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Franck & Miers (Mark Levin's take on Harriet Miers)
National Review ^ | October 3, 2005 | Mark Levin

Posted on 10/03/2005 7:04:43 AM PDT by buckeyeblogger

Franck & Miers [Mark R. Levin 10/03 09:50 AM] I understand Matt's point, as he's written so eloquently about it many times. But, in truth, we already know what's going on here, and that the president, despite a magnificent farm team from which to choose a solid nominee, chose otherwise. Miers was chosen for two reasons and two reasons alone: 1. she's a she; 2. she's a long-time Bush friend. Otherwise, there's nothing to distinguish her from thousands of other lawyers. And holding a high post in the Bar, which the White House seems to be touting, is like holding a high position in any professional organization. But it reveals nothing about the nominee's judicial philosophy. There are many top officials in the Bar who I wouldn't trust to handle a fender-bender. Also, early in his term, the president singled out the Bar for its partisan agenda and excluded it from a formal role in judicial selection. The president said he would pick a candidate like Antonin Scalia or Clarence Thomas, and he did not. We all know of outstanding individuals who fit that bill, and they were once again passed over. Even David Souter had a more compelling resume that Miers.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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KEYWORDS: georgewcarter; harrietmiers; scotus; stabbedintheback
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To: pabianice

She'll be confirmed easily.

121 posted on 10/03/2005 7:42:28 AM PDT by Republican Wildcat
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To: buckeyeblogger

The link doesn't work.

122 posted on 10/03/2005 7:44:40 AM PDT by LibWrangler
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To: gopwinsin04
She was co-chair of the Texas State Lottery Commissison! (sracasm button off)

Yes, but was she there as long as Mike Brown was with the Arabian Horse Association? Bush sure knows how to pick the best and the brightest, eh?

All I can think about is the tens of thousands of volunteers who worked their asses off for months to elect Bush. For this???

123 posted on 10/03/2005 7:45:05 AM PDT by montag813
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To: Cautor

Yes, and he's going to take a large chunk of the House and Senate Republicans with him.

124 posted on 10/03/2005 7:45:14 AM PDT by penowa
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To: pabianice

Of course she will be confirmed. Get a grip.

125 posted on 10/03/2005 7:46:20 AM PDT by Grand Old Partisan
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To: AntiGuv
3. She is a Christian. So is the Reverend Al Sharpton.......

Really? He sure fooled me. I thought he was a race pimp.

126 posted on 10/03/2005 7:46:59 AM PDT by Right Wing Assault ("..this administration is planning a 'Right Wing Assault' on values and ideals.." - John Kerry)
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To: penowa

I was utterly shocked in December 2004 when GWB started with his immigration shamnesty. At that point I had never ever had such a bad case of buyers' remorse.

127 posted on 10/03/2005 7:47:34 AM PDT by chris1 ("Make the other guy die for his country" - George S. Patton)
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To: madconservative

When you're done pass the barf bag over here...

128 posted on 10/03/2005 7:47:47 AM PDT by funkywbr
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To: Right Wing Assault; AntiGuv

Al Sharpton surprised me by refusing to speak at a Black Musilm event, saying he could not because he is a Christian.

129 posted on 10/03/2005 7:48:54 AM PDT by Grand Old Partisan
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To: Cautor
I don't like gambling when it's unnecessary

Your time for gambling was over in 2004 when you voted for President Bush. That's when you assessed the situation and decided that Dubya was the man you wanted in the Whitehouse because you believed what he had to say about the war, the future of the courts, and the country in general. Dubya is not gambling because he has known this woman for 10 years. He is the president and he gets to choose his nominees.

For all you know, in 5 years you may just be crowing that a president needs to be nominating people along the lines of Scalia, Thomas, and Meirs.

130 posted on 10/03/2005 7:50:10 AM PDT by McGavin999 (We're a First World Country with a Third World Press (Except for Hume & Garrett ))
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To: pabianice
She's a sacrifice. She will not be confirmed and both Bush and Miers know it. Bush's second nomination will be more conservative and Bush will fight for a confirmation.

Huh? That is not leadership. Pick a conservative jurist and fight for them, dammit. That's why the thousands of volunteers gave up their lives in 2004 to re-elect this man. Not for wimpy "sacrificies", not for milquetoast moderates his father would appoint.

131 posted on 10/03/2005 7:50:51 AM PDT by montag813
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To: savedbygrace
I don't understand your argument.

We are discussing what attributes Bush may find as important. If he mentioned something about her when he introduced her to the world, I would assume it was likely an attribute he favored.

If you are arguing that she does not contain that attribute because you have not heard her confession of faith then that still doesn't mean that it wasn't one of Bush's minimum requirements.

If you are arguing that only you can discern who has made a confession of faith, then I believe you are wrong.

If you are arguing that a confession of faith cannot be said without meaning then you are also wrong.

Only Jesus really knows anyones hearts, You and I and Bush can only pray for guidance and look at the fruits of our lives. She apparently seems to bear fruit at least to Bush.
132 posted on 10/03/2005 7:51:16 AM PDT by Raycpa
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To: Grand Old Partisan

Well, if Sharpton said that to the Black Muslims, then he goes up a few notches in my book. That does take some guts. At least he's a Christian race pimp.

133 posted on 10/03/2005 7:51:52 AM PDT by Right Wing Assault ("..this administration is planning a 'Right Wing Assault' on values and ideals.." - John Kerry)
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To: msnimje; petitfour
What are the qualifications for a justice on the Supreme Court?

Put Miers into the pool with Brown, Luttig, McConnell, Alito, Bathelder and Jones and you find in relation to these WELL QUALIFIED candidates she is not even on their level.

When nominated to be an Associate Justice, William Rhenquist was also accused of not being "distinguished enough".

To which Richard Nixon replied, "Put a f-cking robe on him. Then he'll be distinguished".

134 posted on 10/03/2005 7:52:49 AM PDT by bigeasy_70118
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To: holdonnow; buckeyeblogger
When Bader-Meinhoff and Stephens announced the other day that they supported the next candidate's right not to answer any questions she/he didn't want to, most of us were shocked and even confused.

What did they know and when did they know it?

135 posted on 10/03/2005 7:54:47 AM PDT by Sal (Podesta boasted of time bombs left by the Clintons. Three of them were delivered by planes.)
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To: Raycpa

No, you were supporting the claim that she is a Christian with a number of irrelevant arguments and facts. That's what I was responding to, not any knowledge, or lack of knowledge I might have about her.

Even in this latest post, you are responding with more irrelevant statements.

136 posted on 10/03/2005 7:59:03 AM PDT by savedbygrace ("No Monday morning quarterback has ever led a team to victory" GW Bush)
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To: RexBeach
Why not do it correctly the first time?

Because Bush knows what everyone around here seems to ignore: An openly-conservative judge with a paper trail cannot be confirmed by this Senate, regardless of qualifications. The organized Left, aided and abetted by PAW, PP, NARAL, and dozens of 527 organizations will kill any such nominee using the Media as a megaphone for their hysteria. We (Conservatives) don't have the votes in a Senate with 45 Dems plus 7 or so RINO's afraid to take on the abortion lobby. And don't kid yourselves, folks: that's what this battle is all about.

137 posted on 10/03/2005 8:01:04 AM PDT by andy58-in-nh
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To: Mo1

I just read on NRO that Jay Sekulow approves of her. Says he's worked with her and knows her. I can't get to NRO right now to give you the link, it keeps giving me no data.

138 posted on 10/03/2005 8:01:04 AM PDT by hipaatwo
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To: bigeasy_70118

Apart from the F-bomb, that's funny. I absolutely, positively hate the F-bomb.

139 posted on 10/03/2005 8:01:34 AM PDT by petitfour
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To: Mo1

got it:

[Kathryn Jean Lopez 10/03 09:57 AM]

Jay Sekulow joins Leonard Leo:

(Washington, DC) – The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), specializing in constitutional law said today that Harriet Miers, the nominee named by President Bush for a seat on the Supreme Court of the United States, is an excellent choice who represents the conservative mainstream of judicial philosophy of interpreting the Constitution, not re-writing it.

“Once again, President Bush showed exceptional judgment in naming Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court to replace Justice O’Connor,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ, who argues regularly before the high court and has a pro-life protest case at the high court this term. “At a time when the high court is facing some of the most critical issues of the day – including a number of cases dealing directly with abortion and life issues – the person who replaces Justice O’Connor is critical. Harriet Miers is an excellent choice with an extraordinary record of service in the legal community and is certain to approach her work on the high court with a firm commitment to follow the Constitution and the rule of law. I have been privileged to work with her in her capacity as White House counsel. She is bright, thoughtful, and a consummate professional and I enthusiastically endorse her nomination.”

Sekulow added: “We look forward to a speedy confirmation process and will work aggressively to ensure that Harriet Miers gets full and fair consideration before the Senate. We call on members of the Senate to reject the partisan political rhetoric and focus on the judicial philosophy of this conservative mainstream nominee.”

Sekulow said the ACLJ will begin mobilizing a national campaign to ensure that Miers is confirmed. Sekulow said he will generate support for the nominee through his daily radio broadcast that reaches 1.5 million listeners, through his weekly television show, by using direct mail, phone calls, and emails to a list approaching one million supporters.

“We know the intentions of the liberal left – to do anything possible to derail this nominee,” said Sekulow. “We are prepared to meet those challenges head on and ensure that this battle ends with the confirmation of Harriet Miers as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.”

“If we were going to take a position on this divisive issue, the members should have been able to vote.”

140 posted on 10/03/2005 8:02:12 AM PDT by hipaatwo
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