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Eastern Michigan gives half off tuition to students involved in homosexual relationship
American Family Association of Michigan ^ | February 23, 2005 | AFA-Michigan

Posted on 02/23/2005 3:17:19 PM PST by AFA-Michigan

Family group: EMU tuition plan violates constitution, attorney general and lawmakers should investigate

YPSILANTI, Mich. -- Eastern Michigan University's new expansion of a half-off tuition break for students involved in homosexual relationships with university employees violates the state's constitution by recognizing and treating such relationships as equal or similar to marriage, a statewide family values organization said Wednesday in a statement delivered to Attorney General Mike Cox and lawmakers responsible for higher education funding and oversight.

The American Family Association of Michigan -- a lead supporter of the Marriage Protection Amendment last year added to the state constitution by voters -- urged Cox and legislative leaders to investigate the planned expansion of EMU's half-off tuition plan and take steps to stop its implementation.

Administrators at EMU and other Michigan universities "are not above the law or exempt from the principles enshrined by vote of the people in our state constitution," AFA-Michigan President Gary Glenn wrote in a statement to Cox, Senate Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Michael Goschka, R-Saginaw, and House Higher Education and Career Preparation Committee Chairman Rep. Lorence Wenke, R-Kalamazoo.

"On behalf of Michigan taxpayers," Glenn wrote, "the American Family Association of Michigan urges you to conduct fact-finding, hold public hearings, seek a court order or take whatever other action may be necessary to end -- or cut off funding for -- EMU officials' abuse of taxpayers' dollars and any similar violations of our state constitution you discover by other government employers."

"By vote of the people of Michigan, our state government -- and that includes state university officials -- are required to recognize marriage as being only between one man and one woman," Glenn wrote. "Conversely, government employers are prohibited from recognizing or treating homosexual relationships as equal or similar to marriage, which is clearly the intent and effect of EMU's unconstitutional policy."

Glenn said the issue is a matter of fairness. "If EMU officials can't afford to give half off tuition to the family and friends of all university employees, how can they justify singling out only those employees involved in homosexual activity for special treatment and benefits?"

He said that if every EMU employee were allowed to designate an individual, no matter the relationship, as eligible to receive the half-off tuition break, that policy would not violate the state constitution. However, singling out EMU employees specifically on the basis of their involvement in a homosexual relationship, and offering the special benefit of having that relationship treated as equal or similar to marriage, is now unconstitutional.

"What's particularly galling to many taxpayers is that by giving students involved in homosexual behavior half off their tuition, EMU officials force taxpayers and other students to make up the difference and thereby subsidize behavior they sincerely believe is wrong," Glenn said.

Most taxpayers oppose tax funding of such benefits, he said, citing a Detroit Free Press poll conducted last September in the heat of public debate over the proposed Marriage Protection Amendment. The poll found that "54 percent say local governments and universities should not provide benefits, such as health and life insurance, to the partners of gay and lesbian employees," the Free Press reported Oct. 2nd.

Glenn said the new constitutional definition of marriage will not immediately affect EMU's policy of giving half-off tuition to students involved in homosexual relationships with unionized EMU employees covered by a collective bargaining contract. Under federal contract and labor law, no state policy can abrogate an existing contract, but the new constitutional provision will be applicable when current labor contracts expire or are renegotiated.

The constitutional provision does apply immediately, he said, to EMU's new policy -- announced after the Nov. 4th election at which the Marriage Protection Amendment was approved -- of giving half off tuition to students involved in homosexual relationships with university employees who are not covered by a union contract.

"The cost associated with this change is projected to be in the range of $2,000 per year for each same sex domestic partner," EMU officials said in a Nov. 30th news release. ( But Glenn said the cost to taxpayers and other students could be even higher if the half-off benefit is applied to higher non-resident tuition paid by out-of-state students.

The Ann Arbor News reported Dec. 4th that EMU's Board of Regents "approved the tuition waiver benefit, which reduces tuition by half, for same-sex partners of non-union EMU employees...which include(s) administrators, coaches, and administrative secretaries."

Glenn said in addition to violating Michigan's constitution, the new EMU policy "recklessly validates, encourages, even uses our tax dollars to financially subsidize and reward unhealthy, self-destructive homosexual behavior that medical research says may literally cut up to 20 years off the lives of EMU students who engage in such behavior."

He cited a study published by Oxford University's International Journal of Epidemiology which reported that due to the increased incidence of life-threatening disease associated with homosexual behavior, "life expectancy at age 20 years for gay and bisexual men is 8 to 20 years less than for all men."

* Original citation by International Journal of Epidemiology:

* Also cited by Canadian Medical Association Journal at:

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Government; News/Current Events; US: Michigan
KEYWORDS: afa; antigay; gay; homosexual; homosexualagenda; marriage; michigan; pspl; tuition
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To: gidget7

I'd like to post this article - but I can't find it anywhere on the AFA site, nor is this information mentioned anywhere on EMU's site. If someone could provide another link to this article, I'd appreciate it.

21 posted on 02/23/2005 4:05:30 PM PST by mathchick
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To: mathchick

Wait - I just realized where the link to the EMU notice was, but still would like to find another link to this article.

22 posted on 02/23/2005 4:07:37 PM PST by mathchick
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To: mlc9852
""And it will only get worse. What I don't understand is how such a very small group could do so much damage.""

By getting the ACLU and all the feminists groups to back them, along with corporation who are owned or run by homosexuals or activists. Like Soro's and Teresa Heinz Kerry. It seems amoral people are some of the wealthiest in the country. And don't forget they have been at this since 1971
23 posted on 02/23/2005 4:08:11 PM PST by gidget7
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To: AFA-Michigan
Can anyone just sign on the dotted line? Or will the university require some sort of demonstrable proof first?
24 posted on 02/23/2005 4:09:19 PM PST by Cultural Jihad
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To: mathchick

did you click on the link below this article's title?? It took me right to it.

25 posted on 02/23/2005 4:10:31 PM PST by gidget7
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To: Cultural Jihad
This could get even more weird - lol.
26 posted on 02/23/2005 4:11:35 PM PST by mlc9852
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To: mlc9852
This is the beginning of the end for family, church, and God in America.

...and they wonder why there is war.

NO PROTECTED GROUP IS INTERESTED IN REAL EQUALITY. No protected group will say, Okay that's enough now we have too much advantage. They want complete control. They will all keep going until the world is exactly the way they want it to be and nothing less.

That is why we must fight and make it the way we want it to be. Why keep quite and just let it pass? If they want to control society then they will have to fight for it.

However, if enough time goes by society will not be worth fighting for. Conservative thought will be seen as Christianity was seen about 2000 years ago.

27 posted on 02/23/2005 4:29:26 PM PST by SQUID
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To: AFA-Michigan


Pardon the crudeness, but because some "guy" likes it up the ***, the taxpayers should pay half his tuition????????????????????????????????

This well and truly chaps my hide. My oldest three either DID pay their own way through college or are in the midst of doing so. Damn. Maybe I need to raise my children to be gay or something. They would have saved a fortune.

28 posted on 02/23/2005 4:33:25 PM PST by RightOnline
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To: NorCalRepub
"...was just gonna say the same thing.......for half off, hell fake if for awhile.....sue their ass off is they ask questions.....boy, I'm glad you guys did this first so I wouldn't have to hear "only in Calif" today......LOL....."

Yeah......but what if they demand "proof"???


29 posted on 02/23/2005 4:35:13 PM PST by RightOnline
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To: AFA-Michigan

EMU has a tower on the campus. Supposedly if a virgin ever graduates the tower will crumble and fall. I suspect the phallic symbolism is not lost on homos!

30 posted on 02/23/2005 4:36:24 PM PST by Doc Savage (...because they stand on a wall, and they say nothing is going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch!)
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Comment #31 Removed by Moderator


I feel like we've totally lost popular culture and it didn't used to be that way. Growing up, families could go see movies without so much profanity, nudity and violence. You could listen to music played on the radio in front of your mother. People seemed more respectful of each other. Having a child out of wedlock was a major embarassment and the high schools didn't have day care centers for their students' babies. Women enjoyed being moms (well, some did - lol) and families consisted of mom, dad, married, with children. The American family as a societal block is cracked. That's where the problems of a society begin. And I don't see families (nuclear, heterosexual) getting stronger any time soon.

32 posted on 02/23/2005 4:37:53 PM PST by mlc9852
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To: RightOnline
Maybe I need to raise my children to be gay ...Well the schools are doing their darnest to help you!!!
33 posted on 02/23/2005 4:40:57 PM PST by SweetCaroline (For the mouth speaks out of that which fills the heart - Matthew 12:34)
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To: AFA-Michigan

That is blatently unfair to students involved in heterosexual relationships with EMU employees!

Aren't there rules against fraternization between students and school employees?

34 posted on 02/23/2005 4:42:46 PM PST by F.J. Mitchell (If the left hates you, you are obviously right.)
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To: mlc9852
What I don't understand is how such a very small group could do so much damage.

It's called "cultural marxism" supported by many in our government.

The marxists failed economically. That's a fact. They have now moved to the "cultural" attack, as in gay rights, zero tolerance in pubic skools, teaching "sex education", "inclusiveness", drugging boys for acting like boys, letting school girls get abortions without telling their parents....I could go on and on. These things don't happen without the government giving at least tacit approval. Think about it.

From my FR profile:

I have updated my FMCDH (From My Cold Dead Hands) sign-off with the addition of (BITS).....Blood In The Streets, which I foresee coming soon, due to the enormous increase of the Marxist progressive movement being shoved down the throat of this failing REPUBLIC through the Judicial tyranny of fiat law, the passing of unconstitutional laws by the Legislative and Executive branches of our government and the enormous tax burden placed upon the average American to support unconstitutional programs put forth by Marxist ideology.


35 posted on 02/23/2005 4:45:59 PM PST by nothingnew (There are two kinds of people; Decent and indecent.)
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To: nothingnew

You bring out some excellent points. I have always thought that if any type of civil war would break out in the US, it would be brought about by the cultural/religious split in our country. And this time, the red states would win.

36 posted on 02/23/2005 4:51:41 PM PST by mlc9852
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To: mlc9852
And this time, the red states would win.

Perhaps. I doubt if I'll see it, but when it happens, and it will, it'll be interesting in a macabre sort of way.

Keep yer powder dry.


37 posted on 02/23/2005 5:43:30 PM PST by nothingnew (There are two kinds of people; Decent and indecent.)
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To: nothingnew
Is there anyone out there that is as sick to death of faggots and carpetmunchers getting special treatment for whatever they demand from brainless a-holes in postions of power as I am?


As time goes by, the vile anti-social behavior of Queers steadily gets worse and worse . . . as this current FReeper article demonstrates!!! Therefore, allow me to repeat my own personal rant one more time:

Oak Hay, so I'm very disturbed and continually puzzled about how a small bunch of contrary to nature freaks can destroy our entire civilization. . . BUT DAMMIT, THEY'RE DOING IT !!!

These unsavory and unclean sub-human creatures delight in ramming their urine exhaust pipes into the rectal relief tubes of young boys (and of each other) !!! They brag and crow loudly about their filthy behavior !!! They demand access to our young and innocent children... so they can commit sodomy and oral sex acts upon them!!! Then they scream and holler...


... when we seek to save our children from their filthy and immoral activities!!! WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN THIS ONCE-FREE REPUBLIC ??? DO WE NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AND MORAL DUTY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SLIME LIKE THIS ???


38 posted on 02/23/2005 5:44:42 PM PST by GeekDejure ( LOL = Liberals Obey Lucifer !!!)
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To: DirtyHarryY2K; Born Conservative; SweetCaroline; ArGee; lentulusgracchus

Homosexual Agenda: Categorical Index of Links (Version 1.1)

What We Can Do To Help Defeat the "Gay" Agenda

Myth and Reality about Homosexuality--Sexual Orientation Section, Guide to Family Issues"

39 posted on 02/23/2005 6:05:41 PM PST by EdReform (Free Republic - helping to keep our country a free republic. Thank you for your financial support!)
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To: GeekDejure
Look to the cultural marxists in our government that allow these outrages to occur. Remember this: Without them, these outrages would never happen. This vocal, or oral if you prefer, minority have the ears of these marxists, and they cave to every whim for them because they desire the downfall of this failing Republic and to replace it with with their idea of utopia. Make no mistake...this would not be happening without the effort of marxists in our government.


40 posted on 02/23/2005 6:50:36 PM PST by nothingnew (There are two kinds of people; Decent and indecent.)
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