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To: CarolinaGuitarman

Why is someone with no knowledge of math qualified to discus it's merits?
***Because in our analogy he’s on the school board.

It's not a FR rule, it's a rule of logical debate. You made an assertion and then refused to back it up.
***Did not George W make the same assertion?

"If a school board is made up of all art history majors, they’ll tend to handwave on any of the scientific stuff."…. And they will make horrible decisions on scientific issues
***How do you know they will make horrible decisions on technical issues? Most school boards don’t have so many PhDs and they seem to be doing pretty well in that regard.

…You talk as if ignorance is a virtue.
***What is the standard of whether it is a horrible decision? If their communities are safer or quieter or whatever as a result of their decisions, they did a good thing. I’m not advocating ignorance of the theory of evo, just that the burden of knowledge might be something that kids shouldn’t have to bear. They can carry that burden later on in life when they are better equipped for it. It’s not an advocacy of ignorance, it is an advocacy of wisdom for our children.

You can stick around, making ludicrous statements about a theory you refuse to engage. But that won't make you look like anything but a fool.
***OK, thanks for the invite.

No, I said where does the theory of evolution corrupt people. Evolution, and science in general, doesn't pretend to be a moral guide.
***We all know that. The fact that there is no moral guide is the problem.

No you aren't, you are ducking every attempt by us to get you to say what specifically about the theory is dangerous.
***I’ll get around to it.

You call it soulless but won't say how it is soulless.
***It is soulless by its silence on the moral issues that arise from processing the theory on a behavioral level. Kids think they are not accountable, that they can get away with animalistic behavior, that it is a world of “survival of the fittest” so I might as well just start getting mine right now.

Hey, you are the one who wants everybody to be as ignorant as you.
***Another good zippy one liner.

Now we know your motives.
***If you want to know my motives, ask. I’ll tell you.

"Do you want a godless, soulless religion that the bible calls “mystery, Babylon” to be the forced creed that every school kid in the world must follow?"… That isn't evolution.
***That’s my point, that you don’t want me telling you what you want so why do you tell me what I want?

When you tied NAMBLA and Islamic terrorism to evolution.
***Again. They’re not tied. They’re not Associated. It is an analogy.

You presume to tell me what I think? "… It's not a difficult task.
***Go ahead.

You didn't make any points. We are still waiting for some substance.
***If I make the points again will you answer them?

That is not authority. You have no knowledge of evolution and yet want to influence policy on evolution in the classroom. It's not that someone has more knowledge than you, it's that they address the subject and you evade it. The social policy is evolution.
***Why is knowledge of evolution required in the discussion of whether it is good social policy? GWB didn’t have the knowledge enough to take you guys on, neither does the average school board member. You are right, in my limited knowledge of evolution I “want to influence policy on evolution in the classroom”. That is my right as a freeper, an American, a voter, etc.

Look, you gave away your plan earlier; you want to shut down these crevo threads.
***No. I prefer to discuss things rather than have the other side just give up or throw one liner zingers or ridicule or whatever 2nd grade game is the order of the day. “I gave away my plan?” I didn’t know I had a plan. Could you please tell me what the plan is so that I can have it back, you’re so good at telling me what I think and what I want.

You are proud of the threads you have shut down.
***Now you are telling me how I feel? Well, if you are right, please please tell me what stock I should buy tomorrow.

They make your side look stupid.
***My guess is that my side can handle it. So far, no freepmail asking me to pipe down or apologize or anything like that.

Glad I was amusing for you.

163 posted on 09/20/2005 6:22:25 PM PDT by Kevin OMalley (No, not Freeper#95235, Freeper #1165: Charter member, What Was My Login Club.)
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To: Kevin OMalley

Sorry, we won't play your game anymore. You'll have to get the thread pulled or someone banned another way.

Don't ping me again.

164 posted on 09/20/2005 6:26:32 PM PDT by CarolinaGuitarman ("There is a grandeur in this view of life...")
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