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John Kerry--he should have been a Canadian (so right)!
Canada Free Press ^ | August 27, 2004 | Arthur Weinreb

Posted on 09/26/2004 3:22:39 PM PDT by hipaatwo

John Kerry--he should have been a Canadian by Arthur Weinreb, Associate Editor, Canada Free Press

August 27, 2004

John Kerry was born in the wrong country; he would be much more at home in Canada than in the United States. He possesses a quality that the majority of Canadians have; that distinguishes us from all other peoples on earth. It’s what unites Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Canadians love to whine.

And John F. Kerry is a whiner. This became absolutely apparent after he brought legal action against the Swift Boats Veterans who ran a negative attack ad pointing out that he may not be quite the military hero that he claims to be. As noted talk show host, Rush Limbaugh has said, George W. Bush has been subject to hatred since he came into office--and he takes it quietly. Kerry on the other hand, whines and moans after one negative ad is aired and goes running to the Federal Elections Commission with a gaggle of lawyers.

It is sometimes difficult to know exactly why Canadians love to whine and complain so much. The CBC has been criticized for their coverage of the Olympics where the on-air commentators seem to spend more time whining about Canada’s poor medal showing than they do reporting the events. Much like baseball is, south of the border, whining has become our national pastime. At least it doesn’t suffer from labour disputes and we can happily whine 365 days a year.

In democratic countries such as the United States and Great Britain, whose free and fair elections are almost never questioned, citizens occasionally get a tad upset with their government. So when the next election rolls around they throw the government out and bring in a new one. Not in Canada though. We whine and complain and then vote the same tired old Liberal government back in. And 20 minutes after they are reelected they act the same way as they always have and then we whine and complain again.

One reason for the constant boo-hooing is that we really do have it too good in this country. If we were faced with real problems, such as those that plague such countries as Iraq or Bangladesh, we wouldn’t have the time to sit around all day and complain.

Throughout the election campaign, John Kerry has shown that he would fit right in up in the Great White North. He would make a great advisor to Prime Minister Paul Martin. Since both men love to take both sides of each and every issue, they would be in constant agreement (or constant disagreement) on everything. You couldn’t ask for much more than that.

Kerry would also make a great Foreign Affairs Minister. Who better than Kerry to run down to New York and take marching orders from Kofi Annan at the U.N. (Useless Nothings)? John would have a ball getting approval of the French and the Germans for whatever stand Canada is told to take.

Kerry’s views on the military are consistent with the much touted "Canadian values". Only in Canada can you be a war hero and a peace activist at the same time. And Kerry’s testimony in the early 70s that American soldiers, including him, did nothing in Vietnam except rape, plunder and murder innocent civilians is just about how the Canadian elites view the American armed forces.

Kerry included himself in a military that commits war crimes. John would be pleased to know that Canada is a country that not only takes steps to keep war criminals out--we welcome them here with open arms.

There is no doubt about it — John Kerry would make an excellent Canadian

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To: Kozak

Yes, but they don't like to admit they're economically dependent on the US. It hurts their feelings when you point that out to them , you know..

(Glad I don't live there anymore)

21 posted on 09/26/2004 4:19:56 PM PDT by somerville
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To: hipaatwo


22 posted on 09/26/2004 4:26:47 PM PDT by ConservativeVoice
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To: hipaatwo
Great article. But whiny though they may be, Canadians have one thing that Americans do not have: each Canadian's vote at a national level is shared among voters in a population of only 26 million people or so. Americans are forced to share their votes among voters in a population of 280 million or so. Canadian votes are theoretically 10 times more popwerful than ours in terms of influence over national issues!

Canadians hate it when we say call them America's 51st State, but I do not say it necessarily in either jest or derision, because of this "SAT question for Federalists":

Canada is to the USA as
each of the United States SHOULD be to _________.

The answer is "the USA!" Canada is to the USA as each state should be to the USA.

In other words, whiny though Canadians may be, the USA does not boss Canada around, and we don't make them share power with (of all places) Massachusetts and its liberal Laurel and Hardy team (guess which Senators those are).

Why should Texas with 20 million people and the world's 10th largest economy and California with what, 30 million people and the world's 6th largest economy not live in a political environment which approaches sovereignty??? Why does Canada with 26 million people get to be sovereign and Texans and Californians have to let Barney and Teddy and Johnny from Massachusetts have a considerable say about how we do things?

The answer is not succession. We need the Union. The answer is reviving an appreciation for the limitations on the Federal government which are both our Constitutional and our God-given right!

Observe the 9th and the 10th amendments and bring power back to the each of the United States of America so the We the People can have the leverage and the power and the "turn on a dime" governments that are our birthright.

So when you think of our actually quite wonderful "51st state" called Canada, the only one that has the sovereignty intended by the Constitution for the other 50 states, be jealous of that, and think of the Great Big Teeth of the Great Big Federal Granny-Government and how We the People need to PULL those teeth with our sharp little 9th and 10th Amendments and bring those teeth back to each of our United States.

How's that for a Sunday night rant?

23 posted on 09/26/2004 4:30:13 PM PDT by Weirdad (A Free Republic, not a "democracy" (mob rule))
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To: hipaatwo

I am really mad at liberal Canada at the present but thats just not Canada lols

24 posted on 09/26/2004 4:39:54 PM PDT by badpacifist (Missouri proud)
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To: DoughtyOne

Good point!

25 posted on 09/26/2004 4:49:53 PM PDT by Bullish (Tick... Tick...Tick...Tick...)
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To: Weirdad

While you weren't looking, Canada's population crept to about 35,000,000, the same as California's.

26 posted on 09/26/2004 4:57:42 PM PDT by luvbach1 (Let US commanders run the war on terror in iraq,)
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To: luvbach1

I knew someone would correct me so I dod not look it up. Thanks!

27 posted on 09/26/2004 5:00:31 PM PDT by Weirdad (A Free Republic, not a "democracy" (mob rule))
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To: FormerACLUmember

Canadians seem to be divided between those who have a conspicuous sense of humor and those who take themselves entirely too seriously.

28 posted on 09/26/2004 5:02:30 PM PDT by dr_who_2
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To: hipaatwo; Liz; Howlin
Canadians love to whine.

Even after obtaining universal health care? How can we outsource leftists to the Great White North - eh?

29 posted on 09/26/2004 5:02:54 PM PDT by Libloather (911th Internet Reconnaissance Brigade - Jammie Commando Battalion)
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To: Bullish

Thanks. You'll note Kerry's ilk operates the same way today. Hussien was responsible for millions of deaths, over half a million of his own people at the minimum, during the Iraq Iran war. Despite this, hundreds of thousands of other tortured, mutilated and killed Iraqis, the invasion and occupation of one nation, and the attack upon three others, Kerry still thinks removing him was ill advised. Intead he and his fellow travelers love to mention the Iraqis that have been killed since we took Hussein out, as if that was worse.

Kerry will have a lot to answer for one day.

30 posted on 09/26/2004 6:02:58 PM PDT by DoughtyOne (US socialist liberalism would be dead without the help of politicians who claim to be conservatives)
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To: hipaatwo

For starters, we don't want him. We have way too many of his type here already.

In addition, some may say that Canadians are whiny. Well, that's because the whiny ones are those that make the most noise. It's the negatives that always get noticed ... and remembered.

31 posted on 09/26/2004 8:41:03 PM PDT by NorthOf45
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