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'We feared for our lives in the hell of the Superdome'
Daily Mail ^ | 9-5-05 | Binkmeister

Posted on 09/05/2005 9:07:36 AM PDT by Binkmeister

News'We feared for our lives in the hell of the Superdome' by ROBIN YAPP, Daily Mail

09:28am 5th September 2005

Survivor: Jane Wheeldon

Britons returning from the horrors of New Orleans have told how they feared for their lives as violent gangs ran out of control. Tourists and backpackers arriving back in the UK said the city's Superdome, initially sought out as a safe haven from Hurricane Katrina, had quickly turned into a place of fear. They witnessed scenes of murder and looting, women were threatened with rape and racial tensions grew daily. Have your say » Survivors praised the US military for protecting them but condemned British Embassy officials as 'useless' for failing to help or provide information to relatives.

A handful of Britons who sheltered in the Superdome arrived back at Gatwick on flights from Dallas.

Amid emotional scenes as they were reunited with their families, three girls wept as they recalled their experiences.

Jane Wheeldon, 20, a student from Carmarthen, South Wales, said: "We were the prime target. Guys would come up and stroke your back and your tummy and your bum to find any money you had on you. Everyone was staring and it was so intimidating.

"They said, 'white people are not welcome here'. Then the looting started and the gangs were smashing up the drinks and cigarette machines."

TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Culture/Society
KEYWORDS: crimewave; hurricanebritons; katrina; superdome; thinveneer; thugs
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To: Wormwood


51 posted on 09/05/2005 11:13:51 AM PDT by GoLightly
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To: the Deejay

Nah. We Americans are sentimental fools. New Orleans will be rebuilt on our dime. Tourism will recover. People will secretly thrill to going to a place percieved as so dangerous. I am my family won't be going, however.

52 posted on 09/05/2005 11:14:22 AM PDT by thathamiltonwoman
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To: thathamiltonwoman

I've never set foot in NO or LA &
I certainly won't in future.

53 posted on 09/05/2005 11:16:43 AM PDT by the Deejay (THE LADY DEEJAY)
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To: Binkmeister
Email from an NOPD friend in New Orleans.... I edited out some personal stuff...

"well, as an actual witness to the insanity that has been going on, I strongly STRONLY advise you to stay wherever the #### you're at, xxxx. Do not come home, not even to help with the 'rebuilding', as that won't even start for MONTHS. there are dead bodies EVERYWHERE. The water, and everything it has touched is CONTAMINATED (that is the nice way to say it), there is nothing here. Yeah, your place probably made out ok, but there is nothing left around it. These animals have shot at rescue workers, at US, and make all the jokes about nopd as you want, we have been here, sleeping on the floor, ####ting and pissing in garbage cans, with no running water or electricity for days, and we have been trying to help people as we do this. as for looters, I am 110% with you when you say 'food and water'... only, these mother ####ers are looting footlocker for jerseys, taking beer and cigarettes from winn dixie, and are most surely taking dvd players, looting BLOCKBUSTER (as we all know, these mother ####ers are fully aware there are so many life saving things in that mother ####ing place)...

Amy called yesterday, in tears. She has been convoying fuel and actually had to run someone over who was attacking the vehicle with weapons. she is done. police officers are killing themselves and being killed, the animals are setting historic ####ing buildings on canal street on fire. roving 'gangs' are literally breaking into peoples houses, raping women and killing the families. what the ####!!!

Why would anyone want to come here? I understand it is our home, it is where we come from, where we were raised, etc. you just have no idea the thigns we've seen here, this is NOT the new orleans you know and love. I know and understand that you, xxxx especially are not going to believe it or sympathize with it, but I assure you, I am not in the least bit exaggerating. this place, let me just say... military people say it is worse than somalia. LOL? I don't ####ing know what to compare it to.

People have lost EVERYTHING. and some still refuse to leave, as if they have a choice! power and water will not be restored for months. the national guard and military, who still by the way have not supplied us with ANYTHING in the way of food or water, we've had to get that on our own, is going to literally have to go door to door, clearing houses and looking for bodies. the military has requested 60,000 body bags... SIXTY THOUSAND!!! and that may not be enough from what I'm understanding!!! My uncle, who is a dr. working out of east jefferson, is literally appalled at the thought that they are allowing people from jefferson back in on monday to "check on their stuff"... the disease that is in the air and water, the lack of running water, people are going to ####ing RIOT....

I promise you, stay where you're at. our chief told us yesterday that financial help is on the way, that 90 billion is coming to us (the city), and that new orleans will be a great place to call home in 2 to 5 ####ing YEARS!!!! Please, don't misunderstand me, help is welcome. I, however, strongly recommend leaving this job to the people that are qualified, the people with the proper inoculations, the proper training, the experience to handle it.

This is no florida, this is nothing that anyone could imagine. I'm taking pictures and video, but this #### is just like I'm trapped in a really ####ing bad movie... day after tomorrow bad. I am carrying an AR-15 or a shotgun with me at all times. And of course, my two attack chihuahua's, who I am offering up to anyone who can possibly take care of them for me while we are stuck here in this... I really need that more than any####ingthing else.

I love you all and hope to god you are all safe and can find jobs. I suggest staying as far away from the city, even state, as you possibly can. evacuees are just overflowing the state lines, and opportunity will be scarce. ....., stay in ..... , ros and hope... go as far away as you can. if we do get the time off, we are going to dc for a couple of days. love you all, write back if you can. just now got some super generator at "fort apache", whatever... being able to send the email is definitely a nice ####ing treat. would give it up for a working toilet, though."

54 posted on 09/05/2005 11:17:50 AM PDT by TennTuxedo
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To: granite

I suspect it was more likely that he knew he couldn't protect the white visitors from "his people"....

The mob at the stadium was already out of control, and he didn't want to add "fuel" to the "beat, rob and rape" scenario....

I'm getting more than tired of the attempt to have us ignore the repeated intolerable criminal behavior of our dependent citizens --- and hear only charges that we are the racists....

If this continues.....big trouble ahead.

Semper Fi

55 posted on 09/05/2005 11:25:51 AM PDT by river rat (You may turn the other cheek, but I prefer to look into my enemy's vacant dead eyes.)
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To: Lady Heron
The tourist were probably high and dry in hotels, if they went to the Super Dome they were in much greater danger. New Orleans is dead as a foreign tourist destination. Think of all of the stories out of Asia after the tsunami of how the locals took care of the tourist. These people killed their city years in advance with their planning of this city and emergency planning. Their actions after the flood was just the nails closing the coffin.

Couldn't agree with you more.
56 posted on 09/05/2005 11:35:26 AM PDT by TwoDogs
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"We were the prime target. Guys would come up and stroke your back and your tummy and your bum to find any money you had on you. Everyone was staring and it was so intimidating. "They said, 'white people are not welcome here'.

Why, this can't possibly be. Al Sharpton says that the ones who terrorized innocent people were Just Angry Taxpayers

My apologies to all who suffered at the hands of these racists who leech off our country's good will.

57 posted on 09/05/2005 1:51:30 PM PDT by prairiebreeze (I'm a proud adorer of the Cross. Up yours, Zarqawi.)
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To: Wormwood

Great point about voluntarily spending money there. You and I know our money is already there. Someday, it would be nice if people paid their own way.

58 posted on 09/05/2005 2:02:52 PM PDT by DilJective
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To: Wormwood; DogBarkTree

You guys are KILLING me!

59 posted on 09/05/2005 3:50:58 PM PDT by gg188
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To: HitmanNY

The question is not whether NO will be back; it will be. But can the racism and hatred at and just below the surface of this once great city be restrained and perhaps reduced? The bad news is that the town and state have a long history of corruption, and in an essentially corrupt society such as that racism is only one of the devils to deal with.

60 posted on 09/05/2005 4:06:41 PM PDT by Binkmeister
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To: DogBarkTree
Sorry I missed Mr Wormwood's comment. Icould use a laugh. Someone please mail me the comment.

Post #6 - it's a spoof of the message that shows when your comment has been deleted by the Mods.

One of the funniest posts on FR....

61 posted on 09/05/2005 7:57:37 PM PDT by Extremely Extreme Extremist
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