17 PM PDT by GEC
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To: InterceptPoint
"Not a chance. Not one in a billion."

You forget ... these are Godless evolutionists.

There was a big bang at the DNC, algoregoop sprayed all over the place, x42 just happened to be around to interpret the results and it was all determined to be authentic.

DanBlather stands on his belief.

89 posted on 09/09/2004 4:17:37 PM PDT by knarf (A place where anyone can learn anything ... especially that which promotes clear thinking.)
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To: centurion316

"Because of Freepers like you who come forward and stand tall when the times demand and lay out the truth for all to see. "

90 posted on 09/09/2004 4:17:43 PM PDT by Winfield (sham)
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To: GOPcapitalist

You would think they would have chosen a more convincing address. P.O. Box "34567"? What's up with that? A straight flush!

91 posted on 09/09/2004 4:18:38 PM PDT by mcg1969
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To: luvbach1
Don't think anyone that skilled on mechanical typewriters is still on the job.

How right you are. Back in the mid-1990's, when I was manager of a large proposal documentation group, I earned the respect of the whole crew when I was able to make last minute corrections at 2:00 am when the typists had left, by using my Exacto knife, small light table, and some words pulled off error sheets that had been thrown away. I left the cut and mortised pages for the word processors to update their computer files the next morning.

92 posted on 09/09/2004 4:18:40 PM PDT by RightField (The older you get ... the older "old" is !)
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To: luvbach1
If forgery and a change of content did take place, would it have violated any law?

I believe so. You may dummy up a lot of documents for a lot of reasons without worry (as long as it is not intended to defraud someone of their property)--but don't try to dummy up a document and try to pass it off as an official document of an entity of the United States government (and the Guard has a sufficient federal nexus, I'm sure).

93 posted on 09/09/2004 4:18:55 PM PDT by JCEccles
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To: GOPcapitalist
See my COLOCALIZATION of an "original" and a Microsoft Word version posted earlier in the thread this post appears on.
94 posted on 09/09/2004 4:19:12 PM PDT by aruanan
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To: Jeff Head; GOPcapitalist; Howlin; Bob J; Luis Gonzalez; JohnHuang2

<< .... if 'they' ever can trace this thing back to its roots, we may well find that it all just adds more fuel to the fire regarding the theory that the Clinton's and their operatives are undermining Kerry so Hillary can be in position for 2008. >>

You are right on, of course.

But by suggesting he needs the Cli'ton's undermining You simultaneously flatter Kerry, give the Cli'ton gang way too much credit for the failure of his candidature -- and insult the inherent good common sense of the American electorate!

Not a bad days work.

95 posted on 09/09/2004 4:19:23 PM PDT by Brian Allen (I am, thank God, a hyphenated American -- An AMERICAN-American -- AND A Dollar-a-Day FReeper!)
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To: ScottFromSpokane

Are there any hyphens at the end of sentences? I was a secretary back then, and I couldn't type any document without hyphens.

96 posted on 09/09/2004 4:19:51 PM PDT by Twinkie
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To: spodefly

Rather's complicity in a willful hoax is becoming more and more obvious. This thing, if we play it right, could make the Jayson Blair shakeup look like a walk in the park. At first I was skeptical that the story would go anywhere other than the internet. Then I heard it on Hannity and now Brit Hume. It'll probably make a paper or two tommorrow like the Washington Times. We gotta keep pushing it though. Dan Rather resigning in disgrace would be wonderful, or if not a major apology on the air. Quite frankly with the way this thing is developing, neither is completely out of the question.

97 posted on 09/09/2004 4:21:06 PM PDT by GOPcapitalist ("Can Lincoln expect to subjugate a people thus resolved? No!" - Sam Houston, 3/1863)
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To: SandyInSeattle
But we couldn't center it like these matter how hard we tried! The technology just wasn't there then. If there were an odd # of letters it was "off" just a little bit to either the right or the left.

I'm lovin' watching the dems and especially mr. blather go down in flames about this...LOL

98 posted on 09/09/2004 4:21:52 PM PDT by 2nd amendment mama (Can The Ban - let the AWB sunset • •
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To: RightField

Also, EXCUSE ME, but there is no man in the world or who has EVER been in the world who would count spaces to get centering right. That's a woman thing.

99 posted on 09/09/2004 4:21:54 PM PDT by Twinkie
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE

I know proportional font typewriters were available at the time. But I don't believe for a second that any line unit, Air Force or Army, would put the bucks out for one. We're supposed to believe that a unit that didn't even have letterhead stationary spent extra for a fancy typewriter?

100 posted on 09/09/2004 4:22:50 PM PDT by colorado tanker (wanna see my happy hat?)
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