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ENEMY PROFESSOR (No. 21) - Sanza Clark
No Indoctrination dot org ^ | 3-3-05 | dfu

Posted on 03/03/2005 7:42:37 PM PST by doug from upland

Across the nation, the leftists are being outed by their students. It is about time. College is about learning, not indoctrination.

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Record for entry #286.

  Cleveland State University Dec. 5, 2003 OH  
  Course: EDB 609: Comparative & International Education
  Course Catalog Description: Examines selected foreign educational systems with emphasis on the historical, sociological, philosophical, and cultural influences that have shaped their development. Special attention is given to educational practices and innovations of interest to American educators. Offered annually.
  Professor: Dr. Sanza Clark
  Required? Yes, for my major or minor
  Lecture Bias: Excessive
  Comments: The professor was teaching a course on Comparative and International Education. But every class revolved around the political aspects of education. According to her, EVERYTHING was political. We heard her talk about her own career (she said that she made the decision to change her major to education because of racism. I am still not clear how that change made a difference). When she explained Liberalism, she was way off on her explanation. She talked about Colonial America's economy as being full-blown capitalism, when, in fact, it was still the mercantile system. She talked about how she felt Bush is perceived by the rest of the world (as an ignorant, blood-thirsty war-monger who started the war to enrich his friends). She claimed that the only reason for the resistance to bilingual education could be because of racism. I did attempt to explain that, because English is the language of international commerce, familiarity with it could be a good thing. She said that it was cultural imperialism. Course was a 9 week rant about her opinions on race and politics. Most of her rants were off-topic. I learned very little about education in other countries. She talked in many of the classes about her travels to Africa, which could have been interesting, if she had kept to the topic of education. Instead, I heard about the politics of the US, and how it affected African countries (very poorly). A few students disagreed with her, but most of the class went along, although they privately were very unhappy about the situation. She also did not provide a worthwhile educational experience. After the first 3 weeks, we were expected to conduct class, by providing an overview of a specific country's educational system. 3-4 people a day did their presentation, then she dismissed class early.
  Discussion Bias: Objectionable
  Comments: Professor led the discussions. When someone agreed with her bias, she was respectful, even when the person's comments were rambling or didn't make logical sense. When someone disagreed with her, she cut them off. Many times, comments with which she disagreed would be greeted with a scornful snort, or rolling eyes. If a student seemed to be making headway with his/her argument, and it disagreed with hers, she would say, "We don't have time to go into all that." Then she would call on a student who would respond with agreement. Although the Student Handbook grants to students "the right of expression," and rights "to be free from discrimination...," oppositional viewpoints were not respected. She allowed other students to gang up on students expressing contrary viewpoints. For example, one student (white, male), frequently expressed his more traditional thinking. When he finished, Dr. Clark usually called on the minority students to respond. When they did, they were vocal in their denunciation of his politics. Funnily enough, they seldom responded to the issues, instead confining themselves to attacks on his non-PC expression. After the first few days, Dr. Clark seldom had to say much. She had taught the students to respond in her stead. Her viewpoint was echoed by her claque.
  Readings Bias: Excessive
  Comments: Texts: "Education and the Rise of the Global Economy (Sociocultural, Political, and Historical Studies in Education)" by Joel H. Spring; "Education in a Globalized World: The Connectivity of Power, Technology, and Knowledge" by Nelly P. Stromquist. Both books were jargon-filled and extremely difficult to read, if you did not already have a strong background in that area (sociology and politics, particularly Marxist philosophy). As a result, many of the students were forced to accept her explanation of the text, without any way to challenge it. Nelly Stromquist is a specialist in "gender studies." The Spring book was mainly about globalization, not education. He had nothing good to say about multi-national corporations, which he considered to be conspiratorial fiends bent on dominating the world for - oh, the horror! - profit.
  General Comments: Cleveland State University subscribes to the 1940 AAUP Statement on Academic Freedom which reads in part: "Teachers are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing their subject, but they should be careful not to introduce into their teaching controversial matter which has no relation to their subject." Dr. Clark completely violated this guideline. She went far afield in dragging in politics, particularly about the war. She seemed to be using this course to push her own sociopolitical agendas on a captive audience rather than to give an academic/scholarly treatment of "Comparative & International Education." The scholarly articles she assigned were all from a specific slant - they were anti-globalism. Multi-national corporations were an encroaching enemy. There was no attempt to create a balanced viewpoint. This was a graduate class, not a freshman introductory class. The students had already formed some political and personal opinions, based on their experiences. We were not raw clay to be molded.

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1 posted on 03/03/2005 7:42:37 PM PST by doug from upland
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To: jasoncann; TASMANIANRED; hosepipe; Knitting A Conundrum; Poser; balrog666


2 posted on 03/03/2005 7:43:12 PM PST by doug from upland (Ray Charles --- a great musician and safer driver than Ted Kennedy)
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Comment #3 Removed by Moderator

To: nw_arizona_granny; doug from upland

Is this something like

4 posted on 03/03/2005 7:49:08 PM PST by Calpernia (
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To: Calpernia

I don't know what that is.

5 posted on 03/03/2005 7:50:53 PM PST by doug from upland (Ray Charles --- a great musician and safer driver than Ted Kennedy)
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To: doug from upland

nw_az does. I pinged her.

6 posted on 03/03/2005 7:51:42 PM PST by Calpernia (
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Comment #7 Removed by Moderator

To: rdb3

CSU Vikings ping!

Wonder if she knows/knew Melvin Drimmer - what a piece of work he was!

8 posted on 03/03/2005 8:12:47 PM PST by BenLurkin
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To: Calpernia
No, not the same as

This report is the opposite of etext. would be where the teacher went to learn how to
teach/brainwash the students.

(in my opinion)
9 posted on 03/03/2005 8:38:20 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (The enemy within, will be found in the "Communist Manifesto 1963", you are living it today.)
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To: doug from upland

AHA!.. another neer-do-well moonbat.. with delusions of being a flying squirrel..

10 posted on 03/03/2005 8:49:12 PM PST by hosepipe (This Propaganda has been edited to include not a small amount of Hyperbole..)
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To: doug from upland is the storage for the communist groups.

There you will find the anti-America articles and info.

It is amazing what is stored there.

Choose "Politics", MIM is the Maoist group, they will tell you why the borders must remain open, (to bring in more voters).

The Native Net, will explain how awful it is to teach the
children about Columbus and his discovery of America. And
offers suggestions on what to teach instead.

You will find the many commie leaning letters there, that we all get forwarded to us.

I had to dig there the other day and found that there is many
times more info there now, than there was a year ago.

Once one has read a few files there, he will then instantly spot the commie posts that we all get, via forwards.

Oh, yes, Columbus did not discover America, the muslims did in about 800 AD.

Use Google to go there and take a look at the links for like and linked to it pages.......I even found people bragging about killing people that were working against the communists, a mere 10 years ago.

Since kerry ran for president and the commies came out of the closets, the URL's now work, as late as last year you could not copy a URL and go back. It had to be through the etext site as they were hidden files. should be required reading for every American.
11 posted on 03/03/2005 8:51:39 PM PST by nw_arizona_granny (The enemy within, will be found in the "Communist Manifesto 1963", you are living it today.)
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To: doug from upland

You forgot the links to the previous articles.

12 posted on 03/04/2005 10:20:57 AM PST by balrog666 (A myth by any other name is still inane.)
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To: doug from upland

Oops. Nevermind.

13 posted on 03/04/2005 10:21:27 AM PST by balrog666 (A myth by any other name is still inane.)
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