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Dick Morris: Rice only one who can beat Hillary
FOX - Dick Morris

Posted on 12/09/2004 5:38:16 PM PST by SussexCountyDE

Dick Morris just predicted on Fox that the Dem '08 nominee is Hillary in a walk off. Says only R who can both get nominated (sorry Rudy)and elected is Condi Rice.

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To: SussexCountyDE

We are too racist and sexist a nation to elect Condi Rice.

141 posted on 12/09/2004 8:55:24 PM PST by Raycpa (Alias, VRWC_minion,)
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To: Doctor Stochastic

Yeah but Hillary's a centrist by NY terms. Nationally she's very liberal. She also won NY by 10 pts while Gore won by 25.

142 posted on 12/09/2004 8:56:21 PM PST by DaveDCMetro
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To: SussexCountyDE

Despite Rush Limbaugh's ongoing rant about the Clintons the Democrats would be fools to run her in 2008. Of course the Democratic party could win prizes for stupid decisions. They would, I would think, feel the need to come up with a more palatable candidate. Even they should figure out to run a moderate governor not from the east.

143 posted on 12/09/2004 8:57:28 PM PST by dog breath
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To: Hank Rearden
I was referring to "that thing" on the inside of his head, and how I often disagree with it.
144 posted on 12/09/2004 8:58:13 PM PST by DTogo (U.S. out of the U.N. & U.N out of the U.S.)
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To: DaveDCMetro

Forgot the point about Gore doing better in NY than Hillary, even though Bush was a better candidate than Lazio.

I'll sleep a little better tonight.

145 posted on 12/09/2004 8:58:34 PM PST by litany_of_lies
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To: SussexCountyDE

A trial poll out a few weeks back had both McCain and Rudy beating Hilly by at least ten points - Morris predicted the R's would pick up thirty congressional seats in the '98 elections - they actually lost three or four - that tells me all I need to know about his powers of prediction......

146 posted on 12/09/2004 8:59:19 PM PST by Intolerant in NJ
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To: SussexCountyDE

"We will take from you for the common good."

Please, ABH (anybody but Hillary)!

We need to nominate someone who is charismatic and can win.

It's never good to underestimate the competition. We will need to act like she could easily win, to make sure we work the hardest to ensure she never wins.

147 posted on 12/09/2004 9:08:40 PM PST by hansel
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To: mabelkitty
Dr. Rice is going to run in '08 - her job at Secretary of State will put her right in place while Hillary scrambles to fight a dirty re-election campaign in '06 - a campaign that will be national in media attention, of course. Hope we can find a real dirty player to take her on and sully her.

Although not a dirty player, Sean Hannity would make mince meat out of her in a debate. Hannity for senator!

148 posted on 12/09/2004 9:18:34 PM PST by Dec31,1999 (
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To: SussexCountyDE

One thing about Dick. His track record makes Zogby's look good.

149 posted on 12/09/2004 9:20:02 PM PST by Frumious Bandersnatch
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To: DaveDCMetro
It was rally 12%, 56 to 44. Still a landslide for Hillary.

Ms Rodham did well with men in NY though: Women voters provided the margin of victory for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Men split their votes evenly between Clinton and her opponent (49% for Clinton and 49% for Lazio) while women overwhelmingly preferred Clinton to Lazio (60% for Clinton and 39% for Lazio).

150 posted on 12/09/2004 9:26:46 PM PST by Doctor Stochastic (Vegetabilisch = chaotisch is der Charakter der Modernen. - Friedrich Schlegel)
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To: Doctor Stochastic

Right but I think that's missing the point. Gore won NY by 25 while tying nationally. That means the NY electorate, both men and women, are significantly to the left of the national electorate. So if Hillary only won by half Gore's margin in NY, it's hard to see her winning nationally against...anyone.

151 posted on 12/09/2004 9:34:04 PM PST by DaveDCMetro
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For all of Dick Morris's denials, he is obviously enraptured by the Clintons. Mrs Clinton, or does she use Ms. I suppose, would be the same "lightening rod" as Howie Dean if not more so, she would need even tighter "reigns" on the media to suppress the skeletons in her closet.

She exemplifies all the wickedness that a HARD leftist relishes in. Her acting skills seem too modest to even attempt hiding her contempt of the core constituents of our country...her written books comments come to mind "I could hardly breathe"...please! That performance couldn't even land a Soap opera appearance.

Forget about her, the same forces which overcame Kerry would be galvanized against Hillary...even more so. This is the media's attempt to take focus off the issues which exist NOW...and to shorten the thankfulness we owe to God and the wonderful people of this great nation who re-elected the man for our times, George Walker Bush.

Lets address Hillary in '08 and focus on issues that really matter.

152 posted on 12/09/2004 9:54:13 PM PST by Tarl ("Men killing men, feeling no pain...the world is a gutter - ENUFF Z'NUFF")
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To: DaveDCMetro

"Regionally Rudy would play well in places like MI and PA, where there are lots of northern ethnic Catholics who can relate to Rudy. Also, Rudy does have values --- personal values like leadership and courage. Values aren't just one's political position on abortion."

No, but values are also family values, and getting divorced twice, including once to marry your mistress, that is going to be a difficult sell to many conservative Americans. I don't think that Giuliani's personal morals are much better than Bill Clinton's.

Now, in terms of geography, I agree that Giuliani might perform better than Bush across the northern industrial states, including PA, OH, MI, WI, and perhaps NJ or DE.

But he needs to hold the South. And, while everyone is talking about Hillary, what happens if the Dems actually do something smart, like running Governor Bredesen of TN or Governor Easley of NC? Or Evan Bayh of IN? Then we will have a pro-choice New Yorker running against a "Southern" Democrat. And it could be a landslide, perhaps in our favor but more likely in favor of the Dems (running on a platform of "change" after 8 years of Republican control.)

And that's not even including a third party in the analysis. There are a lot of conservatives who will NEVER vote for a pro-choice candidate. Practicing Catholics are NOT ALLOWED to vote for pro-choice candidates. And, there will be a lot of good conservatives, who feel that their conscience forces them to look elsewhere. And that's not even considering immigration, gay marriage, and other issues where Giuliani is not a conservative.

153 posted on 12/09/2004 10:02:37 PM PST by nj26
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To: DaveDCMetro

She won't get past '06 if she has to take on Guliani- and will become just a footnote!! sHillary is no Nixon!

154 posted on 12/09/2004 10:04:27 PM PST by midnightson
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To: oceanview

"Hillary/Richardson will make a play for AZ, NM, NV and CO - 3 of 4 of those get them the 19 they need to win."

They will also go after Florida. Put together an immigration-control platform and her likely exploitation of Social Security reform, and she will have a real chance.

155 posted on 12/09/2004 10:06:07 PM PST by nj26
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To: Lando Lincoln

"Step 1 - She needs to win re-election as senator in 2006 - and that could be a tall order if Rudy runs against her."

Exactly. I would argue, though, that if we can't get Giuliani or Pataki to challenge her, we shouldn't bother. Running another weak candidate (like Lazio) just gives her a platform for publicity, and she will be able to exploit her "landslide" victory to win the nomination.

156 posted on 12/09/2004 10:08:16 PM PST by nj26
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To: nj26

The immigration thing didn't hurt Bush much, who has run as one of the most pro-immigration presidents in awhile. Rudy's big liabilities are abortion and gay marriage. He can explain the 2amdt stuff by saying that he needed tougher laws in NYC but wouldn't support them nationally. That said, I still don't know who can deny him the nomination. The conservatives seem ready to split between about a dozen governors and senators, which would give Rudy a real chance at amassing enough delegates to win the nod.

Geographically, the biggest fear, as you said, is the Dems do something smart for a change. Mark Warner, Evan Bayh, and that TN governor are actually Democrats who could win. They would probably flip red states away from Giuliani while he flipped blue states from them. Anything could happen. What I'm curious about is what would Red America do if it was Rudy v. Hillary. He's certainly closer to their views than she is. I suppose a third party type could run but I don't know who'd actually do it. Rudy would have to pick a strong prolife running mate and he couldn't pick a fight with the Christian Coalition the way McCain did in 2000. That was McCain's biggest mistake.

157 posted on 12/09/2004 10:37:08 PM PST by DaveDCMetro
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To: Liz
Condi needs to be elected to SOMETHING before embarking on the journey to the White House. The only person in our time who has been able to begin his political career with a White House run was Eisenhower, and heck, he earned the right to compete at that level by saving the western world as we knew it.

Then again, like Eisenhower and Wilson, Condi teethed on academic politics which are the worst of all, because so little is at stake.

However, I seriously think that Powell could have it without having run before by virtue of, by 2008, twenty years of being in the forefront of military and international politics.

158 posted on 12/09/2004 10:43:49 PM PST by MHT
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To: KoRn

I agree, and feel that Jeb is more likely to wind up in the Senate. His term is up in 2006, when he should wrap things up as a popular incumbent, which leaves him open to go to the Senate (like I said, if he wants it).

159 posted on 12/09/2004 11:31:43 PM PST by HitmanLV (HitmanNY has a brand new Blog!! Please Visit! - -)
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