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Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21 ^ | Feb 3, 2005 | Nancy Levant

Posted on 02/03/2005 10:37:05 PM PST by hedgetrimmer

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To: o_zarkman44; Kay Ludlow; All

Well said, folks.

Most of us have been too busy "making a living," and trying to do what was the right thing, and ignoring the "loonie-lefties" as they slowly, but surely, got their agenda out there with their feel good slogans and propaganda.

I believe that we're gaining ground.

They've been doing their thing since the '30s...we've just been doing ours for less than ten years.

The more that we can expose what's going on to the light of truth, the better shot that we have in turning this thing around. I hope and pray.

God bless all, who are seeking the truth.

641 posted on 02/06/2005 3:53:22 PM PST by lodwick (Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus)
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To: Kay Ludlow; All

Types of men:

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642 posted on 02/06/2005 4:01:22 PM PST by lodwick (Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus)
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To: Kay Ludlow
We are trying to convince our elected officials to cut off the funding for all this BS, but they say they can't go up against the environmentalists lobby

You know, no matter how powerful the environmentalists lobby is, it speaks very ill of a politician who would do their bidding when it violates the rights of the citizens he represents to a constitutional government and destroys America's culture and way of life.

These fellows should be summarily removed from office for abdicating their duty to protect citizens and giving power and authority to these groups are out to harm us.

But how hard is it to find a principled constitutionalist and get him or her elected to office? We need to do a lot better at getting qualified candidates nominated and elected.
643 posted on 02/06/2005 5:22:17 PM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: hedgetrimmer
It does indeed speak ill of them, but the system itself is a problem too. A friend of my mother's went to the state as a representative, determined to be honest and not play games. What he found is that if you don't play let's-make-a-deal, you can't advance any agenda of your own - all you can do is vote for or against the agenda of others.

I've often wondered what would happen if a group rose up and fielded candidates for "clean sweep" elections. Many people think that would be a good idea, then again while many think congressmen as a rule are corrupt, they think their own is a good guy. That's why we see the same faces in congress forever. Same idea as people thinking US schools are bad, except their own - which is above average.

Is that because of the messaging from our congressmen (and schools) to us, the constituents saying over and over what a great job they do? One of the failings of the conservatives and constitutionalists is that we think we should state our position once and everyone will understand. We need to state our positions as concise messages and repeat them over and over. Repetition works - that's why companies spend millions on advertising. The left understood that long ago, and said things like "we just want clean air for our children", and "we just want to save the magnificent species that are endangered" while pushing regulation that in the details did far more than their messaging implied. All those accusations you hear about talk radio hosts getting the GOP talking points are because on the left they actually do that - send out talking points to everyone so we hear the same message from all of them. After awhile people think that if they've heard 5 different people say the same thing there must be something to it. That's actually one of the points of forming coalition groups - we can work in concert on issues that we agree on, using the same message and the same language till it's heard enough to be effective.

Sorry to get on my soapbox - it's something I see as a serious problem on the side of the rugged individualists - we want to do our own thing, state our own message, go our own way. Unfortunately, all the individual messages go unheard amidst the buzz of the leftist hive.
644 posted on 02/06/2005 5:57:29 PM PST by Kay Ludlow (Free market, but cautious about what I support with my dollars)
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To: All


645 posted on 02/06/2005 6:19:22 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: pbrown
Commented Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy: "This accord would constitute the most egregious transfer of American sovereignty, wealth and power to the U.N. since the founding of that 'world body.' In fact, never before in the history of the world has any nation voluntarily engaged in such a sweeping transfer to anyone."

I read some about the LOST treaty. Makes my blood boil. God help us if we get HITLERy in 2008.

646 posted on 02/06/2005 6:20:51 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: lodwick
The other thing it would give the UN is permanent funding. No longer would they have to look to "donations" from member nations to carry out whatever the scam du jour might be. They would be able to tax any and every activity in the salt waters of the world, from shipping, to cruising, to mineral, metal, and oil explorations...use your imagination as to what all they would control. Anyone who would promote this lunacy should be denounced as a traitor to his country - whatever country it be. If you can listen to internet radio, may I suggest and for information you will not hear on the MSM type stations. Evening, cheers. Time to fire off the grill and burn something.

I know. ANyone who would support the LOST treaty is not just an enemy of the state, but an enemy of FREEDOM.

I rarely listen to internet radio but I will give RBNLive a try.

I am going to practice at the shooting range more from now on.

647 posted on 02/06/2005 6:24:46 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: GeronL

You said that Kofi Annan and the UN have called for a new definition of sovereignty and set up organizations for that purpose. Do you have some links to share on the subject? I'm aware that elitist groups have long sought to replace our Constitution, eliminate our borders, and replace the current U.N. with one even more fearful, etc. but I haven't heard of a new definition of sovereignty. Every scheme of this wretched cabal is bad news for America.

648 posted on 02/06/2005 6:26:49 PM PST by Dixielander
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To: Paul_Denton
(Sorry for not responding sooner. This thing keeps shutting) down on me. Gotta be spyware or something.

L.O.S.T. is coming up for a vote in about 60 days. Lugar will try and sneak it in when no one is watching. If he does, Bush will sign it.

649 posted on 02/06/2005 6:53:10 PM PST by processing please hold (Islam and Christianity do not mix ----9-11 taught us that)
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To: Dixielander

Here's a former US diplomat, Edward Marks,

Summing up in the words of the secretary general of the UN, state sovereignty is no longer the absolute be-all and end-all of the international system. This thought, explicitly introduced by the secretary general to the 1999 Session of UN General Assembly, has opened a debate on the character of the international political environment.

The secretary general's comment reflects the recent evolution in international law with respect to intervention and the rights and privileges of nation states. One major component of international law is customary law, based on what governments and officials actually do over a period of time and more or less accepted by consensus and practice. The other major component consists of treaties and other agreements, including the Charter of the United Nations. In both of these areas we have in the last decade changed the way in which we regard international law in general and the role of the UN Charter in particular.

Prior to the UN Charter, international law focused on state practice within which war was lawful as state-to- state practice. States were sovereign in law as well as practice. The UN Charter modified that situation, at least with respect to law, by proposing restrictions to the use of war and force, that is, in self-defense or when authorized by Chapter 7. In practice, unfortunately, the Charter prohibitions did not significantly inhibit actual practice by states in the use of force, with the dynamics of the Cold War effectively precluding the use of Chapter 7 by the world community. Except for the Congo operation in the 1960's, the UN until I990 engaged only in Chapter 6 operations—what has become known as traditional peacekeeping -- in which multinational forces may use force only in self-defense.

650 posted on 02/06/2005 6:55:31 PM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: hedgetrimmer
Let's put our heads together and figure this out. Definitely worth while. B4Ranch any ideas?

I agree. We should put our heads together. Anyone with the financial resources to create a nation wide version of TBPA/TBK?

651 posted on 02/06/2005 6:57:39 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: pbrown
Americans Freedom From the UN.........A.F.F.U.N.?????Just juggling it a bit.

Foundation for a Free America?

652 posted on 02/06/2005 6:59:35 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: B4Ranch
Americans at War Freedom from the UN

I like that one.

653 posted on 02/06/2005 7:00:52 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: Paul_Denton

If all the state chapters got together on this it could be done. Some states don't have chapters, maybe we could get some going too.

654 posted on 02/06/2005 7:02:45 PM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: pbrown

Americans for Independance from the UN?

655 posted on 02/06/2005 7:04:22 PM PST by Paul_Denton (Shoot first and ask questions later)
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To: Paul_Denton
Someone suggested, Stop the United Nations...S.U.N.

The name could imply, you get too close, you're gonna get burned.

Americans at War,Freedom from the UN. A comma would have to be placed there, wouldn't it? For the slight pause.

656 posted on 02/06/2005 7:13:02 PM PST by processing please hold (Islam and Christianity do not mix ----9-11 taught us that)
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To: pbrown; All

The John Birch Society for many, many years has had a "Get US out of the UN" drive. Of course, that organization's credibility was smeared by the powers that be. The attacks though undeserved, were successful. Nonetheless the JBS continues and through its online bookstore sells anti-UN bumper stickers. I bought one that says "The U.N. is Not Your Friend," though I never affixed it to my bumper. Perhaps its time that I did. Morever it might be effective for everyone reading this thread---and I'm delighted and surprised at how well-informed most of you are--- to order and affix bumper stickers on your cars. If enough of us do this, perhaps others will take notice and join the campaign to rid our involvement with the U.N.

657 posted on 02/06/2005 7:35:39 PM PST by Dixielander
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To: Dixielander
I've been to the Birch Society site. It's a good one.

Display your bumper sticker with pride. An American, who puts America's interest over the UN's.

658 posted on 02/06/2005 7:44:25 PM PST by processing please hold (Islam and Christianity do not mix ----9-11 taught us that)
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To: B4Ranch


659 posted on 02/06/2005 7:51:58 PM PST by glock rocks (We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty.)
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To: Paul_Denton


660 posted on 02/06/2005 7:58:54 PM PST by meema
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