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Open letter to Liberals: Bring it on, you bastards; we are going to beat you anyway.

Posted on 09/06/2005 11:09:34 AM PDT by Pukin Dog

Oh yeah, baby.

You’ve got us now, don’t you?

You’ve got our President by the short hairs, and you are mad as hell, not gonna take it anymore and all that crap, right? I mean, its open season on us, and you are going to make us pay. Finally, all your efforts to bring down this president are about to bear fruit, and you can just taste it. Oh, you are so close, so close to realizing what you have been dreaming about since November 2000.

Can you feel me quivering?

Read this carefully, my Liberal friends. If you have to, put down the pipes so you can get closer to the screen, let the smoke clear for a moment and then read up. I want you to remember this, while you are out there protesting, organizing, and raising money, slinging invectives and all the other stuff you do so well. I want this on your mind, as you march through the streets, or on buses filled with your kind headed for Washington D.C. I want to make sure that as you do what you do, that you don’t forget what I am about to tell you.

Are you ready? Here it comes:


Come the elections in 2006 and 2008, we are going to beat you like you stole- oops, I mean, looted something. We are going to hand you your asses in a bucket. The quiet masses of free-thinking, church-going, masses are going to send you back to your Liberal enclaves to cry in your soy-milk over more and more defeats. Your agenda is going to be defeated, your anger is going to go unheard, and your actions are going to be noted, cataloged and used against you to insure that you rat-bastards never get back into power.

The simple truth is that America will never again let the whiners, losers, beggars and thieves control the direction the country. The Internet has given Americans long memories. We can look up what you did when you were in charge, we can watch you 24/7 as you work to bring down the greatest nation in the history of the world. We know where you are, who you are, what you do, and what you say in your non-stop America-bashing ways. You are not going to win anymore, and there is nothing you can do about it.

You see, while you are out there screaming at the top of your lungs like unattended infants, we are sitting back, taking it in, taking notes, and remembering. While you are trashing the only nation on earth that protects your freedoms above all else, we are defending her, honoring her and protecting her from all enemies, foreign and domestic. While you are having ‘Decadence Parades’ through the few dry streets in New Orleans, we are pulling dead-bodies off the flooded ones. We know where your priorities are, and because of that, we will never again let you lead.

In the America that you are not familiar with, there are millions of folks who don’t say much, but are busy each day working to support and protect their families. There are families which attend church every Sunday and pray to God for the health and strength of their nation, whose children would be terrified to steal so much as an extra cookie from the jar. There are people who train and study to better themselves, so that they can raise families of strong and confident children who will do the same with their own someday, because they know that this nation depends upon each of us being ready and able to do our part when called upon to serve.

When these folks tuck their children into bed at night, they usually are thinking of how best to keep them safe, warm and free. They think about their homes and how to keep them secure sanctuaries of loving and learning for their children to grow up in while learning to become productive members of society and God loving examples of morality. They do this knowing that someday, somewhere in America or somewhere else in the world, someone is going to be in need. Someone is going to have to dive onto that grenade to save their buddies. Someone is going to have to rush into that burning building to save that child or grandma or disabled person unable to save them. Someone is going to have to take out that sniper bunker firing on our boys below.

Somebody is going to have to LEAD.

The simple fact Liberals, is that America and the whole world know that those folks for the most part, those heroes young and old that the world depends on; they aint coming from the likes of you.

The world knows that there are few men among you prepared to carry grandma down that fire-escape; even though you might have more than a few women up to the task. The world knows that as you devalue education in favor of teaching our children that “Heather has two mommies”, that the creativity born from engineering and manufacturing expertise necessary to drive the American economy aint likely to be coming from your side of the aisle.

America will call you when it wants to save a snail darter. Deal?

The problem for you Liberals is that when Americans head into the voting booth, they know why they are free to pull that lever without a gun pointed at their heads. They know why they can stand in line at Starbucks without much fear of a terrorist bomb. They know why their children have more educational opportunities than anywhere else in the world, and they know where they got those things, and that they did NOT come from YOU.

You think it was YOUR taxes that funded the health and growth of America? Fraid’ not bucko, that was PRODUCTIVE America, out their starting farms and factories faster than you could start a revolt. While you were marching in the streets for your civil rights, our people were dying on other shores to make sure you got it. When Americans go into the voting booths, they are rarely thinking that they need to pull that lever in the direction of driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. They don’t believe that their society is going to collapse if Steve and Bill cant tie the knot next week at the ‘Chapel of Decadent-Do-Nothing-Dopes’, which used to be called the San Francisco City Hall.

Your problem is that there are just more folks in America who, when they see their freedoms at risk, want someone in charge who will go over their and blow their asses up, before they can come over here again and blow ours up instead. Some of those folks are your own moms and dads, who even to this day don’t know what happened to their little sons and daughters who took up the Liberal cause of hating their own country, but still want someone to protect their misguided offspring from those who would enslave them to a socialist agenda.

The good folks of America somehow miss the blinding leadership skills in a plagiarist like Joe Biden. They missed the America-loving courage inherent in a Teddy Kennedy, while at the same time knowing that no Reagan, Bush, Ike or even Nixon would leave a young girl to drown while they got their heads clear.

Americans don’t picture a Michael Kinsley or Paul Krugman yanking 9Gs in an F-16 to line up a snapshot on an Iraqi Mig-29, but they have no problem picturing that in some young, brave America-loving CONSERVATIVE man. I mean, feel my pain if you want to, but that aint gonna create 4.9% unemployment as far as I’m concerned. You get me?

Americans in that voting booth cant seem to see Maxine Waters as a Stanford University Provost, but we know who they can see filling that role, don’t we? You know what I’m talking about, and you know I’m right. We can see that in your last choices for presidential candidates. You thought you could put up John Kerry and Wesley Clark, and they would prove that Liberals were tough, strong fighting men, just like the vast pool of Conservatives which we can choose from daily.

I cant say for sure whether or not John Kerry threw his medals away, but only because I’ve seen John Kerry try to throw a football, and it wasn’t pretty. Wesley “I almost started WW-III” Clark could not even decide whether or not he was a Democrat until enough of you paid him to say he was one of yours. Congrats! You got Wesley, you sly devils you. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

But all that was after you put up the Republican Secret Agent Howard Dean, who was best described by Jeb Bush down in Florida when he said: “Howard Dean? Well, he aint gonna be President”. History is a bitch, eh?

It will be History that causes Americans to continue to pull the lever for us, much more often than they pull it for you. Even the history of your greatest leaders only helps us, when they are best known for taking more and more of our money to feed your people. The folks in the voting booths are the most generous and caring people anywhere. They don’t need to be forced by law or graft to give to their fellow man. My church donated 50 thousand dollars to hurricane relief last Sunday. How much did your bathhouses give? Or was that your crack-houses? To be fair, your Hollywood elite are coming together in a big way. I understand that Sean Penn is going to be giving free classes on Watercraft safety. What a guy! Celine Dion wants to make sure that poor people have an opportunity to ‘touch-just once’ that plasma television just because they are poor, while we mean-old Conservatives would have them earn and pay for them instead of looting them from businesses during a crisis.

Smile Liberals, because you are on candid camera, you bastards.

Most of America won’t say a word. Not on TV, talk radio or even on the Internet. They will wait until they get into the voting booth. They will think about how much of their incomes already go to support the kinds of programs that you clamor for, while noticing how much good has come of their dollars. They will ask themselves how much they have benefited from having their hard work and moral codes ignored by the very people who suffer daily despite your assurances that we are a selfish, greedy lot.

Most of America is going to pull that lever in our direction, because most of us, despite all of your efforts, still love the lord. We also know that he loves us, and he is the reason that we are still here, able to fight for ourselves, instead of depending on the government for the very food on our tables. We still remember to give thanks to our God above for the blessings he bestows on us. We know that we are blessed, and that we just don’t have anything to complain about in comparison to those who live in places where our God is only a concept or an idea.

So take your best shot.

Keep on slandering our President. Keep on slandering your country. Keep on believing that you need to take more from us, to take care of those whom you refuse to ask anything of. You could ask them not to steal, not to loot. You could ask them to work hard, love their children enough to say no to them, and to make sure that they make education a priority in their homes. But you wont, we know that. We know that you will continue to tell them that their problems are the result of our greed and lust for power.

One thing we know is that when we pray to God to protect us from our enemies, that he hears us. What you may not know, is that more and more often, when we are saying those prayers, we are talking about you.

God has never failed America, and that is why, despite your best efforts, you will lose.

In 2006 and 2008, when your depressed announcer is reading you the results of another election that did not go your way, I hope you will look up into the heavens and know why you got beat again.

God will not be mocked.

PS. If any liberal is wondering whether Pukin just suggested that Liberals are going to continue to lose elections because they are immoral wimps and cowards; yeah, thats what I said.

Just bring it on.

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To: Pukin Dog
Image hosted by

"Helluva rant there, Pukin. Bra - f**king - vo."


101 posted on 09/06/2005 1:12:16 PM PDT by itsamelman (“Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh.” -- Al Swearengen)
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To: Pukin Dog

This is simply beautiful. I'm sending a copy to my son in Iraq. It will no doubt cheer him immensely. It certainly has cheered me up!

102 posted on 09/06/2005 1:13:25 PM PDT by 95 Bravo ("Freedom is not free.")
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To: Petronski
I get would not like me when I'm angry....
103 posted on 09/06/2005 1:13:36 PM PDT by Pukin Dog (Sans Reproache)
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To: Pukin Dog

Most excellent rant...kudos..way kewl..I just love it when you breathe from the pure oxygen tank..

104 posted on 09/06/2005 1:15:03 PM PDT by ken5050 (Ann Coulter needs to have children ASAP to pass on her gene pool....any volunteers?)
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To: itsamelman
Al! Baby! That is my favorite TV character of all time.
105 posted on 09/06/2005 1:15:03 PM PDT by Pukin Dog (Sans Reproache)
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To: Pukin Dog

save for later read

106 posted on 09/06/2005 1:15:40 PM PDT by krunkygirl
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To: Pukin Dog
Excellent! I am about to write a supporting rant on those COWARDS and WEASELS in our own party who are jumping on the President for opportunistic gain.

Newt Gingrich, Bobby Jindal, Senator Vitter, Laura Ingraham, and others are off my list. Period. They can take their beltway attitudes and Bush-bashing and shove it!

107 posted on 09/06/2005 1:17:56 PM PDT by Miss Marple (Lord, please look after Mozart Lover's son and keep him strong.)
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To: Pukin Dog

Pukin', you're one of the guys that makes me PROUD to be an AMERICAN!

108 posted on 09/06/2005 1:24:09 PM PDT by kilowhskey
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To: Pukin Dog

Hey Pukin' Dog, GREAT POST!!! I'd be proud to watch your back any day of the week.

109 posted on 09/06/2005 1:25:56 PM PDT by Gator113
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To: Pukin Dog

Booh-yah sister!

110 posted on 09/06/2005 1:26:08 PM PDT by ElRushbo (Harley Riders against Elton John)
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To: new yorker 77


111 posted on 09/06/2005 1:27:46 PM PDT by timestax
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To: Pukin Dog


112 posted on 09/06/2005 1:28:35 PM PDT by Fzob (Why does this tag line keep showing up?)
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To: Pukin Dog
I would pay good money to see a videotape of some limp-wristed, tree-hugging, smelly code pinko type walk by you holding a 'Bush is a Murderer' protest sign while you are in a mood like this!!

"VISUALIZE THIS, YOU @*!&@ ***ing low-life anti-American traitor!!" POW!!

113 posted on 09/06/2005 1:28:52 PM PDT by reagan_fanatic (Proud member of the 21st century Christian Crusaders)
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To: Pukin Dog

Oprah is doing her show from N.O. She is adding fuel to the flame.. of blame on Bush. I could not take her show after 5 minutes. Unbelievable. I fear now for the future of our country. Those amung us are those who want to destroy us.

114 posted on 09/06/2005 1:30:54 PM PDT by JFC ( President Bush, You are being prayed for along with our country daily, by millions of us.)
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To: Pukin Dog

I'm just happy you're on my team (I hope).

115 posted on 09/06/2005 1:32:12 PM PDT by Petronski (I love Cyborg. Gosh I miss her!)
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To: Pukin Dog


116 posted on 09/06/2005 1:34:07 PM PDT by GloriaJane ( "Seems Like Our Press Has Turned Against Our Country")
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To: Pukin Dog

Dog...Excellent points, you so right we have everything at our finger tips when we want info. The liberal that want to turn our country in to a godless country of do anyhting you want will never even get close.

The funny thing if they did win and did turn it into an immoral godless country they would be attacked so fast by the evil that lurks and when they could not negotciate their out of it they would realize it is a dangerous world but it would be too late and ll the generals they hate would be just what they need.

But that will never happen because what you said is true the average American has seen what the liberal want and with the little slack they have had look what has happened. There are still enough true Americans to destroy the liberal agenda which is the homosexual ways they want to teach our children, the military they want to shut down...We will you say dog we will overcome.

117 posted on 09/06/2005 1:36:06 PM PDT by abletruth (Liberals would Blame Bush For Their Bad Marriages...)
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Comment #118 Removed by Moderator

To: Pukin Dog

Way to go!!! You really made my day. I love the way you SAID IT ALL!!

119 posted on 09/06/2005 1:38:51 PM PDT by LADY J
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To: Pukin Dog

On target! Well done!!!

120 posted on 09/06/2005 1:43:35 PM PDT by jos65
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