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Posted on 11/13/2004 3:16:13 AM PST by Liz

Peter Beinart was even more hysterical than usual this week ("The Right Way out of the Wilderness," Opinion, Nov. 6). He alleged that there was "conservative anti-Americanism" following the failure to impeach Bill Clinton. What is he talking about? Whatever you think of the impeachment, it was not "anti-American." It was merely holding a lying, degenerate scoundrel to account. When that becomes anti-American, we are doomed. Joe Santora Manhattan


John Kerry's stances on the issues were strictly out of the past. His economic policies were Keynesian. His foreign-policy solutions were a product of 1960s thinking. His trade policies were a pre-Depression relic. And his solutions to social problems were from the New Deal mentality that looks to government first to solve every problem. In his 1996 re-election campaign, Clinton spoke of building a bridge to the 21st century. Kerry's policies would have brought us back to the 20th century. Albert Paparesta Brookfield, Conn.


Where were these astute critiques and pearls of wisdom before Kerry's stunning defeat last Tuesday? Most of Beinart's columns, with regard to the race for president, as I recall, consisted of not much more than strident, liberal Bush-bashing. Only now does he want to offer thoughtful advice to his candidate. Wednesday morning quarterback, anyone? Tommy Drennan Jersey City, N.J.

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To: Cuttnhorse

Try to understand that Dumbos can't "feel good" about themselves unless they're in the throes of "vicimization."

21 posted on 11/13/2004 5:18:37 AM PST by Liz (The man who establishes the reputation of rising at dawn, can sleep til noon.)
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To: jamaksin; BB2
You are so right and I resent the that, to this day, so many insist that Clinton's impeachment was a failed effort!

On February 19, 1999 all but one Democrat Senators violated their oath to uphold the Constitution by voting "Not Guilty" on Impeachment Articles I and II and then voting to Censure Clinton for the exact same offenses!!

Only Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-West Virginia) cast both not guilty votes and voted to not adopt the Censure Resolution.

The following is a statement from the Senate Byrd's closed deliberations on the articles of impeachment against President Clinton, excerpts of which senators were allowed to publish in the Congressional Record for Friday, Feb. 12, 1999:

"All of the institutions of government--the presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the system of justice and law, yes, even the media--all have been damaged by this unhappy and sorry chapter in our nation's history....

"Hamilton observed that impeachable offenses `are those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust . . . to injuries done immediately to the society itself.' Hamilton also observed that the impeachment court could not be `tied down' by strict rules, `either in the delineation of the offense by the prosecutors (the House of Representatives) or in the construction of it by the judges (the Senate)...

"Mr. Clinton's offenses do, in my judgment, constitute an `abuse or violation of some public trust....the evidence against Mr. Clinton shows that he willfully and knowingly and repeatedly gave false testimony under oath in judicial proceedings.

"When the President of the United States, who has sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, and to see to it that the laws be faithfully executed, breaks the law himself by lying under oath, he undermines the system of justice and law on which this Republic--not this `democracy'--this Republic has its foundation.

"In so doing, has the President not committed an offense in violation of the public trust? Does not this misconduct constitute an injury to the society and its political character? Does not such injury to the institutions of Government constitute an impeachable offense, a political high crime or high misdemeanor against the state? How would Washington vote? How would Hamilton vote? How would Madison or Mason or Gerry vote? My head and my heart tell me that their answer to these questions would be, `Yes.'

But the matter does not end there. The Constitution states, without equivocation, that the President, Vice President or any civil officer, when impeached and convicted, shall be removed from office. Hence, one cannot convict the President without removing him from office.

Should Mr. Clinton be removed from office for these impeachable offenses? This question gives me great pause. The answer is, as it was intended to be by the framers, a difficult calculus. This is without question the most difficult, wrenching and soul-searching vote that I have ever, ever cast in my 46 years in Congress. A vote to convict carries with it an automatic removal of the President from office. It is not a two-step process. Senators can't vote maybe. The only vote that the Senator can cast, under the rules, as written, is a vote either to convict and remove or a vote to acquit.

So should I vote `Guilty' when my name is called, believing that President Clinton's offenses constitute high misdemeanors?

Should I vote guilty and vote to remove him from office? Some critics may say--some of my colleagues may say--they may ask, if you believe he is guilty, how can you not vote to remove him from office?

There is some logic to the question, but simple logic can point one way while wisdom may be in quite a different direction. It is not a popularity contest, of course. But remember our English forbears, who, on June 20, 1604, submitted to King James I the Apology of the Commons, in which they declared that their rights were not derived from kings, and that, `The voice of the people in things of their knowledge is [as] the voice of God.' `Vox populi, vox Dei.'"

Senator Byrd voted as he perceived the public polls dictated so as to not remove a 'popular' President from office, despite knowing that President Clinton was, in fact, guilty as charged.

For me February 19, 1999 was a defining moment for the Democrats ~ with their actions that day it became crystal clear that, when it suited their political purpose, our nation's laws, indeed our Constitution, were dispensable to the leaders of this party.

Teddy Roosevelt said: "My power vanishes into thin air the instant that my fellow citizens, who are straight and honest, cease to believe that I represent them and fight for what is straight and honest. That is all the strength that I have."

Teddy was so right! Millions of us (getting close to 61 million I read) have totally ceased to believe that Democrats represent this nation and fight for what is straight and honest!

22 posted on 11/13/2004 5:37:10 AM PST by Zacs Mom ("In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock." Jefferson)
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To: jamaksin
You just hit the core of it, 30 years ago we didn't need 60

Republican Senators in the Senate. Legislators voted

on issues not politics, nowadays it's different, without 60

Republican Senators we will be at the mercy of the

rat/losers who will demagogue and filibuster everything or

anything they can just to thwart us, pathetic.
23 posted on 11/13/2004 5:47:55 AM PST by rodguy911 ( President Reagan---all the rest.)
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To: Liz

The quest for misunderstanding continues.

24 posted on 11/13/2004 5:51:11 AM PST by Imal (If there's one thing Democrats can't stand, it's democracy.)
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To: Liz
Only now does he want to offer thoughtful advice to his candidate.

Sounds familiar... Kerry was the wrong candidate for the wrong country at the wrong time. Unamed liberal candidate could have done everything better and smarter and would have had a better plan.

25 posted on 11/13/2004 5:58:52 AM PST by Rightwing Conspiratr1 (Lock-n-load!)
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To: Liz
"Uriah Heep is notorious for wielding undue influence, a bounder who was always planning and plotting, ingratiating himself into the confidence of others. Uriah is obsequious, manipulative, and wormed his way into positions of influence. Uriah was a consummate con man, and not to be trusted."

This is a great description of Richard Clarke. Very good post, BTW. Thanks.

26 posted on 11/13/2004 6:14:56 AM PST by Bahbah (Proud member of the pajamahadeen)
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To: Liz

Let's hope they never figure it out.

27 posted on 11/13/2004 6:45:11 AM PST by SandRat (Duty, Honor, Country. What else needs to be said?)
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To: Liz

28 posted on 11/13/2004 6:49:17 AM PST by AmericanMade1776
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To: carlr; Steely Tom; Liz
Clinton was their high-water mark. A full-fledged Mozart of BS-production. A freak talent for making nonsense sound like wisdom. Exactly what the left needed, because their entire philosophy is a creaking Rube Goldberg machine of internal contradiction, superstition, and mythology. Clinton was possible because of a unique confluence of historical trends: post-cold-war "readiness fatigue," the conversion of the mass media to an ideological mouthpiece of the left, and one individual with an extraordinary talent for lying. Oh, yeah, and Ross Perot.

Some of those factors may come along again, but others never will.

and ... They cling to tenets of socialism,marxism when they have been proven an abject failure when tried at any level.They want to save the life of every deranged,evil maniac that murders someone but will sacrifice an unborn baby for any cause.They believe minorities can`t get anywhere without them but must enslave minorities to a permanent underclass in order to maintain their political power.It gives you a headache to try to understand them.

Great description of the present state of the demagogue Demodogs. That they have been able to keep this contraption of a political party intact is a feat beyond human power, almost. It seems doomed to a spectacular disintegration at some time in the near future.

29 posted on 11/13/2004 7:16:37 AM PST by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: cardinal4

What always amazes me about liberal thinking is their idea of "free".....Free to them is OPM (other peoples money)..if they fund their beliefs themselves its not "free" anymore!!!

30 posted on 11/13/2004 7:39:28 AM PST by M-cubed
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To: AFPhys; carlr; Steely Tom; Bahbah


1. Capitalism creates oppression; government creates opportunity.

2. Traditional gender roles are artificial but feminism and homosexuality are government-protected lifestyles.

3. Self-esteem is paramount; government must undertake to guarantee each citizen-victim self-esteem no matter the cost.

4. The ACLU is good, because destroying religion and silencing believers are protected by the Constitution and the First Amendment; The NRA is bad because it defends the Constitution.

5. Standardized IQ tests are racist; racial quotas and affirmative action
are not.

6. Conservatives are racists; everybody knows that Black people can't make it on their own without big-buck government assistance programs and Hollyweirdos to proselytize the message 24/7.

7. Normal sex is perverted. Threesomes, bestiality, necrophilia, homosexuality are just new ways to get a thrill.

8. Moral indignation is a liberal's standard strategy for endowing our output with superiority.

9. Victimization is our basic belief by which we blame and find others responsible for our own personal failures, then expect taxpayers, deep-pocketed individuals, or the courts to bail us out. It feels good to be in the throes of "victimization" and either A) causing victims, B) concocting victims, C) playing victim, D) commiserating over victims, or E) creating another class of victims to bleed over.

10. It's a liberal's duty to treat Middle America in the manner of raising mushrooms, that is to say, keep them in the dark and feed them lots of horse manure.

31 posted on 11/13/2004 8:03:44 AM PST by Liz (The man who establishes the reputation of rising at dawn, can sleep til noon.)
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To: Liz

That sounds just about right. Good summary.

32 posted on 11/13/2004 8:14:56 AM PST by AFPhys ((.Praying for President Bush, our troops, their families, and all my American neighbors..))
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To: jamaksin
The senators, allowing politics to trump justice, <<-- The difference between conservative and liberal....a conservative bases his politics on his morals...a liberal bases his morals on his politics...Hence to a lib, all moral based ideals such as justice, truth, honor, integrity, etc. are ideals that they feel can be ignored when its in their perceived own best interests...
33 posted on 11/13/2004 8:16:20 AM PST by M-cubed
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To: Liz; Steely Tom; PhilDragoo; onyx; nicmarlo; Happy2BMe; potlatch; devolve; MEG33; Grampa Dave; ...
Einstein is credited with saying that:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

That seems to be what the Demokrauts are doing. Every election cycle, they think that there is something wrong with the VOTERS, and keep moving farther and farther left, thinking they aren't far enough left yet.

I think Einstein was right.

Google Search

34 posted on 11/13/2004 8:59:50 AM PST by MeekOneGOP (There is only one GOOD 'RAT: one that has been voted OUT of POWER !! Straight ticket GOP!)
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To: Liz

The lunatic lefties are mentally ill, and proof of that has been how they have reacted to the Death of Arafat a mass murdering Islamofacist.

To the lunatic lefties, he was a hero, a god and a great man. GW is a terrible man in the minds of these mentally ill.

That sums up the status of their mental illness for me.

35 posted on 11/13/2004 9:04:16 AM PST by Grampa Dave (FNC/ABCNNBCBS & the MSM fishwraps are the Rathering Fraudcasters of America!)
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To: cardinal4

The majority of those that vote democrat do not have a college education.

36 posted on 11/13/2004 9:07:31 AM PST by MissAmericanPie
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To: Steely Tom
He added: "Men like it. Some guys come in and buy the mannequins."

Re #6: I really admire your prose-writing abilites.

37 posted on 11/13/2004 9:25:20 AM PST by xJones
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To: MeekOneGOP; Liz; Steely Tom; PhilDragoo; onyx; nicmarlo; Happy2BMe; potlatch; devolve; MEG33; ...
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Einstein said it and psychiatrists use it.

Another key psychiatric clue is how well one fits into society and, considering the left's childish, lying, miscreant behavior, they should all be sent far away for 30 days observation...I vote the south pole.

38 posted on 11/13/2004 11:07:12 AM PST by Lady Jag (YAHOOO!!! W2!!!)
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To: Lady Jag


39 posted on 11/13/2004 11:08:51 AM PST by MEG33 ( Congratulations President Bush!..Thank you God. Four More Years!)
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To: nutmeg


40 posted on 11/13/2004 11:09:47 AM PST by nutmeg (THANK YOU RED STATES!!! -- Bush/Cheney 2004)
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