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Booby-Trapped Bodies of 2 GIs Recovered(Bodies mutilated)
The Washington Times ^ | Jun 20, 7:46 PM EDT | KIM GAMEL

Posted on 06/20/2006 5:40:45 PM PDT by kellynla

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- The U.S. military recovered the bodies Tuesday of two missing soldiers from an area it said was rigged with explosives. An Iraqi official said the Americans were tortured and killed in a "barbaric" way.

An insurgent group claimed the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq executed the men personally, but it offered no evidence. The U.S. military did not confirm whether the soldiers died from wounds suffered in an attack Friday or were kidnapped and later killed.

The discovery of the bodies dealt a new setback to U.S. efforts to seize the momentum against al-Qaida in Iraq after killing its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, in a June 7 airstrike. Violence was unabated Tuesday, with at least 18 people killed in attacks nationwide, including a suicide bombing of a home for the elderly in the southern city of Basra.

Coalition forces spotted the American soldiers' bodies late Monday, three days after the men disappeared following an attack on their checkpoint south of the capital, the military said. But troops delayed retrieving the remains until an explosives team cleared the area after an Iraqi civilian warned them to be alert for explosive devices.

"Coalition forces had to carefully maneuver their way through numerous improvised explosive devices leading up to and around the site," the military said in a statement. "Insurgents attempting to inflict additional casualties had placed IEDs around the bodies."

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell said the bodies were found together in the vicinity of an electrical plant, which would be just a few miles from where the initial attack took place near the town of Youssifiyah in the volatile Sunni Triangle south of Baghdad.

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To: madison10

Yes, the Church did it for a brief period and it was abandoned long ago. Islam is driven by barbarism and cruelty and it is their basic tenet.

151 posted on 06/20/2006 9:07:57 PM PDT by Eagles6 (Dig deeper, more ammo.)
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To: kellynla
If we aren't seeing video of their deaths, my guess is that they went down in a way that would make Americans proud of them, the way Fabrizio Quattrocchi made Italians proud when tried to pull off his hood and shouted, "Now I'll show you how an Italian dies!" when the terrorists came to kill him.
152 posted on 06/20/2006 9:14:30 PM PDT by Question_Assumptions
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To: gruntSGT

he'll only blame Bush

153 posted on 06/20/2006 9:14:42 PM PDT by tina07 (In Memory of my Father - WWII Army Air Force Veteran)
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To: isaac32

If circumstances were different and our country were occupied with a foreign military force I could see myself doing some very ugly things to captured enemy combatants.

But this is totally different. The occupying force in present day Iraq, is giving FREEDOM TO THAT COUNTRY.

154 posted on 06/20/2006 9:15:34 PM PDT by TomasUSMC ((FIGHT LIKE WW2, FINISH LIKE WW2. FIGHT LIKE NAM, FINISH LIKE NAM.))
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To: bnelson44
It is called leveling the playing field. John (Jack) Murtha, is that you calling?
155 posted on 06/20/2006 9:23:06 PM PDT by Prodn2000
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To: bnelson44
Also, you are acting as if we have never used "proxies." The United States does not advocate torture. The CIA, for the last 20 years, has received information from combatants in Eastern European countries.
156 posted on 06/20/2006 9:26:10 PM PDT by Prodn2000
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To: TomasUSMC

People will not get it here until they're gutted here. I'm with you, though.

Having met men who lost lungs and fingers at Ramagen and Chosun, you wonder how the younger men of today have become such pansies.

157 posted on 06/20/2006 9:47:05 PM PDT by combat_boots (Dug in and not budging an inch. NOT to be schiavoed, greered, or felosed as a patient)
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To: singfreedom
You are absolutely correct. That is the reason our soldiers had no compunction against using flame throwers on them as they hid in caves on Pacific Islands. "We need to start executing this war in a similar fashion.

It has always been my contention that the President's poll numbers didn't fall BECAUSE of the war, but because of the "politically correct" way we were trying to fight it!!!

The battle lines are still being drawn in this war.

The Democratic Party and it's propaganda machine the MSM are in favor of this nation continuing only as an aberration of what it has stood for, which includes values with nothing more as a foundation than power mongering or "it feels good"--and it's the 'in' thing to do.

Thus far their political correctness and hatred for a free United States has made them appeasers of the Islamofascists. As the determination and hatred of Islam to serve their dark master becomes undeniable to more and more people the politically correct whines of CAIR are going to ring hollow to more people, as will the Left's greater sensitivity for them than for patriotic Americans.

We can only hope there are enough who "get it" to wage the fight against the combined evil force of Islamofascism and liberalfascism.

158 posted on 06/20/2006 10:07:19 PM PDT by TheClintons-STILLAnti-American
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To: rahbert

I agree, its time for action. But so far, not even a single word that I can find.

Maybe the Presidential philosophy is that if we act like nothing happened to those soldiers, the muslim swine will be nicer next time.

159 posted on 06/20/2006 10:09:01 PM PDT by armydawg1 (" America must win this war..." PVT Martin Treptow, KIA, WW1)
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To: centurion316

Thank you so much for posting that again.

I have read it through and it sends shivers up my spine.

160 posted on 06/20/2006 10:31:53 PM PDT by Sundog (cheers.)
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To: cripplecreek

With a sword, usually in one swoop. Apparently they did more than cut their heads off. These barbarians don't wear uniforms, pose as civilians, cowardly cover their faces, deliberately target civilians-women, children, elderly, kill in the most brutal fashion. Honestly, if you had your pick out of being captured by the Japs, Nazis or these maniacs where do you think you stand a chance? This is unprecedented.

161 posted on 06/20/2006 10:57:10 PM PDT by bushfamfan
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To: armydawg1

You've got the right idea. In fact, it is my argument that these brave Marines would have only had a chance if that was our policy. We have yet to execute any of those in our custody! I'm really angry at Bush for not fighting this war in a more vigorous way. As it stands, we are going to be hated and criticized no matter what. Time to start executing these beasts and let them whine about it. So what?

162 posted on 06/20/2006 11:01:10 PM PDT by bushfamfan
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To: kellynla


163 posted on 06/20/2006 11:11:17 PM PDT by SR 50 (Larry)
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To: river rat
"A Freeper has been saying for months.. Fight like WWII end like WWII.
Fight like Vietnam, end like Vietnam.

That point needs repeating.

Prayers for the families of the soldiers.

The Islamofacist's are brutal cold blooded killers. They are Al Queda- our sworn enemy. They have declared war on us. What exactly, do the idiot liberals think they can "negotiate" with these animals? What do they think these people would do if they were here? Political Correctness is going to kill us. We can't win a war using PC as our battle plan. If we are going to fight this war to win, let's do it. No more PC.

President Bush needs to dust the cob webs off the bully pulpit, and start using it to lead this nation to victory. He needs to start defending our military against the attacks of the treasonous media. He needs to take them on , and inform the people of what is going on in Iraq, successes, exc.. and point out that the media is NOT covering any of them. He needs to remind people of why we are there, and why we can't leave just yet.

He (president Bush) needs to remind people that war is always costly, filled with uncertainties, and demands great sacrifices of our finest people, even the ultimate sacrifice of loss of life. This is precisely why our military deserve the total respect and admiration of every citizen of our nation. They (military) deserve our respect more than any mere movie star, sports star, or American idol.

Our soldiers also deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt when accused of some wrong doing, by our bloated alcoholic senator, and his former war hero-turned-traitor colleague (please see tag line). Why can't these worthless overpaid morons in Washington understand that they (military) are fighting for us? They are in a war zone. They are fighting an enemy that uses brutal tactics we have never dealt with before. Our soldiers deserve our respect and our SUPPPORT.

I wish president Bush would go on offense against the media, the democrats, and anyone else who tries to undermine our military. He should call them on it- every-time they lie, every-time they distort, every-time they omit- don't let them get away with any of it. Let him adress the nation frequently, in prime time, demand they carry his addresses, and he should become a regular guest on all the liberal mainstream media (NBC CBS ABC exc.. talk shows-talk to them. Let them ask their stupid questions, and make their hysterical accusations, let their hatred for our military and our nation flow- Take them on. Explain it to them, tell them what the stakes are in this war- just like president Bush did the other day with Helen Thomas- that's how all liberals should be handled. (so he does know how to deal with them.) Who cares if the rats don't like it? I wish he would stand up, and let the chips fall where they may.

If our people don't like it, and they don't support the military, and want to surrender in the War on Terror- fine- let them vote the democrats back into power, and it will be over. We won't deserve to survive anyway.

I just don't want Republicans to lose because our people cowered before the media, so no one could tell what the differences were between our side and the democrats.


164 posted on 06/21/2006 1:52:29 AM PDT by Pajamajan (Benedict Arnold and Jack Murtha served in the US military.)
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To: Gunslingr3
"you could have saved the rest of your response..."

Only the combat experienced are allowed to post on this thread. /s

165 posted on 06/21/2006 1:59:49 AM PDT by Toadman
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To: singfreedom
It has always been my contention that the President's poll numbers didn't fall BECAUSE of the war, but because of the "politically correct" way we were trying to fight it!!!

Agreed. Look at history. When Nixon launched Linebacker and Linebacker 2, his poll numbers skyrocketed.

166 posted on 06/21/2006 4:47:02 AM PDT by nonliberal (Graduate: Curtis E. LeMay School of International Relations)
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To: bnelson44

"I have never, ever even heard of an enemy like this one."

Ever heard of MOHAMMED? He, the brave soul who took as a bride, a 6-year old...didn't actually TAKE her until age 9. Read up on Islam, Mohammed, and how brutalthey are. A bunch of so-called spirituals; men who love to brutalize women, kids, and other men. The so-called "Koran" is the biggest piece of plagerism ever written. Good, old Mohammed could neither read nor write; it just came to him in a vision and he had others write it for him.

Please take not offense at this rant...just find out what Islam is all about, how they treat women, etc.

167 posted on 06/21/2006 4:54:00 AM PDT by Maria S
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To: bushfamfan

I think you need a history lesson if you think the Japanese weren't on par with the islamdethals. The Japanese slaughtered millions of Chinese, Phillipinos, and pretty much everyone else they encountered. Contests to see who could kill the most prisoners and betting on the side. POW camp officers eating the hearts and livers of executed prisoners. Executions that were conducted by slicing bellies open and allowing pigs to eat the intestines of living prisoners. Testing of bio and chemical weapons on civilian alike.

nazis who dealt with the Japanese were horrified at their brutality.

168 posted on 06/21/2006 8:01:45 AM PDT by cripplecreek (I'm trying to think but nothing happens)
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To: cripplecreek

I don't need a history lesson at all. Yes, the Japanese of WW2 were brutal and killed and brutalized millions but they wore uniforms and you at least had a chance to survive in captivity. You have NO chance whatsoever with the beasts we are up against today. It's as if they are like the WW2 Japs and much, much more brutal.

169 posted on 06/21/2006 9:00:37 AM PDT by bushfamfan
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To: skepsel
Oh, sorry, sorry, (I must have been thinking about the Senate!) do you know who is running against Murtha, by any chance? I sure would like to contact their campaign and donate to their cause. I'd even put a sign in my yard (here in Oklahoma)!!
170 posted on 06/21/2006 12:10:00 PM PDT by singfreedom ("Victory at all costs,.......for without victory there is no survival."--Churchill--that's "Winston")
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To: Sooth2222
Yes....and dont forget the prayer sessions.
And now our troops have to under go Sensitivity training.
I bet Geo Patton is spinning in his grave.
171 posted on 06/21/2006 3:21:17 PM PDT by Yorlik803 ( When are we going to draw a line a say"this far and no farther")
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To: singfreedom

I believe Murtha's opponent is a local Oklahoma politician named Irey, a woman I think. My apologies for being a little snarky, some mornings the coffee just doesn't seem to do the job. Whereabouts in OK are you from? I was in Norman for a couple of weeks in February 2 years ago, with side trips to OKC, Ft. Sill, and the Oauchita Mountains area (did I spell that right?). Nice state and nice people too. I noticed Rodgers & Hammerstein had it right about the wind rolling off the prairie too, brrr (FL native here).

172 posted on 06/22/2006 6:57:13 AM PDT by skepsel
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