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Why Isnít Bush On The Border? (Idiot Pat Buchanan Suggests Bush Impeachment! BARF ALERT!)
Tracy Press ^ | 8/29/05

Posted on 08/29/2005 11:45:54 AM PDT by areafiftyone

Published on Monday, August 29, 2005, in the Tracy Press. WASHINGTON — On Aug. 12, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson declared a state of emergency "due to a chaotic situation involving illegal alien smuggling and illegal drug shipments" on his southern border. Three days later, Gov. Janet Napolitano followed suit in Arizona.

Reason: the crisis on the border. The ally-ally-in-free immigration policy of George Bush and Vicente Fox, beloved of corporate America, has created a hell on our southern border.

Those Southwestern states are being inundated by illegal aliens trashing ranches, killing cattle, committing crimes and eating up tax dollars. The traffic in narcotics and human beings from Mexico is a national scandal and a human rights disgrace.

What is true of New Mexico and Arizona is true of our nation, which is home to an estimated 10 million to 15 million aliens who have broken our laws and broken into our country. It is a mark of the cowardice of our leaders that they are so terrified of being called "bigots" that they tolerate this criminality. The moral rot of political correctness runs deep today in both national parties.

A president like Teddy Roosevelt would have led the Army to the border years ago. And if Fox did not cooperate, T.R. would have gone on to Mexico City. Nor would Ike, who deported all illegal aliens in 1953, have stood still for this being done to the country he had defended in war.

What are these Bush Republicans afraid of? Dirty looks from the help at the country club?

The question of whether America is going to remain one nation, or whether our Southwest will wind up as a giant Kosovo separated by language and loyalty from the rest of America is on the table.

Where is Bush? All wrapped up in the issue of whether women in Najaf will have the same rights in divorce and custody cases as women in Nebraska. His legislative agenda for the fall includes a blanket amnesty for illegals, so they can be exploited by businesses who want to hold wages down as they dump the social costs for their employees health care, schools, courts, cops, prisons onto taxpayers.

Not only have Richardson and Napolitano awakened — they are on the front lines — so, too, has Hillary Clinton, who has spoken out against illegal immigration with a forthrightness that makes Bush sound like a talking head for La Raza.

Why is a Republican Congress permitting this president to persist in the dereliction of his sworn duty?

Bush is chief executive of the United States. It is his duty to enforce the laws. Can anyone fairly say he is enforcing the immigration laws? Those laws are clear. People who break in are to be sent back. Yet, more than 10 million have broken in with impunity.

Another million try to break in every year. Half a million succeed. Border security is homeland security. How, then, can the Department of Homeland Security say America is secure?

Who can guarantee that, of the untold millions of illegals here, and the scores of thousands ordered deported for crimes who have disappeared into our midst, none is a terrorist waiting for orders to blow up a subway or mall and massacre American citizens?

Most of these illegals come to work to send money back to their families. They are not bad people. But because they are predominantly young and male, they commit a disproportionate share of violent crimes.

Why should U.S. citizens be assaulted, robbed, raped and murdered, and have their children molested, because their government will not enforce its own laws?

Is this not an indictment of democracy itself? What dictatorial regime would put up with this?

The Republican Party claims to be a conservative party. But what kind of conservative is it who, to cut a few costs or make a few bucks, will turn his family's home into a neighborhood flop house?

In a recent poll, 40 percent of Mexicans " 40 million people said they would like to come to the United States, and 20 percent expressed a willingness to break in. Time to cut the babble about how NAFTA is going to solve the problem. This is a national emergency.

Twice, Bush has taken an oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Article IV, Section 4 of that Constitution reads," The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion."

Well, we are being invaded, and the president of the United States is not doing his duty to protect the states against that invasion.

Some courageous Republican, to get the attention of this White House, should drop into the hopper a bill of impeachment, charging Bush with a conscious refusal to uphold his oath and defend the states of the Union against "invasion."

It may be the only way left to get his attention, before the border vanishes and our beloved country dissolves into MexAmerica, what T.R. called a "polyglot boarding house for the world."

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To: areafiftyone

Pat has the hots for Huffington. This is his woo.....

101 posted on 08/29/2005 4:51:40 PM PDT by clintonh8r (Liberals preach comity and practice calumny.)
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To: af_vet_rr
The fact is, President Bush used the word "vigilante" very carefuly, and I don't think he gets enough credit for the political savvy he has displayed in both using the word, and in the way he's blown off Conservatives over the issue (no, I don't like the way he's handling it, but I can give him credit for being the consumate politician).

Do you know who he was meeting with at the time he called the Minutemen vigilantes? He was definitely being the politician with other countries' presidents, as he was busy undoing our sovereignty.

102 posted on 08/29/2005 4:52:07 PM PDT by Borax Queen
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To: areafiftyone

Pat Buchanan once again simultaneously stating the facts and offending.

103 posted on 08/29/2005 4:57:53 PM PDT by BinaryBoy
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To: ladyinred

"Yet even Pat suggests this is the fault of this President? Are all of you almost as sick of him being blamed for everything as I am?"

I am sick of people apologising for Bush's negligence of the subject. During the Clinton era, this board was full of people howling about illegal immigration. Now we've had 5 years of a Republican President and Congress... and nothing has been done!!! Surely, in this day and age of terror, securing our own borders needs to be a top priority.

104 posted on 08/29/2005 5:00:32 PM PDT by bob808
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To: Charlesj

Death threats to any president will get your butt banned.

105 posted on 08/29/2005 5:10:20 PM PDT by Admin Moderator
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To: areafiftyone
I agree with Pat, Bush should be impeached for not protecting (American) national sovereignty. That is his #1 priority.

I would rather he lie about affairs and close the border, then be honest and keep the things wide open.

What he is doing is not bringing dignity to the office.

106 posted on 08/29/2005 5:51:02 PM PDT by Stu Cohen (Press '1' for English)
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To: Carling
Impeachment is obviously extreme

No it's not. It's both a high crime AND treason. I'd say it's why impeachment exists.

107 posted on 08/29/2005 5:52:09 PM PDT by Stu Cohen (Press '1' for English)
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To: BinaryBoy
Pat Buchanan once again simultaneously stating the facts and offending.

90% of Freepers wouldn't know an actual conservative if one walked up and grabbed them by the nuts.

108 posted on 08/29/2005 5:55:25 PM PDT by Stu Cohen (Press '1' for English)
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To: Blzbba
"Exactly. It's amazing that, 5 years into his presidency, Bushbots still refuse to hold him accountable for ANYthing, preferring to blame Clintax for all our problems, while Bush continues to ignore our borders."

Very good point, someone who does not take responsibility is by definition irresponsible. Harry Truman said "the buck stops here," with Bubba and Dubya its "the buck never got here, what buck, never saw the buck?"
109 posted on 08/29/2005 6:04:06 PM PDT by fallujah-nuker (Atque ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appelant)
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To: duckln
Right. I think we all have to admit Jorge Bush has been a massive failure overall. Obviously, he is better than the alternatives, but I had great expectations for him and the GOP Senate. He really had a shot to make some positive permanent changes for America.

While I will remember him for his tax cuts and his War on Terror/Iraq which I strongly support, I will also remember him as the president who sucked up to Ted Kennedy w/ the Education Bill, didn't veto McCain/Fiengold, caved on the estate tax, and let millions of parasites (Mexicans) walk freely across our borders-- and then give them amnesty!

GWB had a shot to keep America great and restore it's honor after Clinton, but he has failed. Hillary will win in '08 (a blow out reminiscent of 96)

America is doomed.
110 posted on 08/29/2005 6:28:28 PM PDT by ElRushbo (Harley Riders against Elton John)
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To: bayourod
More anti Iraq war talk from Buchanan. His hatred of President Bush must be eating his insides up for him to belittle the sacrifices our troops are making in Iraq to defend us from an enemy who has attacked us on our soil and vowed to destroy us.

99.75% of Americans don't give a damn about Pat Buchanan and don't care where he stands on any issue.

The vileness of this little man will never end.

Your obsessive fixation on Pat Buchanan will probably never end.

111 posted on 08/29/2005 6:40:22 PM PDT by judgeandjury
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To: onemoretimeuntothebreech

"Are you saying Bush supports open borders?"

IF we judge him by his actions, then absolutely I say that.

Do you disagree?

112 posted on 08/29/2005 6:58:51 PM PDT by WoofDog123
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To: af_vet_rr

also, at the time, the alternative was Gore. It wasn't a hard choice for me, despite all that is said above.

113 posted on 08/29/2005 7:02:08 PM PDT by WoofDog123
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To: areafiftyone

I agree with Buchanan on this issue. If GW Bush can't tighten up the borders to stop ILLEGAL immigration, especially after 9/11, then I feel that I have wasted my vote twice..........

114 posted on 08/29/2005 7:08:29 PM PDT by eeriegeno
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To: All

I'd support my representative if he decided to vote for an impeachment. Bush is a traitor and has sold us out to globalists. He's not a conservative, if anything, he's a Bonesman.

115 posted on 08/29/2005 7:18:05 PM PDT by nikola
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To: bob808

I am not apologizing for Bush. I am disgusted by the remarks of Pat and others. I am a native Californian, and I know about illegals okay. If I had my way, the borders would have been closed on Sept 11, 2001, but that is most likely not even possible. The point is, no one has ever done anything, and were they impeached?

116 posted on 08/29/2005 7:21:26 PM PDT by ladyinred (Leftist=Anti American!)
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To: ladyinred
The point is, no one has ever done anything, and were they impeached?

So what is the point? Should we curl up into a fetal position and fade to apathy? Why bother to elect a "conservative" Congress, Senate, and Executive, if nothing will be done. If this is what it means to vote Republican, I say: let the Democrats have at it and at least my hands will remain clean.
117 posted on 08/29/2005 7:39:00 PM PDT by ARCADIA (Abuse of power comes as no surprise)
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To: areafiftyone
Pat Buchanan has been off the conservative/GOP reservation on some key issues in the last several years. But on this issue Pat is absolutely right. The President, along with the Congressional GOP, have done nothing over the last 4 years and 7 months to address the problems associated with illegal aliens and immigration reform in general. Most of the posts on this thread and posts from this thread --- The Illegal Immigration Emergency: Would a Bill of Impeachment Wake-Up President Bush? --- show a majority of FReepers agree with Pat that the President has failed the American people on this specific issue.

Btw, Pat isn't calling for impeachment of PresBush, its a political tongue-in-cheek rhetorical jab. Fact remains. The GOP Congress and this President have to stop ignoring the people.

Frankly, I think the President isn't interested in solving this problem. He wants a majority of Hispanic's to vote Republican, while keeping the GOP's business support as strong as ever. Votes and cheap labor.

118 posted on 08/29/2005 7:39:40 PM PDT by Reagan Man (Secure the borders;punish employers who hire illegals;halt all welfare handouts to illegals.)
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To: areafiftyone
That's it Pat put the whole blame on President Bush! Where the heck were you when Clinton

Buchanan was criticizing Clinton too.

119 posted on 08/29/2005 7:55:26 PM PDT by A. Pole (" There is no other god but Free Market, and Adam Smith is his prophet ! ")
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To: A. Pole
Buchanan was criticizing Clinton too.

When it comes to immigration Pat is an equal opportunity criticizer.

120 posted on 08/29/2005 8:17:47 PM PDT by Reaganwuzthebest
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