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Katrina Live Thread XII
Various ^ | 31 August 2005 | Various

Posted on 08/31/2005 4:00:15 PM PDT by NautiNurse

President Bush: "We are dealing with one of the worst national disasters in our nation's history." Push has appropriated vast federal resources to assist with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

78,000 people are currently in shelters. New Orleans evacuation continues. 10,000 additional National Guard troops have been called to service.

Hospitals are running low on supplies, and public health concerns include water borne disease, poor sanitation, food and drinking water contamination and shortages, mosquitoes, carbon monixide poisoning from electricity generators, lack of childcare, and the special needs of the elderly.

Links to various news, local and state government websites:

WLOX TV Biloxi, Gulfport, Pascagula has link to locate family and friends (very slow load)

2theAdvocate - Baton Rouge Includes Slidell, St. John Parish, St. Bernard Parish updates, and other locations.

Inside Houma Today includes shelter and volunteer updates Jackson MS

WALA Channel 4 Mobile, AL Includes links to distribution centers, Emergency Ops, etc.

Sun-Herald Gulfport MS Includes link to town by town reports

Gulfport News via

WAFB Baton Rouge

Mobile Register via

Mississippi updates via Jackson Ledger

Lafayette LA Daily Advertiser

Pensacola News Journal

St Bernard Local Government
Alabama Homeland Security Volunteers can sign up online
Alabama DOT
Louisiana Homeland Security
Louisiana State Police road closure info
State of Mississippi Website has traffic alerts, emergency contact numbers

Streaming Video:




WKRG-TV: mms://

WTOK-TV (follow the link on the home page):

WJTV-TV: mms://

Gulf Coast Storm Network (radio):

Related FR Threads:

FYI: Hurricane Katrina Freeper SIGN IN Thread

Discussion Thread - Hurricane Katrina - What Went Wrong?!?

Post Hurricane Katrina IMAGES Here

Looting Begins In New Orleans

Martial Law Declared in New Orleans

Due to the number of requests to assist, the following list of some charities is provided.
This is not intended as an endorsement for any of the charities. or 1-800 HELP NOW - note: website is slow
Salvation Army - 1-800-SAL-ARMY or Salvation Army currently looking for in-state volunteers - (888)363-2769
Operation Blessing: (800) 436-6348.
America's Second Harvest: (800) 344-8070.
Catholic Charities USA: (800) 919-9338, or
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee: (800) 848-5818.
Church World Service: (800) 297-1516 or online at www.churchworldservice. org.
Lutheran Disaster Response: (800) 638-3522.
Nazarene Disaster Response: (888) 256-5886.
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance: (800) 872-3283.
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is accepting donations at its 3,800 stores and Web site,

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Tropical Storm 12

TOPICS: News/Current Events; US: Alabama; US: Louisiana; US: Mississippi
KEYWORDS: hurricane; katrina; tropical
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To: Cboldt

Thanks thanks.

100 posts in the thread works fine.


Would prefer 100 posts of thread header listings, too.

Can't effect that for some reason. Maybe due overload.

No biggy.

4,281 posted on 09/01/2005 10:48:56 AM PDT by Quix (GOD IS LOVE and full of mercy HE IS ALSO JUST & fiercely HOLY. Cultures choosing death shall have it)
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To: lugsoul
I would bet money that there is a plan, perhaps even a very thorough plan, that you could sit down and pick through, that is rendered null and void by circumstances on the ground. That happens with plans. And plans don't get things done all by themselves. FEMA had a great plan to pre-position resources, and executed it. But now getting those resources to where they are needed is near impossible - not because of the lack of a plan, but simply because of conditions on the ground.

A most excellent analysis.

4,282 posted on 09/01/2005 10:48:57 AM PDT by Howlin (Have you check in on this thread: FYI: Hurricane Katrina Freeper SIGN IN Thread)
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To: Spktyr
Key words - after a disaster.

If you can, that is.

If you can't, it is pretty stupid for folks to run around saying you should have done it before the disaster.

I can tell you that the few times I've had to go for days without power, etc due to weather, my gas stove and gas fireplaces were essential survival equipment.

4,283 posted on 09/01/2005 10:48:58 AM PDT by lugsoul ("She talks and she laughs." - Tom DeLay)
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Comment #4,284 Removed by Moderator



4,285 posted on 09/01/2005 10:49:13 AM PDT by Smartass (Si vis pacem, para bellum - Por el dedo de Dios se escribió)
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Comment #4,286 Removed by Moderator

To: Dog
Freeper gulfcoast6's daughter has contacted onyx....TOBY(gulfcoast6) made it out alive!!!!

That's wonderful news. While I'm sorry he lost everything, he's alive and that's what counts. So many more are not. Where there's life, there is hope.


4,287 posted on 09/01/2005 10:49:31 AM PDT by LizardQueen (The world is not out to get you, except in the sense that the world is out to get everyone.)
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To: Stand Watch Listen

I've copied your list to my e-mail and printed it out. Thank you. I see a lot of people don't have a gun on their lists and am glad it's on yours. It's about the only thing we've prepared for, some time ago.

4,288 posted on 09/01/2005 10:49:39 AM PDT by Peach (South Carolina is praying for our Gulf coast citizens.)
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To: jeffers

Yep. I believe NO has been FUBAR'd. This is surreal.

BTW, I have enjoyed your posts. They have been full of good logical common sense. We have to keep our heads here and think this one through. It's going to be a long recovery.

4,289 posted on 09/01/2005 10:49:58 AM PDT by CajunConservative ("Dems can bus people to the polls but can't bus them out of danger to save their lives.")
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To: AmericanInTokyo
Perhaps this will wake up the jerks in the San Bernardino, CA school district who want to actually TEACH the gangsta rap language as the real African language... what is it that liberals don't understand about if you don't teach people ENGLISH and how to use it people will never get ahead in life and have decent jobs and lives.

Something needs to be done about the Gangsta Rap, too... if the FCC can fine CBS for the Janet Jackson fiasco, then they should be able to start to levy fines for music using the crude language.

4,290 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:12 AM PDT by Arizona Carolyn
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To: Dog
Freeper gulfcoast6's daughter has contacted onyx....TOBY(gulfcoast6) made it out alive!!!!

That's a relief. Any other FReepers unaccounted for that we know of?

4,291 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:15 AM PDT by SandyInSeattle (Official RKBA Landscaper and Arborist, Duchess of Green Leafy Things)
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To: Dog; gulfcoast6; liberty2004

Such wonderful news...

If he needs a place to stay, direct him to the Housing thread where many wonderful FReepers are offering up their homes.

Has anyone heard from Liberty2004 yet? They were last heard from, bunkering down in Metairie.

4,292 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:22 AM PDT by cgk (We'll have to deal w/ the networks. One way to do that is to drain the swamp they live in - Rumsfeld)
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To: lugsoul

I would just hope that my elected officials would do a better job of protecting me and my community. This is a dismal failure in every sense of the word.

You are right that we can sit around and criticize, but, time will tell, facts will eventually come out, and we'll have to wait and see if more could have been done.

Meantime, if you wish to pick a fight with me, I'm not interested. I only know what I see and am reacting to it just like everyone else.

4,293 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:25 AM PDT by conservativebabe (God Bless Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida)
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To: Pyro7480

Just posted and provided a link so that some that have questions may research and prepare for themselves.

As I placed a 'caveat'' has to discern their own situation, their own hazards. One has to consider whether to make out a Bug Out Bag for a few days, a week or longer.
Naturally weight will exponentially go up with the duration one wants to prepare for and also the number of people involved.

AND!!!..You also have to remember, nowadays any civic/locale/state 'shelter will surely confiscate many of the items on the aforementioned list.

4,294 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:30 AM PDT by Stand Watch Listen
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To: All


Updates as they come in on Katrina

12:45 PM CDT on Thursday, September 1, 2005

Tom Planchet

12:43 P.M. - Kim Nunemaker, St. Bernard Ave. Specialty Hospital: 26 bed-ridden patients and 40 staff members have to evacuate from the building. They need assistance moving these patients down several flights of stairs because the elevator is broken. Anyone who can help is asked to come to 3700 St. Charles Avenue immediately.

4,295 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:39 AM PDT by bwteim (Begin With The End In Mind)
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To: Peach


I had to make myself get away from the computer & tv for a while - but now I'm chomping at the bite - what's the latest? Thanks

4,296 posted on 09/01/2005 10:50:50 AM PDT by LadyBuzz
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To: turbocat

Hard to keep track but I think I read somewhere on this thread maybe he's in Baton Rouge now.

4,297 posted on 09/01/2005 10:51:06 AM PDT by hipaatwo (Nazis Love Mother Sheehan)
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To: Quix
I'm convinced that the violence and corruption in high places are one significant reason that God allowed NOLA to be next.

Both are extremely offensive to Him. He can tolerate it only so long before letting REAPING WHAT WAS SOWN is allowed to kick in.

The people dying aren't the corrupt ones in office they have escaped with their full pockets. What about those in MS was it sent there because of sinful casinos? What about fires & quakes in Calif.? Aids? All sent to sinners? Kinda like firing a shotgun into a crowd because of one bad person..lots of Innocent people get killed or hurt.

Same thing was said about the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906. "'The Lord sent it, the Lord!' Hard to believe an all powerful and all compassionate God sent this disaster because some have reaped what they sown..what about the rest, did they sow this? I'm not convinced.

4,298 posted on 09/01/2005 10:51:30 AM PDT by rolling_stone
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To: Lizarde

Chertoff just confirmed shooting of national guardsman in leg during the overnight (reported here on FR about 11 hours ago) . . .

4,299 posted on 09/01/2005 10:51:37 AM PDT by LikeLight
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To: NautiNurse

I know they are being shot at. I am responding to other posters who seem to agree with me. This is a disaster of biblical proportions, wouldn't you agree? I think it's appropriate to call our U.S. Representatives. Remember, there were guns pointed at people in Pinellas Park but they were pointed at us by LE. Nobody wants to get shot. Nobody wants to die on the steps of the convention center either.

4,300 posted on 09/01/2005 10:51:41 AM PDT by floriduh voter ( Daily Newsfeeds & Weekly Update)
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