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Big Media Won't Touch Agenda 21 ^ | Feb 3, 2005 | Nancy Levant

Posted on 02/03/2005 10:37:05 PM PST by hedgetrimmer

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To: hedgetrimmer; everyone

REAL ID Act of 2005 (Introduced in House)


Section 102(c) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (8 U.S.C. 1103 note) is amended to read as follows:

`(c) Waiver-

`(1) IN GENERAL- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall have the authority to waive, and shall waive, all laws such Secretary, in such Secretary's sole discretion, determines necessary to ensure expeditious construction of the barriers and roads under this section.

`(2) NO JUDICIAL REVIEW- Notwithstanding any other provision of law (statutory or nonstatutory), no court shall have jurisdiction--

`(A) to hear any cause or claim arising from any action undertaken, or any decision made, by the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant to paragraph (1); or

`(B) to order compensatory, declaratory, injunctive, equitable, or any other relief for damage alleged to arise from any such action or decision.'.
This is only one section of HR 418

701 posted on 02/07/2005 8:35:53 AM PST by lodwick (Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus)
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To: TC Rider
Some Members of Congress Promote Agenda 21

Agenda 21 -- the blueprint to advance Sustainable Development by Daniel Beckett

Regional Governance Is Here

"Enlibra": EPA’s New Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
The truth is quite different. Rodney Stubbs, an investigative reporter, has dug into the story behind Gov. Leavitt's embrace of "Enlibra"; a name attached to "the establishment of Principles for Environmental Management in the West. In Oregon, these principles include Smart Growth and Sustainable Development." In reality, Smart Growth means no growth and Sustainable Development means no development. They are the ultimate environmental Big Lies.

Enlibra is based on the United Nations Agenda 21 that would strip local, state and even federal government bodies of the right to represent their constituents whenever environmental restrictions and controls are imposed. It goes right to the heart of the concept of national sovereignty at every level. It seeks to destroy it and put the NGOs in charge.

Along with Gov. Leavitt, Enlibra was embraced by the former Governor of Oregon, Dr. John Kitzhaber, who pushed through the Oregon Sustainability Act. Thus, in Oregon, environmental governance removes the role of elected representatives and replaces them with power granted to NGOs such as the Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Oregon, the World Wildlife Federation, and the Audubon Society. Nobody elected these people! As Stubbs points out, Enlibra is a policy designed "to destroy capitalism, consumption, and the American free enterprise system. The process changes the fundamental purpose of having elected officials represent their constituents and forever forecloses the option to change the rules if found to be unworkable."
702 posted on 02/07/2005 8:37:05 AM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: A Balrog of Morgoth

The U.N. kinda reminds me of Dr. Evil.
703 posted on 02/07/2005 8:43:11 AM PST by TheForceOfOne (Social Security I thought pyramid schemes were illegal!)
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To: Kay Ludlow; hedgetrimmer; lodwick; pbrown

Most of the people who push these "communtiy issues" are plants from other areas who want to make an area more to their liking.

Same in rural areas. A real life example is the area my father lives in. He has a farm. The land is in a relatively low population area because of agriculture being the predominant economy. People from urban areas have purchased several large acreages surrounding his farm.
One acreage is 600 plus acres to the north. They hunt the land so it has not affected the area much. One area is probably equally 600 acres to the west and south. The west and southern land boundarys a large creek with bluffs and extends at least a mile down the stream.

That property has been closed to hunting. It was a prime area for hunting. There have been "nature trails" developed, complete with park like benches. The owner contacted my father about purchasing some adjoining acreage from him. That acreage is prime hunting ground that we visit every year to harvest deer etc. Of course my father is a no sell.

Private ownership of land is a good thing. But there is a cancer being spread by self proclaimed environmentalists who own property for the sole purpose of preserving or restoring the land. I believe it will be not too many years and that very land will be a foothold to a public set aside. I don't know if this is the case with the new property owners, but the actions are very suspicious to other land owners, including my father.

Another aspect of rural land grabs. The CRP (conservation reserve program). CRP pays land owners cash rent to keep land out of production. CRP establishes native prarie grass and promotes reforestation. The farmer or landowner sets up an account with the USDA (US Dept of Agriculture) and promises to keep the land out of production for a period of years, 10 or more,in exchange for say $50 to $60 dollars an acre per year cash. The landowner gets the cash money to use for the basis for paying off the land. So the plan finances land purchases as well as pays the current landowner. The CRP transfers to a new landowner who is obligated by law to fulfill the land contract or be forced to reimburse the government for all the money paid for the prior years. There may be other stipulations that make it hard to reuse the land as it had been previously used.

Since there is but a few farms and property owners it is very easy to establish conservation areas and buffer zones. Agenda 21 seeks to establish population zones and rural zones. Ownership of rural propertys are by a significantly small portion of our population, so it is easy to impose regulations on farmers and ranchers that city dwellers ignore and in many cases promote.

Watershed Districts.
Another land grab is watershed districts. The US Corp of Engineers want to prevent flooding and soil erosion. So they designate a watershed that drains to a particular stream. If a landowner lives in that district they are taxed so as to provide flood protection and water quality monitoring down stream. Of course, in the watershed there are designated areas for wetlands restoration. And then there are conservation areas along the watershed for public access.

Every time government takes control of some land, the land is taken off of property tax rolls. This places a higher burden on the remaining landowners to make up for school and road taxes. Areas that have huge holdings of government land become economically depressed because of lost property tax revenue. Local government becomes financially strapped and the idea is floated to create regional government districts. That takes us back to the original context of this thread. Agenda 21 is all around us. Urban, rural, nobody is immune to all the "great ideas" to help preserve our "heritage". The outcome and objective of Agenda 21 completely undoes our national heritage. There is nothing more important in America than following the exact principles that brought our founding fathers here to seek freedom and land ownership.

704 posted on 02/07/2005 8:43:48 AM PST by o_zarkman44
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To: TC Rider

See post 704 as well.

705 posted on 02/07/2005 9:38:41 AM PST by hedgetrimmer
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To: Triggerhippie

No indeed. "Anything detrimental" doesn't qualify for that about which I was writing.

706 posted on 02/07/2005 9:40:59 AM PST by Spirited
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To: Freebird Forever

"they'll be the ones with boot polish on their tongues."

..And money in their pockets for their "paid" opinions.

707 posted on 02/07/2005 9:47:19 AM PST by Spirited
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To: hedgetrimmer

Brainwashing bump for later -- this concerns me.

708 posted on 02/07/2005 10:14:52 AM PST by Bernard Marx (Don't make the mistake of interpreting my Civility as Servility)
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To: A Balrog of Morgoth

You miss the tie that binds. Islam is the same concept of Communism. They work hand in hand. They are one in the same. They are of the same ideal.
To defeat any enemy, you need to see it for what is. Dominion Rule. Power. End of individual or State sovereignty. The end of YOUR freedom.

709 posted on 02/07/2005 10:31:51 AM PST by Sweetjustusnow (You better believe it's real!)
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To: Bernard Marx

Good. This should concern each and every one of us, because if we lose our property rights, we have lost all our rights.

710 posted on 02/07/2005 10:50:02 AM PST by lodwick (Integrity has no need of rules. Albert Camus)
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To: thirst4truth
"That is number one on NAR's agenda. We fight the enviornmentalist every day. Here in Oregon we had, for a second time, a landslide victory about private property rights, the tide is turning against enviornmentalists, at least in my state."

That is very good to see--especially from Oregon! Thanks for the good news!
711 posted on 02/07/2005 10:52:40 AM PST by familyop ("Let us try" sounds better, don't you think? "Essayons" is so...Latin.)
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To: o_zarkman44

You are dead on accurate, Zark. The fight is upon us.

You would not believe the threat and the losses already sustained. "We people of the USA" have been under attack for a long time. We have lost much. Can we defeat the enemy? Is it too late? Do we roll over? Or............

I hope to see more and more people aware, and expressing, holding Representatives to account, etc. People MUST GET INVOLVED.....NOW.

712 posted on 02/07/2005 11:10:08 AM PST by Sweetjustusnow (You better believe it's real!)
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To: lodwick
This should concern each and every one of us, because if we lose our property rights, we have lost all our rights.

I could not agree more. I've been researching Agenda 21 for some time but the URLs in this post are very helpful. The biggest problem seems to be convincing some people this stuff is really happening right before their own eyes. Our enemies have studied the art of boiling frogs.

713 posted on 02/07/2005 1:47:36 PM PST by Bernard Marx (Don't make the mistake of interpreting my Civility as Servility)
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To: pbrown

SUN is very catchy. Stop the UN. YES! We are definitely getting burned, no thanks to the uN operatives here in America, working for dismissal of our Constitution. Those people are traitors if they are American Citizens. And if they are not citizens, who gives them the right to voice political opinion regarding American Sovergnity, and why do politicians even listen to them?

714 posted on 02/07/2005 5:11:58 PM PST by o_zarkman44
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To: hedgetrimmer; pbrown; All

I did a Google search on the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) for the State of Missouri. This link is a national map. Check your state for individual programs.

Missouri Home About Us News Programs Technical Resources Partnerships Contact Us

Missouri All NRCS Sites NRCS, FSA & RD for

Farm Bill
Contact Us

Find a Service Center

Missouri 2005 Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP)
The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is a voluntary conservation program from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). It supports production agriculture and environmental quality as compatible goals. Through EQIP, producers may receive financial and technical assistance with structural and management conservation practices on agricultural land.

EQIP was reauthorized in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Bill) and is administered by NRCS. Information about EQIP in Missouri is detailed below. NRCS, Farm Service Agency (FSA), University Extension, or your local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) can provide more information. All Missouri sign-ups are conducted at USDA Service Centers. Your local USDA Service Center agencies are also listed in the telephone book under United States Government, Department of Agriculture.

Missouri’s EQIP program is developed using locally led conservation through Soil and Water Conservation Districts and the Missouri State Technical Committee. The Missouri State Technical Committee is composed of individuals who represent a variety of natural resource sciences and occupations including agricultural producers, agribusiness, nonprofit organizations, state and federal agencies. National priorities and national measures are an important consideration in EQIP program development.
Eligible conservation practices, financial assistance (cost share and incentive rates), local priorities, scoresheet ranking criteria, and scoresheet ranking points have all been reviewed and are used in the development of Missouri’s EQIP program. Based on the 2004 EQIP year, Missouri expects to fund 40 to 60 percent of 2005 EQIP applications.

Brought to you by the makers of Agenda 21!!!!!!!!

715 posted on 02/07/2005 5:28:40 PM PST by o_zarkman44
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To: hedgetrimmer


716 posted on 02/07/2005 5:34:20 PM PST by iconoclast (Conservative, not partisan.)
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To: iconoclast


717 posted on 02/07/2005 6:32:34 PM PST by Paul_Denton (The UN is UN-American! Get the UN out of the US and US out of the UN!)
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To: GeronL; lodwick; Paul_Denton; hedgetrimmer; All

GeronL, you wrote: "Its more than just the UN we're fighting." Absolutely, and many more people need to understand this if we're to prevail.

Hedgetrimmer, this thread that you initiated has been an eye-opener to so many of us. Thanks.

Now since we know that our enemy is like an octopus, with
tentacles having a vast reach, here's another one that readers of this thread should be aware of. It is FEMA. Through a series of executive orders, some of which are listed in the first linked article, "FEMA: The Secret Government" by Harry V. Martin and research assistance from David Caul. )
FEMA can override our Constitution and impose martial law.

The second link: gives information about Mount Weather, a continuity of government facility with an expansive underground bunker that FEMA operates.

718 posted on 02/07/2005 9:11:00 PM PST by Dixielander
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To: Dixielander
Computer crashed today. I'm back....I think..lolol

Why would they need an underground bunker? War? With Americans?

719 posted on 02/07/2005 10:07:27 PM PST by processing please hold (Islam and Christianity do not mix ----9-11 taught us that)
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To: pbrown

Glad you've got your computer back up. I'm listening to an interview with Joan Veon as I write. She just got back from covering the meeting in Davos Switzerland and she's reporting on it. Tune in if you like:

720 posted on 02/07/2005 10:19:43 PM PST by Dixielander
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