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Bush decries border project
Washington Times ^ | March 24, 2005 | James G. Lakely

Posted on 03/24/2005 7:52:05 AM PST by mikemikemikecubed

Edited on 03/24/2005 5:24:25 PM PST by Admin Moderator. [history]

WACO, Texas -- President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as "vigilantes." He said he would pressure Congress to further loosen immigration law. More than 1,000 people -- including 30 pilots and their private planes -- have volunteered for the Minuteman Project, beginning next month along the Arizona-Mexico border. Civilians will monitor the movement of illegal aliens for the month of April and report them to the Border Patrol. Mr. Bush said after yesterday's continental summit, with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin at Baylor University, that he finds such actions unacceptable. "I'm against vigilantes in the United States of America," Mr. Bush said at a joint press conference. "I'm for enforcing the law in a rational way." The Minuteman Project was born out of a long-held perception among many residents that more Border Patrol agents are needed to handle the flow of illegal immigrants. Mr. Bush was criticized by both Republicans and Democrats earlier this month for failing to add 2,000 agents to the Border Patrol, as set out in the intelligence overhaul legislation he signed in December. The president's 2006 budget allows enough money to add only 210 agents for the U.S. borders with Canada and Mexico. Mr. Bush said he will "continue to push for reasonable, common-sense immigration policy." He has proposed legislation to grant guest-worker status to millions of illegal aliens already in the United States. The legislation has attracted scant support in Congress, where it is widely regarded as another amnesty that will encourage even more illegal immigration.

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To: mikeus_maximus

We need to now rub this particular exchange by GWB under the nose of every single BushBot on F.R. Until they finally yelp uncle....if EVERYBODY on this board gets on the same page...even Karl Rove would get a bit concerned at the reverberations we can create in the cyber ether...

481 posted on 03/25/2005 2:00:24 PM PST by Paul Ross ("Nothing that is morally wrong can be politically right." -William Gladstone)
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To: Keith_Yorktown
Yep, get asked a loaded question, give a politicaly neutral answer, and watch the LIBERAL PRESS run with it to stir up the pot.

First of all The Washington Times is not the liberal press. It's Washington's conservative newspaper, and oridnarily is a strong supporter of the President, at least when it comes to just about anything other than immigration policy (much like a great many conservatives throughout the country). The liberal press has been ignoring this story, as far as I've been able to tell from searching the net, anyway. If you know of an LSM organ that has picked up on this, I'd be interested in seeing it.

Secondly, he didn't have to give a neutral answer. The reporter's "question" was pure slander against the American people, and Bush failed to even attempt to stand up for us. It'd be like a reporter asking him how he felt about Republicans literally sniping (like, with guns) at Democrats going about their business, and he responding simply that he's opposed to such a thing. Obviously a response like that would give credence to such completely baseless charges.

482 posted on 03/25/2005 2:48:22 PM PST by inquest (FTAA delenda est)
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To: libertyman

2008 is too far away for me to say exactly what I'll do. You're right, there are other parties worth of our support. If things continue along this globalization path, I will not support the GOP since they don't represent conservative values anymore.

BTW, someone messaged me a link to this video: take a look. Makes sense to me. Video is here: "America's Economic Decline" by John Birch Society and New American magazine (true conservative magazine, not neocon).

483 posted on 03/25/2005 3:14:45 PM PST by nikola (I've donated. Have you? Boycott GOP.
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To: HiJinx
Did we win this thread at least?

Stop the open borders death cult!

484 posted on 03/25/2005 3:16:54 PM PST by 4.1O dana super trac pak (Stop the open borders death cult)
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To: nikola

I recommend this site for everyone to read (and sign the petition there). Thanks for posting it.

485 posted on 03/25/2005 4:58:25 PM PST by janetgreen
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To: jackbenimble

Speaking of cheap labor....

'Worker pleads guilty to shooting boss to death'

An illegal immigrant who killed his boss last year over a wage dispute in Utah County pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree felony murder. Jesus Hernandez admitted shooting 38-year-old masonry contractor Joseph Crummy at a Lehi subdivision on Jan. 9, 2004. The 33-year-old Mexican national faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced May 3 by 4th District Judge Samuel McVey. In exchange for Hernandez's plea to murder, prosecutors dismissed felony charges of obstructing justice and possession of a gun by a restricted person. Hernandez resorted to murder because Crummy wrote paychecks that bounced and the Utah Labor Commission was deaf to the defendant's complaints, according to testimony at a June 2004 preliminary hearing. A month before the shooting, Hernandez told state labor officials that Crummy's company, Prestige Exteriors, owed him $1,345. A dozen other workers had also received paychecks from Crummy that bounced, according to testimony.

486 posted on 03/25/2005 6:50:22 PM PST by red state girl
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To: raybbr

Good post - explains why Fox always emerges from Bush Jr. meetings with heavy eyelids and smoking a cigarette.

487 posted on 03/25/2005 11:40:53 PM PST by dagnabbit (Vincente Fox's opening line at the Mexico-USA summit meeting: "Bring out the Gimp!")
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To: red state girl
Speaking of cheap labor....

'Worker pleads guilty to shooting boss to death'

The employers who hire illegals are absolutely lawless. They like to say that they are just responding to 'economic realities' and the 'laws of supply and demand' but they are just criminals who are scoffing at Democratically passed laws and making essentially the same arguments as drug dealers to justify their illegal behavior. While a few are probably duped by the fake documents the vast majority are complicit in the crime and about half are further engaging in tax evasion and the underground cash economy. The employers are criminals and I want them to pay their debt to society. My preference is prison but I'd settle for large fines.

Frankly I've never had much sympathy for a criminal that becomes a victim of his own crime.

488 posted on 03/26/2005 5:34:34 AM PST by jackbenimble (Import the third world, become the third world)
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To: jackbenimble
'economic realities'

What about Constitutional Realities? These people are invading out country and our government refuses to protect this nation. Isn't that a Constitutional Crisis? I guess nobody cares anymore. We must accept them the same way that we've been held by the liberal courts to accept the queer, the gender challenged, I'm sorry for that slip.
489 posted on 03/26/2005 5:41:54 AM PST by mict42
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To: mikemikemikecubed
President Bush yesterday said he opposes a civilian project to monitor illegal aliens crossing the border, characterizing them as "vigilantes." He said he would pressure Congress to further loosen immigration law.

Excuse me, Mr. President. Didn't you swear on the Bible to uphold the laws of America, so help you God???

He is allowing us to be invaded by another country, ILLEGALLY! This is TREASON!!!! It's time to call for his resignation, or impeachment!!

490 posted on 03/26/2005 8:32:02 AM PST by NRA2BFree (Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ..)
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To: yellowdoghunter

It amazes me that we send soldiers to countries where they have been invaded, well, aren't we being invaded? Where are the soldiers?

491 posted on 03/26/2005 8:40:09 AM PST by Die_Hard Conservative Lady (I have left this blank for a reason....)
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To: sarasota
Can someone please explain Bush's apparent lack of logic on border control?

I lived in Texas for many years. It appeared that the typical Texan was blind to this issue. The illegals did a lot of work that kept prices artificially low for the Texas consumer. For instance, at new housing projects, a construction crew would consist of one Spanish speaking Caucasian, and the remainder were illegals getting $5 an hour under the table. My wife worked at a hospital, and when an illegal construction worker came in, they'd ask, "Who do you work for?" They always replied, "I don't know." So, 5 bucks an hour, no benefits, no workers comp costs. You can see why the folks who use or benefit these people aren't speaking up. The illegals are making a lot of people rich, and keeping prices low.

492 posted on 03/26/2005 8:41:46 AM PST by ExtremeUnction
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To: mikemikemikecubed

It seems our elected people are interested in power and not the people, It dosn't matter which party is in power they will sell out to people like Fox. If we wish to protect our way of life we will have to do it while we are allowed to.

493 posted on 03/26/2005 9:31:16 AM PST by Ibredd
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To: Stu Cohen; yellowdoghunter
At this juncture, I had no respect left to lose for Bush, Rove, Patacki or their buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger.

I'd like to see them all tossed in with the next planeload of deportees and dumped somewhere in the interior of Mexico far away from the U.S. border.

Toss, throw and vote out the sellouts!

Not necessarily in that order. ;^)

494 posted on 03/26/2005 3:52:29 PM PST by 4Freedom (America is no longer the 'Land of Opportunity', it's the 'Land of Illegal Alien Opportunists'!!!>)
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Comment #495 Removed by Moderator

To: mikemikemikecubed
Mr. President, We are not going to take this anymore, We've had enough. This is the straw that breaks the camels back. We cringe when we hear about the 2.7+ Trillion dollar budget, the 600+ Billion dollar Medicare plan, your support of NAFTA, FTAA, GATT, WTO. Not wanting to face up to the fact we have been deceived we convinced ourselves "you had to compromise". Well sir, NO MORE. WE THE PEOPLE ARE DONE, FINISHED. YOU SIR ARE THE "VIGILANTE". NOW IS THE TIME WE THE PEOPLE "ENFORCE THE LAW IN A REASONABLE WAY". BY RESTORING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC AND OUR BILL OF RIGHTS WHICH YOU SWORE ON THE HOLY BIBLE TO UPHOLD.
496 posted on 03/26/2005 11:24:42 PM PST by GodGivenRights (EX-Republican)
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To: mikemikemikecubed

Once again, President George W. Bush ASSUMES THE POSITION for Vincente Fox on U.S. border security!

497 posted on 03/27/2005 1:18:02 AM PST by paleocon patriarch ("Never attribute to a conspiracy that which can be explained by incompetence.")
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To: sarasota

"Can someone please explain Bush's apparent lack of logic on border control?"

It's very simple. If you want to engage in Wilsonian military crusades and buy votes with expanded entitlement programs, but you don't want to raise taxes, then you have to enlarge the tax base.

Are you just now finding this out?

498 posted on 03/28/2005 6:01:22 AM PST by SteamshipTime
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To: SteamshipTime

I'm afraid so. And I am more than a little discouraged.

499 posted on 03/28/2005 6:03:11 AM PST by sarasota
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To: mikemikemikecubed


500 posted on 03/28/2005 7:20:33 AM PST by Lady Eileen (Where there is Life there is Hope -- TERRI.)
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