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To: ConservativeBamaFan; atlaw; Mylo
Heard this on Glenn Beck: "Look through a telescope at Mars. If you see an office building on it, evolution would say it just happened by chance. Intelligent Design says, no, someone built it."

Yup, because buildings are exactly the sort of things that people build, and we know that because we build them.

Now, what's the last time you saw someone build life? Living things aren't the kind of thing that people build. They're the kind of things you find occurring without us having built them, they grow naturally in nature without human intervention.

Getting a clue yet?

Evolutionist fear what would happen if their theory is challenged, truly investigated without bias, or questioned IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.

You have a vivid imagination, but you're dead wrong. Try not to mistake your fantasies for reality.

If you had bothered to actually read the scientific literature (oh, right, you haven't, you're a *creationist*), you'd have seen "evolutionists" do exactly that on a very regular basis: "challenge, truly investigate without bias, and question IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM" the theories of evolutionary biology.

You guys have *really* got to stop reading those creationist pamphlets and start reading some actual science before you set out to critique science. The first requisite of being able to debate something is to ACTUALLY KNOW THE TOPIC FIRST.

They then attack the scientist who does question it (or the guy who posts something against it), question his credentials, call him pathetic, or try to convince a court or school board that he's insane.

Nope. Plenty of scientists question it, in the science journals, without being attacked, etc. That's because the scientists in the science journals actually know what they're talking about.

The "scientists" who *do* get laughed at, have their credentials questioned, get dismissed as pathetic, etc., are the ones who actually *are* being laughable, idiotic, or pathetic, because they're "questioning" evolution by using misrepresentations, straw-man fallacies, idiotic "reasoning", false analogies, flawed arguments, and often just outright lies. In short, acting like typical anti-evolution creationists. *Valid* criticisms are always welcome -- that's how science advances. *Invalid* criticisms, especially those which are presented with the snotty air of the typical "you guys are all dead wrong because of something I thought up on my lunch break" creationist, very rightly deserve to be slapped down hard and laughed out of the room.

But hey, if you think I'm being overly harsh, give us *your* best shot. Present your *very* best argument/evidence against evolution. Let's see how well it holds up, shall we? But remember, if your own personally selected *best* attack on evolution falls flat because it turns out you didn't really know what in the hell you were talking about when you set out to "disprove" a century-old field of science which has been validated and cross-checked and refined by millions of researchers, then you'll have richly earned all the snickering that your undeserved arrogance brings you.

Why is it such a huge threat to say that there are possibly other options than we went from goo, to zoo, to YOU?

It isn't a threat at all. There are plenty of "possibly other options". Maybe the Invisible Pink Unicorns waved their magic wands. Anything's possible.

*BUT*, if you're going to stand up and declare that your "possibly other options" ought to be taught in *science* class, *as* science, (or that evolution needs to be removed from science classes, or presented as "less" of a firmly established science than it really is), well, then, you've got some actual *work* to do, like actually making a solid *case* for your fringe view.

Today's evolutionary scientist are willing to question anything EXCEPT evolution.

Bull manure. Complete and utter horse crap. Please stop telling lies, it only makes you look grossly ignorant.

The real question should be WHY?

No, the real question is WHY people insist on making such ludicrously false statements with such arrogant cocksureness, when in fact they couldn't possibly be more stunningly wrong.

Someone has brainwashed you. Someone has filled your head with utter crap and propaganda, just as viciously and cynically as Michael Moore has filled the heads of millions of impressionable people with horsecrap about conservatives and consveratism. If I were you, I'd go find them and kick their asses. I don't like being lied to, and you shouldn't either.

28 posted on 09/30/2005 1:18:17 AM PDT by Ichneumon
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To: Ichneumon
Wow. Your response was the exact typical response I expected. While we're at it, tell me, what are the resonable possible other options? Try not to let your bias for evolution cloud your thinking. And try to avoid arguing a negative.
47 posted on 09/30/2005 11:57:32 AM PDT by ConservativeBamaFan
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