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World Terrorism: News, History and Research Of A Changing World.
the Middle East Quarterly ^ | SPRING 2006 VOLUME XIII: NUMBER 2 | David Kennedy Houck

Posted on 06/16/2006 2:08:19 PM PDT by DAVEY CROCKETT

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To: All; Velveeta; DAVEY CROCKETT

Does anyone know how to make an article transfer, without doing the <p thingy?

This is a full report and history for a right hand trainer for OBL, who lived in California and is dated 9-21-01.

mohamed ali amrika or mohamed the american

It is quite a good report.

From this search and there are several here, including several on different somali truck drivers on the first pages of this search.

4,601 posted on 08/07/2006 5:51:45 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: milford421

You are welcome and have fun, you are only 500 posts behind.

I don't know what searches it will take to find all those and the future reports on incidents that will happen here.

From the hate that I have heard on the radio, there will be many attacks.

Strangly, very few are mad at the muslims for killing the lady in Seattle.

4,602 posted on 08/07/2006 5:56:55 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: All

Lots on bin ladin:

Mr. Blair's speech in 2001 on obl:

04 October 2001
Text: U.K. Documentation of Case Against Bin Laden in Sept. 11 Attacks
(Released Oct. 4 in conjunction with Blair statement to Parliament)

When Prime Minister Tony Blair addressed the Parliament of the United
Kingdom October 4 on the subject of the terrorist attacks in the
United States, he said that he would "put in the Library of the House
of Commons a document detailing the basis for our conclusions."

The document, Blair said, "covers the history of Usama Bin Laden, his
relations with the Taleban, what we know of the acts of terror he has
committed; and some of what we know in respect of 11 September. I
enter a major caveat, much of the evidence we have is intelligence and
highly sensitive. It is not possible without compromising people or
security to release precise details and fresh information is daily
coming in."

Following is the text of the document as it appeared on the British
prime minister's Web site, 10 Downing Street

(begin text)

10 Downing Street
4 October 2001

This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case against
Usama Bin Laden in a court of law. Intelligence often cannot be used
evidentially, due both to the strict rules of admissibility and to the
need to protect the safety of sources. But on the basis of all the
information available HMG is confident of its conclusions as expressed
in this document.



1. The clear conclusions reached by the government are:

- Usama Bin Laden and Al Qaida, the terrorist network which he heads,
planned and carried out the atrocities on 11 September 2001;

Continued, as there are 70 paragraphs.

4,603 posted on 08/07/2006 6:15:26 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: All

Date: Thurs, Oct 4 2001 2:17 pm
Groups: alt.true-crime

Tony Blair's Dossier on bin Laden and al-Qaeda

This is the full text of the document, entitled Responsibility for the
Terrorist Atrocities in the United States, released by the office of
British Prime Minister Tony Blair about the evidence against Osama Bin

This document does not purport to provide a prosecutable case against
Osama Bin Laden in a court of law.

Intelligence often cannot be used evidentially, due both to the strict
rules of admissibility and to the need to protect the safety of

But on the basis of all the information available HMG is confident of
its conclusions as expressed in this document.


1. The clear conclusions reached by the government are: Osama Bin
Laden and al-Qaeda, the terrorist network which he heads, planned and
carried out the atrocities on 11 September 2001; Osama Bin Laden and
al-Qaeda retain the will and resources to carry out further
atrocities; The United Kingdom, and United Kingdom nationals are
potential targets; and Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda were able to
commit these atrocities because of their close alliance with the
Taleban regime, which allowed them to operate with impunity in
pursuing their terrorist activity.

2. The material in respect of 1998 and the USS Cole comes from
indictments and intelligence sources. The material in respect of 11
September comes from intelligence and the criminal investigation to
date. The details of some aspects cannot be given, but the facts are
clear from the intelligence.

3. The document does not contain the totality of the material known to
HMG, given the continuing and absolute need to protect intelligence


4. The relevant facts show: Background Al-Qaeda is a terrorist
organisation with ties to a global network, which has been in
existence for over 10 years. It was founded, and has been led at all
times, by Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda have been
engaged in a jihad against the United States, and its allies. One of
their stated aims is the murder of US citizens, and attacks on
America's allies. Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda have been based in
Afghanistan since 1996, but have a network of operations throughout
the world.

The network includes training camps, warehouses, communication
facilities and commercial operations able to raise significant sums of
money to support its activity.

That activity includes substantial exploitation of the illegal drugs
trade from Afghanistan.

Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda and the Taleban regime have a close and
mutually dependent alliance.

Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda provide the Taleban regime with material,
financial and military support.

They jointly exploit the drugs trade. The Taleban regime allows Bin
Laden to operate his terrorist training camps and activities from
Afghanistan, protects him from attacks from outside, and protects the
drugs stockpiles.

Osama Bin Laden could not operate his terrorist activities without the
alliance and support of the Taleban regime.

The Taleban's strength would be seriously weakened without Osama Bin
Laden's military and financial support.

Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda have the capability to execute major
terrorist attacks. Osama Bin Laden has claimed credit for the attack
on US soldiers in Somalia in October 1993, which killed 18; for the
attack on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in August 1998 which
killed 224 and injured nearly 5000; and were linked to the attack on
the USS Cole on 12 October 2000, in which 17 crew members were killed
and 40 others injured.

They have sought to acquire nuclear and chemical materials for use as
terrorist weapons.

In relation to the terrorist attacks on 11 September:

5. After 11 September we learned that, not long before, Bin Laden had
indicated he was about to launch a major attack on America.

The detailed planning for the terrorist attacks of 11 September was
carried out by one of Osama Bin Laden's close associates.

Of the 19 hijackers involved in 11 September 2001, it has already been
established that at least three had links with al-Qaeda.

The attacks on 11 September 2001 were similar in both their ambition
and intended impact to previous attacks undertaken by Osama Bin laden
and al-Qaeda, and also had features in common. In particular:

Suicide attackers

(a) Co-ordinated attacks on the same day

(b) The aim to cause maximum American casualties

(c) Total disregard for other casualties, including Muslims

Meticulous long-term planning (a) Absence of warning.

6. Al-Qaeda retains the capability and the will to make further
attacks on the US and its allies, including the United Kingdom.

7. Al-Qaeda gives no warning of terrorist attack.

The facts

Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda

8. In 1989 Osama Bin Laden, and others, founded an international
terrorist group known as "al-Qaeda" (the Base). At all times he has
been the leader of al-Qaeda.

9. From 1989 until 1991 Osama Bin Laden was based in Afghanistan and
Peshawar, Pakistan.

In 1991 he moved to Sudan, where he stayed until 1996. In that year he
returned to Afghanistan, where he remains.

The Taleban Regime

10. The Taleban emerged from the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan in
the early 1990s.

By 1996 they had captured Kabul. They are still engaged in a bloody
civil war to control the whole of Afghanistan. They are led by Mullah

11. In 1996 Osama Bin Laden moved back to Afghanistan. He established
a close relationship with Mullah Omar, and threw his support behind
the Taleban.

Osama Bin Laden and the Taleban regime have a close alliance on which
both depend for their continued existence.

They also share the same religious values and vision.

12. Osama Bin Laden has provided the Taleban regime with troops, arms,
and money to fight the Northern Alliance.

He is closely involved with Taleban military training, planning and
operations. He has representatives in the Taleban military command

He has also given infrastructure assistance and humanitarian aid.
Forces under the control of Osama Bin Laden have fought alongside the
Taleban in the civil war in Afghanistan.

13. Omar has provided Bin Laden with a safe haven in which to operate,
and has allowed him to establish terrorist training camps in

They jointly exploit the Afghan drugs trade. In return for active
al-Qaeda support, the Taleban allow al-Qaeda to operate freely,
including planning, training and preparing for terrorist activity.

In addition the Taleban provide security for the stockpiles of drugs.

14. Since 1996, when the Taleban captured Kabul, the United States
government has consistently raised with them a whole range of issues,
including humanitarian aid and terrorism.

Well before 11 September 2001 they had provided evidence to the
Taleban of the responsibility of al-Qaeda for the terrorist attacks in
East Africa.

This evidence had been provided to senior leaders of the Taleban at
their request.

15. The United States government had made it clear to the Taleban
regime that al-Qaeda had murdered US citizens, and planned to murder

The US offered to work with the Taleban to expel the terrorists from

These talks, which have been continuing since 1996, have failed to
produce any results.

16. In June 2001, in the face of mounting evidence of the al-Qaeda
threat, the United States warned the Taleban that it had the right to
defend itself and that it would hold the regime responsible for
attacks against US citizens by terrorists sheltered in Afghanistan.

17. In this, the United States had the support of the United Nations.

The Security Council, in Resolution 1267, condemned Osama Bin Laden
for sponsoring international terrorism and operating a network of
terrorist camps, and demanded that the Taleban surrender Osama Bin
Laden without further delay so that he could be brought to justice.

18. Despite the evidence provided by the US of the responsibility of
Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda for the 1998 East Africa bombings,
despite the accurately perceived threats of further atrocities, and
despite the demands of the United Nations, the Taleban regime
responded by saying no evidence existed against Osama Bin Laden, and
that neither he nor his network would be expelled.

19. A former Government official in Afghanistan has described the
Taleban and Osama Bin Laden as "two sides of the same coin: Osama
cannot exist in Afghanistan without the Taleban and the Taleban cannot
exist without Osama".


20. Al-Qaeda is dedicated to opposing 'UN-Islamic' governments in
Muslim countries with force and violence.

21. Al-Qaeda virulently opposes the United States. Osama Bin Laden has
urged and incited his followers to kill American citizens, in the most
unequivocal terms.

22. On 12 October 1996 he issued a declaration of jihad as follows:
"The people of Islam have suffered from aggression, iniquity and
injustice imposed by the Zionist-Crusader alliance and their

"It is the duty now on every tribe in the Arabian peninsula to fight
jihad and cleanse the land from these Crusader occupiers. Their wealth
is booty to those who kill them.

"My Muslim brothers: your brothers in Palestine and in the land of the
two Holy Places [i.e. Saudi Arabia] are calling upon your help and
asking you to take part in fighting against the enemy - the Americans
and the Israelis.

"They are asking you to do whatever you can to expel the enemies out
of the sanctities of Islam."

Later in the same year he said that "terrorising the American
occupiers [of Islamic Holy Places] is a religious and logical

In February 1998 he issued and signed a 'fatwa' which included a
decree to all Muslims: "...the killing of Americans and their civilian
and military allies is a religious duty for each and every Muslim to
be carried out in whichever country they are until Al Aqsa mosque has
been liberated from their grasp and until their armies have left
Muslim lands".

In the same 'fatwa' he called on Muslim scholars and their leaders and
their youths to "launch an attack on the American soldiers of Satan".

And he concluded: "We - with God's help - call on every Muslim who
believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order
to kill Americans and plunder their money whenever and wherever they
find it.

"We also call on launch the raid on Satan's US troops and
the devil's supporters allying with them, and to displace those who
are behind them."

When asked, in 1998, about obtaining chemical or nuclear weapons he
said "acquiring such weapons for the defence of Muslims [was] a
religious duty".

In an interview aired on Al Jazira (Doha, Qatar) television he stated:
"Our enemy is every American male, whether he is directly fighting us
or paying taxes."

In two interviews broadcast on US television in 1997 and 1998 he
referred to the terrorists who carried out the earlier attack on the
World Trade Center in 1993 as "role models".

He went on to exhort his followers "to take the fighting to America."

23. From the early 1990s Osama Bin Laden has sought to obtain nuclear
and chemical materials for use as weapons of terror.

24. Although US targets are al-Qaeda's priority, it also explicitly
threatens the United States' allies.

References to "Zionist-Crusader alliance and their collaborators," and
to "Satan's US troops and the devil's supporters allying with them"
are references which unquestionably include the United Kingdom.

25. There is a continuing threat. Based on our experience of the way
the network has operated in the past, other cells, like those that
carried out the terrorist attacks on 11 September, must be assumed to

26. Al-Qaeda functions both on its own and through a network of other
terrorist organisations.

These include Egyptian Islamic Jihad and other north African Islamic
extremist terrorist groups, and a number of other jihadi groups in
other countries including the Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and

Al-Qaeda also maintains cells and personnel in a number of other
countries to facilitate its activities.

27. Osama Bin Laden heads the al-Qaeda network.

Below him is a body known as the Shura, which includes representatives
of other terrorist groups, such as Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Ayman
Zawahiri and prominent lieutenants of Bin Laden such as Abu Hafs
Al-Masri. Egyptian Islamic Jihad has, in effect, merged with al-Qaeda.

28. In addition to the Shura, al-Qaeda has several groups dealing with
military, media, financial and Islamic issues.

29. Mohamed Atef is a member of the group that deals with military and
terrorist operations.

His duties include principal responsibility for training al-Qaeda

30. Members of al-Qaeda must make a pledge of allegiance to follow the
orders of Osama Bin Laden.

31. A great deal of evidence about Osama Bin Laden and al-Qaeda has
been made available in the US indictment for earlier crimes.

32. Since 1989, Osama Bin Laden has conducted substantial financial
and business transactions on behalf of al-Qaeda and in pursuit of its

These include purchasing land for training camps, purchasing
warehouses for the storage of items, including explosives, purchasing
communications and electronics equipment, and transporting currency
and weapons to members of al-Qaeda and associated terrorist groups in
countries throughout the world.

33. Since 1989 Osama Bin Laden has provided training camps and guest
houses in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Sudan, Somalia and Kenya for the
use of al-Qaeda and associated terrorist groups.

We know from intelligence that there are currently at least a dozen
camps across Afghanistan, of which at least four are used for training

34. Since 1989, Osama Bin Laden has established a series of businesses
to provide income for al-Qaeda, and to provide cover for the
procurement of explosives, weapons and chemicals, and for the travel
of al-Qaeda operatives.

The businesses have included a holding company known as 'Wadi Al
Aqiq', a construction business known as 'Al Hijra', an agricultural
business known as 'Al Themar Al Mubaraka', and investment companies
known as 'Ladin International' and 'Taba Investments'.

Osama Bin Laden and previous attacks

35. In 1992 and 1993 Mohamed Atef travelled to Somalia on several
occasions for the purpose of organising violence against United States
and United Nations troops then stationed in Somalia.

On each occasion he reported back to Osama Bin Laden, at his base in
the Riyadh district of Khartoum.

36. In the spring of 1993 Atef, Saif al Adel, another senior member of
al-Qaeda, and other members began to provide military training to
Somali tribes for the purpose of fighting the United Nations forces.

37. On 3 and 4 October 1993 operatives of al-Qaeda participated in the
attack on US military personnel serving in Somalia as part of the
operation 'Restore Hope'.

Eighteen US military personnel were killed in the attack.

38. From 1993 members of al-Qaeda began to live in Nairobi and set up
businesses there, including Asma Ltd, and Tanzanite King.

They were regularly visited there by senior members of al-Qaeda, in
particular by Atef and Abu Ubadiah al Banshiri.

39. Beginning in the latter part of 1993, members of al-Qaeda in Kenya
began to discuss the possibility of attacking the US Embassy in
Nairobi in retaliation for US participation in Operation Restore Hope
in Somalia.

Ali Mohamed, a US citizen and admitted member of al-Qaeda, surveyed
the US Embassy as a possible target for a terrorist attack.

He took photographs and made sketches, which he presented to Osama Bin
Laden while Bin Laden was in Sudan.

He also admitted that he had trained terrorists for al-Qaeda in
Afghanistan in the early 1990s, and that those whom he trained
included many involved in the East African bombings in August 1998.

40. In June or July 1998, two al-Qaeda operatives, Fahid Mohammed Ali
Msalam and Sheik Ahmed Salim Swedan, purchased a Toyota truck and made
various alterations to the back of the truck.

41. In early August 1998, operatives of al-Qaeda gathered in 43, New
Runda Estates, Nairobi to execute the bombing of the US Embassy in

42. On 7 August 1998, Assam, a Saudi national and al-Qaeda operative,
drove the Toyota truck to the US embassy. There was a large bomb in
the back of the truck.

43. Also in the truck was Mohamed Rashed Daoud Al 'Owali, another

He, by his own confession, was an al-Qaeda operative, who from about
1996 had been trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in explosives,
hijacking, kidnapping, assassination and intelligence techniques.

With Osama Bin Laden's express permission, he fought alongside the
Taleban in Afghanistan.

He had met Osama Bin Laden personally in 1996 and asked for another

Osama Bin Laden sent him to East Africa after extensive specialised
training at camps in Afghanistan.

44. As the truck approached the Embassy, Al 'Owali got out and threw a
stun grenade at a security guard.

Assam drove the truck up to the rear of the embassy. He got out and
then detonated the bomb, which demolished a multi-storey secretarial
college and severely damaged the US embassy, and the Co-operative bank

The bomb killed 213 people and injured 4500. Assam was killed in the

45. Al 'Owali expected the mission to end in his death. He had been
willing to die for al-Qaeda.

But at the last minute he ran away from the bomb truck and survived.
He had no money, passport or plan to escape after the mission, because
he had expected to die.

46. After a few days, he called a telephone number in Yemen to have
money transferred to him in Kenya.

The number he rang in Yemen was contacted by Osama Bin Laden's phone
on the same day as Al 'Owali was arranging to get the money.

47. Another person arrested in connection with the Nairobi bombing was
Mohamed Sadeek Odeh. He admitted to his involvement.

He identified the principal participants in the bombing. He named
three other persons, all of whom were al-Qaeda or Egyptian Islamic
Jihad members.

48. In Dar es Salaam the same day, at about the same time, operatives
of al-Qaeda detonated a bomb at the US embassy, killing 11 people.

The al-Qaeda operatives involved included Mustafa Mohamed Fadhil and
Khaflan Khamis Mohamed.

The bomb was carried in a Nissan Atlas truck, which Ahmed Khfaklan
Ghailani and Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan, two al-Qaeda operatives, had
purchased in July 1998, in Dar es Salaam.

49. Khaflan Khamis Mohamed was arrested for the bombing. He admitted
membership of al-Qaeda, and implicated other members of al-Qaeda in
the bombing.

50. On 7 and 8 August 1998, two other members of al-Qaeda disseminated
claims of responsibility for the two bombings by sending faxes to
media organisations in Paris, Doha in Qatar, and Dubai in the United
Arab Emirates.

51. Additional evidence of the involvement of al-Qaeda in the East
African bombings came from a search conducted in London of several
residences and businesses belonging to al-Qaeda and Egyptian Islamic
Jihad members.

In those searches a number of documents were found including claims of
responsibility for the East African bombings in the name of a
fictitious group, 'the Islamic Army for the liberation of the Holy

52. Al 'Owali, the would-be suicide bomber, admitted he was told to
make a videotape of himself using the name of the same fictitious

53. The faxed claims of responsibility were traced to a telephone
number, which had been in contact with Osama Bin Laden's cell phone.

The claims disseminated to the press were clearly written by someone
familiar with the conspiracy.

They stated that the bombings had been carried out by two Saudis in
Kenya, and one Egyptian in Dar es Salaam.

They were probably sent before the bombings had even taken place.

They referred to two Saudis dying in the Nairobi attack. In fact,
because Al 'Owali fled at the last minute, only one Saudi died.

54. On 22 December 1998 Osama Bin Laden was asked by Time magazine
whether he was responsible for the August 1998 attacks.

He replied: "The International Islamic Jihad Front for the jihad
against the US and Israel has, by the grace of God, issued a crystal
clear fatwa calling on the Islamic nation to carry on Jihad aimed at
liberating the holy sites.

"The nation of Mohammed has responded to this appeal. If instigation
for jihad against the Jews and the Americans... is considered to be a
crime, then let history be a witness that I am a criminal.

"Our job is to instigate and, by the grace of God, we did that, and
certain people responded to this instigation."

He was asked if he knew the attackers: "...those who risked their
lives to earn the pleasure of God are real men. They managed to rid
the Islamic nation of disgrace. We hold them in the highest esteem."

And what the US could expect of him: "...any thief or criminal who
enters another country to steal should expect to be exposed to murder
at any time...

"The US knows that I have attacked it, by the grace of God, for more
than ten years now...

"God knows that we have been pleased by the killing of American
soldiers [in Somalia in 1993].

"This was achieved by the grace of God and the efforts of the
mujahideen... Hostility towards America is a religious duty and we
hope to be rewarded for it by God.

"I am confident that Muslims will be able to end the legend of the
so-called superpower that is America."

55. In December 1999 a terrorist cell linked to al- Qaeda was
discovered trying to carry out attacks inside the United States.

An Algerian, Ahmed Ressam, was stopped at the US-Canadian border and
over 100 lbs of bomb making material was found in his car.

Ressam admitted he was planning to set off a large bomb at Los Angeles
International airport on New Year's Day.

He said that he had received terrorist training at al-Qaeda camps in
Afghanistan and then been instructed to go abroad and kill US
civilians and military personnel.

56. On 3 January 2000, a group of al-Qaeda members, and other
terrorists who had trained in al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan, attempted
to attack a US destroyer with a small boat loaded with explosives.
Their boat sank, aborting the attack.

57. On 12 October 2000, however, the USS Cole was struck by an
explosive-laden boat while refuelling in Aden harbour. Seventeen crew
were killed, and 40 injured.

58. Several of the perpetrators of the Cole attack (mostly Yemenis and
Saudis) were trained at Osama Bin Laden's camps in Afghanistan.

Al 'Owali has identified the two commanders of the attack on the USS
Cole as having participated in the planning and preparation for the
East African embassy bombings.

59. In the months before the September 11 attacks, propaganda videos
were distributed throughout the Middle East and Muslim world by
al-Qaeda, in which Osama Bin Laden and others were shown encouraging
Muslims to attack American and Jewish targets.

60. Similar videos, extolling violence against the United States and
other targets, were distributed before the East African embassy
attacks in August 1998.

Osama Bin Laden and the 11 September attacks

61. Nineteen men have been identified as the hijackers from the
passenger lists of the four planes hijacked on 11 September 2001.

At least three of them have already been positively identified as
associates of al-Qaeda.

One has been identified as playing key roles in both the East African
embassy attacks and the USS Cole attack.

Investigations continue into the backgrounds of all the hijackers.

62. From intelligence sources, the following facts have been
established subsequent to 11 September; for intelligence reasons, the
names of associates, though known, are not given.

In the run-up to 11 September, bin Laden was mounting a concerted
propaganda campaign amongst like-minded groups of people - including
videos and documentation - justifying attacks on Jewish and American
targets; and claiming that those who died in the course of them were
carrying out God's work.

We have learned, subsequent to 11 September, that Bin Laden himself
asserted shortly before 11 September that he was preparing a major
attack on America.

In August and early September close associates of Bin Laden were
warned to return to Afghanistan from other parts of the world by 10

Immediately prior to 11 September some known associates of Bin Laden
were naming the date for action as on or around 11 September.

Since 11 September we have learned that one of Bin Laden's closest and
most senior associates was responsible for the detailed planning of
the attacks.

There is evidence of a very specific nature relating to the guilt of
Bin Laden and his associates that is too sensitive to release.

63. Osama Bin Laden remains in charge, and the mastermind, of
al-Qaeda. In al-Qaeda, an operation on the scale of the 11 September
attacks would have been approved by Osama Bin Laden himself.

64. The modus operandi of 11 September was entirely consistent with
previous attacks.

Al Qaeda's record of atrocities is characterised by meticulous long
term planning, a desire to inflict mass casualties, suicide bombers,
and multiple simultaneous attacks.

65. The attacks of 11 September 2001 are entirely consistent with the
scale and sophistication of the planning which went into the attacks
on the East African Embassies and the USS Cole.

No warnings were given for these three attacks, just as there was none
on 11 September.

66. Al-Qaeda operatives, in evidence given in the East African Embassy
bomb trials, have described how the group spends years preparing for
an attack.

They conduct repeated surveillance, patiently gather materials, and
identify and vet operatives, who have the skills to participate in the
attack and the willingness to die for their cause.

67. The operatives involved in the 11 September atrocities attended
flight schools, used flight simulators to study the controls of larger
aircraft and placed potential airports and routes under surveillance.

68. Al-Qaeda's attacks are characterised by total disregard for
innocent lives, including Muslims.

In an interview after the East African bombings, Osama Bin Laden
insisted that the need to attack the United States excused the killing
of other innocent civilians, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

69. No other organisation has both the motivation and the capability
to carry out attacks like those of the 11 September - only the
al-Qaeda network under Osama Bin Laden.


70. The attacks of the 11 September 2001 were planned and carried out
by al-Qaeda, an organisation whose head is Osama Bin Laden.

That organisation has the will, and the resources, to execute further
attacks of similar scale.

Both the United States and its close allies are targets for such

The attack could not have occurred without the alliance between the
Taleban and Osama Bin Laden, which allowed Bin Laden to operate freely
in Afghanistan, promoting, planning and executing terrorist activity.


4,604 posted on 08/07/2006 6:27:15 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: All

'Bribes' let Bin Laden evade US
Osama Bin Laden gave US forces the slip by bribing the Afghan militias tasked with tracking him down, according to Germany's spy chief, August Hanning.

Mr Hanning told German newspaper Handelsblatt that using Afghans was the key mistake in the hunt for Bin Laden.

He said Bin Laden paid "a lot of money" to buy a safe passage from the Tora Bora caves, which he had retreated to during the US assault in 2001.

The US has said it used Afghan fighters to reduce casualties among its troops.

'Buying freedom'

US commander Tommy Franks has conceded that some of the Afghan groups nominally allied to the US during the invasion may have allowed Taleban and al-Qaeda fugitives to slip away in exchange for money.

He has not said whether Bin Laden was among these fugitives.

Mr Hanning did not directly say US strategy helped Bin Laden get away.

"The principal mistake was made already in 2001, when one wanted Bin Laden to be apprehended by the Afghan militias in Tora Bora," he said.

"There, Bin Laden could buy himself free with a lot of money."

Afghan allies

Having fled the assault on Tora Bora, the al-Qaeda lynchpin was able to create a network of sympathisers among tribes in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Mr Hanning said.

Following the US capture of the Afghan capital, Kabul, in November 2001, the pursuit of Bin Laden focussed on the Tora Bora cave complex, near the Afghan border.

While US jets bombed the area from above, its special forces on the ground worked with Afghan allies to corner surviving Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters.

Some experts at the time argued that the Afghan commanders siding with the US were keener to consolidate their position than to aid the hunt for Bin Laden.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/04/13 18:54:06 GMT


4,605 posted on 08/07/2006 6:41:54 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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Popular Kyrgyz imam shot dead
By Natalia Antelava
BBC News, Kyrgyzstan

A prominent and popular imam has been killed in the south of Kyrgyzstan, in the town of Korasuv in the Ferghana Valley near the Uzbek-Kyrgyz border.

According to his family and local police, the imam - Rafik Kamalov - was shot dead by Kyrgyz special forces.

But security officials have not confirmed his death.

The Ferghana Valley lies in the south of Kyrgyzstan - the very heart of Muslim Central Asia.

Authorities have been cracking down on what they call Islamic fundamentalism.


In an interview with the BBC, Kyrgyz security officials confirmed that they had killed three men during a special operation on Thursday night and that all of them were members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan - a banned radical organisation.

The officials neither confirmed nor denied that Rafik Kamalov, the Imam of the biggest mosque along the Kyrgyz-Uzbek border, was among them.

But family members, who are preparing for the funeral, deny that he belonged to any Islamic group.

For the past month, Kyrgyz security services, often with the help of their Uzbek colleagues, have launched a massive operation aimed at eradicating what the government here calls the serious threat of Islamic fundamentalism.

But human rights groups have voiced concern that this label is often used to silence political dissent.

The death of this hugely popular Imam could provoke a major public outcry among the deeply Islamic population of the Ferghana Valley.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 12:15:27 GMT


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Chinese 'anger bar' is a big hit
A bar in eastern China has come up with a novel way of attracting clients - they are allowed to beat up the staff.

The Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing lets customers smash glasses, rant and even hit specially trained workers, state media reported.

The owner, Wu Gong, told China Daily that he was inspired to open the bar by his experiences as a migrant worker.

Most of his customers were women working in the service or entertainment industries, he said.

The bar employs 20 men who have been given protective gear and physical training to prepare them for the job.

Clients can ask the men to dress as the character they wish to attack.

'Attractive idea'

Passers-by were divided on the idea.

"Pressure in today's society comes from just about anywhere, from family or from work, from your boss or your girlfriend. We get no place to vent anger," said salesman Chen Liang.

People who find it impossible to walk in straight lines and weave across the pavement drive me up the wall!
David, Essex

"The idea of beating someone decorated as your boss seems attractive."

But another man, Liu Yuanyuan, said violence was not the answer.

"If people really feel angry, they should adjust their lifestyles or seek psychological treatment," he told the daily.

But Mr Wu can meet that need, too. For the most stressed-out cases, counselling is available from psychology students recruited from local universities.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 09:17:57 GMT


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Google warns on 'unsafe' websites
Google has started warning users if they are about to visit a webpage that could harm their computer.

The warning will pop up if users click on a link to a page known to host spyware or other malicious programs.

The initiative comes out of a larger project cataloguing programs that plague people with unwanted ads, spy on web habits or steal personal data.

Google is one of several companies trying to act as an "in-flight adviser" to ensure people stay safe online.

Web watch

The warnings will be seen by anyone using the search engine who clicks on a link to a site identified as harmful by the Stop Badware coalition.

Google, PC maker Lenovo and Sun set up this initiative in January 2006 to identify dangerous software and the websites that try to trick people into installing these malicious programs.

Free screensavers
Download Yahoo messenger
Lime wire
Free ringtones

Initially the warnings seen via the search site will be generic and simply alert people to the fact that a site has been flagged as dangerous. Eventually the warnings will become more detailed as Stop Badware researchers visit harmful sites and analyse how they try to subvert users' machines.

The warning suggests that people try a different site but if they want to continue to the potentially dangerous webpage Google will not stop them.

A research report released in May 2006 looked at the safety of the results returned by a search and found that, on average, 4-6% of the sites had harmful content on them.

For some keywords, such as "free screensavers" the number of potentially dangerous sites leapt to 64%.

The research report was partly sponsored by McAfee's SiteAdvisor which also warns people when they are about to visit potentially harmful sites.

Another company ScanSafe has also created the Scandoo search engine which overlays its warnings on results produced via Google and MSN.

"Most dodgy websites that have spyware or are infected with viruses come through search," said Eldar Tuvey, chief executive of ScanSafe. "Because they are the ones that people do not know as well and find through searching."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 08:59:13 GMT


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[additional articles and photo, it is wonderful]

Ancient dagger found in Bulgaria
By Nick Thorpe
BBC News

Archaeologists have discovered a precious golden dagger dated to about 3,000BC in a Thracian tomb in the centre of Bulgaria.

It is the latest find from one of many tombs believed to have formed the cradle of Thracian civilisation.

The dagger, made of an alloy of gold and platinum, was found near the village of Dubovo.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, head of Bulgaria's National Museum, told Reuters news agency the discovery was "sensational".

It is the latest in a string of finds in the area in recent years which has excited archaeologists and has provided more details of the skills of the still mysterious Thracian civilisation.

According to officials at the museum, the dagger is 16cm (6in) long and is sharp enough to shave with.

More than 500 other miniature gold items were found in the same tomb.

The detail on the dagger suggests that it was used for sacrificial purposes.


The Thracian civilisation thrived on the edge of the ancient Greek and Roman empires in what is now Bulgaria, Romania, northern Greece and Turkey, and is believed to have lasted up to 4,000 years.

The historian Herodotus described the Thracian as savage, bloodthirsty warriors and provided a description of the elaborate funeral procedures for their rulers.

Other finds in recent years include a gold mask, an ancient Thracian temple, a crown and thousands of items of jewellery.

The alloy used in the latest find suggests a far greater degree of sophistication in metal-working that was previously known for that period.

"This significant find confirmed that people in this region were familiar with what was then high technology in metal processing," Mr Dimitrov told Reuters.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/06 21:55:47 GMT


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[now what does this mean]

Egyptians deny joining al-Qaeda
Egypt's Gamaa Islamiya militant group has denied joining the al-Qaeda network led by Osama Bin Laden.

Al-Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, claimed recently that the group had joined forces with al-Qaeda.

Gamaa Islamiya was once Egypt's largest militant group. It mounted attacks on tourists and Christians in the 1990s.

It declared a ceasefire in 1999 and some of its leaders went on to renounce violence. Hundreds of the group's members have been freed since then.

Attacks blamed on the group include the November 1997 assault at Luxor which killed 58 people, most of them foreign tourists.

Karam Zohdy, one of the Gamaa Islamiya's most senior leaders, told he al-Jazeera news network: "What Ayman al-Zawahri has said is sheer fabrication and lying."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 12:10:49 GMT


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Police chief urges Muslim inquiry
The UK's highest-ranking Asian police officer has called for an independent judicial inquiry into radicalisation of young Muslims after the 7 July bombs.

Met Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said Islamophobia made some Muslims vulnerable to extremism.

Tighter anti-terror laws had indirectly discriminated against Muslims, and the Stockwell and Forest Gate incidents had knocked trust, he said.

Mr Ghaffur was speaking at the National Black Police Association conference.

'Hostile views'

He told the event in Manchester that a "critical crossroad" had been reached in relations with the Islamic community, and the aim had to be to stop another terrorist attack.

The cumulative effect of Islamophobia...has created a generation of angry young people who are vulnerable to exploitation
Tarique Ghaffur

"Linked intrinsically to all of this, is the growing challenge of anger amongst young Muslims," he said.

"Young people have developed a strong sense of connection with Islam. The cumulative effect of Islamophobia, both internationally and nationally, linked to social exclusion, has created a generation of angry young people who are vulnerable to exploitation.

"The simplistic anti-western messages of extremist organisations can be attractive to such vulnerable young people, advocating closed and hostile views of other religions.

"We must think long and hard about the causal factors of anger and resentment. In particular, we need to adopt an evidence-based approach to building solutions.

"I therefore support those who are calling for an independent judicial review of the issue of young Muslims and extremism and the wider community dimension."

'Inward looking'

Mr Ghaffur said the police had to be careful about the consequences for community relations when tackling terrorism.

"There is a very real danger that the counter-terrorism label is also being used by other law-enforcement agencies to the effect that there is a real risk of criminalising minority communities," he said.

"The impact of this will be that, just at the time we need the confidence and trust of these communities, they may retreat inside themselves."

He said the use of stop-and-search powers and so-called passenger profiling in the fight against terrorism tended to be based on physical appearance rather than actual intelligence.

Mr Ghaffur called for leadership from the Muslim community, elements of which "remain inward looking".

He added: "I believe we are standing at a critical crossroad. The overriding objective must be to stop another terrorist bombing happening again."

Mr Ghaffur also said in his keynote speech that the police were "falling short" of their targets for minority representation in the service.

National Black Police Association president Keith Jarrett said Muslims were treated like "bogeymen", and urged delegates to use counter-terrorism legislation "with intelligence".

'Institutional Islamophobia'

Islamic community leaders echoed Mr Ghaffur's comments about Islamophobia and the need for an inquiry.

Islamic Human Rights Commission chairman Massoud Shadjareh said: "It has been clear for a very long time that there is an institutional Islamophobia in the implementation of stop-and-search.

"It has almost become a licence for people to implement Islamophobic and racist tendencies."

Muslim Council of Britain secretary general Muhammad Abdul Bari, backing the call for a public inquiry, said: "We as a society need to better understand what factors led to the four 7/7 bombers becoming radicalised and how many others may have come under the influence of similar extremist ideas."
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 14:06:43 GMT


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'Bomb' protesters board aircraft
Seven people have been arrested at Prestwick Airport after protesters boarded a plane.

A spokesman for campaign group Trident Ploughshares told BBC Scotland three people had managed to get onto a US cargo flight.

He said they were searching for evidence to suggest the plane was carrying bombs to Israel.

On Sunday, four people were arrested after demonstrators broke through security fencing onto the main runway.

It was reported last week that US military flights carrying bombs to Israel would no longer use any civilian airports in the UK for refuelling.

We are satisfied that our security measures are working effectively as these people were apprehended very quickly
Prestwick Airport spokesman

The protesters describe themselves as "citizen weapons inspectors" and said they were searching for evidence to suggest the plane was en-route to Israel carrying bunker busting bombs.

Trident Ploughshares said seven people got through security fencing at the airport and got into the freight area, with three managing to get on board a US plane.

It is claimed one of the protesters was sitting in the pilot's seat reading a manual when he was arrested.

Strathclyde Police said seven people had been arrested at the airport on Monday morning and confirmed a number of protesters had been on board a plane.

'Full security review'

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Learmonth said: "These alleged breaches are of concern and further talks were held today between myself and representatives of the airport.

"We have asked that they undertake a full security review and we will support them by providing expert help."

A spokesman for the airport said: "Glasgow Prestwick Airport is investigating the incidents, as are the authorities, and additional security resources have been in place since we became aware of a similar incident on Sunday morning which led to four arrests.

"We are satisfied that our security measures are working effectively as these people were apprehended very quickly.

"Aviation security is tighter than that of most other industries and security at Glasgow Prestwick Airport is consistent with the measures in place at other major airports in the UK."

A 25-year-old man and three women aged 36, 45 and 52 were arrested at 0045 BST on Sunday.

Three women aged 48, 55 and 68-years-old and four men aged 25, 46, 50 and 56-years-old were arrested at 0330 BST on Monday.

All 11 are expected to appear at Ayr Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

John Scott, Conservative MSP for Ayr, said he was extremely concerned about the lack of security at the airport.

He said: "This is a matter of the greatest concern for the safety of the airport.

"I don't think protesters are going about this the right way. I share their concerns this ordnance may have been going through this airport.

"I believe that ordnance has stopped going through this airport.

"I am concerned that the protesters are putting users of the airport at risk, the passengers, the staff and, indeed, themselves."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 12:26:03 GMT


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V ideo Links Bin Laden With Attacks
Date: Sun, Dec 9 2001 12:23 pm
Groups: alt.true-crime

Video Links bin Laden With Attacks

WASHINGTON (AP) - A videotape of Osama bin Laden (news -
web sites) obtained by U.S. officials in Afghanistan (news - web sites)

makes clear the al-Qaida leader was behind the terrorist attacks, Vice
President Dick Cheney (news - web sites) said Sunday.

``He does in fact display significant knowledge of what happened and
there's no doubt about his responsibility for the attack on September
11,'' Cheney said.

The tape shows bin Laden being interviewed or meeting with a cleric.
He is speaking in Arabic and discussing the terrorist attacks, said
Cheney, who said he had seen parts of the tape.

``This is one more piece of evidence confirming his responsibility,''
Cheney said on NBC's ``Meet the Press.''

In the 40-minute tape, bin Laden said he was at a dinner when he was
told a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center, according to The
Washington Post, quoting unidentified senior government officials. Bin
Laden shared the information with others at the dinner and they

Bin Laden described the damage around the twin towers in New York
as greater than expected and praised Allah for more success than
anticipated, according to the officials.

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said the tape ``confirms
everything we've known about him already.'' He said on ABC's ``This
Week'' that with the tape's discovery, ``Maybe we've stop hearing any
more of these insane conspiracy theories that somehow the U.S. has
made this up or somebody else did it.''

The Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Air Force Gen. Richard Myers, said
he had seen portions of the tape. Intelligence officials are still
trying to
determine if the tape is authentic and if so, what it means, Myers said
``Fox News Sunday.''

Bin Laden appeared relaxed, Myers said later on CBS' ``Face the
Nation,'' as if he were having ``a private conversation.''

The tape was said to have been found in a private home in Jalalabad,
Afghanistan, and Bush administration officials are debating whether and

how to make it public, the Post reported.

Cheney did not say how the United States obtained the tape.

While officials have said they intercepted communications that
tied bin Laden or associates to the attacks, they have refused to
any materials, citing intelligence concerns. But British and Pakistani
officials have said Washington has provided them with evidence they say

shows bin Laden's role in the attacks.

Asked if the government would make the tape public, Cheney said that
was not his decision. But, he added, ``We've not been eager to give the

guy any extra television time.''

Some officials hope that making the tape public could counter concern
in the Muslim world that bin Laden has been unjustly accused of
involvement in the attacks, the Post said.

In October, after the Bush administration expressed concern, U.S.
television networks agreed not to air video transmissions from
bin-Laden's al-Qaida terrorist network without screening them first.
administration called the tapes propaganda.

This is dedicated to all you people who STILL need proof that Bin
Laden is guilty:)


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Facts about terrorist Islam and Muslims


Is bin Laden under arrest?

Earlier reports say he is leader
of Afghanistan's military forces

By Joseph Farah
Thursday, September 13, 2001

While an Arabic online newspaper reported the Taliban had
placed bin Laden under house arrest in the wake of the
suicide attacks that destroyed the New York skyscrapers,
damaged the Pentagon and killed as many as 30,000
Americans Tuesday, earlier United Press International
dispatches reveal he might actually be in command of
Afghanistan's military.

Quoting "fundamentalist Arab sources," the Arabic
newssite Ilaf said the Taliban arrested bin Laden before
placing him under surveillance with several of his
assistants, including the head of the Egyptian branch of
Al-Jihad Ayman Al-Zawahri and bin Laden's military
commander, Muhammad Atef Al-Makni.

"A number of Afghan fighters are under house arrest along
with bin Laden," said the report.

But a diplomat at the Taliban's embassy in Abu Dhabi told
Agence France-Presse he could not confirm the report.

"All we know is that he (bin Laden) is somewhere in
Afghanistan, but we are not aware if he is under house
arrest," the diplomat said.

Bin Laden and commander Atef have been indicted for the
1998 bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and
Tanzania. . . .
This is only an excerpt -- read the complete news at:

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

Not for commercial use. Solely to be fairly used for the educational
purposes of research and open discussion. The contents of this post
may not have been authored by, and do not necessarily represent the
opinion of the poster. The contents are protected by copyright law
and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.

Panchaang for 25 Bhadrapad 5102, Wednesday, September 12, 2001:

Vrisha Nama Samvatsare Dakshinaya Jivana Ritau
Singha Mase Krishna Pakshe Budha Vasara Yuktayam
Ardra-Punarvasu Nakshatra Vyatipata-Variyan Yoga
Vanija-Bava Karana Dashamee-Ekadashee Yam Tithau

Hindu Holocaust Museum

Hindu life, principles, spirituality and philosophy

Islam and Muslims


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Poisoned package sent to Haniyeh

At least four Palestinian clerks hospitalized after opening package thought to contain dangerous substance. Package arrived at office of Haniyeh's deputy in Ramallah. Haniyeh himself doesn't go to West Bank and there are disagreements in PA if Israel had any connection to event, or if it is connected to internal conflict
Ali Waked

At least four Palestinian clerks working in the Palestinian Prime Minister's Office in Ramallah, lost consciousness Monday after opening a package thought to contain a poisonous substance. The package arrived at the Palestinian government building in Ramallah, sent to the office of Nasser al-Din Shaer, Ismail Haniyeh's deputy prime minister. Sources in the office said that the package was sent from an address in Tel Aviv. They refused to pass on details about the address.

One of the clerks opened the package, which emanated a strange smell, and passed out. After, at least another three clerks felt unwell and lost consciousness. According to some reports, seven clerks have been hospitalized following the incident.

War on Terror
Closure imposed on West Bank due to terror alerts / Efrat Weiss
Security forces receive 17 specific warnings regarding terror groups’ intent to carry out suicide, mortar, rocket and shooting attacks from West Bank; officials say terrorists aim to open third front against Israel
Full Story
Immediately after the package was opened and the employees injured, most of the people working in the Prime Minister's Office were evacuated and security began combing the building for additional dangerous substances or bombs potentially hidden in the building.

After the clerks lost consciousness, panic gripped the employees working in the office. This is due to the fact that Shaer himself is practically the only Hamas leader in the West Bank that wasn't arrested in the wave of recent arrests made by the IDF and the Shin Bet. Shaer said that the poisonous package was an Israeli attempt to hurt the Palestinian prime minister and his deputy, noting that the package was addressed to Haniyeh.

However, it must be mentioned that Prime Minister Haniyeh does not usually come to Ramallah, and hasn't been in the city at all since his appointment to the position out of fear that Israel will hurt, or arrest him. Shaer added that the office intends to open an investigation of the issue.

In Ramallah, opinions about the source of the package were divided – some said that there is no doubt that it was an Israeli attempt to hurt Shaer, and yet others said that the option must be checked that it may have been connected to the conflict and power struggles between the Palestinian ministers from Hamas, and the clerks in their offices, most of whom were appointed by Fatah.,2506,L-3287645,00.html

4,615 posted on 08/07/2006 8:06:58 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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The Last will and testament of a Suicide Bomber Mon, Aug 7 2006 6:18 am Email: RBRK Groups: alt.religion.islam.arabic, soc.culture.palestine, soc.culture.pakistan, soc.culture.iranian, uk.religion.islam &Itemid=2 from:
4,616 posted on 08/07/2006 8:18:08 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: All; Velveeta

Pakistan Nation On Vigil Against Indian State Sponsored Terrorist Attack

From: Facts Unlimited - view profile
Date: Sun, Aug 6 2006 4:10 pm

Groups: soc.culture.usa, alt.politics.usa, alt.politics.usa.congress, soc.culture.pakistan, soc.culture.indian\08\07\story_7-8-2006_pg1_8

Monday, August 07, 2006

Security tightened for fear of RAW sabotage on 14th August

ISLAMABAD: The government has ordered heightened security in the
federal and provincial capitals after receiving reports that the Indian
intelligence agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is planning to
carry out sabotage bids on August 14, Pakistan's Independence Day,
Interior Ministry sources told Online on Sunday.

The ministry has circulated a letter to the provincial home secretaries
directing them to take strict security measures and to keep an eye on
banned religious organisations and suspicious persons on the occasion.

4,617 posted on 08/07/2006 8:27:10 AM PDT by nw_arizona_granny (The American Flag, should be all the uniform an American needs to join the battle to save America...)
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To: All

Sun, Aug 6 2006 4:15 pm
Groups: soc.culture.usa, soc.culture.british, alt.politics.usa.congress, soc.culture.pakistan, soc.culture.indian\08\07\story_7-8-2006_pg1_7

Iran asked to watch Indian consulate
Monday, August 07, 2006

By Shahzad Raza

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has asked Iran to monitor the activities of the
Indian consulate in the city of Zahidaan that, according to the
Pakistani government, is fermenting unrest in Balochistan.

Official sources told Daily Times the request was made to the Iranian
authorities by Syed Kamal Shah, the interior secretary of Pakistan. The
interior secretary was on an official visit to Iran to discuss issues
of border security and human smuggling.

Pakistan has made repeated accusations that Indian consulates in
Zahidaan and cities in Afghanistan are funding tribal militants in
Balochistan, including the recently banned Balochistan Liberation Army.
India denies the allegations.


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To: nw_arizona_granny

You have mail

4,619 posted on 08/07/2006 1:11:16 PM PDT by DAVEY CROCKETT (John 16:...33In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.")
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To: nw_arizona_granny
Does anyone know how to make an article transfer, without doing the < p thingy?

Can you just do copy and paste?

4,620 posted on 08/07/2006 2:14:08 PM PDT by Velveeta
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