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Kerry Supporters Tear Up Bush-Cheney Sign, Make Little Girl Cry ^

Posted on 09/16/2004 4:14:16 PM PDT by rintense

Check out the photo from yahoo. Only Kerry Supporters would do something so low.

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To: wardaddy

I worry about the safety of the Protest Warriors.

These anarchist bullies, like all punk gangsters, find strength only in numbers. They ALWAYS have numbers on the PW guys.

The Warriors are hardnosed young guys. But these ANSWER ghouls don't fight by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. They're like how the Spanish referred to the Moors ... "at your feet or at your throat". One of the PW guys/gals is going to get hurt wading into that abyss with all those certifiable cutthroats.

I have a bad feeling about prospects for that crew. I don't advise their approach. Not now.

1,141 posted on 09/16/2004 10:26:23 PM PDT by Barlowmaker
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To: SnakeGuy

Thanks. I sent those cowards an email.

1,142 posted on 09/16/2004 10:26:33 PM PDT by My2Cents (
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To: spiderman9

Now, first, BIG hugs to your whole family for the violence that's decended on you all.
Second, you all do realize you have over 150,000 fans as of tonight, right?
We love ya! I have a three-year-old Son and when I saw the look on your Sister's face in the first pic, it broke my heart.
You good folks take care!

1,143 posted on 09/16/2004 10:26:40 PM PDT by RandallFlagg (<a href="" target="_blank">Hatriotism)
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To: Bayou City

Some guy from Vancouver, Washington called in to the local talk radio show. He was having problems with his Bush yard signs disappearing. I don't recall if he caught the guy on his property, or got a look at his car. He called the cops, and the cops stopped the guy and he had a bunch of bent and dirty Bush signs in his back seat. The guy was also over the legal alcohol limit. Also had a suspended driver's license. Didn't have insurance. (I wonder if he was wearing his seat belt?)

The caller said he thought that was pretty good justice - and went down and got more Bush/Cheney signs.

1,144 posted on 09/16/2004 10:26:51 PM PDT by geopyg (Peace..................through decisive and ultimate VICTORY. (Democracy, whiskey, sexy))
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To: montanus

Get your yearbooks and start flipping through the pages!

1,145 posted on 09/16/2004 10:27:00 PM PDT by NotJustAnotherPrettyFace (Michael <a href = "" title="Miserable Failure">"Miserable Failure"</a>)
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To: dasboot

I think that little kid is the girl's brother.

1,146 posted on 09/16/2004 10:27:46 PM PDT by willyboyishere ( i)
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To: rintense

I will be freeping tomorrow.

I resolve to be all "Cool Hand Luke" about it. No anger.

But I will be cold. And I will know my enemy is the sort of cretin who would abuse a child with a sign he or she doesn't like, the 2004 expression of the two minutes hate walking around on two legs.

I will be frosty. I will do it for Sophia. and we will win.

1,147 posted on 09/16/2004 10:27:47 PM PDT by Mr. Silverback (If the Cambodia "lie" 100% discredits John O'Neill, what do 50 Cambodia lies do for Kerry?)
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To: rintense; All
That has to be the saddest picture I ever remember seeing. I'm still crying while I'm writing this.I didn't get this upset at the Russian School kids.. this little girl reminds me so much of a dear friend's daughter, Lauren... her mom is single and I spend time with them when I can. Lauren is 5.

That poor dad.. how horrible. But they were FReeping right? DO NOT TAKE MINORS to FReep a Kerry event! With today's developments, the situation may become volitile.

I have volenteered for the Bush/Cheney 04 campaign and have sent the President a note via Mrs Bush offering myself for service in The President's 2nd term. I let my job know today that I have done it so if it is the President's pleasure, they have notice.

I've been eating with the same group at lunchtime for years. It's liberal heavy and I've kept quiet and listened to the hysteria. They feed each other hate... name calling the President and so forth.. childish stuff.

Today I went down and it was a smaller group. I began talking campaign stuff.. war in Iraq and one of the wise guys (who I've never really pegged before today) starts shooting his mouth off. I always thought he was a vet.. don't know why - maybe it was that he rolled up his shirtsleeves from the inside or something.. He asked me to change the subject, so I did.. a few minutes later he says 'Bush should go to Dallas' ... I asked why ... He said: 'to get shot, of course' ... I have never had the impulse to kill in my life like I had today. I was shaking. I said to him.. my voice quivering.. do you realize where we are (and I pointed across the street to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall).. He said 'I don't care'. I left. A few hours later, a National Park Service officer was shot and killed at Independence Hall. An hour later, Oliver North denounced John Kerry as an Anti-American on Hannity.

It will be alright Sophia ... God in Heaven protects you and our President. He is taking special care of all of us.

One of my heros of the Revolution was Ben Franklin... I always wondered what it was like then.. what enlightenment felt like. I'm getting some idea now :=} It's very new and feels wonderful. I'm really excited. And I have no fear in dying in the service of my Country.

National Park Service: American Revolution

1,148 posted on 09/16/2004 10:27:50 PM PDT by DaveMSmith (Providence Has Favored Our Undertakings)
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To: jsk10

Democrats and Old Media, repeat after me..

"As a Liberal, I must fear the 'net. It will expose me. It will destroy me."

This is gonna be a great election, I can't friggin wait!

Next week, Kerrey will reconsider his position on which way the sun comes up,

Dan Rather will produce accurate but not "authentic" documents ....dated Nov. 22, 1963 showing a very young George W. Bush with a rifle on the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza, Dallas.

and Kerrey's Union supporters will be caught on tape pushing old ladies in wheelchairs down the stairs at John Edwards gay wedding....

man, it almost makes up for the Clinton Administration!

1,149 posted on 09/16/2004 10:28:23 PM PDT by Will_Zurmacht
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To: Steven W.
and look at the ones in the background taunting the sweet little girl.

A party full of girlie men and schoolyard bullies.

1,150 posted on 09/16/2004 10:28:49 PM PDT by Mr. Silverback (If the Cambodia "lie" 100% discredits John O'Neill, what do 50 Cambodia lies do for Kerry?)
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To: wardaddy

"emergency room level ass whuppings"...

Great line!

Personally, I'm for "call the morgue, forget the ambulance" idea but I've been known to be a little too extreme! ;-)

1,151 posted on 09/16/2004 10:28:50 PM PDT by Fledermaus (If Dan Rather was duped, he's incompetent. If he was in on it, he's proven media bias exist.)
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Be sure to email this photo to everybody you know by using the link on yahoo. If we all email it, it will show up on the "most emailed photo of the day" which shows up on literally millions of yahoo home pages.

1,152 posted on 09/16/2004 10:30:02 PM PDT by ldreher
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To: thirteen stars; dj_animal_2000

By the looks of the haircut and the suit, I'm betting the guy in that picture is on Secret Service detail for sKerry. The left ear is blocked off from the picture, so we can't see if he's got the cord running down from the earpiece or not.

1,153 posted on 09/16/2004 10:31:04 PM PDT by NotJustAnotherPrettyFace (Michael <a href = "" title="Miserable Failure">"Miserable Failure"</a>)
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To: Barlowmaker

down south...the left is soft...plain and simple

i've freeped with the PWs here

the left here is pretty much academic or queer or stoned or just goofy....they won't bust a grape

up north with union thugz in the mix, i imagine it's different

1,154 posted on 09/16/2004 10:32:03 PM PDT by wardaddy
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To: Robert A. Cook, PE
Very sparse crowd, little noise. AFter a while, as Kerry is droning on, the Freeper reporting hears somebody say "Is he done yet? You promised me a hot og. Can we go now?"

Shades of the 2000 election in Milwaukee, WI when Dim-o-crat voters were promised food and cigarettes!!!!!

1,155 posted on 09/16/2004 10:32:33 PM PDT by NotJustAnotherPrettyFace (Michael <a href = "" title="Miserable Failure">"Miserable Failure"</a>)
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To: Barlowmaker

Don't PW'ers always video tape their counter-protests? Perhaps, in order to defend against having the camera destroyed, place it some distance away with a telephoto lens and parabolic mike.

1,156 posted on 09/16/2004 10:32:36 PM PDT by Tree of Liberty (requiescat in pace, President Reagan)
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To: Born to Conserve

No one blew it up on this thread. I'm talking about what's in his hand. The pixels are large, but shows it clearly some device with all rectangular shapes and edges in a parallel array. He's also holding something else that covers part of the rectangular screen.

1,157 posted on 09/16/2004 10:35:27 PM PDT by spunkets
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To: Tree of Liberty

I liked the fact that her brother balled up his fist like he's going to take on the big union bully.

1,158 posted on 09/16/2004 10:36:02 PM PDT by WVNan
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To: DameAutour
Little girl's brother-

Yes, Sophia is ok, but a little confused because "the people changed and got mean" as soon as she held up her sign. We were at the visit in the hopes of winning the people who are unsure and reassuring those who support President Bush. Among those supporters, much to my surprise and delight, were one of the drivers for the Edwards motorcade (who honked and gave a thumbs up after dropping off Edwards) and some police from both WV and Ohio.
1,159 posted on 09/16/2004 10:36:58 PM PDT by spiderman9
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To: spiderman9

It sounds like you have a wonderful family. Parents who care and are involved and children who are the same - and stand up for their beliefs.

I suspect there will be some media storm over this, and I hope that somehow that ends up being a blessing rather than a curse for all of you.

I know your sister is very young, but hopefully she can get some idea that there are a lot of us who think what happened to her was awful and angered us greatly.

1,160 posted on 09/16/2004 10:38:06 PM PDT by not_apathetic_anymore
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